So i mean i don’t need to read the instructions. I can figure i’m smart enough to figure it out: Applause well, hi it’s ken and his nephew. Luke, hey, luke, hello. Today is toy drone day. You know how we determine what a toy drone is uh if it’s used for playing with yes very good point, which is why the kid’s here yeah all right, we’re gon na start with the cheapie there you go. Can i open it yeah open that up. Tell me what you think tell me what your initial eye feelings are. It looks really cute and i like the the stripes on the wings. This is an sg 108 zlrc, 4k toy drone retails, for how much do you think that is worth um? I don’t know 150. close 169.. Oh, these are all amazon prices by the way links in the description the remote controller turns on when you open it like that, and then you put your phone in here yeah and then that’s kind of like like that, and then you can fly it like this. So this remote control is a bit of a liar. Oh yeah, because see these antennas, you would normally use man. I want to get better range, so i better put the antennas up yeah. These are just for decoration what yeah they’re lying there’s no wire in them. Why would they ever do that? Why, because placebo you know what a placebo is yeah it’s like a sugar pill, it makes you feel, like you’re, getting better range, all right.

The fun part of any new drone that you haven’t read the instructions for is to just turn on see. If you can fly it so i’m, guessing two. Yes, two things with the powering it does this neat little light thing. Look at that that’s really pretty isn’t. It obviously waiting for the controller to turn the controller on all right. Will they automatically link up looks like maybe they have all right. So this says it has gps on it for the price point i’m guessing another placebo, i don’t know, but look it’s not about being a professional cameraman with these. These. These are things you learn on. These are for kids, so let’s see if we can get it in the air, all right that wasn’t it that wasn’t it maybe it’s. Oh no, it beeps just great doesn’t it. I think we’re gon na have to download an app. Oh luckily, there’s instructions, you can even read the instructions yeah i don’t like to, but i will. Oh people want to see it flying. Hopefully they have instructions in every language. Every language. Well, not i mean there’s six languages: okay, that’s, pretty cool that’s, a lot of languages, so we’re gon na go with english, english. Yes um! You know i actually prefer to speak cheeseburger but, oh well. You look for cheeseburgers, okay, i’ll, look for cheeseburger in here to see how to start this darn thing: okay, there’s, all these roadblocks to fun.

Why would they not include cheeseburger on this? I don’t know the elegant language of cheeseburger is not included, that’s awful. That is not very forward thinking, sorry to the nation of cheeseburg. Oh you see oh yeah cheeseburger yeah. So if you live in cheeseburg, then you’re a citizen of cheeseburger, then you are a cheap cheeseburger. Then the language would be cheeseburgees wouldn’t. It it’s just called cheeseburger. Okay, they have different customs there. I see okay, so one of the reasons why i think it doesn’t have actual 4k is because it doesn’t have an onboard sd card to record. Any video you get is streamed to your phone and recorded by the app on your phone Music. So that’s got ta, be at the highest 1080. it’s got a little downward facing camera, something there something that looks like a camera. Maybe so i think it helps it. Land, which is good all right, well looks like it’ll fly, so let’s get it to do that. Guess what luke, what it’s all in chinese? Oh all right! So the app’s installed! Do we dare open it let’s! Try it out! Why not choose what to allow? Oh, no everything! Why not take it all? Okay, this app is built for an older version of android. Oh now, it’s doing a whole bunch of stuff. Oh, my goodness, you know what i’m gon na stop it from doing that stuff, then we’re going to try to fly this then we’re going to move on to the the next thing, because i got no patience for ear.

Muffs bullsh, you didn’t, hear that did you turning it on turning this on let’s even make sure that the antennas the antennas are open and then we’ll try this that’s a no and then we’ll. Try that and then we’ll try that we’ll try this and then boy it beeps really great. If you need a beeper and you have 169, this is for you. That was a flop. It was a flop. Are you still going to include it? Yeah yeah, oh yeah. I share my uh real experiences, so they won’t buy it some people won’t, but some people will and don’t care. But you know what i can only convey the experience that i have with any product, at least with ikea furniture. If you follow the directions it comes together, true, and even if you don’t put it together, you have some firewood on to number two this one. This one has some promise, and this is by a company that i know holy stone all right, luke. Your first impression fancy: it does look, fancy doesn’t it and it’s got a remote with a screen on it, that’s cool it comes down like that. Do you get antenna work? Well, no! Oh! No! This intent is also earmuffs here’s. How you can tell if antennas are bs, give them a zits like that, if there’s wires in there you’ll you’ll hear them you’ll hear it’s hollow. These are solid plastic but that’s, okay, as long as it makes you feel like you’re getting better range.

