This is another one of these boxes. This is the generation selects line with which just has, in this case, autobot insignia and some cybertronian and the trilogy logo, and nothing particularly special anywhere else, so lets go straight into opening this and checking whats inside oh yeah. I waited a long time to get this one to get my hands on this one. I actually have had him and the little box here at my brothers house for a long time, but before we take them out of the packaging lets lets go over this little graphic. Here we see we have the large optimus gun. We have the, i think, thats the megatron thats megatron, i mean i dont, know whos this from or for we have optimus energon energy on axe. If im, right and megatrons maze, also energy maze or energon mace or whatever its called mace. We have this little antenna and these little things. That, of course, are for specific characters, but i dont remember the cartoon that well, but yeah im still glad i have them. We have a mini optimus there. We have a little sound wave here. We have a little reflector, a refractor or yeah. That we had is that a shock wave, i think thats im, not sure from the side im i cant decide well see when i take it out and if im right, this is bumblebees gun and we have roller. We have this jet pack, for i think people used to put it on side swipe or something and and we have roller again i mean three different perspectives of roller, which i guess goes greatly with the earthrise optimus, which has been repainted many times.

Then we have the actual figure, which is a repaint of brunt, but i kind of i maybe even like him more in this silver color i mean color scheme, even if its just silver and in different shades and black and red accents. I mean i really like this guy in this color scheme. Yeah thats properly said, if im right, we have the little box here with all the accessories inside, and this is a neat little box and we have the instruction manual which says centurion drone and we have legal stuff and we have the typical graphic style for war. For cybertron for the war for cybertron trilogy lets bring this here to the side, which will help as a backdrop. We can also bring this to this other side, so that will also help as a backdrop, and we can bring this here there. So we have a lot of brownish backdrop. What else do we have? Let me bring the camera down, otherwise we wont see a thing Music. Let me place these guys here this guy here and well just open the little box and take all the goodies out. They compact in a little bag. I hope i didnt break anything already by letting that fall ill, even bring the camera further below i mean facing down. You know what i mean and well tear this little tape and well free this guy, so that hes out of the tray, i think, thats it no one more to go thats it.

Let me just help him stand there. He is with his very square square feet. He can easily stand so and lets just take this out of the bag. This bag will be useful for my travel back to germany, Music. So, ah this little cage they didnt show that one it was shown there. I think yeah from the oh god. This is ridiculously tiny. Its really like, please lose me im very glad that the camera is focusing. This guy is really like a fingernail worth of height, like uh a bit over a half centimeter, something like that. We have the energon cubes here, which have a little peck hole there. Well go over that in a moment. Megatrons maze this one feels theyre made of hard plastic. This is yeah. I guess this is super fragile and if im right, people just went straight into giving to megatron and they were not able to take, take it out of his hand anymore and yeah, he would like. Oh, this will break ill, have to break it. Take it out or something like that, i will try to avoid that again if im right, i think this is shaped for Music side swipes back cable, even if he doesnt have any cable, the roller which is molded in gray and painted blue. I dont know why they didnt just make it in a blue plastic to start with, and these wheels are translucent, which makes me a bit afraid of them breaking easier.

I hope they are durable enough. Of course you have to be careful with your toys. We have optimus axe, which is like its a bit satin from this side mat or whatever its called, and this side is glossy. We have bumblebees little gun its great ill, give it to my little netflix bumblebee or the new one. When i get it well, he comes with a gun. I dont know this is our little reflector refractor and then its really cool the the amount of detail. This tiny piece has, sadly, its only grey plastic but yeah that encourages customizers to take their paints out and do them themselves do that themselves. Painting paint them. You know i dont know whose gun is this supposed to be for, but its cool and yeah? This is definitely shock wave right. It looks quite shock wavy to me, yeah theres, a chest plate. We have the aiming thing and just that for me its like clearly shockwave or galactic man. You know, oh here we have the megatron. This is a good one. Everything that can be given to sound wave is good to me wait, but is this supposed to be like this? No, how am i supposed to you might have to tell me guys. Ah, this is supposed to be like this. Now i got it as you can see, it has the. Let me see if i can. It has this little that little slot up there, which go, which is for the little aiming help there on top of the barrel, and you just slide that in and you have to be careful of course, that that you dont put it too tight, because you could Break this and it would be a shame because you would have to get the whole thing again, which luckily i did the box behind my centurion drone back.

