Cybertron trilogy netflix, deluxe class quinasan dcs army drone looking at the packaging, is what you normally see for these uh warfare: cybertron netflix figures, its just red and white, on the packaging with some artwork right here, and also some text and stuff. On this side. He got more artwork and on the back he got some product shots of him in the robot and vehicle mode that he transforms in 15 steps first, taking a look at his accessory is just uh. This bazooka looking thing right here. It got some green painted missiles in there and some nice dry brushing right there. You can also fold it like this, become a hammer firm and plug it in right there in the hand hes not holding it. Okay, there we go, you can have them hold it. Like that, or you can just have them hold it like a bazooka and theres, also another port right here that you can use for something else if you want to. If we just quickly measure this guy see, he stands stands at about five and three quarters or six inches. The figure looks really nice. I really like that head scope right there. This is just a repaint of the siege ironhide mode. I never got that figure. This is the first time getting a figure that uses that mold, but its a nice head, sculpt like the blue eyes there with the silver right there. They got some translucent right here for the chest got a quinasan logo right there zooming in, and then you got some nice dry brushing across there as well.

The paint on this figure is done really nicely. I, like all the silver and the gum metal gray thrown across the figure. It looks really nice and also premium. You got the nice. Ah, you got some nice sculpting along here and some more of that nice paint as well. This figure looks really really good but, like i say all the time it doesnt have to its not supposed to just feel good. I mean its not supposed to just look good, so its also feel good, and this guy does have spaghetti joints, not really really the legs theyre pretty tight, but they do move around a bit, but mostly just this arm area right here. It just doesnt stay in the place at all its just very loose very loose, but it doesnt really bother me too much because hes just standing like this on the shelf, but i wish that was just a bit tighter when you have him next to your uh Standard sized lost class figures, hes pretty hes, pretty decent sized jazz is like a smaller dogs, class and uh, and um impactor is like a bigger duck. Slash so is he so it scales pretty nicely with these guys and also comparing it next to the voyager scale. Figures, it scales pretty nicely with these two just a little bit shorter than starscream and optimus prime, and here is next to my last review, dinobot for the articulation on this guy. There is a ball joint at the head: youre not going to get him looking up.

Really that much at all can look down pretty well, some tilt can rotate around 360 arm can go out more than 90 degrees and rotate around 360. theres, a bicep rotation 90 degree bend at the elbow wrist rotation. There is also a waist rotation leg can kick up that far can kick back that far can go out more than 90 degrees, thigh rotation. They already talk about the thigh rotation, uh 90 degree bend at the knee, and you got some beautiful ankle pivot now to transform this guy first. What we want to do is open up his uh, his chest right here and then untap his head and then put it in there and close that back up. Then you want to unhook that from there, then you want to take the arms, rotate them back and rotate them up like so and then move that up like so the same thing on the side, and then this tab will go into that slot. Like so and then you want to take this and then rotate that around and push that back up and that will lock that into place then for the legs. You want to untap this and then untap that right there, and then you just want to tab that tab will go into that slot like so, and then that tab will go into that slot right there. Then you want to do the same thing. On the other side, just tab that in and then this just locks in, if i can get it to do that there – you go this locks in right there and there is the dcs army drone in his vehicle mode.

First measuring this vehicle to see how tall it is. This stent is about two inches and about five and a half inches long, and this vehicle mode is pretty really nice. All the all the detail and painting that was in the robot mode carried over to the vehicle mode, and it looks really nice. I, like the translucent purple right here and also like all the dry brushing that did for the front right here and also this panel has some nice silver as well. People do complain about the feet, sticking out right here, but honestly that doesnt really bother me that much and all of this paint right here is carried over from the vehicle mode. I mean from the road mode and then theres the bottom, comparing that to some more deluxe class figures here is jazz and uh warpath, not more path of impactor. I think it scales pretty nicely with these guys, and here it is next to some voyager scale. Figures here is starscream, monotonous, prime and not. I dont think it scales well with optimus prime or star screaming vehicle mode. It would really scale better in robot mode and, of course, heres masterpiece jazz and i forgot to um, compare him next to him in robot mode. Overall, this is not a bad figure. I love all the painting. The sculpting and the detail is details are really nice. The transformation is simple and easy: the vehicle mode is nice. The only thing i dont like is just the looseness of the some of the joints, and also sometimes these will not tab in that.

Well, but overall, i think im gon na have to give this guy.