What did you say for this list were looking at all the times this celebrated satirical show has eerily predicted the future which event predicted by south park? Had you in disbelief, let us know in the comments number 20. pokemon go in the late 90s pokemon had just emerged as one of the biggest franchises in the entire world, so of course, south park had to cover it in 1999. When this episode aired, the u.s was in the grip of another moral panic about whether pokemon was satanic. At the very least, there was an idea that there was something sinister going on, and the episode culminates with the revelation that the boys are being spied on by their chin. Pokemon collectibles fast forward to 2016 and the franchise did start tracking people, though it was totally done out in the open via the wildly popular mobile game. Pokemon, go though, of course, pokemon go wasnt the precursor to a japanese invasion of the united states. Music number 19 trigger warnings, unlike many other episodes. This one wasnt intended by parker to be a commentary on increasingly sensitive modern sensibilities. Instead, its a look at how banning books, namely the catcher in the rye, only makes people want to read them more. As the boys embark on a mission to write the most offensive bannable book of all time, yeah, we could get a book banned way more than this one yeah sweet, but its the moment when garrison explains why catcher in the rye is controversial, that a prediction is Indirectly made as today, basically everything has to have a trigger warning at the beginning, but how many times have you watched something on netflix with a trigger warning for strong language only for it to barely have any profanity number 18 sports teams changing names, although not a Prediction there is a telling throwaway line by jimbo in the episode about south parks flag where he asks chef.

If the cleveland indians should change their name for being offensive chef. What about the baseball team, the cleveland, indians huh? Should they change their name because its racist yeah, no because its their history look, i have gone through every quiet protest. I could ive ridden everyone ive put up signs that was in 2000 and two decades on the team announced they would be switching their team name to the guardians because of the former names appropriation of native american culture. However, it wasnt the only time south park examined. This particular topic featuring a whole episode about the similarly named washington redskins football team. In it, the boys are able to get the trademark for the team, while the owner laments over them quote culturally appropriating it look dont. You see that when you call your organization, the washington redskins its offensive to us. How is it offensive? How is it offensive jesus? We are a proud team, mr cartman. The episode aired in 2014 and six years later after much mounting pressure, the redskins would abandon their name number 17 misconduct, but please dont sue us huh. This episode aired way back in 1999., seven years before. The first documented use of the phrase me too and 18 years before the metoo movement rose to prominence in hollywood. In it south park elementary is visited by pedi the sexual harassment panda, who sings a song to teach the kids about inappropriate behavior. Then they get carried away and begin constantly, accusing each other of harassment leading to myriad lawsuits.

This is ridiculous. It echoes the prevalence of such allegations so many years on, though, it is worth remembering that in reality, false allegations are extremely rare. Still, there are many similarities between this episode and the modern news cycle. Number 16 drone on drone warfare. Are you happy now? What is this? Do you think this is cool? This episode began its life as an allegory for racial unrest in the u.s. In the wake of michael browns death in 2014., the townsfolk all buy their own drones, bringing on the arrival of swarms of police drones and eventually, national guard drones as peaceful drone vigils turned violent, but it ended up predicting something very odd happening in south korea. As the country announced, it was going to be using security drones to catch civilian, operated, drones that invaded the airspace over the 2018 winter olympics in seoul, and then in 2021, the country announced an investment of 37 million dollars in drone cops to eliminate unauthorized drones over Airports number 15 costume hypocrisy. This might be the most oddly specific and perfectly timed prediction of all. On september 27 2017, this episode following randy marshs checkered past as a die, hard, christopher columbus fan, aired. We see randy, disavowing, columbus and campaigning to have his statues removed. Only for stan to discover that randy was photographed at numerous fancy dress parties dressed as the man himself. You hate columbus, so much whyd. You dress up like him. Look that was a long time ago: okay, just a dumb halloween, costume yeah, but heres you dressed as columbus at a formal dinner and heres you dressed as columbus at a football game and you as columbus on st patricks day look i was younger.

