You click the circle for more info and real time deals number one most popular dji, mavic 2 zoom, the mavic 2 zoom is equipped with an outstanding camera with a 24 48 millimeters optical zoom. The camera supports up to 2x optical zoom, which gives users the ability to capture both wide angle and medium shots. This function also offers a closer view of distant subjects, making your shooting experience more accessible and safe. It also features an autofocus tracking system that combines phase and contrast detection, resulting in greater focus accuracy and sophisticated, focusing speed. This system keeps the subject in focus even while zooming in and out number two dji mavic air, quadcopter, Music, the smallest and lightest of the mavic range, the dji mavic air is designed to be taken anywhere, foldable and ultra portable. This quadcopter is small enough to fit inside a backpack, no problem. If you have large and deep pockets on your coat. It’Ll sit in one of those too. The mavic air’s small size, lightweight design and camera are ideal for general use or when out filming your various adventures. It benefits from just over 20 minutes of flight time and can capture 4k video at 100 mbs and 1 2 mp stills Music number three dji mavic pro quadcopter you’ll appreciate the price of the dji quadcopter. Compared to most 4k video capable drones, 3 axis stabilization pocket size, remote and 27 minute flying time. Add to its appeal: obstacle: avoidance, precise hovering and double sensors are features novices and pros will appreciate it’s, lightweight and folds down for easy transport, which means you can take it anywhere too.

Overall, this obviously a charming dji drone that you could buy without any kind of hesitation, Music number four dji spark mini drone. The dji spark is a mini drone that is great for making quick selfies with gesture mode. You can use simple hand, gestures to convince spark to follow. You, take photos and record videos. Spark can be used without remote control, but if you prefer a more traditional operation, you can fly with a remote control or use your smartphone with a simple touch: quick shots. Like droney and rocket help you make impressive videos with cinematic effects. Tap fly lets you maneuver spark by tapping different positions on your smartphone screen. Today, you can buy the spark controller combo, which contains a remote control, an extra intelligent flight battery three extra propellers and more Music number five dji phantom 4 pro professional drone Music. The gimbal mechanism determines the stability of the camera on a drone entry level. Drones have a 2 axis gimbal, which doesn’t offer perfectly smooth video recording look for a dji drone with a 3 axis gimbal for the best results compared to other consumer level. Drones, the dji phantom 4 pro gives you a lot of great features in a durable, titanium and magnesium alloy body it’s. One of the easiest drones for beginners to learn to fly with excellent collision avoidance technology built in this is an expensive drone. But for those who are serious about this hobby, you couldn’t do better for more details.