As far as connecting to a drone and allowing us to plan a mission and lets see what bells and whistles its got available just going to do the flight planning so to do the flight planning its not extremely intuitive. But i have to click on the three dots and plan a mission in this case im doing an area scan. I click on area scan and then i tap the boundary points in a if i want to see the alert again in a counterclockwise fashion. Okay, counterclockwise lets go this way, one two three and four there we go it is planned. Now i have a box around here. I can change the orientation theres a lot going on right here, but i can change the altitude 200 feet or it doesnt look like. I have fine control over the altitude looks like its in in chunks. I can change the overlap in this case. I can do medium overlap. I can take the grid off. I can do custom 7575 thats, nice thats handy. It also has a low and high overlap. Lets set it at 75.75. I can set the interval. I set it to photo video or interval its going to be taking. Video interval pictures change the gimbal pitch right now. We wanted nader straight down and thats whats available to us. So if i want to save the flight im going to just call it test and thats it now, if i connect to the drone, i can fly this very simple mission.

Uh over this area and itll tell me where it starts and where its or its telling me where its gon na start and where its gon na finish so its very, very simple. I dont have until im connected to the drone to look like. I have the flight mission estimates um. I dont have lance connectivity uh. I can do v its very, very basic. What i can do within this app, but i do have some ability to control what that looks like. So if i go into settings, lets just take a look, the type of measurements proper landing fly zone settings.