Now, if you’re thinking about getting a drone, it’s a good idea to start in the lower price range – and there are plenty of decent options for 100 or less now, you need to understand when you’re spending less than 100 you’re not going to get epic footage from One of these things, but this is rather a tool to help you learn how to fly kind of understand how drone works before you dive in and spend a lot of money. So let’s look at five drones that i would recommend to help you get started in this hobby. Okay. So before we get started, you need to understand if you’re spending 100 or less on a drone you’re not going to be getting a professional, great tool getting something to learn how to fly with okay. So the first thing to understand is some of these drones. Have a limited range: you want to keep these drones close to you as you learn to fly um and it’s, just really not smart, to fly beyond your visual line of sight, especially with a drone like one of these. Now most of these drones that i’m going to mention are brushed motor drones. Now, what does that mean? Well, there are brushless motors they’re, bigger, they’re, larger they’re, more efficient, they’re, more powerful, and then there are brushed motors. They tend to be smaller, they’re, not as efficient, but they are more cost effective now, sometimes they’re geared. So they look a little bit different, but you can kind of see the size difference here and that matters uh brush motor drones, aren’t going to have the power that a brushless motor drone will so you’re not going to be able to fly in heavy winds.

So keep that in mind now most of these drones that i’m talking about do have cameras, but these cameras are going to have serious limitations and the biggest one is they’re, not stabilized. When you spend a little bit more money on a drone like this. Is the mavic air 2? This camera is on a gimbal and this gimbal kind of counteracts the drone’s movements to keep the camera steady if you’re spending less than 100. Your camera is not going to have an active gimbal. Some of them may have electronic image stabilization or eis, and that does a decent job. It kind of serves some of the same purpose, but it’s not going to work quite as well as an actual gimbal. Okay, so let’s talk about what are the five drones that i recommend for less than 100 and the first is the siem x5 or the sema x8. These are both really fun drones to fly, and i found sima drones to be incredibly durable. The x5 is a little bit smaller. The x8 is a little bit larger. The x5 and the x8 were some of the first drones that i ever owned and i crashed the heck out of these things. Super durable drones. There are a handful of different camera options with them: you’re going to get a flight time between 7 and 10 minutes. Now they are brushed motor drones and the larger x8 can carry a small camera. But again i wouldn’t recommend throwing a full size gopro on something.

Like this, especially when the gopro is a couple hundred dollars – and this drone is, you know, 50 to 75.. The next draw on my list is this: this is the bugs 3 and there are a handful of different bugs 3 variants, and this one is a brushless motor drone, which means a little bit more powerful a little bit more efficient. Now you can get a bugs model for between 50 and 75. Typically, there are a handful of different versions. You know some of them come with cameras. Some of them do not, but because it’s a brush motor drone you’re going to get a little bit more flight time up to almost 20 minutes. We were typically getting 15 or so with our bugs now, because it is a little bit more powerful, you can put a camera on it again. I wouldn’t go too expensive, but i really like this guy the insta360 go and it will stabilize that footage electronically. This thing is a whole lot, faster, a lot more powerful than the sema x8 and because it goes faster, if you’re going really fast, you crash you could break, but it is pretty durable, especially if you’re flying slow, okay. The next drone on my list is a whoop, and this is actually an e010 um, but i’ve modified mine and that’s. One of the things that people really like about the e010 is it’s pretty easy to modify. You can add a a tiny fpv camera for about 15.

You know i’ve seen this drone on sale for as low as 15 bucks, and that makes it a steal and when it’s not on sale, it’s about 25 still a heck of a deal now. It doesn’t have powerful motors or a really long range, but it’s fun to fly indoors and in close quarters, especially if you’re gon na modify it through an fpv camera and learn how to fly fpv or first person. View that’s, where you kind of use the goggles and you fly around your house or around trees and stuff a whole lot of fun. So anyway, there are lots of tiny little whoops, like these uh that you can get with a remote for less than 50 bucks and that’s a pretty solid deal. I like the e010 starting at 25 and on sale for like 15 at times, spectrum isn’t really a drone, but actually a controller. And if you pick up a controller, you can kind of learn how to fly now. Radio master and jumper make multi protocol remotes. That means you can fly pretty much everything i’ve already mentioned with one of these remotes. Now i really like the t, light it’s, a game pad style remote and i can fly the e010. I can fly my bugs. I can fly my sema’s on it and it actually extends the range over the included controller that you get with the drone. Plus you get a little bit more precision with the sticks on one of these remotes.

The jumper t light is a great entry level, remote 75 dollars, it’s multi protocol. It means you can fly a ton of different drones and you can connect it to a simulator. So if you want to learn how to fly acro or rate mode, where you’re doing flips and turns that’s what you need to do, uh before you buy an expensive drone, you crash it flying simulator allows you to learn how to fly without risking breaking your drone And then there’s this this is the rise tello, and this is my favorite drone for less than a hundred dollars, typically it’s 99.99, and you can even find it on sale for as low as 80 bucks. So it does have electronic image stabilization. So it does smooth out the footage. As you fly, it has a handful of flight modes. It’Ll orbit, you it’ll, do dronies back and away um. You can even download apps to have it follow you. This drone can also be programmed to fly autonomously, so you can download an app on your phone program it with some blocks. You tell it to take off fly forward, you know 36 inches. Do a flip fly back land it’ll. Do that it’s super cool, and you can even learn how to code with this thing, you can fly with your phone or you can buy a bluetooth remote and fly it more like a traditional drone, but either way. This is a really good drone to learn how to fly on.

So, if you’re looking for something to learn how to fly – and you don’t want to spend more than a hundred dollars, this is a great place to start now, if you’re looking for something hey, i really want the best. I want really good picture and video quality. Then you’re gon na have to step it up now. Also talk about what you can get for 200, but really the answer is: if you want professional style photos, you’re gon na have to spend 400 or more. The dji, mini or mini 2 is kind of the entry level professional quality, and even at that it’s not quite there. You got to spend 800 900 1200 bucks to get some really good video quality. But before you do that, i do think it’s a good idea to buy something like this or one of these other drones, to learn how to fly to make sure that you’re comfortable doing it before you, shell out a couple hundred bucks. But if you’re saying hey. No, i want professional style quality let’s. Take a look at some of this mavic mini video and that’s kind of the entry level starter point. So if that’s, what you’re looking for pull the trigger on one of those? Now, if you found this video helpful and you’re thinking, hey i’m gon na get one of these drones, we’ve got a links down below in the video description. Other affiliate links, so they don’t cost you a thing, but they help this channel out.

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