As for the drone itself, whoa it’s a chunky, it is a chunky one and you unfold it like that. I think yeah like that, and then there you go. It comes with two batteries, which is a good thing right. So when the fun’s over, you can put the one that’s charged in there and have more fun while this one is charging, it comes with a dual charger as well, so that’s a really good thing. This says it gets about 21 22 minutes of flight time, depending on flight conditions, sounds promising. Yes, it is a 4k camera. It has an on board sd card right here, wow. How much would you pay for that? I would i mean i’m going to assume it’s more, like 300 400 ish ooh you’re, getting good that’s 3′. it’s a good looking little thing right at least it’s not trying to copy other drones like the mavic, everybody copies the dji mavic, and you know why that Is because it looks good yes, and because china has no copyright laws, oh let’s turn it on see what it does. I hope it works me too. That sounds like every fpv drone in the world. So do you think we can just turn it on and fly it? I think it probably requires an app. I think you’re probably right, but look at this. This is neat we’re gon na turn on the controller and it’s got its own little screen on there.

That’S neat: it should just turn on and fly right: Music, maybe there’s a takeoff button. Oh yeah hold that and go and go, and oh this one beeps better than the other one and go. It sounds like one of those things in asmr. You’Ve bought a very complicated chinese drone that’s supposed to be made for children, yet children can’t figure it out is that asmr is that just creepy uncle it’s, just creepy um well doctor, i don’t know if he’s going to make it uh. Oh code, blue, cold, blue! Oh we’ve lost him, it’s asmr now yay, but this does nothing. This one here is just for decoration uh. They want it to be symmetrical. I guess look at that that doesn’t even turn, but but this one when you do it it it adjusts the camera. So you know down and up oh so it is connected yeah, so that’s good, i mean yeah, it is connected, but we just can’t get these um these motors to turn and then oh, my gosh. They give you two batteries because it takes five hours to charge. One and you get 20 minutes of flight time, just read that here so that’s, okay, i’m gon na install this app at least it’s in english yeah. How about that that’s a step up! I mean that’s worth the extra 200 right there, Music. How much time has passed since last we were on um half hour. Is that all seems more like an hour to me? It seems like an hour we’ve been trying to connect and uh found out.

This is a wi fi drone and what does wi fi drone mean bad range. Bad drone, bad drone, yes, well, it’s cheap for the manufacturing, which is what they want for a toy drone, but uh in my vast drone knowledge. I was not able to figure out how to pair these, and we spent quite a bit of time on it and quite a bit of time, making him beep. Oh and you love. I know i hate the beast. Why is it hard for even a drone professional and yet they sell it to kids? Well, because the kids aren’t buying them it’s the parents that are gon na, buy them and then set them up and then just go? Okay, did the hard part have fun kid and then they fly it and they break it. Oh yeah or they fly and they learn. I mean i’m, not knocking it. This i’m sure it flies great, but i just don’t have the patience to figure this out. So this is bust. Number two i’m sure you’ll have a great time at the landfill Laughter by the way, you’ll have a chance to win these drones that i couldn’t get to work at the end of the video that’d, be a decent thing to do. Don’T. You think you’re being saved yeah last one man this there you go luke. What are your first impressions on that um car? It looks like a car. It does kind of look like a car like a back to like a car from back to the future.

Yeah it’s got a little heft to it, yeah it’s, very heavy. This is the femi x8se. They are good company. They make great cameras, they make the palm camera feed me palm fingerpalm 2 i’ll be giving away on my channel soon and look at that. Look at the size of that thing: hmm that’s, a big old big. This is a 4k camera. Actual 4k camera it’s got an onboard sd card, you put it right in there. It is a real actual, genuine three axis gimbal wow three axis. That means it can go anywhere yeah. That means when you turn it on it, stabilizes in the air. Is there such thing as a four axis? Gimbal? Yes, but only on glycon nine. Have you heard of that planet? No idea it’s the planet in the fifth dimension. Oh so that’s, not what it’s not a real thing. Fourth dimension. Well, i think that was a band from the 70s. Oh uh, they put the phone in there neat. Can you guess something about the antennas fake, real wait? Can i flick yeah? I hear wires inside. That means they’re real. So this is your genuine first time opening this you haven’t even set it up that’s right yeah. I want to convey my first real experience with this remember to pinch, got got a pinch. No thumbs got a pinch. I mean you can do thumbs if you want no, no only pinch only pinch, yes right, more control, yes, that’s.

