Now guys a hundred and forty eight thousand subscribers and over 26 million views is pretty epic for any drone channel out there. If you look at some of the analytics of other channels, we have a very high number of views for our particular hobby. So I want to say thanks to everyone from all corners of the globe who have subscribed on my channel we're coming up on a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers now so that's super epic and exciting. So, thanks to you guys for doing that for me, I'm looking forward to hitting 150 and then heading to 200 and 500 thousand, of course, and we're gon na keep going up. Also, I want to let you guys know that we're going to try to keep the channel diverse and have a lot of different things on the channel because I'm, not just fpv drones. I like to do RC cars, gliders airplanes, all that stuff all the stuff in the hobby um and keep it fun for you guys and and not just the same old, same old, all the time on the channel, because that gets boring for everybody. But today, we're gon na review the hom version of the Transtech hobby, DJI HD sent a whoop. This is a little 2.5 inch center whip with prop guards it. It also comes without the prop guard. If you want to take these off, it comes with hardware that you can use separate from the prop guard hardware, because the length of the screws in here very important, if you get this don't, put the longer screws without the prop guards who put them up inside The motors and it will destroy all of your motors at once when you plug a battery in an arm.

It so I'm be very careful there. Now it does come with you can. I believe you can get it set up with the cat X, Vista version and also the full size air module which I have here and honestly. I kind of prefer the cat X Vista over the full size, air module um, the full size. Air module is for people who want to fly a DJI HD drone with an onboard DVR. If you're gon na run something like the instead of 360, go which a lot of people are doing now, because it's ultra small it's about this big, it weighs about 18 grams. So you can stick it on the front here, with some type of TPU mount or even a zip tie and instances, and that little camera will get better video than the air module, which is crazy. So if you want to really shave off some extra weight and get well under that 250 grand mark, you can put an 850 on this under 250 g with the CAD X Vista on here. The only thing is is that you're gon na have to put the additional weight of the is so 360 go in there, which, I think could still keep you under 250 grams. And the cool thing is: is that when you're flying this 850 battery, you guys are gon na get around seven minutes flight time or better, maybe even nine minutes? If you're cruising, you can fly this in stability mode, you can fly it in accra mode for freestyle and in this review, we're going to test it two different ways, but I'm gon na do some cinema flying for you and we're gon na look for that jello.

In this particular setup now I want the comment that I got less jello when I wasn't using the prop guards and out in the field the day that we were testing this. So there was some wind. So when you have opposing forces on your prop guards and even in a straight line, sometimes you will get a little bit of jello in the video and I'm super picky about jello, and I will be totally honest with you guys about jello on my channel. Jello means like wavy lines in the video for you guys that don't know so I like that. It also has TPU trimming up in the front. It has very good camera protection. It has nice LEDs across the top right here. It does have multiple style, canopies and colors that you can put on there. It has a three bolt quick release set up for the top of the canopy to release the LEDs. Those are two screws held into the very top of the canopy there. If you take this apart, once you do, you'll have access to the module itself. You have access to these dipole antennas, which are specialized DJI, dipole antennas. I haven't seen these on any other quad recently so that's kind of cool. We have 25 amp EF C's on here. We also have f4 11 flight controller, and this is a flight controller that comes from Transtech RC. That makes this drone. It is compatible with all the different receivers out there, flat sky Futaba spectrum, pretty much any receiver.

You want to put on there and it also does fr sky s. Bus X and plus receivers yeah it's a lot to talk about, but we also are playing around with some 2.5 inch props along here, and these are 2540 props. So I'll try to put some links down below for those for you guys we have a unibody on the bottom. This is a three millimeter unibody frame and it is extremely nice carbon fiber. It is ultra polished, it is 3k carbon fiber and it also has recessed Hardware on the bottom, which is really nice. So no rubbing on your battery anywhere on the bottom mount. We also have a piece of 3m rubber on the bottom right, where your battery will kind of hug to a strap on here. That'S included, not the best strap in the world. It will accommodate a 650 size battery or the 851 that we were using mostly on this quad. If you want to freestyle it you're going to fly with the 4s 650 million battery. If you want to have a long cinema flight, you can fly the 850 battery and that's my battery of choice for my longer flights in upwards of you know, 7 to 8 minutes. If you were to push it now, we also have 1106 4500 kV motors, and these are pretty powerful motors. I have seen them used on other quads for years and years and years. I do like also the new 1202 style motors that have come out there.

