The trump speed triple 1200 rr. Sadly, its come time for me to send the bike back to triumph. My time with the bike is over so uh, i thought id do a bit of a vloggy type, video, just sort of sum up. My thoughts on the bike. So if youre interested in the 1200 rr stick around stay tuned ill, tell you what i thought of it: Music alrighty! Well its quite easy to sum up what i thought of this bike, i really like it its a lovely bike. Unfortunately, during the period that ive had it, ive had this for two weeks and i was planning on making a few more videos than uh just these couple, ive made, but alas, ive been struck down with covered for the last couple of weeks, feeling a bit better. Today, but i have felt rough, so i havent ridden the bike as much as i would have liked to have done. Let me point you: if you havent already seen my first ride review on this video ill put a link up in the corner, because on that uh video, i go to all the specs. What its like to ride. Comfort, all that kind of stuff, the sorts of things youd, expect to see in a review. This video is more going to be about me sort of summing up my final thoughts on it. So yeah, alas, ive not had the chance to bring you one of my sort of more in depth, reviews of what its like riding in all sorts of different conditions.

As i would normally like to do on these uh longer term loans, but i have ridden the bike for a few hundred miles. I have got a bit of a feel for it and i havent ridden lots of bikes now all right, sir, not a waiver on the pizza delivery scooter having ridden lots of bucks. Now you get. Do you get a bit of an immediate feel for whether you like a bike or not, and what are the sort of pros and cons and uh id like to give an honest review? I like to give pros and cons of every bike i ride, really because no bike is perfect. All of that jaguary type lovely, but i have to say theres not much about this fight that i dont like given the sort of bike that it is. What do i mean by that? Well, its a bit of an unusual bike, isnt it its uh theyve, basically taken the speed triple, which is a lovely naked bike. You know a modern naked bike with all the bells and whistles put a fairing on it. Put some clever electronic only suspension on it made into sort of a retro style racing bike, and that in itself to me is where its a bit odd and im, not quite sure what that market is going to be like for the bike. There have been other bikes that have tried to address that, notably in my mind, the r9t racer, which i love the look of, but nobody bought that because its so darn uncomfortable to ride and then, of course, theres things like the uh mv augusta super veloce, which Also rode and enjoyed, but again not too sure who would actually buy that bike, because you know, if youre in the market for a naked bike like the speed triple youre, probably not going to go for this one, because youve got no advantages.

The nike bike in that youve got this uncomfortable ill, come back to that in a minute riding position you, it is, like a racing part im lent over the tank here in a racing crouch. So one of the advantage of the naked bikes is that you are comfortable not so much comfort on this and, if youre in the market, for a sports bike, then this isnt particularly a great sports bike, its nice, its fine, nothing wrong with it but uh. You know this is an 18 grand motorcycle. You can get a bmw rrr for that which, to my mind, is a much much nicer sports fight and if youre into your sports bikes youd probably go down that route Music. This is the turn i want. Yes, i think it is. I love this little road down here going towards the place called bradnam. If youve seen my videos before you would have seen this road before its just a nice little twisty bit that i can hopefully wind up a little bit on through some trees, Music, yeah, yeah, so im not quite sure what the market is for this and whether It will turn out to be one of those bikes, thats sort of a bit of a flash in the pan. Everybody says they like it, which i do, but actually nobody buys it because it doesnt quite strike the right chord. I feel that may be the case, because when it comes to the pros and cons theres, not a lot not to like about it, its a lovely bike, i mean its its fast it handles beautifully.

Well, the ride is comfortable for a sports bike. It seems a little bit hard, maybe, but the suspension is plush as youd expect from the top notch olens on here. It goes fast as well. Music brakes are amazing, Music, and it looks great the downsides for me. I you know it is that racing comfort thing now. I said ive mentioned this again into the 30 thats slow down, because as sports spots go this isnt that uncomfortable i mean i can sit pretty much bolt upright on this and then its then its quite comfy. Look at this lovely green here by the church. This is bradley, get a blossom here. Im, recording this middle of april, so lovely spring weekend, day, lovely day for a ride, so yeah sports sports go its its, not an uncomfortable bike, its nowhere near as uncomfortable as my panigale, but lets face it its not as comfy as the standard speed triple so Thats the downside, the other downside ive found – and this is an odd one – is the indicator button. I struggle sometimes to make it actually activate. I dont know why it might just be this bike, it might be me, it might be. The gloves im wearing i dont know, but because the switch gear on here is no different to any other trunk and ive not had that problem before, but so many times ive. I thought ive activated that indicator to go around the corner to find that actually the indicator wasnt on hello, sir lots of people out today enjoying the ride.

This is a fantastic road. This, unfortunately, it being in the southeast means theres loads of traffic. If you catch this one on an early summers morning before the traffics out its brilliant, so yeah, so a bit of a strange whinge about the switch gear which i think might just be an anomaly for me, i wouldnt pay too much attention to that other than That theres, nothing not to like about the bike, the gearboxes slip, the quick flipper up and down hook. Shifter is lovely, even the tft. I like on this and im, often very critical about uh trough tfts. They often look a bit fisher price in the past, but they kind of come of age now, im not sure about the shape of the surround on there, but uh. The actual tft itself is nice and clear, and i like the way it moves aside when you change the modes, that sort of thing and the bike looks beautiful, but it is thats about 18 grand and for that theres, a lot of other bikes out there arent. They, like the s1000rr, you get a uh, the ktm super g car, probably a little bit less than that, so wondering whos gon na splash that sort of cash on this motorcycle. Of course, if you absolutely love the looks of it, and i do love the looks of it and there might, you know there might be some people that really really love the looks, and that is enough to buy it.

