Are you guys it is a breezy fall morning here? You know kind of chilly its, like 44 degrees out kind of kind of chilly out here, but were going to get this unboxing and quick. First flight of this f corey 1080p wi fi foldable drone. Okay, you guys now uh, f corey is a amazon based company and they reached out to me and asked me if i wanted to test fly this guy and uh. Take a look at this guy. So were gon na take a look so shout out to them for sending this out. I will uh post a link for this guy in the description below, if you guys happen to like this drone and want to check it out and it seems to be pretty decent. It reminds me of a drone that came out before and lets go ahead and open this guy up and show you what im talking about some of you guys thats been in the drone community for a while, is going to know what im talking about what this Guy looks like it reminds me of that battle. Sharks drone. You guys remember that vizio battle shark drone that foldable drone it was like a toy grade like mavic clone that came out about four years ago, had a really long flight time. Everybody loved it thats. What this thing kind of reminds me of that battle: shark, drawing is real, nice and foldable. It has that real toy greatish mavic mavic ish.

Look, you know what im saying looks really cool doesnt have the photobook props, though this is brushed motors, theres, no gps, um and another thing. I noticed it at the first look of it when i got it in the middle yesterday. Look how these arms fall down. Really nice spout and they just click into place. You just float them out, click it in place. It has an adjustable 1080p camera and it looks like it has an optical flow camera underneath, but it didnt mention that it didnt mention that in the product description on amazon now this guy comes in at 79 on amazon, but it comes with a 20 off coupon. So if you click the coupon off on amazon, youll get this guy at 59, so right around 60 bucks shipped to your door from amazon, its you know, being that its from amazon at least youre going to have product support and all that good stuff. So, if should anything go wrong with the drone uh, you shouldnt have a problem with it. Getting back to you, you know what im saying so it has an on and off switch right here. It says: rc drone has some really nice like great accents across of it. It has some tops on the prop on the propeller. They look like metal or chrome tops, but theyre plastic, but they look really nice and then they have these like little like plastic or looking covers over the motors to where they look like theyre brushless motors, but theyre, not brushless motors, guys, theyre brushed gear motors.

Just keep that in mind so, but it looks the quadcopter itself looks really good. I like the way it looks to be honest. It has the the wi fi antenna protruding underneath so should get some decent range. With this guy i mean youre not going to get gps range or not like that, but you should be for toy grade. You should get the decent range, so it does look a lot like that battle shark drone. So um you get two batteries with this guy heres one of the batteries right here, its proprietary, of course um and its just a little click in battery right. Here you have a usb port right there that you charge it with right there, and it took me about a little bit over an hour to charge this battery, and this is a 1600 milliamp hour battery. I believe i looked at the product description. I cant remember what it was, but i believe its a 1 600 milliamp hour battery and they say were going to get about 12 minutes of flight time on each battery. So, combined with the two batteries you should get about 24 minutes of flight time is what theyre claiming all right. So here is the transmitter. Now weve seen this transmitter a lot weve seen it with a lot of these toy graders, mavicus or toy grade dji clones. They, where they try to clone the remote a little bit too uh. I have really no complaints with these type of remotes.

The only thing that i really can say about with some of these remotes is when i use my android phone and being the android has a power button on the side. Sometimes this little phone holder would shut off my phone or make my phone lock up while im flying so hopefully that we dont have that issue with this one. If we do well just have to do what i always do set the phone down on the ground and just fly with the transmitter in my hand. So here we have our fpv phone mount right here. Really nice transmitter is labeled. I do like that. We have a photo and video button here. It looks like we got our traditional trim buttons right here on the side over here looks like we got a uh headless mode. One key return button right here, automatic takeoff and lan right here on and off switch. We have antennas, they are fake, theres, no wires running through these antennas at all, so you can pretty much just snap these off and they wouldnt affect it at all. You could put them up for the look. If you like the look of having like a you, know, dji style controller. You can do that only thing thats, not labeled. Is these buttons up here im, not sure what these buttons do up here. One of them might be like a flip button and the other one might be maybe rates, so we might have our speed rates and then flip buttons, im just gon na guess, and then i have already put three double a batteries inside the transmitter.

