In hand out of all of the target, exclusives such as this guy, the toy, accurate version of teresa and grimlock that were revealed. This was definitely the figure that caught my attention. The most i think he looked awesome ive always been a massive fan of these weaponizers. I thought cog was one of the best so to see him recolored into one of these troop builders that we actually see in the netflix show already sold me on this guy. But the fact that he includes so many additional accessories, which are not only completely original and unique for this character, but that can also be used for some of the other figures. This was an instant buy for me and actually getting this guy in hand hes. One of my favorite releases that weve seen for this year so far now this guy is actually just basically a direct repaint of just done in red and black, but he looks really nicely done for such a simple repaint. It definitely is a really nice one. You can see the head has been fully decked out in this really nice, metallic red plastic and weve got this awesome blue streak there for the visors. We just take a look here at the shoulders you can see cast out of grey plastic, but the mixture of reds, black and gray really do come together. Incredibly nicely, i mean just check out the mechanical detailing that weve got here for the fires.

Weve got some really nice tread details here for the outer section, some nice red for the shins, and i think the foot detail looks great even here at the base. Now, as we spin our attention to the back, you can see that hes literally armed to the teeth, this guy comes with 12 individual weapons. Now most of them are brand new. There are two of which are a direct carry over from the original release such as these almost rifles here at the top. You can see, theyve been fully painted in a really nice gunmetal grey and all of the other ones are just awesome. Now much like the 2014 age of extinction, hound. All of these are pretty much completely customizable, so you can take the ends of this one peg it onto this literally mix and match these all day and all night, which i think adds a great ton of play. Value to these but ill detach them all and take a closer look at them in just a second articulation wise. We do get a swivel joint here at the head, which can look left to right. Ive even got some of those wheel, jack bombs attached there onto the chest, which i think look just so cool. We do get a full rotation at the shoulder hinge, joint out to the side, as well as a 90 degree bend there at the elbow forward. Waist rotation: the legs can kick forwards that far back to that far out to the sides: rotation at the thigh way, past 90, due to the nature of the design and as per tradition with these warfare.

Cybertron figures, a fantastic ankle, rocker pivot, literally one of the best i think weve ever seen for a deluxe release. So, in a nutshell, this guy looks great on his own, but when you factor in just how much cooler he looks here with these weapons, honestly, its literally an instant, buy now well detach these here and set them off to the side. For now, as i will quickly showcase the transformation from robot mode in it to the vehicle mode, as i dont believe, ive ever actually reviewed this mode here over on the channel he came out just before. I actually began doing reviews here on youtube, so remove all of these weapons and, as you guys can see due to the functionality of this being an almost weaponizer, he will become detached very easily, but well just attach that back on wriggle the bombs off and set Them here off to the side now to actually get him transformed into the vehicle mode. You are going to want to remove the arms and just set them there off to the side, detach this torso section. I believe the legs can stay fixed into place, so it really is just a matter of hinging these up, and these tabs will slide there into these grooves, so just peg them there into place, of course, rinse and repeat the exact same process here for this side And then what will happen is that this will create a tab that will peg here into this slot, but first of all, youll want to rotate the head so that the front is now facing the back and theyve even fully sculpted.

The back of the head with some nice mechanical and cybernetic details, which is really nice and then just collapse, this section down. We can then combine that, like so take the arms, which will now form proper cannons here for the vehicle mode, and this tab will peg into this port. Whilst this tab will peg into a port here on the underside. So just snap, those sections in and of course, rinse and repeat the exact same process here for this side, and then we have cog in his weaponized vehicle mode now truth be told, ive never been quite sure as to what this vehicle was supposed to resemble. I guess a cybertronian tank, especially with the treads here at the back, but it doesnt look too bad. I do believe he actually transforms on screen, so this is pretty accurate, its what we see in the show you can see some nice red there for the actual rims. I think once more. The red and black and greys come together very nicely, and we can also take all of those weapons seen previously to have something which looks like this, and in my opinion, this is just so awesome, and one of the major selling points about this guy is just How fun and versatile he really is since getting him i havent been able to put him down at all. I just think the display options are endless. Even here in the vehicle mode, you can see.

