Now, if you’re new to this channel, we make videos on things we don’t like about drones, it’s, not all rainbows and sunshine. We’Re not worried about dji, not sending us free drones, like maybe some other channels are so we’re going to give you the good, the bad and the ugly about this drone and all the other drones and, if you’re interested in a real review. Click that subscribe button. Because that’s, what we do here anyway, let’s talk about the 10 things that i dislike about this drone. First let’s talk about the price, twelve hundred dollars now that’s, expensive and i’m, not saying that my other fpv quads don’t get pricey. They can right. Good pair of gals can cost you 600 bucks, whether they’re, dji or other, but twelve hundred dollars is the starting point. The entry level for this thing – and that is up there not to mention batteries – are another 160 bucks, a pop the fly more combo at 300 bucks. It gets expensive, really quick and if you’re trying to get into the hobby, that is a huge barrier to entry. Okay, so the second thing i don’t like flight characteristics – um, you know flying this thing in akron – is kind of underpowered. I get a little bit of prop wash when i’m flying in sport mode, they’ve integrated the yaw and the roll together. You know it’s kind of cool, but it’s, not how other drones fly and i don’t like those kind of invented flight modes.

You got ta kind of learn how to fly this drone different than you do other drones and that’s. Just not right. If you ask me, number three is lack of compatibility. This isn’t, the only dji fpv drone that exists. This one’s got an air unit. This one’s got a vista and i’ve been flying these with my dji goggles and my dji remote controller version one, but i can’t fly these with the new stuff. Why why the heck not lack of compatibility with the version 2 goggles and the version 2 remote is really kind of disappointing. Why can’t? I just have one remote to control all my dji fpv drones or one set of goggles. Why can’t? I use my old goggles. My old remote with this new drone that’s just really disappointing. My next gripe is with this controller itself. Now i do actually really like gamepad style remotes and but when i fly acro i tend to pinch. I feel i get a little bit more control and, as i rest, my fingers up here, i’ve hit this pause button a few times by accident and i’m, really into a trick i’m trying to do i’m trying to learn this juicy flick where you kind of flip And roll just kind of an odd layout for pinchers i’m, not sure how they fix that right. This gimbal wheel, i bump that a couple of times it messes the angle up while i’m flying specifically in acura.

Now, if you’re a thumber, you know it just seems kind of natural, so maybe that’s a non issue for you, but just kind of an odd placement. I just don’t know where to put my fingers if you’re a pincher, all right number five let’s talk about this pause button. It is fantastic, it is a lifesaver i’ve used it a couple of times to get me out of a jam or just to kind of scratch. An itch that i might have had on my forehead, but i’ve also hit this button by accident and the way that the drone responds specifically when i’m flying in manual or acro mode is just inconsistent. Sometimes, when i hit this button, it’ll pause and then i can’t fly for like 30 seconds i can’t fly in normal mode. I’Ve tried flipping this toggling it. I just can’t go anywhere right once i was stuck above a tree literally stuck above a tree. All i could do was raise the altitude and that’s. Just you know, that’s, not good. So eventually i got control it’s just i don’t understand the inconsistency when i hit that, like i understand the drone’s got to pause, you got to collect yourself and then be able to fly, but why can’t i just flip that button into normal mode and then get Going sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t now that’s something i think they could probably fix with a firmware update. But you know just the inconsistencies: shouldn’t exist, let’s talk about this, the dji motion controller, and this is actually really cool.

Super intuitive easy to use. We chris is making a video where vero flies a drone, she’s, never flown drones before she’s, using this to fly this fpv drone. Now all that sounds great but like why? Why is this paired with the fpv drone? These two things they just don’t go together right. This is a ripper. This is a potential freestyle drone. You can only go forward, there’s, no sideways or backwards with this remote. It just really seems pretty darn limited and kind of short sighted to release it with this fpv drone. It just doesn’t seem like a good match where i think dji missed. The boat is being able to pair this and this at the same time right. So what if chris was learning how to fly acro? He needs to use this remote um. But what if i had the ability to use this one and just have this pause button active right like a buddy system, so he’s flying he? He doesn’t have to worry about finding that uh pause button. I have the pause button here. That would be a game. Changer right dji, let us pair both these at the same time, only make the pause button active on this one and we can use it as a safety measure. While people learn how to fly. That would be fantastic. That would make this worth it. Otherwise, it’s just kind of a 200 accessory that’s kind of a neat little parlor trick.

