You know when content of all sorts goes up here on the channel check out machinery of man, the everything factor, all the groups, that i’m either a mod or an admin for as well as all my social media links all of those links, man down in the Description below, if you’re, in a position to help the channel to grow, you can use the donate link check us out on patreon, see we offer to you through teespring or, of course, hit the join button right here on youtube to become a channel member baby, and This is the dcs drone i’m just going to call the quintasan drone, and everybody by now knows that this is a reuse of the siege ironhide mold. Some people are using it as a shattered glass ironhide. I will talk about how effective i think that actually is. As we go through we’re going to kind of see him next to the siege and the earthrise lad, uh we’ll see how well this one functions. We’Ll, do the transformation going from vehicle back to robot just to have it documented here on the channel and finally we’re going to see how these guys kind of fit in sort of with my entire quintesson display and how successful i think that is or is not So without any further ado, let’s head over to the table and take a closer look at this drone. And so we round out the wave 3 netflix lads with the last of the deluxes, that being the dcs drone or what i like to call the quintesson drone, which is in essence a kind of a grimy repaint of the well known siege, ironhide mold.

But before we can kind of talk about him, a bit we’re going to look at the packaging first and we have packaging that’s indicative of the typical netflix stuff for this line. We have a quintesson logo down here and the face of one of the drones there, which is in essence, ironhide’s face the typical on the side and on the back of course, you guessed the product images baby, we got instructions, but at this point i doubt we’re Really gon na have to use them. Our boy hair comes with the same big axe. Blaster thing that iron hide came with the only real difference being that there’s, more kind of fading and black detailing on the front of the netflix one. And if we look at the very front, the like missile pod, things are painted in green and of course our guy here can hold it just fine. He can even bring it down like the whole axe thing or, of course he can hold it like a blaster. Here he is next to the well known siege ironhide, and it was a great mold for ironhide it’s, a great mold. Now now a lot of people had trouble with the leg panels coming off of their ironhide. They say that they haven’t had that same issue with the dcs drone. I can’t speak to it because guess what they’ve been fine on both copies of the mold? For me, some people are saying that the dc is drone.

Here could be used as a base for shattered glass ironhide. I can see it because we do have some black hair, but it would still need an excessive amount of work either. You would need to paint over or you would have to remove all of the silver, because on shattered glass, the shoulders, the forearms, the lower legs and the main torso and head are all black. The biceps and the thighs are red. So you would have to do a significant amount of repainting here to really have this guy truly kind of capture the look of shattered glass ironhide. Now some people have said: hey look. He has enough black enough gunk on him. If i just put a shattered glass out about symbol on him, it’ll be good enough and there’s an argument for that, and i totally get it. Some people have also said: hey the black iron height. Here is a nice knot to like his movie colors as well as his original diaphragm colors. I think that’s cool as well i’m, not going to use it as that i’m still going to use it as a drone for my quintessons with the pit of judgment i’m. Looking at the like, the dc is drone as kind of the transformers or the quintesson equivalent of like the cobra crimson guard like they’re a little more elite and they’re like the last line of defense for the quintessons and the shaktakans, and the ali khans might not They’Ll all be like the regular blue.

You know cobra trooper guys. If you understand that reference, i suspect most people here probably do. I actually have two of the drones and my plan is to have them flank my main quintesson. I have the pit of judgment, so i have two main line quintessons and then i have the pit of judgment, one that is colored differently and i’m going to have these guys kind of be the the guards for him, because he’s going to kind of serve as The leader of my quintessence, is he going to be dcs no i’m, just using these guys as quick to sound guards. It’Ll be fine, it’ll, be ok. Now all that being said, we’ve also seen the transformation going from robot to vehicle before here on the channel. So it only seems right that we see this comparison in vehicle mode, but before we do that, i also wanted to show the comparison here with the earthrise version of ironhide here’s. The thing i don’t own, the siege version anymore – that is the other collection in the house, not my collection, so my iron hide now is the earthrise one, however, because i really like the siege, mold i’m actually really really happy to be able to use it in The capacity of a force for the quintessons – i i like that we’re finally, officially able to amass kind of a quintasan army. If you will now, as i said here, we have them in their vehicle mode, and i wanted to do it this way, because this is how we’re going to be doing the transformation, and you can see that obviously, the one that sticks out the most here is The earthrise lad back here.

