I should wear gloves Music. In fact, i was wearing gloves for a little bit of it without tapes, not not much to that. Okay! Sorry! For the close camera, but im trying a new setup today, Music and, as i said, this comes from holy stone. Okay, oh heres. The model number right: there – f, 183w aerial drone anyway, um okay, lets open it up. Okay, pull out the plastic insert okay box is empty, otherwise, Music. Now you know ill tell you something i harp on about whenever i do a drone reviews that so many drones today dont come with manuals, especially the toy drones and the small drones, and you know it may seem like a small thing, but uh giving people proper Instructions for use is really important and not many companies do it. So thank you holy stone for that okay, plastic off and what have we got? We have a drone now its a very light drone um. This is definitely you know, toy grade plastic, and the benefit of that is that it keeps the weight down, and when you do crash, you dont do as much damage than you might with a heavier drone. But given that just you know, this is not just remember that this is not a drone that youre going to deliberately smash into things. Okay, now these are brushed motors and whats. Interesting is theyre, not um. Direct drive theyve got gears theres a bay down here, which is the battery door, and the camera also attaches here it clips on there and then plugs in there and well take a look at that.

Okay, we have four prop guards: two landing legs: okay, im just gon na leave them all there, um props, always important. Okay, weve got a controller, looks like it has the right bits and pieces. Okay, um gon na be a couple things in the box: Music, with something taped to the bottom of the box. Okay, all right and then here we have a battery charger and we have a second battery charger and we have a smartphone holder, extendable, very sexy. Okay, one more little box here: Music, just keep these guys organized until we need them: okay, okay, lipo battery; also a lipo battery. These look like two cells, so weve got two cell batteries and looks like a wi fi camera. So this is what connects to the bottom of the drone. Okay, so thats the unboxing were gon na. Do a quick, uh look at the holy stone, smart drone youve had a look at whats in the box. Lets talk about all the things in the box, so um look and feel its very light. The good thing is youre well under 250 grams uh in canada and for most places in the world, so you dont need to register this drone or have a license, and that sort of thing. The second thing is, if you have an accident with it like clip a tree or something like that, its less likely to be damaged and fall, because it is so lightweight right.

The more mass an object has the more force there is in a crash. These are brushed motors, not that its going to make any difference for somebody buying a toy drone, doesnt really matter, but the more expensive like racing, drones and and so forth, have what they call brushless um. The difference is that the brushed motors are obviously less expensive to produce and thats why they end up in budget drones and make things like this affordable. But something else you dont see very often is a gearing system for the motors. I thought that was kind of cool. Now, its not unique other drones certainly do have them, but i hadnt seen a holy stone with one yet so, okay, so thats the drone um there is a bay at the bottom. You open it up and the battery inserts in here and theres, a cable okay and this bottom. You also clip on the camera, so were gon na. Do that too. Now, as far as controls go um theres, the typical joysticks theres, a couple of buttons here lets take a look at the instructions: okay, oh yeah. So while were here, the controller takes four double a batteries. So ive got some amazon basics that i purchased separately. These do not come with the drone and get this ready to go were gon na. Do a test flight today might only be a short one, but well do one okay, there we go all right.

Okay, powers on flash, looks good. Stick: the phone holder in okay um. What else did i want to show you uh weve, seen this in the unboxing theres two batteries uh, they appear to be two cell lithium polymer, so lipo um so do treat these very carefully theyre a little more dangerous than lithium ion batteries. So just be careful when charging them dont leave them unattended, um, okay, batteries, it comes with two chargers, so you can charge both the same time, which is kind of nice. Thats handy it comes with landing legs, okay and were going to install those, but actually first lets do this. I just wanted to cover how good this manual is now. You know, i bet you 75 of you guys dont even ever read the manual and you know im normally in that 75 to be honest, but when you do run into it into uh some kind of problem and you cant get it fixed its frustrating. So its really nice that they have broken down all the different steps you need to do pairing calibrating the gyro one key start landing. They describe every function in detail. This is great. This is really great and very few of the toy drone manufacturers. Take the time to produce proper manuals like this, most of them just give you a qr code on the box or something and you go to an faq, and it gives you a few. You know steps but having a full manual like this very important, and you know its likely gon na, be the mom or dad reading this so yeah.

You guys are gon na appreciate this when your 14 year old is asking you how to bind the drone. Well, its all in here, uh, okay, so heres all the different modes take photo. Speed, switch theres, an emergency, stop thats good to know. So if youre flying the drone its going towards somebody and you dont know what to do, you pull both sticks in and down and itll stop the engines and the drone will drop out of the sky. You may damage your drone, but at least you wont run into somebody so thats a good thing uh. The other thing i want to talk about was the camera, so its not built into the drone, its a little external module with um an antenna so theres a transceiver in there and whats this doing giving you a live, video feed, so thats kind of neat. They call it an fpv drone, but i mean technically speaking its not really an fpv drawing it uh. Yes, you do get a first person view through looking for your phone, but typically when we talk, fpv were talking about flying drones with goggles. You know thats fpv youre, flying with these. When you fly with your phone, we typically dont call that fpv thats, typically a line of sight, but it does give you a video feed which is good. Now there is a little adjustability in terms of uh angle of the camera, thats good, um, okay, spare props and a tool.

