This is, i believe, a walmart exclusive. I picked up this figure from our toys. Packaging is so thin. The paper is so flimsy it’s. It feels like an insert the it’s, not even a cardboard box like the material they use for the insert and what’s weird is the insert is actually made of much thicker cardboard. So whatever let’s get him out of packaging – and here is the dcs army drone out of packaging, and this figure is actually not so bad it’s, actually brilliant. I absolutely love it if there’s one thing i like about getting new figures is i love the fact when i’m always proven wrong. When i prejudge the figure too soon – and i think it’s gon na be it’s – not gon na – be that great and then i open it and it turns out to be great. That kind of surprise actually always does it for me. I, like this figure, i don’t know why i when i bought it. I was like i’m gon na do a review say my grade say my piece about it and get rid of this figure as fast as i can. But the moment i opened it, i was like. Oh, my goodness. Hasbro did a wonderful job. With this figure i mean they were looking to repaint the mold into black gray and silver. They couldn’t have found a better excuse with the dcs army drone. I mean look at this figure.

I love the color that they use it’s a glossy deep black type of plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap. The gray bits are great it’s, not the cheap type of gray plastic. Even the gun is great. This head sculpt look at this. You could clearly see some nice details. Great black plastic. I love the silver on the face and those dead, teal teal blue green eyes. Oh, my goodness, i love it. I love the purple. Windshield the entire aesthetic in robot mode, at least, is just absolutely gorgeous. I Music, i i’m actually speechless. I i don’t know what to say: uh i’m glad to be proven wrong. This is a great repaint of an already amazing figure. Now, if you didn’t already know, this figure is a direct repaint of the siege ironhide figure, i mean this figure was great in its own right, but to be done in black and gray and bits of silver. Oh, my goodness, look at that. He even has what is this the emblem or the faction symbol of i guess: that’s a quintesson yeah that’s that’s, what i’m guessing because that’s what’s on the box yeah. Definitely i mean to even put that on his chest very small detail: look at the gun, look, how nicely it’s been painted. It’S it’s done in this gray plastic painted in silver and then airbrushed, i think in matte black and they painted the missiles in this really seafoam green. I mean compared to this.

This one was actually pretty good uh. I i do like how they treated the gun of siege iron height, but look at this. It really feels like a barrage of missiles coming at you. This one feels like laser cannon like this. One is like so wow super loving this fake in terms of mold jaguation. Sadly, there is a little uh. The hinges on the shoulders they’re a little loose, at least on my copy of the figure hinges on the other. Bits of articulation seem to be pretty tight. Waist seems to be okay, hips knees and feet a little bit loose on mine that’s, because they they popped off when i removed the figure from the packaging, so transform him just very quickly, since you guys already know how this guy transforms because of siege ironhide. But we’ll just go through the motion very quickly and the this whole chest area it’s still very tight. I was expecting this to be loose uh, because this is like what the third version of the small third or fourth version of this small. Fourth, i think, because we we got the uh crosshairs version, two years three years and two and a half years, i’ve forgotten how to transform this fella: okay, okay, okay, i missed that tab. Okay and there you have it. There is the dc’s army drone in his alt mode, which is exactly the same as iron head and ratchets and their siege, the siege iron height and ratchet, although i think you know in this mode, i i thought the windshield should have been done this way.

I thought it would be more like space space type of vehicle. Look at that look at that front. Grille those headlights. It looks like a mars rover, a moon rover going over the canyons, the rocky canyons of an asteroid or the moon, and for this version of the mold, the silver feet actually do fit with the whole aesthetic of the alt mode. I mean in iron, hide iron height and ratchet. The feet was just really sticking out in an awkward way, but with this version i’m totally. Okay, with this feat, being the different color uh than the legs, so very good, and so some final thoughts on the dcs army drone. I think it’s a great figure it’s, a wonderful repaint of the siege, ironhide and ratchet figure modes. If you’re a big fan of those figures, you are going to love this figure, could you improve anything very minimal now, maybe tighter joints and if they actually did away with all the siege um battle damage design if they made this purely black silver and gray? This would have been a 10 out of 10 figure. For me, it would be an incredible excuse. An amazing excuse for a siege, ironhide stealth mode version, or i don’t know a nemesis ironhide or something like that. But as it is, it is a very solid repaint. I am going to give this figure a 9 out of 10. uh. Give this figure a second look. I know a lot of collectors are just paying attention they’re, just trying to get the cheat or netflix cheat or figure in this way.

Maybe deep cover and they’re ignoring uh the sparklers. Oh ignore that figure. Definitely the sparklers robot, but this one, a lot of collectors are ignoring this. Take a second look at this figure, because i was actually surprised at how well it turned out. Let me know in the comment section what you think of the dc’s army drone hit me up in the comments and as always hit that notification bell, so you never miss out on any of my latest video reviews if it’s your first time here, please subscribe. If you want to help the channel out, please check out my patreon account.