You can buy right now. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and ive listed them based on performance features and price. Ive included options for every type of user, so whether youre looking for a budget mini drone or a more premium mini drone with a motorized gimbal. Well have the product for you. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description below okay, so lets get started with the video. The fifth product on our list is the visuo battleshark tr 50. This is our best budget mini drone. If youre looking for one of the cheapest mini drones with a dual camera system, then the visual battleshark tr 50 is one of your best, affordable drones, currently priced at 100, the battleshark tr 50 shoots brilliant 4k video from its front and bottom cameras with 360 degree. Panoramic views with 50 times zoom for amazing aerial footage its tough to find a well performing mini drone with dual cameras, plus one that shoots 4k thats. What makes the tr 50 so appealing, especially with the presets for beginners youll, find two speed modes that you can switch on. The fly, no pun intended and the altitude hold function thats easily controllable with its easy to use. Drone remote youll also get first person view navigation and a live stream. That puts you in control. It also comes with some really cool features that youll love like including image tracking that automatically tracks you to keep you in the frame and with hand gesture recognition.

You can take videos or snap photos with simple hand, gestures and even navigate and control. Your drone youll find the build quality impressive, and the compact design that folds down in three seconds makes it incredibly portable to take with you wherever you go. The fourth product on our list is the eachine e52 max. This is our best value mini drone. If youre looking for a drone, thats mini but big on performance and value, then eachines latest drone. The e52 max is one of the rare, affordable drones in the market. That offers 4k uhd video with exceptional performance, currently priced at 140. The e52 max is similar to the popular dji mavic air in size, build as well as having most of the same feature set, but at about a quarter of the price. If youve been interested in drones but hesitated to try, because you thought it might be too complicated, youre going to love how simple it actually is, the e52 max has a very short learning curve, so youll be able to start flying like a seasoned flyer. In no time its easy to see why beginners and novice flyers are thrilled about it, it also comes with some great preset flight modes. Just select one and youll be shooting amazing 4k footage on your first flight. You can have the drone track your movements or fly 360 degrees around you. While it takes aerial selfies of you, you can even touch points on the remote control screen and set a flight path for the e52 max to automatically follow.

While it shoots breathtaking shots with its wide angle, lens its that easy plus, the e52 max, can live stream. The video from your drone from up to 270 yards away, the e52 max is surprisingly well built. The third product on our list is the holy stone. Hs. 720, this is our best mini drone under 300. If youre looking for an affordable mini drone with tons of bells and whistles, including 4k uhd video, then the holy stone hs 720 is one of your best choices currently priced at 300. The hs 720 shoots great 4k video and has advanced features like gps, intelligent flight modes, 5g, wifi and impressive flight times. Youll find the hs720 is one of holy stones. Most advanced mini drones that easily folds up making the already lightweight drone much more compact and easier to carry around youll love the hs 720s flight time with up to 26 minutes, which is impressive for its price point best of all the 4k camera will. Let you capture some great aerial images and amazing video footage, especially with the 110 degree wide angle, fov lens youll, like how the controller is compact and feels comfortable in your hands. It features an lcd screen that displays data like distance between you and the drone battery level for both the drone and controller speed and gps data. If youre, looking for a cheap drone with one of the longest flight times and with a motorized gimbal for extra smooth videos, then stay tuned for the popular dji, mavic mini coming up next, with up to 30 minutes of flight time.

The second product on our list is the dji mavic mini. This is our best mini drone under four hundred dollars. If youre looking for a great mini drone that has a motorized gimbal for incredibly smooth video recordings, then the popular dji, mavic mini is one of your top choices currently priced at 400. The mavic mini is compact and small, so whether youre a beginner ready to venture into the world of drones or a seasoned flyer. Looking for a compact drone with amazing features, the dji mavic mini, has plenty to offer for all flyers. Beginners can shoot some amazing footage right off the bat with the automated presets. The 2.7k video quality is exceptional, especially with the camera held by a 3 axis gimbal, so youll be thrilled at how smooth the footage is. The controller and the dji fly app works on both android and ios, its not too heavy and feels good in your hands. Youll be able to see the live feed from the camera, even when the mavic mini is flying up to two and a half miles from you. There are some nice safety features like the automated return to home, so your drone will fly back on its own to you before its battery runs out plus, if there happens to be an unplanned landing. The find my drone option will help you find and retrieve it. If youre looking for 4k video from dji stick around for the dji mavic air coming up next, the first product on our list is the dji mavic air.

This is our best overall mini drone. If youre looking for one of the best mini drones available, then the dji mavic air is definitely one of your top choices. Currently priced at 750 dollars. The mavic air falls between the mavic mini and the high end mavic 2, pro its really the best of both worlds, including 4k. Video making it perfect for beginners novices and hobbyists that just want to take their flying to the next level without going to a full size. Drone, the mavic air really ups, the ante, with 4k video and a spherical panoramic camera over the mavic mini. You also get a wide angle, lens thats, even wider than the more expensive mavic 2 pro to capture gorgeous sweeping landscapes. The performance is exceptional. It has great handling, even in strong winds, similar to the mavic mini its very beginner friendly with several presets, to help out to capture some great footage if youre, a beginner or novice flyer, youll love the advanced pilot assistant system, its a bit like flying on autopilot. Without worrying about collisions, another great feature to help your video be epic.