I really do all right. Ladies and gentlemen, i got several requests since i did the toy boat video to do another boat video on the pond, and i thought one of my favorite boats has always been the jet ski, even though it's propeller driven there's, no jet on it. So it's a prop ski i don't know i like that sound better, so this is just a custom job. It was a toy conversion check this out there you go hello: how about that he's! So flexible uh check on the inside brushless outrunner motor six cell lipo. It is supposed to be 22.2 volts, uh, but actually i've got it charged up to 26 volts, so it's going to give us a heck of a ride today, uh and uh. I don't want to talk about it. I want to just get it in the water and have some fun beauty. Had my wife go in and do the lubrication of the shaft for me, hey raven wants to go fire up. The drone. Get these guys their aerial shot. All right, mavic bring us something. Awesome you ready to rip i'm ready to roll. Oh, i love that sound that tail feather the roost. My love for some, maybe i guess, depends on where you're from oh she's got a weed dangling off the back there. Oh it's let's do okay figure, eight here or even we'll, get it so quarter throttle it's a 3200 milliamp hour, which will give me quite a bit of run time really hard to find something like this.

With that weed off the back wow that's fast, i love how it just picks up and it's so responsive that long rudder on the bottom, giving it the ability just to carve look at the sunshine on the roof. Whoa yeah baby yeah, what a beautiful machine and the rider it almost like it. It completes the balance it's supposed to have a rider on it. It seems appropriate yeah. I would feel funny. I did do a few uh videos where i just had the camera on there and gave it like the really good onboard sensation. But the rider makes it look complete. Remember when we took this out to bc and had it on what what lake was that kalamaka yeah calmaca lake buy shoe swap right: oh that's, a maura lake that's right beautiful now before that battery loses too much jam. Let'S get a full throttle. Speed run in here, oh, it just rests and it feels stable, oh yeah, so stable as long as you're really smooth on the control. Look at that, so this 6s lipo only has a 30c discharge rate and it's still able to move at this stability. Like all the weight is in the front, i put lots of pool noodles in there just in case uh, on the on the top seat, part as well as in the boat in case they ever became separated they both can float on their own. We ran into that issue with the toy boat the other day.

Of course, i built a toy boat, almost unsinkable. Look at it perfect, sucking up all the grass all around it, but nothing is really getting caught in the prop yet and it's running so smoothly. Unbelievable. The sound of it as it skips along that's full throttle that was awesome. What a great day to get outside and try some bony did you want to try this? No it's? Okay, oh algae water. You don't have to film this. Oh one, wrong! Oh yeah! I didn't know we could actually do tricks on this thing. Unbelievable, basically, i got on top of the water gave it some throttle and it based like it just started doing a donut on the water half throttle beautiful. So we can all agree. You have now taken a splash from the eewee pond. I'Ve got green things, yeah you're gon na be itchy.