There is another one, but this is not about bragging, even if i already did its about reviewing this one is for someone ill just have to check. I dont remember i dont know all the things by heart as many as you of you surely do and im sorry, not sorry, but yeah and sound wave thats a really cool one to get its a bit a bit of a shame that they didnt print. More detail on the cassette deck, and this is just lazy, but this is what you get so its a bunch of little neat accessories. Some could be better. Surely let me just go over this little cage. Okay, this one can be split by a by half and its translucent plastic painted black. Why, or what for i dont know and its just the way they do it and like this, we can put the two energon cubes in and thats the way to carry them around. Maybe i dont know if thats to enslave someone, but i dont have no one to enslave now the optimus gun again its a bit of a weird decision to print it to mold it in a gray plastic and then painting it black. I dont know if thats cheaper or i dont know why, because already my paint there is already chipping and thats a bit of a shame. The good thing is, you can always paint it again but uh. I dont know why they took that decision.

You know but its cool, i mean this is really a large one. I dont know if thats the original idea. I think many people were like wait well, thats quite large compared to the one the optimus figure comes comes with the earthrise one or the siege. One remember not to lose this little guy lets go, give it another. Take another look at these mini little optimus, its really cool. I dont know if that was supposed to go with the you know, unicron or to whom this is supposed to be in scale Music, but its a nice little micro figure. Now here we have the centurion drone, like the main i dont know whats the main character of this pack, the drone himself or the accessories. I think both are attractive. I think many people were like all those accessories yeah and i totally understand, but the drone is also a nice addition to my collection. So, first of all we have the the gun there. I mean hes yeah facing like that. I dont know if thats supposed to be like that or just it was just a packaging decision for now. Well, take it off well its also because you cant really you can you can point it upwards, but now i get i kind of like that. Anyway, again hes a repaint or unpaint of um brunt, which i dont have him, which i dont have here with me right now, but im even i think, as i said, that i, like this color scheme better for this mold has a yeah.

It looks a bit more menacing to me and more kind of realistic. In any case, the the head can just turn around and he has, i dont know its due to transformation or whatever the okay, its not moving right now. But if i remember properly, this was supposed to move to the back. Yes, its just a bit too tight and its always um scared of breaking stuff. You know who wants to break their new toys? No one right – and this was just here anyway – the arms or the shoulders – they can go all the way around. He can go 90 degrees with both arms and he has a bicep swivel which can go all the way around. He can do. Oh wait. I think. Yes, we have to pull the arms out that way he doesnt look as short, armed as when out of the packaging. You have a little. You know you can pull it out a bit like two or three millimeters. He has under 90 degrees of elbow bend its okay because of the shape of this guy, and so you can still do cool poses and thats it i mean for the hands or this part of the arms. You can only move this claw as i shown and thats thats. What you can do with that now he has a waist articulation, can go all the way around. He has no diaphragm band or something he has this little thing here, which surely is useful.

For you know this is a weaponizer, so you can take him all apart and build different things out of him or with him or with several copies. The legs can do. Music over i mean the full splits and more if you keep some clearance, yeah and yeah. Of course more when you take things apart, so these legs can really go places. He can kick also over 90 degrees to the front a bit under 90 to the back. Due to the keyboard, but if you take this out, you can go all over the place. I want to put that back at the moment. For now we dont need it and we will need for the parts formation now the knees. Oh, he also has thigh cut, which can go all the way over. I mean really almost all the way around. As you can see, and i mean its only limited by the shape here, the threads on on the side of the upper leg. He has a bit over 90 degrees knee bend. He can go that much to the front and he has that much ankle pivot and yeah thats it for articulation. So now that i went over transformation once by myself, i discovered that you can really pull the forearm. A bit further and then you get 90 degrees of bend, which is great yeah. I dont know if i ever did that with brunt. I havent handled that figure in a long while ill have to unearth him.