The tool is important because to install the propellers and the landing gear you do have to tap a little screw into the plastic, to hold things in place so and the instructions detail all that so lets put on lets start with putting on our landing gear. Actually, i wonder this probably has steps for see im using the manual. Are you guys, proud of me im actually using the manual package? Contents? Very handy, you know, so even something small like this is funny because say you want to order a part and youre some kid. Whos just bought a drone. You dont necessarily know what all these things are called right. Well, there you go okay, heres, where you can switch between the different modes transmitter. What im looking for is propeller guard installation and landing gear, installation, okay, so little screws. Okay, there, pretty tiny. Okay, we dont need to spare props Music. I guess we could do landing guard uh landing. Excuse me, i guess we could do the uh prop guards. First, good job, yeah, im, actually filming on my old canon sx540 today, because my good canon 80d, which is a 1200 camera, just stopped working for some reason. I just stopped being able to read the sd card very sad, especially since its gon na cost, like 300 to fix it. Yeah yeah, okay, theres little holes to insert and theres also a little hole for a screw, so lets push those in Music the screws.

Let me show you guys a little trick too and yes youll. Thank me for this one. This is one of the best things ive ever purchased. What is it no, its not a platinum bar, its a permanent magnet and the reason i use it especially around here on the workbench – is whatever im working with small screws. I tend to lose them, so you can sweep this over the desk and it will very quickly pick up anything thats around. So i kind of leave this to kind of hold my screws as im doing things: okay, thats thats. All there is to it so thats. All you have to do. Okay, so well, do all those Music just where he was needed. Music does a really good job of putting together a lot of interesting things for a beginner drone. I remember another drone i bought from them. They gave you a little notebook with tabs and pens and stuff so that you could write down things as you were flying the ground or you know what you were trying to do so, just you know, kind of a thoughtful little little extras. Music. Music. Well always remember how Music and last one you know to be honest: uh clipping rock guards would be nice. Oh there we go prop guards on, looks pretty impressive, guys all right landing gear, landing gear, same process plug it in and there are holes for screws as well. Now the cameras making noise does that mean its running out of battery or something check it still going? Well, i have no idea if that camera stopped, recording or not.

I havent used it in years, so i just pulled it out of the closet so that i could uh do a couple of different things with this review. Okay, where did my little screwdriver go? Oh yesterday well come on seriously. Oh there. It is okay and one landing leg down one to go Music reaching for the ground Music and we got ta do the binding and the pairing actually gon na install the camera dreamy breezy there we go there. Geez. That looks uh that looks like a little phantom now, almost significantly less price. Okay, whats next lets. Look at our instructions: props, yep, landing, okay, camera, so the camera clips in on the bottom on the top of the door stuff that wire away for a minute. Just so that i can get this okay, so the camera points to the front, and we just you can see there are little tiny tabs there slot the tabs in the back tab has to kind of go in first whoops. Oh, i better yeah. You know what make sure youre putting it on the front. The front has the nice holy stone logo, so yeah start there and you have it facing forward, have the camera pointing forward, and then it goes on the front, clip first, okay and then just give it a hard push. Okay, that looks good uh now well also plug it in Music. Now the question youre, probably asking yourself, is: do you have to take the camera off to get access to the battery? I think the answer is no were gon na find out in a second here.

Yes, we are, it is nice uh that they allow you to take the camera off um. The upside of that is, if they come out with an enhanced camera or one with a gimbal, or something like that you could upgrade. Instead of having to purchase a new drone. Okay, there we go uh, yeah cameras facing forward okay, so battery compartment, the drones on it. I have to a little harder to get my thumb there to slide it back with the camera in place, Music, goodness that was actually very difficult. Lets. Try putting that on again: okay, there we go okay, i think the secret is make sure the camera is tilted up before you kind of pull back um. Then your battery compartment is accessible. Okay, there we are oops there. We are okay. What next since, were being such diligent students and using the manual okay drone battery and weve got the transmitter battery? Okay, all right lets install the drone battery. I will take one of my fresh batteries, Music and i will slide it down this hole and we will connect now. There are two cables so pay attention to this. This one is the charging cable and this one is the the power cable. So you you cannot plug the other one in anyway, but this ones where you plug it into your uh. Your balance lead charger, okay, so its the two black terminals that are two black connectors that plug together.

Now the drone is not going to come on right away because theres, an off switch as well, so lets go check that im just stuffing just stuffing the wires back in there close the drain Music camera. Again, i could hear my fathers voice. Okay, its a bit fiddly, the camera comes off easy enough. So its not a big deal, i dont think its in any danger of falling off. It feels well theres a friction fit, so i think itll be just fine, okay. Well, there we go so everythings on now for kicks theres a little power button there right down. There lets turn it on wow, so youll notice, theres, different color leds for the front, the back and the sides so youll always know the orientation of the drone. At a glance, red is the back white. Is the front, lose the sides very handy? Okay, let me turn this off and Music Music. Okay tearing push the power button on on the drone. Okay, all right lets do this guys: okay, the drawer on a flattened little surface with the head forward and the tail facing the pilot okay, so the holy stone logo goes away from you all right got that and we feel the prop guards on. So we should be okay, okay, turn on the transmitter, and you will hear sound, oh something. I forgot im actually filming with my iphone that i need to uh run this anyway. We can get the pairing done all right.

Turning this on Music push the throttle joystick up, then down to pair the drone with the transmitter. Okay, the throttle is the left. Stick: Music. The indicator lights in the drone will be solid if the drone is paired successfully well, the side ones are still blinking, not sure. If that worked, Music, okay, well, Music, im, not sure things are flashing, maybe its just the red thats supposed to be solid. Okay, not sure were gon na find out, though uh calibrate, the gyro okay, simultaneously push the left, joystick and the right joystick to the bottom left hand corner so down here down here, like so okay, the indicator right on the drum will blink and turns solid. It indicates the calibration is completed. I dont think i see anything. Is there another light, so im not sure guys, not too sure try it again: Music, okay, one key start land, okay, so theyre showing us the little buttons here.