I hope today brings you peace and happiness, and i hope you are excited for this review today. We are reviewing the tower beach babe. This is a step through electric bike built for beach cruising and, while its called the beach babe, i think this would be a pretty groovy ride for a beach dude as well. This cruiser style, electric bike, has good components all around and is not only a comfortable ride, but its an approachable one too. Thanks to the step through frame, it also happens to be considerably lighter than most full size. Electric bikes at just 51 pounds thatll, make loading and unloading this electric bike much easier. The tower beach babe has a starting price of 1 895 usd and comes in one color black and one frame size now. Something worth noting here is that tower offers a one year comprehensive warranty on these bikes and thats, just not something you always see at e bikes at this price point nice. This is the second tower. Like a bike, weve reviewed, we also reviewed the beach bum, a while back, which is the traditional step over version and well link to that. In the description and with that lets dive into the specs, the beach babe has a 500 nominal watt geared hub motor with 65 newton meters of torque, and this motor configuration is a pretty good one. Its got enough power to turn steep hills into much gentler ones, but its not so powerful that its going to eat up the battery and this motor will give you an unlocked top speed of 25 miles per hour, which you can reach using.

The half grip twist throttle or the cadence sensing pedal assist. Now there is some latency with motor activation and deactivation as there is with all cadence sensors. But thankfully, the throttle here is live from zero miles per hour and theres also motor inhibitors built into the brake levers. The battery on the beach babe is a 48 volt, 14 amp hour battery with samsung cells, which is one of those upgrade points that can really make a difference. In the long run. This battery gives the beach babe an estimated max range of 60 miles, which maybe you could get on the lowest pedal assist setting, but real world range will likely be around half of that still during our testing. We rode this bike around for about 15 miles or so on. The max pedal assist setting and with just a little bit of pedaling and the battery indicator, barely moved so thats a really good sign. The battery is locking and removable and is located behind the seat post. Now this battery location makes for some clean lines on the beach bay, but it does make the bike a little bit back heavy since the motor is in the rear wheel as well. The beach babe weighs in at just 51 pounds, but it still has a max carry capacity of 350 pounds, which is pretty impressive part of the reason the beach babe is lightweight is because theres no suspension and that can make for a somewhat stiff ride on bumpy Roads there is some cushion from the suspension saddle, but you can also grab a seat post suspension if you want a super smooth ride.

The tires on the beach babe are excellent. The schwabe fat franks have k, guard puncture protection and slime. So if you are able to get a flat on this bike, its probably going to be from something massive like a nail, the derailleur on the beach babe is a skillful seven speed with a shimano sis index. Thumb, shifter and switching gears feels a lot like it does, with a shimano altus tower got the gearing spot on with the beach babe and pedaling at 25 miles per hour and top gear is a breeze to bring the beach babe to a stop. Weve got tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 160 millimeter rotors in the front and rear these brakes offer ample stopping power, especially with the schwalbe tires and theres, also motor inhibitors built into the brake levers, which helps ensure you have the shortest possible stopping distance. This is a great safety feature, especially with a bike like this that goes 25 miles per hour and has a cadence sensor. There is a headlight on the beach babe and, while it does a good job at increasing visibility, its not really powerful enough for night riding wire management is great, with everything bundled up nicely and wrapped in plastic, with most of the wires also being internally routed. The display is going to be on the left side of the handlebars and its easy to read, even in direct sunlight overall, the beach babe is just a really fun electric bike to ride.

The step through frame makes getting on and off much easier compared to a traditional step over frame and with the wide handlebars and cushy seat, its also a really comfortable riding posture. This is a great choice for those looking for a good quality step through cruiser style.