All right. So let’s talk about this camera and i do like the camera it’s a nice camera, but i can only shoot at 60 frames. A second 4k 60. that’s great, sometimes even 1080 60 is nice to be able to shoot in. But why can’t i shoot at 30 frames per second, you know if i don’t have a super fast or powerful computer 60 frames. A second is gon na kind of really slow that down as i try to edit. Also, why can’t i adjust the stabilization in post right, so you see this tiny little camera this insta360 go. I can decide whether or not i want to stabilize it in post and it does a better job. Real steady go is something that you can use to stabilize your footage if you’re, using a gopro after the fact right so it’ll be really nice to be able to stabilize the footage, and i think it would do a better job if we had that option in Post some people complain about getting props in this shot as you’re flying. You know i don’t know that there’s a way around it because there’s so many different camera angles that you could be flying with this drone uh, but that’s, just something to keep in mind and again in post. We can kind of zoom in and get that out of the way, so it just would be nice to have an editor. That kind of did some of that.

With this right, you can edit some of the other footage with other dji apps. Why not give us a dedicated app that can do that? Why not add some other cropping or stabilization to the fly app in that editing process, while we’re talking about the app the app is actually kind of disappointing now now i can change settings in the goggles. Actually, that’s how i have to change settings, but why can’t i use the app to do that. Also, that would be really nice. The app is really only good to connect your phone, so the friend can see what you’re, what you’re seeing right, but but it’s also again kind of limited. Why can’t they get some of that information that i see on the screen right, how much battery life do? I have left how far away am i? How fast am i going where’s the home point? Why can’t, i see any of that on the screen or why don’t i have an option for some of that. That would make the app a whole lot better and a whole lot more useful, especially with someone that’s watching as i fly. Okay so now we’re getting to some of those things that i really dislike about it and i dislike the way. This thing is built right: plastic, plastic, wino, carbon fiber frame right. It just seems like that’s, a big mistake. You know when it is sturdy, i have crashed and it didn’t break um.

But at some point it will some point it’s going to break. If you crash hard now, i don’t think that this is meant to be a freestyle ripper right. I think it’s kind of fast as like a long range drone where you’re kind of swooping and flying you can do acro with this, and it should be a little bit more durable and able to handle a crash or two so just kind of the way that It was built should have been carbon fiber should have been easier to replace some of these pieces and bits. But what do i know? Okay, and on that note, you know you’re going to crash it, it’s going to break and you’re going to need to replace some parts right, and why are the parts not super readily available? Why is there not already somebody making a carbon fiber frame for this thing? Somebody get on that right. There should be a better availability of parts and to that, like these parts are expensive. These props 15 bucks for a set of props ouch. We need more options in terms of replaceable parts and we need them to be less expensive. I love these quick change. Props, but i’d only have one option. Why can’t? I have a third party option. Somebody’S got to start making these things right. Let’S go all right, so i’m, going to give you a couple of other bonus things that i’m not a big fan of the app uh, the simulator app specifically it’s.

Okay right, i guess we’ve never flown acro it’s a good way to learn how to fly, but the physics just aren’t up to par with some of the other simulators like liftoff or velocidrone. I heard rotorite even has their own simulator now got ta check that one out and it’s also not available on android, or at least it wasn’t, initially so that’s kind of a bummer, so yeah it’s, okay, it’s great, that it’s free, but you can only pair it With this um and the goggles you can’t use, you know a different remote. I guess you could use an xbox remote, but again that’s kind of goofy, so the simulator is a little bit disappointing. The other thing that’s disappointing is this obstacle avoidance right. It doesn’t actually avoid anything, it just kind of says: hey obstacle coming and it slows you down. So it just kind of seems almost like a waste to me like take this out, make it lighter i i don’t know, but anyway, those are the gripes that i have with this dji fpv drone i’m, not saying that i don’t like it. I actually do. It is a nice fun drone to fly, but there are just some things that that could have been improved. If i was dj, i probably made a three inch or something smaller and lighter before i went to this giant behemoth but i’m, not dji, and nobody asked me anyway. I hope that was helpful if it was give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel we’ve got reviews on drones, cameras, 3d, printers, all sorts of fun stuff, so we’d love to see it back.

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