You guys all right, so that is the controller and lets go over what we get really quickly in the package. Like i said you get one extra battery here, you guys an extra battery. You do get the charger for the battery and its a usb to micro. Usb charger, okay, you get extra propellers and you get prop guards and theres some hardware and you get a couple extra caps or maybe just one extra cap. I thought they would just maybe give you two like you get one extra motor cap. Should you lose one of these little motor caps? You get one extra one and you get some hardware extra propellers and prop guards in there with the phillips, screwdriver, okay and then. Last but not least, our instruction manual goes over the drone of what you need to do, how to properly fly it and all that good stuff, how to replace the propellers. What the controller does the app the app is, the hf ufo app and if you do not have your um instructions, you can maybe pause this and probably get the qr code from right there, but its the hf ufo app guys thats everything in the uh. Basically, in the contents of this little package here were gon na get this guy all buttoned up and we are gon na get ready to fly this guy. All right, ive already downloaded the app and everything so what we are going to do.

We are going to turn on the drone first, oh, let me pop that battery and battery goes in all the way in there all right now, batteries all the way in and secure were going to turn on the drone to the lights flash all right. So we got blue leds in the back orange in the front okay lights are, flashing, were going to go ahead and turn on the remote were going to do up down that binds us all right. So the lights went solid, letting us know that we are now bound to the remote you guys so that we can just do a level calibration. Oh that started the motors down and out. Well start the motors with down and out adopt the motors lets, see. Okay, down and out stop starts the motors and stops the motors down. An inboard will calibrate it. Okay, so down in the board calibrates the motors you see the lights. Flash okay, so were good to go. Lets go ahead and um look for the wi fi or connect to the wi fi. Now i did previously connected to this guy last night, when i first got it out just to check and make sure everything was all right, so it might automatically just remember and connect yeah. It is so the wi fi is the m84k and some numbers thats the wi fi this guy, so were connected to that. Now we have to get into the hf ufo app guys.

Here we are were going to just check our settings really quickly. Im going to put uh my joy, you have your joystick mode im, going to put my joystick on hidden mode, okay, hidden mode im going to put snap settings which is photos at 4k. Video setting at 1080p so were good to go so make sure you check your settings before you take off and then were going to hit start. Do we all right guys? We have wi fi feed heres. The app here is the app im gon na go ahead and just put this guy in my phone mount here and hopefully this mount doesnt shut off my phone like some of these do hopefully uh there we go. Oh so there we go. Hopefully we dont it tried to at first im gon na leave these antennas down. I dont need them. So what were gon na try to do is start the recording from the transmitter im gon na long press it and we got a timer counting down on the app. So the recording is started. You guys so lets go ahead, and just so we know that down and out well start the motors lets see if we can hit this automatic takeoff button wow and we are in the air all right. So this guy is the f corey dr009. You guys thats the name of this quadcopter like i said i will be posting a link below if you guys want to check this guy out.

Man, like i said it does have an adjustable camera in the front, but i use ill put the 1080p camera all the way. Uh horizon view, so we get a flat level horizon view, but you can adjust that but, like i said, im curious to see if it has optical flow, because it didnt say that in a product description i want to see if it actually has it look at That guys, this thing has optical flow. It really does look at that. It did not say that in the product description, so it actually does have optical flow uh. This guy is supposed to have gesture mode just supposed to have follow me, but theres, no gps name, but look how stable this guy is with the optical flow sensor, underneath im not touching anything and its just holding position pretty good thats nice. Its holding this position really nice im, not touching anything at all. Look at that optical flow, you guys, so this is our first raid here lets check out the yaw heres, our yaw very slow yall, in first rate, lets check out the fourth flight thats, our fourth flight, in the first rate, oh man, so far so good, you Guys four flight in the first rate, okay, now lets see if we can access our rates im to try one of these shoulder buttons. So the um, the left shoulder button is your rates thats, two beeps, so this is our second rate lets check out the yaw.

