W1 uses an innovative dual camera system. The 1080p front camera with wide angle lens, creates high quality, immersive images, while the second camera at the bottom allows for unique vertical shots and added flying stability with optical flow positioning close to home or in exotic locations. W1 is your eye in the sky, with dual brand transmission and high efficiency brushless motors, the w1 remains stable, even in adverse conditions, but wait and let’s see how w1 smart features make flying easier than ever. W1 can be controlled with simple hand. The world of work was once again revolutionized when dji launched the new enterprise flagship platform. The matrice 300 rtk with the new zenmuse p1 unlock more of its potential. The p1 integrates a full frame camera with interchangeable, fixed focus lenses on a 3 axis, stabilized gimbal. It is an efficient, accurate payload designed for photogrammetry. For the first time, dji uses a full frame sensor with more microns in each pixel, to give you higher image quality at 45 megapixels and with short shooting intervals. The camera can capture high resolution images of large areas in short flights in just four flight 140 minutes collect data for 10 kilometers squared of 2d orthomosaics what’s more the p1 sinks time across the camera, gimbal flight controller and rtk module to deliver centimeter level, accurate data, Its global mechanical shutter, with a shutter speed of 1 2 000 seconds, prevents the jello effect, keeping images crisp even during high speed flights, while meeting accuracy requirements of one to five hundred scale.

Canastral surveys thanks to the flexible three axis gimbal. Smart oblique capture simplifies oblique photography for you to quickly generate highly accurate 3d models. Music in areas with elevation changes, flight paths that follow the terrain. Let you fly safely, while improving the accuracy of data outputs, Music, traditional geological surveys required teams to hang from dangerous slopes. Now, with the m 300 rtk and p1 nap of the object, photogrammetry missions are easier than ever vertical slopes and mountain ranges can be modeled with a millimeter level resolution. So teams can investigate measure and evaluate these hazard sites, use this combo for aec and surveying applications to quickly acquire 2d and 3d data for all phases of the project life cycle, including design acceptance, inspection and maintenance Music in emergency response. Immediate access to the latest intel is crucial when used with dji terra. The solution enables real time mapping, so teams can have eyes on a large area to quickly make informed decisions. The zenmuse, p1 and m300 rtk solution is unprecedentedly efficient, accurate, intelligent and safe setting a new benchmark as your new go to tool for aerial survey, stand taller and look farther open your eyes. Everyone can become a great photographer, go outside yearning for the sun, pursue the distance. Then the world can be wider for this time. Brand new generation xeno2 immersed you to positions out of sight. The upgrade is more than a little on this occasion added visual sensor at the bottom enabled superior environmental awareness acquires the powerful low light fixed point capability lets you fly with precise positioning and hovers more stable, either crossing nature or recording beautiful moments to see a full Expanse of worlds and explore the unknown xeno2 uses the latest.

These 2.0 image transmission system, based on the new architecture, design obtained the ability to adapt to complex environments, maximum image transmission distance increased to six kilometers lets. You discover the wonderful far off xeno2 comes with a stronger power system, maximum flight velocity increased to 20 meters.