This is dark, knight reviews where we do reviews for your collectible toys, especially the line of transformers and, as you can see, i have an exclusive for you guys. Basically, a brand new set of the third wave of the netflix series word for cybertron trilogy and i have over here dick cover, sparkles boat. This is army drone and cheater, which is basically they’re all repaints from previous mods. As you can see, this is a size wide mall. This is barricade. This is iron height and cheater itself, but they are brand new characters, since their names are totally different from the ones that you guys already know from the siege and from air rides, especially this one over here, which we’re gon na be doing a review for it. Today and um, basically, quintesson is a quintessent logo, which is brand new i’ve, never seen a quintus on logo, which is pretty cool uh. Usually, you see the one for autobots or decepticons, as you can see in there on this one’s over here, but this one is actually a brand new logo that we see for the quintessence. And this one is this used army drone. And if you saw the series on netflix, basically this is one of the drones or one of the army soldiers that the quintesson have as a security guards guarding that area and we’re gon na do a review for it tonight so don’t forget to subscribe. This is a brand new channel.

I just started this channel. Basically, i’ve been doing it i’ll be doing reviews in spanish, but i decided to start doing also reviews in english just because um, basically i’ve been collecting these figures, but unfortunately in latin america they don’t get these figures, so maybe a year from now, or maybe not At all so they’re more relatable to the us market, which is basically what i live in the u.s so that’s why i decided to create also a channel for english, but anyway, this is just a little of me and i’ll be sharing with you guys little by Little, how i uh become a collector of transformers figures and other figures itself, but basically i’ll be doing reviews for these figures, especially the word for cybertron trilogy line. So let’s start with this review and don’t forget to subscribe. Don’T forget to share don’t forget to like this video. So let’s start with the review of this news: Music: hey everybody! Welcome back and now we have the figure out of the package and the first thing we’re going to actually do on our show and basically we’re going to be reviewing the package size. The package brings a lot of information about the figure. First of all, is the name. This is army drone. I never seen the name. I never knew that name. Basically, i saw the figures, but i didn’t know they have a name uh for the quintessence, so that’s pretty cool that’s, something new to learn about the name of this actually solders for the quentins and, as you can see, the insignia for the for the quintessence is Brand new too, i never seen the insignia for them, so i didn’t know they have one which is kind of nice.

I don’t remember seeing on the uh word for cybertron series. I don’t remember seeing it, but maybe it was there. I don’t know i only watch it once and um my opinions about. It are just gon na be for another time because uh, if you guys watch it and you guys, are uh the hardcore collectors of these and g1 uh fans and you’ve seen basically the uh. The series itself um: well, you guys – will have your own opinions uh. Basically, i have my own opinion about it, but anyway, anyway, we’re looking at the figure let’s forget about the series for a moment um so here here it goes so not much information about these uh boxes, as we already know, uh those that collect the netflix uh Quint uh the netflix series, uh figures: these boxes are basically just simple compared to the ones that arise each in kingdom uh. This is basically from kingdom, as you can see, but just the colors are different. Basically, just uh, you know, they’re not really colorful as the one for uh the kingdom line or the kingdom line boxes, but basically the same thing. Now anyway, um 15 steps to transform iron height or odysseus. I’M. Sorry um. I got ta get used to the name, but basically the same thing as iron height. As you can see. I think i have i o high box over here, oh yeah, so i do have iron box uh iron high box over here, as you can see.

Well, actually, it’s 14 steps, so maybe the other new one i don’t know – or maybe they just forgot one i i don’t know. But anyway, as you can see, you know the difference between the boxes: uh, the colorful one and the one that is just simple. As you can see there pretty cool all right anyway, let’s move on to the figure itself. Now here we have this, which is looks pretty awesome in there. I really love that design, that mold of iron height for siege, but in the air rise, um and it’s. Just nice i mean let’s, look at that color that face basically silver has a blue eye still, but this area here painted black um. We have like a dark purple windshield in there, which is nice and basically by the texture. It looks like it was painted silver, and then it was like sprinkled this color over here made with a spray. Can i don’t know how they do it, but basically this is just basically sprinkles of black on top of the silver, so which is very nice. This one over here um he has more battle damage compared to iron height i’m, going to show iron hybrid in a minute, but it does have. It does show a lot of more battle damage compared to ira high, as you can see in there and as far as articulation basically the same thing as iron high, as i say before, in the mall, so full 360 on the shoulders arms.