The yard did increase check that out now lets check out the fourth flight flying forward and that definitely did increase as well. Look at that definitely did pick up some speed on that little guy or not little guy. It actually unfold unfold until a nice sized drone. This is second rate lets. Try lets see if we have a third rate, and yes, we do. We have three speeds, so if it was windy outside this would be your highest flying rate right here lets check out the yacht. Look at that yall did increase. Lets check out the ford flight. Oh look at that so yeah. She definitely picks up im gon na go back down to the second rate, so we are, in a second rate, lets see what this right shoulder button does thats, probably our flips yep short press. It and pick a direction and it flips all directional flips, you guys check it out. Thats nice, wi, fi fee looks pretty good, pretty decent its supposed to be a 1080p camera. Theres no sd card, so its the directly. The feed directly back to your phone is what you get, so you might get some drop frames here and there for wi fi, but actually what im seeing is pretty good weve already got almost three and a half minutes of recording going. This bird flies nice man look at that; it just sits there, look at that. It hovers there pretty nice. The optical flow in that is pretty good.

They didnt even say that it had that so im pretty impressed with that so youre going to get this drone for right about. Oh, it dropped down a little bit youre going to get this drone to right about uh 60 dollars. If you click that coupon so were just going to fly it around right now check out the camera second rate here: Music flying pretty good. Look at that right over the corn field. Look like my uh app has froze, though yeah my app is frozen. You guys so i dont know how much recording we got. Let me get back into the app it froze for a second see if we can regain all right. We regain signal the app that froze. So i dont know when that recording started, but lets go stopped, but so since were up there lets go and see. We can take a photo took a photo from up there. Lets face it around towards the cornfield, took a photo of the cornfield lets, bring it on back this way and lets go see. If we can start the recording again, all right timer is going down. So i dont know when that first recording stopped, but i know we had at least about three and a half minutes of that before the timer or before the app froze. I looked down on my screen and it was froze, so were back now cruising. The thing fly is great, though i havent noticed any lag or nothing in the controls, only just that little short little hiccup with the app where actually that froze for a second and it looked like the recording that stopped on its own, but were good.

Now were still rolling now theres another with another flip. So we got some recording took a couple. Did a couple of flips took a couple photos yeah man? I like it so far. I like it just that little one hiccup with the little frozen, where froze just a few minutes ago, but seem to be doing pretty good. Now you guys what i can see on the phone camera doesnt. Look too bad. You guys are going to see it firsthand before me. I was just shocked that this guy had optical flow in it. It didnt even say that in the description so thats a bonus, this thing is firing really good. It reminds me just it flies just like that. Battleshark drone guys, let me be honest, it flies just like that. Nice and smooth and everybody loved that thing when it came out app, is still going. We havent had any more breakups, so i dont know what that first. Hiccup was where it froze for a second but thats typical. With some of these toy grade wi fi quads, you can get the little freeze ups so far so good next time we have to come back out and try, because i think you got to fly it with just the phone only if you want to try like The little gesture mode and the little follow me stuff it does, but you know, with these toy grid quads some of that stuff is really hit and miss or whether it works or not.

Me i like to fire with the controller with the remote, the flashing lights. Im going to stop the recording, so flashing leds im going to go ahead and start bringing this guy in, but maybe give you guys a just a really quick, close look at it. Show you guys that its flashing, but leds are flashing. You guys im gon na hit that one key to land one key to land, let it land and motor shut off great little flyer by f corey, you guys. So this is the dr009 pretty impressed with it. Well be doing up a couple. Follow up flights with this guy testing out some more features on it, but i was impressed that it had the optical flow. How well it flies uh for the price. I think its pretty good. We got christmas coming up, you guys. I think this would be a good buy. It comes with the case comes with two batteries, so you get pretty decent flight time out of it. I dont know we got 12 minutes, but you guys be the judge of that. You guys. Let me know what you think of the camera dont forget to like and subscribe your boy, drones and dogs. I will be posting a link for this guy below, if you guys are interested catch.