When i get back to germany anyway, now for transformation. First things we do is get them guy all straightened up. Let me take this gun out, then we we bring the arms to the side, we close the claws and everything and yeah. Then we bring the arms up and collapse. The whole thing you know like that, then you just take this part out, bring the head to the back, be careful. Then we take the arms out, we bring this upwards and we turn the whole waist around. We take the feet out. We can bring these things in we, we should. You know well its what the instruction says. Then you can bring the arms like this. You know this is this arm was at this side you know, and you have to bring it to the other side, to the opposite side, so that this part gets in this gap, and you just pick that in the same goes for the other arm, Music. Just pack that in here and there you have it now, we place this thing Music here at the two pegs we have this space here for the crotch. Remember this is a parts former, but it doesnt matter its a actually its uh, an enjoyable part formation. Then you have to choose this, you have to take this foot or this leg. You know, and you have these pegs here. Both sides have those pegs. Actually, it doesnt really matter which one you put first, i think i dont know, but in this case i put this one first, you just go from the openings here.

You slide the just like that it fits you just have to be sure that this peg has the space down below to for clearance. You know, then you take you turn this. You bring this peg out like that and you just peg it in and then you have the little cannon and then you take the gun, you undo it. You can put this one. Well, you have to put this one here or here or wherever you prefer, but they suggest you put it here right its. What they suggest well do just what they suggest for now, and then you plug this in and there you have it: the centurion drone or brand silver brand and Music all transformed into his little cannon tank thing. Well, its a tank with a massive cannon. It is like an artillery tank like, like oh thats, the child on me, um yeah, but this is a toy and were all like if you like, if youre watching this review, surely you also have that those moments? You know it shouldnt even apologize. He has – and you have to put this in so this little thing has wheels here here here and here and his lights really well. I think you have just to check that everything is straight and that this bag is inside. You know so its a cool one and you can of course i dont have any effects parts, but this fits almost all the effect part, and you know you have plenty of effect parts.

I think the most appropriate here are the ones from jet fire or the ones from omega supreme, skylinks and rodimus. Prime now you know big effect parts. This is a big cannon. It needs big kablam yeah, its a really cool, even if the head shows up its even good because its for this guy im, i agree that the head is showing because uh hes, the centurion drone and hes all hes no earth mode or something hes, a totally Cybertronian thing man, i have two – i have the feeling like this – would be a great one to have a little army. You know, anyway, now to transform this guy back just unplug everything so bring the head up straighten what needs to be straightened, and this is how i discovered, like you – have to pull this out. Oh okay, that went a bit too far. Luckily, nothing broke yeah. Well be careful there. I am lucky that nothing broke, but uh yeah lets. Do it now yeah. You can pull it in two steps to make sure that you dont break it or undo it. By pulling too hard, you can learn by watching reviews how to handle your toys or how not to now you bring the legs you plug them in were almost done, and you plug this thing in these two pegs Music pack holes i mean, and there is the Centurion drone, actually you just need to do the Music. His cannon gun thing well, just put it here for now now for size, comparisons, hes a deluxe, so we should bring some deluxes.

We have here barricade and blue streak: okay, thats too close, which are the very same mold, just a head stiff typher, but uh yeah theyre. I think if i put them straight, they might be taller than the drone Music, but i never have these guys just standing straight. They are a bit taller. I mean these guys these the things on the shoulder of the drone make a bit for the difference, but head to head, they are. The datsuns are taller Music. Now the we have the punch counter punch. If he stands straight again, he will be taller than all of the robots i have here on the table without counting the shoulders. That would be even more even taller, but yeah hes hes taller than everybody here, and then we have the little clones which are smaller than everybody else. So i hope this review was helpful, that it helps you decide if you want to get the drone. I think if you dont have it and if you have a chance to get him, do it because first of all hes hard to get. If i remember right, i was very lucky that here in mexico hes pretty much available and i could tell my brother to get it from me and now i am here and i could pick it up yeah but uh. If you dont have it yet and if you find a way to get to get him just do it, it has that shitload of accessories you will really enjoy and and yeah bumblebee needs a better gun.

You know, and what can i say, its a really cool massable unit to have several of so. I hope you liked it im.