A little bit wider, but they're also a little bit shorter one other thing is that can also run on the receiver that's built into this air module. So if you want to buy the DJI transmitter and fly it with the DJI radio, you can push the little bind button on side right here where your microSD card slot is and push it in and hold it and bind it up to your transmitter and it's. Very easy to set up the switches on the DJI transmitter I've been using it a lot lately because it's even easier than my standard at far sky transmitter, my Tyrannis radios I've loved them for over five years. Now I fly them on everything, but DJI is just so easy that and that's the whole point of DJI a lot of times. Their stuff is really easy to use and just kind of plug in play at time, so the goggles are also well worth the money. If you spend the 500 on the goggles you're gon na, be amazed at the difference of quality, even from my sky Zone, both ros – these are my favorite analog goggles and the biggest difference between analog and digital guys is that analog is a little bit like looking At VHS tape and then digital HD DJI goggles, is kind of like looking at a 1080p video on the big flat screen TV, it's, beautiful and it's crystal clear and the colors look great. So let's go ahead now, let's do some cinema flying with this quad and then we'll do some freestyle and then we'll come back in and I'll give you my final opinion on this beetle HD hom version with prop guards.

Here we go Music. You Music, you, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Alright guys welcome back from the flight test. So what did you guys think the cinema capability on it with the stock Pitts? And I didn't change any of the pits on this one. This one is completely stock. There was a slight bit of jell o and actually weigh less jello than I've, seen on even some more expensive quads out there that that claim to be. You know, like a nice, a 4k drone with a motorized gimbal, even better video, on a non stabilized camera on this drone. So I think that the jello was very minimal on here, but it's not going to be acceptable for something somebody that wants to produce professional video unless you get a better paid to non here. The other thing I would suggest to get better video is taking these prop guards off winch in a way takes it's in a whoop status away. So you turn it into a micro, brushless and that's fine. If you want to get better video, take these prop guards off, because the prop guards are adding extra vibrations to the flight controller and the sensitivity of flight controller. It does react to prop guards and wind so talked about this before on the channel, but I have to say that using the DJI receiver on here also is great it's fantastic. I was able to go by this long line of evergreens that usually my xm fail.

Safes behind so this has a great strong penetration on the onboard receiver. If that's the one you want to fly, if not, you can solder a straight up to the flight controller. Take those three bolts off pop the top and believe it's 5 volt ground, and your signal wire puts your receiver on this quad and you're gon na, be, I believe, it's on UART one and, I think, there's, I believe, there's four different. You arts, on this particular flight controller. I could be wrong. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there is it's an F for flight controller, but it is also 20 about 20 mini stacks. So I like the versatility of the frame on here. You can also again, like I said you can fit the vet NIC addicts Vista on this top shelf. It does have an internal sort of a middle carbon plate on here, it's about I'd, say one and a half millimeter in the very just underneath the DJ air module gives you that option so plenty of options with a two up: 20 by 20 stack and plenty Of room for whatever HD or analog setup you wanted to put on this frame, you can also get the frame by itself with the prop guards and the whole kit and assembly. If you want to do it that way, some other people also may want to know. If it can run crossfire on this f4 11 flight controller, well it can so they also have a TPU mount that comes on the back back here for your Immortal t to come off of, and then you can do some more medium range flying with this quad.

Seven to eight minutes, it's not really going to get you long range. I would say this would be classified as medium range on crossfire, so you could in that instance. I would take the prop guards off and try to get your distance, and then that would give you the best range it's gon na fly a little bit faster and for guys that want to freestyle it primarily take these prop guards off its gon na fly way. Better, I did another review on this exact same frame while back not the ancient Hom version, and I did some crazy power loops with this quad. So this is one of the most capable and versatile Cinna whoops out there 2.5 inch cinema that is available. This one had very high marks on my channel and did extremely well with the first prototype version of this that I got. But this is the full production version now, and this is again it's about the same price as all the other Center whips out there. On the market that have DJI gear on they're around 300, so whether you want the three inch versions that are gon na, be over 250 g or you want to go under 250 g. This is probably the best route to go under 250 g. If you're gon na ask me which one should I get versus the gap bar seat rocket? Well, I feel like the rocket has a little bit better freestyle capability, but they're like really honestly neck and neck III.

Think that the gear on the gap RC one probably is a little bit higher quality than some of this Transtech flight controllers on here. I'Ve had some issues with some of their stuff in the past, but their quality control is getting a little bit better as they release different versions of this flight control. Now they even have an F seven flight controller for this particular quad or any other quad. You want to put a 2520 on so get the right props as well. The 20 by 40 props are good and if I can put a little bit better pit tune out there for you guys for the prop guards in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely do that as I'm testing, this one more and more, but two thumbs up for the HMO version, the finally, the retail version in my hands from Transtech hobby, a really fantastic, quad, great flight time and the batteries are cheap, guys. So pick up some DJI goggles and you will not be unhappy with these goggles. They are the best goggles out there on the market right now, everybody's asking me: should I get the HD goggles? Absolutely 2020 is the year of HD and it's just a complete game.