I got ta record the lines. What if i say, thrust his balls in my mouth as the first set, what no i’m not doing that punch it chewy, because we have to get through this one fast. I guess i’ll sit this one out then. Now, today we are taking a look at beast machines, motorcycle drone or, as normal people call him thrust. Now. Thrust comes with two blast effects, which can peg into his hand cannons, and then these can be fired via spring. Lock, gimmick or you can use them to balance, because he’s only got one wheel now on to robot mode it’s, pretty weird, but it’s such a cool design and the odd look is really working for him. Surprisingly as well. This is also pretty show accurate, only missing a few details and paint applications, unfortunately, and on to articulation again it’s pretty decent, only missing a few key joints, but it’s actually really well articulated. If you can balance it because again, one wheel and now on to size comparisons, he’s pretty small, but still a really good size, but nowhere near where he needs to be. He should realistically be a good sized voyager now on to transformation. And, oh, that was quick and here he is in his motorcycle form and it looks really cool. Definitely accurate and really well designed surprisingly, and that has been my review of beast machines. Thrust: aka motorcycle drone and it’s pretty good it’s accurate enough and it’s heavily resembles thrust overall, a win though it is rare.