Naturally, he is somewhat different because he has this extra piece, but if we just look at these two, naturally we’ve seen it before it’s, not any different, it’s the same vehicle mode. Now. That being said, i don’t know if these guys are also supposed to be sparkles and were just husks that, were i don’t know, reanimated by theseus to to become his army or if they were castaways or like. I don’t know why the kind of battle damage would call it on them is so heavy handed. The heavy scratch is real, real heavy, but i’m cool with it, whatever man. So this is a a fine it’s, a final mode in terms of coloration. We don’t really have anything per se to compare to, because these are kind of new quintesson forces, so we’ll say 10. I guess we’ll do the other scores when we get the transformation done, which should be pretty easy. Of course, we can remove the blaster thing from the top. We come to the side and we pick off these side pieces. I think we probably already know this. We split the legs close that in and bring it down. We split the legs, bring that shin piece down and the panel on the side of the legs. We bring the front bumper kind of forward and down, and then we should be able to yeah rotate the whole like upper body around. We can flip that forward. We can split the arms and they come and you turn them at the elbow.

Come turn the elbow and bring it down on the side. We will flip out the head. We will bring up the chest and we’ll bring these in. If you want, you can leave the chest kind of flat like that, or you could position it at a bit of an angle on this great hinge right here, so that it rests like it does on ironhide. That is up to you. If you do angle it at that hinge and you’re wondering how does the clipping on top, you see two black clips over right there and right there, and you see a clear ridge that ridge goes in between those clips and it just sort of rests there. But it is fine and secure – i mean i’m holding in front on here and it’s, not falling out or anything and with our boy here in his robot mode we can go left and right with the head up and down a little bit, not much or just Sort of a wiggle the shoulders can go all the way around out. We have elbow to 90 degrees and a bicep swivel. We have wrist rotation, we have a waist on the guy. We have legs well out to the side back forward, knee to maybe a little over 90 degrees. We have a swivel at the thigh and we have ankle tilt. There are some hollow bits on him for sure not a deal breaker for me, but i know it is for some people i kind of don’t care.

He has everything i could want at this price point at this size i’m, going to say that the transformation 10 it’s interesting enough to be interesting without being needlessly over engineered and complicated i’m going to say that articulation 10. He has everything i could want. He’S very solid on his feet. He can score a ton of dynamic poses honestly. The mold is pretty much a 10 across the boards, but whether you like discoloration of it or not, well that’s that’s going to be up to you and it depends on. If you have a purpose of it, for example, my purpose is that they look good with this, and this this is my like fiesta resistance. I love this display. I love the fact that we actually have quintusone forces. You can see the guards there are flanking our judges, um yeah. I feel good about this. I like these guys added to the forces of the quintessons anything to beef up that army man as a whole. Do i like the dcs drone, 100 great mold and, in my opinion, great use of it, and here we are once again and here he is once again as well and um i like them all look. The bottom line is it’s a good mold. I have it for cross hairs. I this across hairs, i think it’s, for the actual iron height use of it got inherited by one of the scraplets, who is also a collector.

I know i have the earthrise version of ironhide so having these as drones works. For me, having them be part of the quintesson forces works very well for me, um not much here to dislike. In my estimation, that being said, if you don’t, like all of the scraped, look and whatnot, i totally get it if you feel like uh it’s, just a ripoff of ironhide, i totally get it. It is one of those where it is a good uh mold, but for some people this is going to be a very dubious use of it. How well does it work as a shattered glass version of ironhide passable, not perfect, but passable? Do i think that he is worth the pickup absolutely i got two. Some people may actually rebuild the guy and some people are going to skip them over. It is very much dependent, not so much on how good the mold or the transformation is, but what you think of this coloration, this color scheme and his allegiance. Let me know what you think about the dcs or quintusone drone. If you will, i appreciate you guys coming by giving me some of your extremely valuable time. I do know how important it is to you. If you are in a position to help the channel to grow, you can use the donate link check us out on patreon. See what we offer to you through teespring or, of course, hit the join button right here on youtube to become a channel member while you’re at it hit that subscribe button stick around have some fun with us and don’t.

Forget that somehow some way each and every single day, you do make a difference, and i look forward to the next time that you and i get together to have another visit either in the live streams on thursday nights.