Weve got this triple barrelled blaster here along the side. The two rifles at the top ive got these energon canisters, acting as perhaps exhaust pipes or additional thrusters at the rear of the vehicle. Even as we spin our attention to the side, weve got this massive sniper, which sticks out as well as those sticky bombs here at the top section of the vehicle mode. Overall, just such a fun and enjoyable figure and in all honesty i would definitely recommend picking him up now. There is a third main mode that cog has, and that is of course, his weaponized form in the show cog actually transforms into almost a backpack for rc into kind of scaring sound blaster, and that is exactly what you can do here with this figure and due To one of the accessories included, it does actually make attaching the backpack onto rc completely possible, whereas before you werent actually able to attach cog onto rc, which was always a downside here with this weapon, it completely is so ill detach. All of these accessories well get him transformed up into that mode and then, of course, finally touch base in more detail with the individual weapons themselves. So what youll want to do to get to the weaponized mode would be first of all, detach this almost torso section. Now, for this specific combination, this really doesnt have a role to play. I guess you could just take these pieces collapse them in like so and create an almost shield for another character, but for this were going to set it off here to the side.

Youll then want to take the arms and just attach them just like, so i believe the legs can stay exactly where they are youll just want to hinge these sections up well, flip out this five millimeter peg hinge these sections up and over and rinse and repeat Here for this side, and then, as far as these arms are concerned, you do literally just peg them into the base of the foot just like so, and that is cog effectively fully transformed. We can then take these weapons and peg them here into the sides. Just for complete accuracy to the show and now is where youll want to bring in either rc lifeline or elite, one i would have brought rc in but, as you can see, shes literally being blasted out by the review station so to showcase it in its full Glory, i will utilize elite. One for this comparison here is where youll want to bring in this brand new adapter piece now, for those of you who are cool rc does actually equip with cog in the show, i believe, shes, one of the only transformers to do so, but this figure doesnt Have any five millimeter port on the back, meaning that originally it was impossible to get this guy attached onto her backpack until now, this section is literally a godsend. So what youll want to do is lift up this back section and youll notice that any figure that actually has this mould will have this huge circular port, as well as a tiny port here for the cooler.

Basically, this section does just shoot in there very very securely. We can then drop that backpack down and youll want to take this five millimeter post and just snap that into that section and there we have a liter one, fully equipped with cog. As seen in the show now, this looks really really awesome, of course, its a massive backpack, and at least here in my coffee elite, one is very loose so nine times out of ten shell actually be unable to hold up the weight of this. But the intention is still there and my joints on rc are actually a lot tighter, so im almost certain should be able to utilize it, but in the show i think she was kind of crouched over so lets see. If we can do this yeah exactly there. We go there. Weve got a little one with that backpack section, looking really really cool. Looking as if, though, perhaps hes about to blow sound blaster out of existence, now switching focus here onto the accessories themselves. I know that this will be a highlight for many collectors and trust me. They do not disappoint at all. Now, besides these two pistols, basically everything that youre seeing here is completely brand new, and some of these are actually specifically designed and intended for pre existing characters. Such as elite one ratchet and even wheel jack, so to kick things off here we have the weapon that we just saw when we combined both elite, one and cog together, some really nice metallic blue, highlighting there.

I think this in itself looks great and you can kind of get it acting as its own independent weapon. We also do get an energon infused cylinder now. I believe rc uses these to bargain with sound blaster in the show. You can see a very, very nice metallic flake there to the end of john and even the precision of the paint apps here with kind of this gum metal strip that goes along the side looks really really impressive. Once again, you can actually use this as a blaster and ill showcase that in just a second, we also do get a smaller pistol, which looks like a glorified version of rcs signature. G1 blaster. You can see very nice looking skull work where this is concerned. We also get this rifle, which looks more like a smaller downsized version of the one that came with ultra magnus. Some very nice skull work there for this section. I think this looks great, probably one of my favorite out of the entire bunch and then we get a whole host of additional add on pieces, so additional barrels. So this one looks kind of like the triple barrel that we actually see on age of extinction. Optimus primes shield and weve got this really nice black singed effect here at the base that in itself looking awesome, we also do get this longer, one to actually create a liter ones, sniper rifle. We do get this section, which has been sculpted very, very nicely and ratchets healing slash wielding device, and i thought the paint on this was top notch.