You can move the arms, you can move the wrist elbow bent ahead. You can do a full 360 on it uh. The knees just goes as far as in there and the back. What i like about this figure is very possible, like you can post it in so many different ways, and because of the feet the big feet that he has, you can actually put in a lot of different positions: ready for battle, doing dancings, whatever you just post Them in there you know it’s, it’s so fun to work on this one and as far as also uh yeah, you can move the uh hips too, as well so it’s, pretty fun uh. You can move the feet, so it’s all cool you can make it now. Like that running so it’s, very, very cool, now as far as accessories or accessories, we have just basically the canon that it was from iowa height. The only difference is the colors inside of the missiles, which is basically a like a lime green, which is really really nice. I really love that lime, green color and, as you can see, we have it here and the insignia as well very, very nicely doing there. As far as this figure goes, i mean i like it so far, even though it’s a repaint of arm height i’d really love it, and this is basically, this is kind of new, or maybe it wasn’t, but i just never really realized that you can do this With this cool anyway, let’s move on to basically the mole itself right here we have iron hide as you can see in there, and then we have iohide from yeah airways siege alright.

So here we go now here we have the three modes that we got so far as far as this figure goes. So, as you can see, it’s very very nice very different compared to these two over here, um more detail as far as siege compared to air rise so and i believe, that’s the reason well it’s nice – that they actually did this one over here, because actually i Do like the siege mall compared to the air rights, although the air race is basically the original one um, i feel like they kind of went cheap on it. So this one i definitely like more – and obviously i like this one too – and i like the whole brand new redeco brand new colors and brand new character, it’s, very, very cool, okay, so now we’re gon na do the transformation of this use. Let’S go with that transformation. Okay, let’s start with the transformation of this used to his uh sabotonian vehicle form and, if you guys already have um iron height from siege, basically the same transformation, so let’s start taking off his accessories, his accessories. His cannon and we’re gon na come over here. We’Re gon na move this far over here to the front we’re gon na put the head down. Then this part over here, the back area over here, which is going to be the lights we’re, going to put him down gentle we don’t want any to to pop off.

If you do it too hard and we’re going to come over here, move the arms up turn it around. Basically, you want these holes to be up, and that way uh this over here goes in here. This little connects it in there little connector in there and right there now, with this figure. As far as the same mole as iron height on siege, this was over here. It was really hard for me to get it so usually when i have problems getting it. I just get a better grip like this, and then i just pull it like that, and then i put the arms together again, that’s just a little trick. If you guys, having uh an issue with this, because at the beginning it was so hard to move it. Um i had to do that and i learned that from um from siege iron height, so that’s a cool trick to learn anyway uh so we’re gon na put these panels up up over here then we’re gon na move over here the legs we’re gon na open This panel over here open this one over here, which basically is the same thing it’s a little hard, but you know we just put them in there and then this one will connect over here to this, as you can see, it is black, so it’s kind of Hard to see it, but you guys will know once you see it on your figure so we’re going to connect the feet once we connect the feet, then we can proceed and move the arms down to this position over here.

As you can see in there and we’re gon na be aligning this pretty soon we’re gon na put it right there, and then this goes in there see that okay, now we can actually close this over here we can close the front if you guys wanted to Right there, okay, now this over here, we can connect this over here to the size panels. Right there right there, you should be able to connect there. We go sometimes it’s hard to connect these things anyway, we’re going to move on to the next one, because sometimes that happens, removing this figure so much that sometimes you connect one area and disconnect another one. But then you connect another area and then automatically it connects in the other one, so that’s how it goes. If one side doesn’t work, then try the other side, and now we connect the feet. The top panels on the feet and just the last one that we were missing and now it’s connected there. You go see that’s what i’m saying you get that from experience, and these figures cool now accessories for the canon goes from here and there you go. Nice dc is iron high. Looking well now that we have. This is transformed. This is sarbatorian vehicle form and we can take a look at it, which is very, very nice. I really like all the repaint that it has done on this one over here, um, basically it’s, really nice.