What your fan base was yeah, but i’m used to video games. No pinch! Oh okay! Okay, pinch! All right, all right! Turning it on hey! How about that that’s fancy that’s that’s! Well, the camera like when goes up and down that’s right it’s, like looking around yeah that’s, an actual real uh, three axis gimbal. So when you see when you move it compensates, how much would you pay for that one? I don’t know probably like 500 800 in that range yeah close 455 dollars. That’S looks like a bargain for such a fancy. Camera yeah. You get a lot and so uh here’s the thing about this one: i’m, not going to read the instructions. Do you know why? Because there’s none there is no instructions. Oh it didn’t come with instructions. Well, maybe that’s, because it’s so simple, that’s. What i’m hoping? I love your optimism, let’s hope it’s, that there’s a place for a phone so i’m sure it needs an app there’s, nothing there’s! No! Maybe the app will install magically – maybe maybe maybe maybe it’ll like go to the nearest phone in the area and then download the app for you. Oh dear, oh no, look at this. The battery’s broken. Look at that i’m going to turn this off Music and then, oh, so, when i put it in there, it got caught on the it’s, not hurting the power cell at all it’s, just making the battery ugly and yeah so the batteries itself unharmed.

I don’t even know what the app should be called with no instructions i’m going to assume this is it oh and hey, maybe it’ll be assuming is always the best thing right, no i’m, assuming that’s not correct. You don’t, like beeps, not when they’re random. Oh imagine you’re like just monitoring a patient’s heart rate and somebody goes. It is surprising when a beep occurs, just randomly Laughter, yeah it’s, asking me to log in it asks me to register so i’m going to register. Oh really yeah i’m going to register all right and my password is it’s. Not let me register another junk. Oh man, i don’t know so i’ve been trying to register this app. That i’m, not even sure, goes with this drone, because there’s no instructions that were included thanks femi and i can tell by the look on my nephew’s, face that he’s frustrated even more than i am it’s, not because i’m old and i don’t understand technology it’s because I’M old and have zero patience for earmuffs. You didn’t even try i didn’t. So what we’re gon na do now is i’m gon na i’m gon na assume this flies somehow and we’re gon na stop the video it’s been a delightful day hanging out with you. I don’t know if i’m gon na post this or not but uh it was fun. I thought wow company sent me some toy drones. I’Ll get my nephew he’s a kid and we’ll have fun flying toy drones around we’re at a beautiful location you can’t tell but it’s beaut i’ll show you it would have been great to fly drones around here, they’re doing frisbee golf and hey.

No, i know you could do you could do a video smashing these to see how satisfying it is to smash them. Oh don’t tempt me, but i didn’t tell people that i would give these away all right. So this first one here this was called the zlrc sg108, which is a name that just rolls off the tongue we’re going to give this one away and it’s going to be really easy. All you have to do is comment below, so maybe something that describes this drone in a few short words and then that’s. What people comment and then i’ll pick a winner from those who commented the best answer the best dancer, the best answer. Oh, you need to leave a five word description and in the comments, no five words: luke you’re, not getting it. Okay, something like give me that piece of poo, like that, you see, give me that little piece of poo that there it is give me, give me that little piece of poo, as you see it right on the screen there you go or or i’ll, also accept The best dancer that’s that one that was an accident i don’t, know well that’s what happens all right. So this one, this one made good beeps. Remember they make good beeps yeah beep beep, okay, comment, beep beep for this one, and i will pick a winner from those who comment: beep beep now this one. This is the femi it’s, a good sized drone.

I’M sure it’ll fly great. If someone has the patience to figure it out, what should people comment to enter to win this? Nothing, nothing! There! You go just comment, nothing comment! The word, nothing! The word! Nothing! Okay, because if you said people comment nothing, then i get a bunch of blanks, then that wouldn’t work all right, so nothing the word nothing with a period, okay, nothing which is the amount of flight time we got out of this today and i will pick a Winner from those who commented – oh my god luke. Thank you so much for uh hanging out here on the bench. You’Re welcome. This bench was very comfortable. I loved sitting here for three hours. That’S sarcasm! Yes, all right, thanks for watching thanks for subscribing until next time. Buh and bye now we got a plane. We got ta wait take your time. These microphones are really sensitive. You can hear that plane, it’s, just plain annoying Music come on. That was funny ashamed to be seen with you.