Video were gon na. Save you some time because lets face it. Who has time to watch all the videos that we make? Actually, how did we have time to do a thousand drones? I dont know we have flown over a thousand drones, so for us to come to you and be able to say these are the top three that weve had our hands on this year. Trust me were saving you some time, be sure to share this video with your fellow drone lovers, so they have a good shopping guide like the video before we start sharing our top three favorite drone videos and, if youre interested in anything, we talk about on this Video itll all be linked down in the description box below so check it out. The first drone on our list is the zl rc see i cant. Remember it. The first round on our list is the zl rc, sg906 pro 2., what a mouthful guys thats, a crazy name, which is why its linked in the description box below to help you find the right drone. But this drone comes in under 200. and it was one of the most impressive drones that we flew this year. Its very beginner friendly, very easy to fly, could easily be someones first gps, camera drone. It has a return to home feature. So if you ever get lost get disoriented, this drone loses line of sight or anything god forbid loses connection. Itll just fly back and land within feet of where it took off.

Plus it has a cool feature called altitude hold which helps maintain the height. While you fly, which makes it a lot easier and simpler to control drift, a lot of the drones on this list are going to be men for first time flyers or maybe theyre just wanting to upgrade to a nicer camera drone than the one their uncle john Bought them at walmart last year, its time to step it up to a really nice drone, and this one deserves a spot under your tree, especially about that nice case. It comes with, and its 179 with two batteries super awesome link below a few different options, and if you want to watch our full video on it, thatll be linked right down there by the drone, where you can buy it number two on our list. You cannot go wrong with. We left it pretty broad because theyre the top and the best of the best drones anything with the brand name, dji youre gon na love, whether its the mavic series, the fpv series, the air series, the mini series, the phantom series, the inspire series does that still Exist, yeah, it doesnt work, it does no, it does any of those youre gon na love. The drone i have flown the most this year is the dji fpv. She knows gotten all our drone shots all year. Nate flew it once one flight. One fight and i have flown it – the rest of its flights, ive probably put at least 100 flights on it yeah and i love it its the easiest best fpv platform i have ever been able to fly now race.

Drone pilots would probably hate you for saying that, and i i have some restaurant experience uh, but its good for what we use it for, but this year nate you picked up the air 2s thats right. You have flown the smell out of it. I have ive put the miles on it, guys i really enjoy flying that thats, like my most reliable, go to expensive drone that i want to put in the air right so theres. A reason. Dji is number two on this list. I cant wait to tell you what number one is but number two. There is a wide range of cost for dji. Did you guys see the mavic 3 that just came out? It ranges from like two grand to like five or six grand. Let us know in the comments what you think about mavic 3, because it blew our minds. Two cameras blew our minds and a crazy long flight time, but the reason dji is at number two is because you can buy a brand new drone that just came out by dji the mini s e that ones at i think 299., so 300, to like 5 000 and actually more so, it really ranges, but if youre buying a drone and its a dji drone as long as its not like five years old, you will do well and you will have fun and you will probably find success with it. I think number one on this list is going to surprise a lot of people because its basically coming out of left field, but it is absolutely by far this year my most flown drone, probably a little bit more than your dji fpv, and it is the de 22 guys this drone is sold on amazon and one of the biggest reasons i love.

This drone is its price. It is under some of djis cheapest drones, especially if you can catch that 100 off coupon code now well have a link down there and hopefully, when you click that link ill have a hundred dollars off, and sometimes you can get this drone around 400. Sometimes, a little bit cheaper, ive seen it around 350., its an awesome drone with a couple batteries. It has a nice smooth gimbal. The range is great. The camera quality is good enough to get usable shots its nice and stable with no jello and has all those flight functions, most of which you can find on these thousand dollar drones. Yes, there is a noticeable camera difference, quality difference between this drone and, for example, a dji drone, but the reason this one comes in at number one for us is because im not a nervous nelly while im flying it because im not breaking the bank to fly This stream, you know if i wanted a slightly comparable drone with the name brand of dji im, paying double the price, if not close, to triple the price, and so it really is a huge relief to be flying a drone that doesnt cost as much. We all know this feeling whether were flying rc planes and jets or were flying drones. If you have something in the air that you can get enjoyment out of, you know 90 of the same enjoyment as what you would a more expensive drone for half the cost.

Youre, overall, going to have a better experience with that cheaper drone, just a more budget friendly option that still gets the job done, and that is why the main reason, the de22 is my number one pick for a gps camera drone in 2021. It has been a crazy year and we had so much fun, taking runes with us on vacation, and that was the drone that nate took with him more than anything. But for me it was my dji fpv yeah that thing on me all the time. Well, there you have it guys. Those are our picks id love to know some feedback in the comments below a lot of times. We learn about rcs that are on the market or things that we need to pick up for our channel. From those comments from you guys so hit us up in the comments, and let us know what your most flown drone of 2021 was and why that was your most flown drone were gon na, have more top rc lists coming to the channel, hopefully helping you guys Find something to put under your tree or someone elses uh tree that you are shopping for, but for an amazing 2021 full of fun drones. I want to thank the big guy upstairs for giving us the opportunity to share some awesome drones with you guys. We also want to say a massive thanks to our patreon supporters. We come to our channel without you guys.

Well have another awesome drone video popping up right about now.