I, like the silver combination with the black it’s, pretty cool and the canons. In there i mean they just stand out uh the color lime green is pretty cool, pretty nice as far as details goes uh. Basically, as far as the mold goes there’s, nothing new um compared to air rice, i mean i’m. Sorry compared to you, uh iron height. Siege is basically the same thing. Nothing nothing different as far as the mall goes um, but obviously the paint is just totally new, which is awesome. I really like it um look at that logo. I really like that color that they give to the logo to the quintessence it’s, pretty cool, pretty nice. It looks really menacing that color in that figure itself, that symbol that’s, pretty cool cool as far as uh it looks pretty cool. Why it’s pretty cool pretty right? Nice? Really, nice, really nice! I really like it so it’s nice it’s, a really nice figure. Really nice. Small um there’s, my if you guys already have siege uh iron height, you guys will love this. One definitely would love the new paint, the new deco everything and also something that i really find that i actually love this one even more is that they fix the product with this one over here with iron. I remember this thing used to fall off all the time, but this one is firm, like you see i’m trying to pull it and it doesn’t come off, which is really really nice.

That means they actually went to the figure itself and they actually fixed an issue that it was with this uh, with this small on iron height, which is nice so i’d, really appreciate that hasbro that you took the time to actually fix that issue. Um i don’t know if the other side does yeah yeah, no it’s very firm, so 100 confirm it’s been fixed and now for comparison. I have over here i am high, as you can see and see, i’ll show you really quick there. You go see it just pops out, i don’t know if it’s uh, it feels my mole uh, my figure itself or if anybody has any issues with that uh. Let me know in the comments. If you have that the same issue, i don’t know how to fix that um. Maybe with uh i don’t know we want you guys, can fix that um i’m, not really a customized uh guy. I haven’t get to that point. I just collect them on right. Now transform and play with them, but i haven’t get to the point to collect them and fix them yet so, if you guys can let me know in the comments how you guys fix those issues, then i really appreciate it not just for me, but for anybody Else that watches these videos and they’re also curious about it all right so cool. Now this one over here, as you can see the same wall now with air rice i’ll, have it over here: iron high it’s, basically the same problem with pots.

Just like that. So you know that was an issue uh that i really really really hate out of these molds but i’m, so glad that they actually fixed it for this one. So it’s really nice well anyway, as you can see, it’s, basically the same figure uh same old. So nothing nothing different about it. The only difference is just the color so but it’s still very, very nice. I really like it. I enjoy it. Alright, so let’s finish it up. Let’S give a final talk and we’ll go from there. Everybody with this we’re gon na finalize overview of dcu’s army drone of the series of netflix word for cybertron trilogy. Now, if you like this small over here, if you like, already uh, i don’t hide siege. You definitely gon na like this one, especially the new paint deco that has and the new fixes that they did on the uh on the each of the panels. So definitely gon na, like these use a lot better than i don’t hide. Obviously you can replace the character iron height, but basically you know you’ll love it that’s that’s for sure. Now i picked up this figures, as, as i mentioned before, on my local walmart, so check your local walmart’s, i’m, pretty sure there’s, some on pre order, already uh, but usually i just go on. I usually just go to the store when it comes to pre order. For walmart, unfortunately um you know they’re not really that great on it, so it’s really hard.

You know, i think it’s all out already in the website. So if your bitter luck is actually going to the store itself and check your local walmart’s now the ones that i go, usually they carry um. You know they. They pray they’re, pretty good about keeping up with the new figures, so i usually hit about you know three or four walmarts on my area. Just because you know someone they do haven’t, so they don’t. So just a little bit tricks here and there they’re gon na, be sharing with you guys, um. You know as we go with the videos as we go with the reviews so, like i said before, this is a brand new channel. So i really appreciate if you guys subscribe, like the video share, the video um, and hopefully you know this channel is going to be growing. I want to bring more figures for you guys more updates as far as transformers figures and other figures, that little by little i’ll be introducing uh to the channel. So that way we can um. You know. Basically we can entertain you guys. I hope you all entertain.