Music! Think you got smooth moves. Sparks footage is smoother. It takes the shake out of your shot. So you look like a pro Music Applause, not feeling the control sticks, perform preset flight maneuvers with a single click and get those epic shots. Music. Heres, a way to stand out from the crowd spark automatically adds shallow depth of field to your photos. If you dont know how to fly, just tap fly, lets see if you can handle sport mode spark keeps you in the frame. So all you need to do is act naturally, edit, your epic videos and share them instantly Music. Your aerial creativity anywhere. All you need to do is seize the moment. Music anafi is a flying camera that contains cutting edge, photography, software and hardware. An integrated camera uses a latest generation sensor for spectacular 4k hdr videos and 21 megapixel photos. Hdr adds a far more dynamic range to the image, its ideal for filming a sunset or a bright blue sky with exposed backdrops. And if he is the only drone on the market able to do this. Its a camera capable of taking unique photos and videos that just arent possible with any other drone in the same category, the camera tilts from 90 to plus 90 degrees vertically and take shots from all angles. The camera is equipped with a wide angle, lens featuring 110 degree, diagonal field of view. The optic was specifically designed to limit lens flare in all lighting.

We integrated an up to two time: lossless digital zoom and an up to three time standard digital zoom, the zoom led us to create a brand new smart journey called dolly zoom, better known as the famous vertigo effect Music. This is skydio r1. These guys would tell you that its a fully autonomous flying camera thats built around the most advanced tracking and navigation system ever flown, using the power of artificial intelligence to see the world through 13 cameras, ultra precise visual tracking, deep neural networks to map and understand the World around at a prediction system that looks four seconds into the future to determine its trajectory and a continually expanding set of software defined cinematic skills. But, to put it simply, r1 is a drone that flies itself so that you can get awesome 4k footage of the cool stuff that you like to do without having to worry about hitting obstacles or crashing, or you know flying it at all. Yeah did we mention that its a flying, robot r1, puts people at the center of the story and because you dont need a pilot, you can focus on you and your adventures heres. How easy it is to use r1 open the skydio app on your phone swipe up to launch it tell r1 who or what you want it to follow and youre off your flying. Robot buddy up there will capture your world in 4k and not run into stuff. While it does it r1 follows you on its own, but you can tell it to capture different types of shots on the fly from the app like droney boomerang and rocket, just to name a few or if you want a little more creative control of your epic Footage you can do things like set up a virtual cable cam for that cool reveal shot.

You had in mind yeah that one looks about right. All of these skills and shots are accessible in a few taps on your phone or even your apple watch, so yeah thats, the skydio r1, an obstacle avoiding self flying 4k capturing ai powered robot companion of the future from capturing your family bike, ride to off roading. With friends to taking your vacation selfies up quite a few notches todd we get it. Your vacation was more awesome than ours. R1 uses some incredible technology to help. You make incredible memories easily, with r1 in the skydio app youve, just upped your video making game by well a bunch.