This is a walmart exclusive. Just so you know, and so lets take a look at it. First, the box. It looks really cool um. They redid it recently. The netflix boxes because has was trying to save on plastic and other materials, so theres a bit more cardboard than there is clear plastic here. You can see the concept images of the drone and then you also have the kingdom banner, which is done in a grayscale with red, pretty much everywhere, because its netflix, then we have the instructions theyre pretty straightforward. Sometimes they can be a bit confusing a bit oblique, but usually you guys can figure it out. Heres his weapon looks really cool well, at least in missile launcher mode anyway, um. You can also do this. You can take the barrel and just pull it down like that, and it becomes a hammer. I usually tend to use the missile launcher instead of the hammer, because the missile launcher looks cooler and the hammer kind of cool but kind of weird. At the same time. So lets look at the bot itself, so you may recognize it because this is a siege mold and mostly they used it for siege, ironhide and siege ratchet, which was a walgreens exclusive, so yeah its pretty cool um. Again, siege mold. I like it because its done in grayscale and theres like battle scars well not scars, but battle effects, pretty much all over the person to make kind of a weather weather.

Look. There are ports all over the body, so you can attach weapons and all sorts of other cool stuff to it. Ive tried weaponizing him with official weaponizers like brunt or six gun and he is compatible. So that should be pretty easy if you have weaponizers so yeah thats, pretty much it um for his bot mode, but lets take a look at his feel, come on the vehicle modes kind of interesting. So this is vehicle mode and i really like it. It looks kind of futuristic, it looks like the tesla cyber truck the concept model anyway, and its really cool rolls really well um. The only thing i dont like about it, though, is because the feet the feet on the bump mode. It really sticks out. You can see very plainly that its the feet, i think they tried making like stop lights here or something like that, but it really didnt work out and it looks it doesnt look good at all, but if youre not satisfied with it, i think you can find Upgrades for it on ebay, most likely upgrade kits again rolls really well. You can still tell i really like the quintuson quintesson logo right here. This is actually a first for me because ive never had a um quintesson um transformer before i dont even have decease or anything like that. But this is a really really cool toy. I got it for 20 bucks at walmart. Actually, i got it for clearance for 17, but again, regular price is 20 and again really good buy.

If you really want to like build an army, or something like that with these, that would be super duper, sweet and yeah, just a great, buy overall um. I would rate this about four out of five because well obviously you can tell you see the arms right here and then, of course, the feet stick out, not a fan of that. You can kind of see his head here, but its kind of fate you can. I cant see it because of the um purple, transparent, glass, thats, a also a new one. For me, ive never had to transform with purple transparent glass but yeah. I would definitely rate this four out of five. It would be a great buy hey, it would be a great buy even for like your kid, if you want to get them a toy. This is like the toy to get them unless you, unless it actually looks kind of scary, intimidating in spot mode, but it looks really cool. So again, thank you for watching this.