Your video itself lets take a look and not take a look at lets. Do a little review of some just a random history of yall. So before i did any reviews before cyclones before anything else, this figure could be my first ever review. I got them a bit early on ebay before you were coming out in may source and there were no reason up on youtube. So i thought you know what this is my chance im starting my channel now, im gon na get this figure im gon na review. It be the first review up on youtube with my its my chance lets. Go im gon na sit down start doing some shooting the film the film start, shooting the review. I think oh gosh wait hold on need to do something right now put the figure down. Go to that thing. Come back im tired! I go to bed wake up in the morning. Oh crud, i got ta go to school. Put the finger down, go to school, come home, do homework. It is its a cycle of things just got in the way of me reviewing this freaking piece of black and gray plastic. Eventually, i just said you know what its been like a month. There are already five reviews on youtube with this figure. I am done with you, you annoying menace to deciding get out of my life. I shoved it in closet and have not touched it since. So i thought you know what its been quite a long time and i thought i just finally sit down because this guys problem with you now one thing you know before we begin next review.

This figure is actually three years old. Now the character of the dcs army drone is new and the figure its like came out, like maybe yeah six months ago, but the mold came out three years ago, as it is the siege arnhem mold. So its been used for the siege, ironhide seeds, ratchet height earth threads ratchet fifth use and um uh yeah its it. It kind of shows honestly, okay, let me see this right now. I absolutely love the siege battery image panel also, i know, but i just when its done properly. I love it and last time i was on figure kind of like the shins and the legs like theyve, been very hastily and very unproperly applied in most areas of figure. It looks fantastic. I just i cannot get enough of it chefs kiss and believe me. I wish that was all the same. I figured chefs kiss its amazing, but unfortunately um yeah. They lost some uh problems with this video, the first one figure its very hollow arms are hollow. Its come on. Okay problem numero dos: this is the fifth use of this mode, so the tolerances are just. They are off the walls, bad, the extreme pieces pop off. Whenever you just breathe on them, the legs are floppy. The arms are floppy, just its a its a mess. Yall fans had more positive, though articulation video, especially being three years old, while not up to three centers, necessarily so pretty good.

You get all the moves that you need to watch perfectly average uh bandage out of those you get bit under 99 degrees that bring out the elbow okay wrist anyway, swivel less can go out and fall to a perfectly simple degree. You can do definitely over the first bit to get cut as well as a bend at the knee, which could be a bit deeper, but hey im, not complaining. I always wanted to provide the foot. Articulation is pretty nice id say as far as comparisons go marvel. Legends and game throw kingdom war path and kingdom rodents. Prime, i suppose transformation goes pretty quick, pretty easy and generally fun and vehicle mode um. I see as a chunk of metal. Honestly, you guys take the proceed optimus, its a cyber stylish truck. We can still tell its meant to be a truck and my because theres figures casting the gray and the black mostly, but i mean it, looks like like a hunk of metal, finding honesty guys with the with wheels in the grill. But at least you can attach weapon on the front on the top of the figure, and, if you really want to in the back of it, i mean how you take too well. I guess me personally its just fine. Not great. No badge is fine. Okay, so closing thoughts on the netflix dcs army drone um its a three year old mode, guys so obviously its not going to be up to play standards um, it does close out flaws, especially since the fifth time its being used.

You know more degradation has really gotten to it, and the paints are what i do personally enjoy. I never see i could come out as a bland and very sloppy little people um. If i do it, i give like a star six out of ten, just above the average. Nothing really that that stands out to me personally, but that actually you guys. So let me know in the comments below which i thought was definitely more quick and more critical style of review, trying to improve my viewing style as i go along. So please comment down below feedback, good feedback, bad feedback. Any feedback is good feedback. Those thank you all so much for watching ill, see you on this.