im, also going to show you my settings and the stick movements necessary to capture smooth footage. Just like this Music whats going on welcome back to the channel today, i want to share with you my top five drone moves that i use every time i go out and shoot with the dji mini 2.. Now, if youre a regular viewer to this channel, you know that i post a lot of cinematic videos. As a matter of fact, the clips that youll see in this video today were taken from videos that are on this playlist right here uh. I also left a link in the description below, so you can go ahead and check that out, of course, after this video, so these moves arent listed in any particular order based on the level of difficulty. However, i will share with you my most favorite move at the end of the video, so i hope youll stick around for that. But before we get started, if you are new to this channel and you like drone reviews, tips, tricks, tutorials and cinematic videos, please consider subscribing to the channel and hitting that notification bell. So you dont miss any of my content. So with that said, lets get started. So the first move is an orbit with a forward push with this move, youre orbiting around your subject and moving forward, at the same time, all while rotating the gimbal downward trying to keep your subject in frame for this move, i suggest activating your crosshairs on your Display to help keep your point of interest in center frame and for the stick movements.

You will move your right stick up into the right or up into the left, depending on the direction of travel. You want to go and your left stick will go opposite of your right: stick either to the left or to the right. So, for example, if i wanted to orbit to the right, i will move my right stick up into the right and then my left stick left now as youre moving closer to your point of interest, youre going to have to rotate that gimbal downward to keep your Subject in center frame, this move is unique in a way to where it appears, as if youre closing in or diving towards your subject. Meanwhile, you are maintaining your altitude, however, with the rotation of the gimbal downward as youre moving forward makes it look like youre diving towards your subject, which makes this shot more dynamic. Now this shot can be done in either cinematic mode or normal mode. I prefer to do it in normal mode, because cinematic mode seems to be a little bit too slow for this type of maneuver. Now the next shot is the pullback reveal. Now this move is one of the easier moves to do, because it only involves one stick and thats the right stick to the rear. However, it does require a little finesse on the gimbal wheel and this is why i suggest going into your gimbal settings and lowering your gimbal pitch speed to slow it down, so this shot can be done in cinematic mode or normal mode or even sports mode.

If you like, but i prefer to do it in either cinematic mode or normal mode, based on the mood of my video so to execute this move, all you need to do is pull down on the right. Stick while pushing the gimbal wheel to the right ever so slightly to raise the gimbal slowly and reveal your scenery in the background, another suggestion would be to go into your control settings and making sure your upward gimbal rotation is turned on. So what this does is allow your gimbal to raise 20 degrees past zero. So when youre revealing your scenery in the background, it wont come to an abrupt stop. So when youre editing your footage in post, you want to do your end cut when the gimbal is still in motion. Next up is the top down shot. Basically, this is one of the easiest moves you can do and one of the most effective moves you can do if placed correctly inside your video. This shot can be done in many ways, either forwards backwards. Side to side. However, i like to add a little spin on it, while increasing in altitude just to make it a little bit more interesting. As far as the settings for this move, i like to activate my crosshairs and then go into my gimbal settings and lowering my yaw speed for whatever mode im filming it. This will definitely help out when youre trying to get that smooth and continuous spin upwards.

Now the stick movements for this only involves one stick, which is the left: stick either up into the left or up into the right, depending on which direction you want to spin to execute. This move just point your gimbal straight down 90 degrees and put your point of interest center frame. All you need to do is just put your crosshairs right in the middle and then move your left stick up into the left or up into the right. So its not going to be a hard push to the upper left or upper right youre going to want to feather the left stick. So you can get a smooth and continuous spin upwards im a fan of this shot because its a combination of a top down and a reveal shot so as youre spinning upwards youre, revealing more and more of the landscape down below. If you can introduce other movement in the shot like a car or people, walking itll make the shot even more interesting. So before we move on to the next move, if youre enjoying this video or find any useful or even both, please give it a like. This helps you to push it out to more people like you who are searching for content just like this all right. So next on our list of my top five drone moves with the dji mini 2. Is the fly through now flying two to three hundred feet in the air showing off the landscape is great.

However, some of the best shots that youre going to get is when youre flying close to objects. It demonstrates that you have a certain level of confidence and a certain level of skill to pull off this move. Also, this move is that much more interesting and dynamic just because of the risk it takes to get this type of shot. Now, of course, you want to make sure your mini 2 can fit through the space that youre trying to fly through and also, i suggest, uh, if its possible, either standing close to your drone or even behind a drone to line up your shot. So what i do is just put my crosshairs right in the middle of where i want to fly through and then push forward, slow and steady and, like i said, theres no harm in standing behind your drone. Just to reduce the risk of you hitting something with your mini two as long as you dont cast any shadows of yourself or the drone, because that can ruin your shot now. My fifth and most favorite drone move to do with the dji mini 2. Is the upward orbit with a gimbal rotation, this move kind of resembles the helix which youll find in the quick shots, but with the quick shots, youre locked in on your subject and unable to move the gimbal or deviate from that fixed movement. So if you wanted to orbit to the right, you would put your point of interest center frame and then move your right.

Stick right and your left stick left and up and when youre able to maintain a steady orbit, just nudge that gimbal wheel a little bit to the right just to get that gimbal started slowly and then maintain your orbit. Until you reveal your scenery in the background and again, i do this move in cinematic mode or normal mode, depending on the mood of my video and especially like this move, because it gives off a parallax effect in which your foreground and background appear to be moving. At different rates of speed, you can also do this shot, while rotating the gimbal downward. Now this shot was a one continuous shot, and once i reached the maximum range of the gimbal going upwards, i started to bring it down. So when it was time to insert it into my video, i broke it up into two separate shots and placed it in two separate areas of my video and one more tip. If youre editing your videos and find that your drone movements are moving more in one direction, you can reverse the clips just to switch it up as long as theres no other movement in the shot like moving cars or people walking. So what do you think? Those are my top five drone moves that i use with the dji mini 2. I have a couple of simple shots, mixed in with a few more complicated shots. However, when i do add them to my videos, it gives it a little bit more dynamic flair.

Speaking of which dont forget youll find those drone moves in the videos in this playlist right here.