So what i’m going to do is i have the sivitar iashin sivitar right here and i’m, going to take this baby for a flight and check out how it works. Let me tell you a little bit about it check this out, so the iashi and sivitar. Here it is. Let me tell you a little story about this and then i’ll show you the flight footage, so the civitar is a drone. I reviewed before i reviewed the 4s analog version, it’s not very expensive, and i thought it was a really good sceni whoop, because ceni whoops are awesome for beginners as long as you fly them over grass they’re really good, because it takes a lot of throttle input To get them going and when they go, you know they’re they’re pretty manageable and they have bumpers all around. So you’re not going to hurt yourself or other people or if you bang into things they should survive as long as you’re, not going full speed. So i told banggood you already sent me one: why do you want to send me another one and they said no? No, no! No, the one we sent you was analog. We have a digital version. Do you want to check out the digital one, and i said well, you know i fly so many of my drones are digital. Why not send me the digital version, so they said here is the one we’re going to send you right here now me being the busy guy? I am.

I didn’t even look at the specs. I just said yeah send me the digital one, expecting that there would be a cadx vista, digital camera, which is like the least expensive digital camera, because it’s an easy product. I open the box when i receive it, it is a full blown, dji fpv air unit. In this, that is the most expensive digital system you can buy on the market today, it’s in this, not only that it’s a 6s version not only that it has 3 inch props on super powerful motors that are 5 bladed props five bladed props. Now in the fpv world, if you stick more blades on a prop, it’s got ta push more air and it takes powerful motors. But it’s got an f7 flight controller good esc. So i guess nothing’s gon na blow and it’s running on 6s. So that means it’s going to lift quite a bit, especially since it’s got the full blown dji fpv air unit, which is heavy enough as it is it’s, not super heavy, but i don’t know i was like wow. This is like top of the line and it’s from iashin, so i had to try it out. So i took it out to my local beach, which you’re going to see in about two seconds here, took it out to my local beach to fly. It had a hero, 8 on the front, gopro, hero8 and wouldn’t. You know it. The battery in the hero 8 died before i even flew.

So i had to take my little dji osmo off my hat cam. Stick it on the front and fly with that. Now the dji osmo action it’s, not bad, but it’s, not definitely not a gopro hero8. So the footage you’re going to see is from the osmo action and it looks pretty good also, since this is the full blown dji fpv air unit in the rear. Here there is a spot to put a micro sd card and that records at 1080p 60 frames per second. So when i show you, the video coming up here of me flying you’re, going to see it from the osmo action camera point of view and also every now and then i’ll show it to you from the dji fpv air unit. Point of view. In case you don’t want to put a camera on this at all, so with that all set check it out all right, let’s connect. The battery radio is all set. Let’S fly it all right, let’s see how it flies. Whoa rocks flying in my eyes here, that’s. What it looks like in flight let’s fly this out over the water. Here we go it’s always funny when you fly a uh sceni whoop, because they don’t fly like a normal quad they’re like a big vacuum, cleaner floating along the ground. So there i am there. Just hanging out in my jeep and let’s go this way over the ice. We’Ll just have to monitor the battery, because it’s pretty cold out here.

Look at this ice field here could probably skate on that right now, there’s some sort of weird fishy thing over here. I want to go check out this thing. What the heck is it let’s go beside it i’m going to come around it here, get a better look at it. There’S the tail. You can see the tail there’s, the back, not really sure what this is there. It is look at those teeth. What is that a pike or something all of this will soon be for ice fishing, so pretty soon they will have uh cars and trucks driving on here people drill holes into the ice and ice fishing will begin. Wow. That looks like a huge crack there. What is that? What is that thing? This is odd looking. What is that? That is some sort of breakage in the ice? Interesting and there’s some ice huts right there getting ready, uh, they’re just sitting on platforms, and then, when this is really really thick ice, they will be ready to uh resume the ice fishing. The yearly event, all right, let’s bring this back i’ll, bring it back nice and low, so it looks cool coming with the sun. Here we go look at this. This is why sini whoops are so much fun because you can fly them really slow and get the cinematic type footage here. I’Ll go over here over the docks, the frozen docks. I almost didn’t see that stick.

