Uh days are bright and sunny again for me, even though it's overcast in the forest above ever since i found out what was going on with me, uh health, wise i've, been feeling so much better with tons of energy and back on the mend. So the only thing i can think of is this back gap. That'S right here on this mountain bike course uh up on the top of a mountain in british columbia on vancouver island, where i am right now, i couldn't help but think all night about gravedigger. The new losi uh, the lmt, the low sea monster truck gravedigger taking flight over the top of this gap coming down. Look at this. This is at least 15 feet in between you guys, can't tell there's not much of a runway up there it's a long course, and then you got ta hit this just perfect to sail and land down here to come down into this runway. There is the truck right there i've been doing videos of this monster truck. It is absolutely amazing. On 3s lipo i have beat the living piss out of this thing and it is still not broken. Probably gon na solve that problem today. Let'S, do it here is the runway right here i get to come hop over this route. Fly here then fly through the air all the way down to the other side. Okay, all right bro! This might be your only run of the day.

Make it spectacular. We all know you pull to the right a little bit. Okay, now i'm nervous, because i know that this is d day and that either i pull the trigger and i get it to launch. The problem is, is that with this gearing when you pull the trigger it wants to lift that nose? So can i do it before the lip, or am i going to nose dive in three two one yeah? I knew i could do it man. It was close, though, oh my god, oh i just barely made it. I did it insane only from this point to there to launch and then having to go literally all that distance over to there where he landed insane like i said it never captures it uh. Well, it never captures uh the distance or the severe steepness of a hill, for example, on a camera there's just no way to translate it properly. Let'S keep going so so so so, oh the only damage i see so far. Look at this i'll be back the terminator look terminator and gravedigger get together here for a stiff one eye to the crowd eh. What do you think of that tons and tons of carnage today, one jump after another. For me, you guys don't even see all the jumps i've been putting this thing through and it is still going unbelievable. So there it is quite possibly the toughest monster truck i've ever owned.

Nothing is broken stock steering servo. Everything is working, no cracks in the axles. Completely waterproof no broken links.