Weve got a darker gum metal here for the top, with a lighter shade of silver and, of course, that dark plastic, and even some silver there for the top and a nice green highlight for the circular sections on the side, not looking too bad at all. And then we also do get will jacks bombs. Now i actually thought initially, these were inspired by transformers prime, but they actually do appear in the show. Now you can split them so that they are compatible with some of your other figures, for example, here with wheel jack, you can take this five millimeter post and peg it into the hand and from certain angles. It does look as if, though, hes actually walking around with one of these bombs, but if you wanted to combine it to create for a slightly more wholesome look, you can see that looks so nicely done, and the paintwork is actually exceptional. Garmental gray, darker green there for this circle section as well as some lighter highlights here for the sides as well as for the middle, and if you want to split it. Basically, you just stick your fingernail in this section and it can become very easily detached and also has got some nice detail and then, as mentioned previously, the exact same blasters that we saw with the original cog this time around just fully decked out in gun missile. Now, as far as the customization aspect is concerned, you can switch out basically any of these barrels with any of these weapons.

So even for example, you could take ratchets blaster and actually take this longer sniper section and peg that in there and youve got a completely different look. I think this is great or vice versa. You could take say this one peg, that in there or you can actually create her, show accurate weapon. So just snap that section into place and there we have elite ones, sniper and im so glad that we actually finally get this officially. As on the original figure, we actually merely just saw this transparent pistol, which wasnt bad, but, of course in the show she did have this massive weapon, and i think she looks great whilst actually building this, you can see its incredibly long. Much like we saw in the show, it really does look awesome as mentioned previously. This is the gun for ratchet. So here weve got that siege cybertron ratchet. I think he looks awesome, so you can have him fixing up and wielding impact or and then, as far as some of these other weapons are concerned, you can really mix and match them. So if you really wanted to, you could take say this energon section shoot this section through and then peg it on to say one of the barrels of cog to create a weapon so lets just spin our attention here to the back voila. There youve got blaster, which is utilizing energon, just so much versatility with these. I really do think theyre great, and then you can even take this section peg that in there to create a much larger, looking weapon overall, very impressed with the accessory selection that were actually seeing with this guy, and at least in my opinion, these are so much Nicer when, in comparison to the accessories that we saw with that century and drone pack, and so some final thoughts for this transformers legacy, deluxe class red cog, weaponizer accessory pack overall, i think this is great by far one of the best items that has put out This year so far, just the cog figure in itself is amazing.

Now, personally, i wasnt expecting us ever to see a red show accurate version of cog, especially considering not only the toy line, but also the series concluded quite a few years ago now. So i did think that we were kind of done with transformers siege but its great to see them kind of harken back to that series, its a great repaint, a great mould, so im definitely glad to add it to the collection and out of the two is My preferred now the accessories are really where i think this set shines. I think all of them are great. Now granted we do get two pre existing ones, but theyre kind of just meant for cog. The rest of them can be used for pretty much any of the other figures. You can see that we finally got a liter one sniper rifle. We got ratchets wielding device wheel, jacks bombs, which are some of my favorite weapons from this pack, and some of the other blasters that we get are great. The versatility is endless, even with the figure itself, you can break him apart. Weaponize him with other transformers, and the same can also be said for the accessories. I love how we actually do get an adapter piece so that we can equip cog to rc or a little one. That was such a nice attention to detail great to see the designers finally addressed that, especially considering she was one of the only characters to actually use cog in the show.

So it is great that we can actually create that combination in toy form and overall, i just think its a really nicely done pack id love to hear your thoughts down in the comment section below.