That was almost there like a bunk there, we go let’s bring it back to me over here. Let’S turn it around and face me and put it down right over here by my bag. Look at the dust nice all right: i’m, a different part of the beach and uh the flight footage you’ve, seen here from my little cine whoop. My sivitar uh is all coming from this here. Osmo action, my gopro that was on here well the battery died and uh yeah, so i had to replace it with the osmo action. So all the footage you’ve seen so far and you’re gon na see, is with this osmo action. Here we go Music. So the great thing, as i keep mentioning with the cd whoop is you can fly slow and low and not worry about anything basically it’s. Just such a nice cruising drone let’s see over here we have some people ice fishing, Music, Music. So if you’re wondering with the sceni whoop, you can fly low and you can also have some punch go up high. You can also do some freestyle like that. No problem, seanie ropes, are not made for freestyle but yeah that’s. What you want to do? No problem. You can do it all right. Let’S bring this back in for a landing right over here, i’ll get out of the sun there. We are all right next thing, i’m going to show you is what comes in the box.

This is the box here, it’s quite large, so let me show you what comes in it in the box. You get two sets of gem fan props. You also get two types of camera mounts that you place on the front of the drone. You get an iashine civitar user manual that will provide you next to no information. Unless you want to know all about the flight controller, you get two battery straps, you get one spare duct fan enclosure. Just in case you damage yours, you get iosheen stickers, you get dji fpv air unit, documentation now i’m sure a lot of you that are thinking of buying this. You probably want to know the specs. So let me take a couple of minutes and tell you all the specs on it here. We go all right, so the specs on this drone i’ve already mentioned that it has three inch props. So we would call this a three inch drone in the fpv world. Due to the prop size, it has a wheelbase of about 142 millimeters. You know it’s made out of carbon fiber and molded plastic, and the carbon fiber is two millimeters of thickness. The flight controller is an f7 22 mini flight controller. This is a 6s drone, but if you only had a 3s battery, you could fly it with a 3s battery. Although i will tell you the less battery voltage, you add to this like a 3s 4s 5s, the harder it is to fly.

It really needs a 6s to get moving, since it is modern, it actually has 5 uarts. It even has a barometer in it, which is something you’re. Seeing on the new drones. The escs are 35 amps and it is your typical new 4 in 1 esc system and those escs will accept 40 amps for about 10 seconds. So if something happens and you’re flying in the wind and you’ve got a 6s on and you’re just going crazy in max power, it’s not going to blow the ses, as noted, has the full dji fpv air unit, along with the 1080p recording device in the rear. The motors on here are 1507 brushless motors and for a 6s they are 2400 kv, that’s, pretty good all right. The next thing i want to do is show you the weight of the sivitar. I do have the gopro mount on the front: full dji fpv air unit. In it the props are on the battery, strap is on so the weight is not going to match what you see on the website, because i’ve got extras on it. But let me show you that, because this is more realistic, so let’s put it down and see what the weight is. 3′ grams, approximately all right, so the sivitar it’s easily, in my opinion, up there with the best sceni whoops on the market, especially this version. You know i did really like the analog version and i’m gon na put links below to the analog version, which comes in 4s and 6s, and the digital version as well, which comes in 4s and 6s.

The one in front of me is the top of the line one. This is like the most money you could spend to get the best cine whoop on the planet, well, the best scenery whip from banggood. That is iashin. But, as i said, i would put this in line with a lot of the other scene whoops on the market today that are really really high end. So yeah i wouldn’t even be surprised. I would not be surprised if this is made for eachine by either iflight or uh, geprc or hglrc, one of those big name. Companies probably made this for eachine, probably made a pile of them and they’re only sold on the banggood website. So that’s, where you buy. This thing, all right, so the links are below to all the cd whoops i mentioned. If you don’t, have a senior whoop currently in your repertoire of fpv drones, then you might want to pick one up if you’re a beginner seni whoops are really good for beginners. As i mentioned, you know, they’re good, to fly good, to learn on just don’t fly them over concrete or pavement and fly them at full speed into the ground and don’t. Do that other newbie thing that a lot of newbies do you know when you put the props on some newbies, just crank them on and break the plastic because they think they’re supposed to go on tighter than tight and, of course, when the props spin, if there’s A crack in them they’re going fling flying off, especially on a 6s which really spins all right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video, take care and we’ll catch.

The next one.