We are used to record them with camera, but this time lets make a change. Potency, d80 selfie drone. It is so intelligent, gps, hovering and barometer set height, easy one key taking off or landing Music hd, video recording and hd picture. Shooting d80 captures your wonderful moments on journey stable and strong brushless motor provides strong flying power. You want this point of interest orbit, making your shooting more attractive. Follow me mode, making your drone your exclusive photographer. It will follow you wherever you go under app custom root. Flight d80 will fly according to your designed route. Music d80 features long control, distance, hd, real time transmission, providing a better flying. Experience d80 allows you to imagine to record to explore Music and find an another way to live heres how we pilot the parrot mambo first place the parrot mumble on a flat surface with propellers facing upwards, then open the free flat mini application and select the accessory Type with or without haul, to take off press the take off button Music.