5 gigahertz, wi fi live video with adjustable 120 wide angle. Camera rc, quadcopter helicopter for kids. Follow me mode 15 minutes flight time equipped with 120 degrees, wide angle 4k camera which can provide a higher resolution picture, slash video shot, a wider and detailed scene, slash city, slash, mountain slash, village, with 32 gigabytes memory card. You can immediately get lossless quality images. Also. The camera can be rotated 0, 90 degrees vertical by app or remote. Multi angle flying will be more interesting. This drone can transmit hd live video to your app by wi fi, with five gigahertz tech. The flying and wi fi transmission range is 200 meters, Music potential dreamer drone with camera for adults, 4k, 31 minutes flight gps quadcopter with brushless motors, auto return, 5.8 g, wifi, fpv transmission, long control range fly, cam, easy for beginner and expert built in powerful one third Cmo sony sensor with auto exposure function. Potency dreamer allows you to take 3840x 2160 photos and clearly restore the shooting scene with 4k images. The anti shake ball is designed to reduce vibration and ensures clear and ultra smooth footage record more details of your daily life and make the video more smooth and delicate 31 minutes extended play time. Thanks to the integration of 3 000 milliampere hours, 4s smart battery and brushless motor, this botanic dreamer 4k drone is capable with powerful motor nd low consumption, while ensuring a maximum battery life of up to 31 minutes two hour fast charge, making shooting more enjoyable stable flight.

With its exclusive power, ac dynamic system dreamer can instantly burst out triple power within 0.1. Second, to provide the best performance at a speed of 10 m s: Music, rook of 11 foldable gps drones with 4k camera for adults, quadcopter with 30 minutes flight time, brushless motor 5 gfpv transmission. Follow me auto return home long control range drone for beginners, the 4k uhd camera infused with shock absorption reduces the blurriness, provides you clear and stable image for k, divided by three thousand eight hundred and forty times, two thousand one hundred and sixty p throughout ninety degree. Adjustable camera with one twenty degree, fov lens, can widely capture the view in every precious moment also supports advantage. 5 gigahertz fpv live video transmission up to 25 frames per second, which brings a stable and smooth video and a wide range of 1614 feet.