Certainly, its a quality machine, the fit and finish on it everywhere is lovely its got lots of carving on it mud guards. Little infills are all carbon theres lots of nice details as trump do now on the bikes paint work is nice. This little screen is quite effective. The mirrors work well its a beautiful thing. This uh triple clamp at the top, whatever its called yoke. Whatever you call this bit is a nice piece of kit, but im not sure about some of the plastics around that and, of course, the old sample bottle. There is a shame on an 18 grand bite you think they could have put the anodised one on lets. Give the indicator a go. Oh look at that. An old honda i think see the indicator is not going and i was pretty sure i put it on so, unless its self cancelling much quicker than any other self counseling indicator ive ever come across for some reason. Theres an issue there, but that might just be me, maybe, if youre an owner one of these, maybe you know what im doing wrong there but, as i said, ive ridden this quite a bit now and thats been an ongoing feature, just a little niggle, but really Thats, nothing is it in the scheme of things to say, im struggling to find anything about that i dont like other than the riding positions uncomfortable but thats, the sort of part it is if you dont, buy a sports bike expecting it to be comfortable.

You know on fast roads, its lovely on twisty sweepers, like i just did that back road, absolutely beautiful. Even in the urban environment, im coming through sort of west wick and way into highway. Come here – and you know, 30 mile an hour, roads absolutely behaves itself its beautifully fueled. Everything about it. Just works with the exception of that switch gear, so yeah, so im left a little bit. Um confused well see how it goes. Ive loved my time with the bike, its a lovely thing to ride. I dont think i would buy one because if i wanted to go retro i would go properly retro and get something like a speed twin. If i wanted to sport spike, i would go properly sports bike and get an s1000 rr lets just move up here and if i want the naked bruiser, then id get these chicken street fighter v4 or the ktm super g car. So there we go. Is it just me that things like that ill be fascinated in your comments below as to whether you agree with my summation on this practically its very easy to live with its uh? You know i can get my feet flat on the deck on five foot: eight, which is nice. It feels quite light to move around the turning circle seems reasonable. I found it easy to move in and out of my garage, you know: ive got very dicky shoulders. Ive arthritis in both my shoulders im always whinging about that so sports bikes and we generally dont get on, but this one isnt too bad ive been riding this today for on about an hour.

Look at that this yamaha three wheeler job is, i dont know what theyre called the scooter type thing see: theres another bike you dont see now, and that was theres all that fanfare about you. Remember the uh, the nick and the yamaha nikon, the three wheel bike. Really pleased that yamaha brought that out amazing bit of engineering. I enjoyed riding it, but absolutely nobody bought them and i dont think ive ever seen them on the road and i dont even know if they make them anymore, whether theyre still in the yamaha catalogue, Music – and i just have a fear. This will go that way, which will be a shame, but it might also mean if you do buy one. If you do love the looks of the bike, but this could be a future classic itll only go up in value Music, the other bike that wasnt so expensive, but the other bike that trump did a similar thing with. I guess, is the street crap. Do you remember that which again was a lovely bite to ride that was uh based on the bonneville platform 900cc and was sort of a calf racer type thing, but a fairly extreme one wasnt as high as spec as the thruxton? But it was along that sort of line it sounded epic, in fact they streaked up is the uh bike. You hear on the starts of my videos when you have that little uh revving up engine thing with my logo at the start of the videos thats a trump street cup, with a standard exhaust, one of the best sounding bikes, ive ever ridden well again, trump just Sort of quietly withdrew that i dont think youve been able to buy those for a few years now, just because i think that riding position was too much anyway thats.

My theory, i hope, im wrong and i hope we see this park around for a while, because it is a lovely thing. The engine on here is absolutely beautiful. I love the trout triples, but again if youve got 18k and you want a trump triple a really good one, then the standard speed triple its probably the way to go. You get the same engine. Okay, you dont get the fancy suspension. But what is the betting in a year or twos time, traffic doesnt bring out a uh sort of speed, triple s or something or a premium version of that a more premium version that has this same olins electronic uh suspension on it, Music, which i think would Have been a great move, theyve made that by perhaps instead of this i think that would have sold. You know i might be talking rubbish, im, no expert, of course, on these things and im sure trump have done their research and know exactly what their customers want. Im just surprised that its this it does look good just trying to catch her. Look at my reflection in that pub window. Chilton taps look at that looks quite good hasnt. It never been in there far too old for that sort of establishment. Alas, so yeah anyway, the bike goes back day after tomorrow, so thatll be it for my time, with the spree triple 1200 rs hope youve enjoyed that little video just a little extra bonus, oh yeah kind of commit to make a video every wednesday on the channel, But uh every now and then id like to put out a bonus on a saturday too and in fact i think, ive put out bonus saturday.

Videos for every saturday for about the last three months and ill be doing the same for a few weeks more. But i expect that will drop off of it as summer comes and hopefully ill get away and do a few more trips and tours and stuff hello, sir, if thats a viewer, if it is hello to you so yeah in the summer, oh yeah, right, youre, putting Out videos may drop off a little bit as i go out and do a few more trips and tours assuming my shoulders hold up. I really hope they will so ive really missed that i havent been out on a decent bike tour for ages. Ive got lots of plans this year with some great stuff coming up ill. Tell you more about that near the time anyway. Thats it for this time hope youve enjoyed that if youve not been to the channel before do consider hitting that subscribe button, i could do with all the subscribers i can get if you like, the video hit the like thing, if you havent liked it hit that Down dont like button as well, it all helps that would be brilliant and uh yeah look forward to speaking to you again next time.