We were all younger a couple of days after the episode aired. A news story broke on a librarian, rejecting a gift of dr seuss books from melania trump, on the grounds that they are quote racist only for it to eventually be revealed. That said, librarian had been previously photographed dressed as and promoting the cat in the hat number 14. brokeback mountain yeah. You showed me one independent film that isnt about gay cowboys eating pudding by the time. This episode aired in 1998, annie, prus, short story. Brokeback mountain had already been published in the new yorker for two years, but the successful movie starring, jake, gyllenhaal and heath ledger didnt release until 2005.. The episode seemingly predicts the popularity of a movie still seven years away from debuting by lamb, basting the academys love of a very specific genre of cowboy movie say tom: do you have any pudding left? I ate all mine up silly well and now. What do we do? Who knew that such a movie would eventually become one of the most decorated and critically acclaimed pieces of cinema ever made, or perhaps trey parker and matt stone, read and enjoyed prus short story and wanted to will the movie into being number 13 ghost costumes? This 2001 episode examines the fear the townspeople have when a large number of black celebrities start moving in though the issue they have is that these celebrities are all rich and its rich people. They dont want in south park thats the fifth family of them.

Thats, moved here seems like all of a sudden south park is being overrun by those types hey. What are you saying what types you know those types, rich people? Oh, they embark on a mission to scare the rich people away, which eventually devolves into kkk style tactics, most notably dressing up as ghosts, because rich people hate ghosts. We just saw the last of them speeding away in a van all right, obviously its meant to be ridiculous, but in 2015 a group of cadets at a military college in south carolina were photographed doing the exact same thing. They were allegedly dressed, as quote ghosts for a quote holiday skit and were ultimately suspended because nobody bought that excuse. Number 12 trumps tweets. Look at what the president tweeted now donald trump writing ludicrous tweets, wasnt, something that started when he won the 2016 election. He had already been known as a chronic twitter user for years, but this episode got a lot more specific. It showed garrison tweeting, something inflammatory at north korean leader kim jong un daring him to nuke the town of south park to get revenge on tweek, though trump had already been tweeting about the situation in the week, leading up to the episode providing the inspiration just days After it aired, he tweeted a threat that north korea wasnt going to be around much longer mirroring garrison statements, number 11. ebola in the u.s airing on october 1, 2014. This episode was less than two weeks ahead of numerous deaths from an ebola outbreak in the u.

s. Oh, my god, these people dont even know hurry. You got ta, go oh jesus, hey it isnt safe in there. The episode isnt strictly focused on ebola instead suggesting that the fad of gluten free diets in the u.s mirrored the rise of ongoing outbreaks of ebola in africa at the time. But its still unsettling that the first case of ebola in the u.s was announced the day before the episode aired with the first death reported on october 8th. While we dont know how parker is able to make such prescient episodes, we do know that you cant get ebola from consuming gluten in real life. We just need you to be in quarantine for a while, until everyone figures out whats going on no, not papa johns. I dont want to go to papa johns number 10 carnival cruise poop disaster when the carnival cruise lines ship triumph set off in early 2013. Nobody on board knew the infamy it would achieve, but when a fire broke out on board and disabled, the toilets and electricity, its over 3000 passengers and crew were left on what was nicknamed the poop cruise spending four days without working toilets stranded in the gulf of Mexico, the doctor on the step, can excuse my friend she can kiss my. It was the worst experience. Ive ever had just three years earlier. In 2010, a new show on south park reported that quote. Passengers said that the carnival cruise line smelled like poop.

Maybe people should have taken it as a warning against booking cruises, with carnival passengers said the carnival cruise line smelled like poop, but that was an improvement, number nine underground kfc market. The chicken shortage, which has forced kfc to close hundreds of its outlets in the uk, is our next story. The fast food giant blaming teething problems with a new delivery contract. In february 2018, disaster struck kfc one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. When a change in delivery supplier led up to 700 of its 900 uk branches to be temporarily closed due to a lack of chicken because of this shortage, people were able to sell buckets of chicken on ebay to desperate customers for as much as 140 us dollars. This black market for chicken was mirrored in a 2010 episode of south park when all the kfcs close down and the towns outlet becomes a medicinal marijuana dispensary, which leads to colonel sanders becoming a crime boss of a chicken smuggling empire and cartman a scarface type hotshot Dealer jamie oliver gave his speech at the u.n today. He was not supposed to give that speech. Eric yeah its okay. Well, get him next time. Number eight miley cyruss fame, britney watch keeping you up to date with all your britney spears news. Oh boy, whats. She done now in the 2008 episode britneys new. Look the four boys try to help britney spears escape the torment of the paparazzi and general public who are obsessed with taking her photo even more so after she shoots herself in the head and somehow survives at the end of the episode brittany dies surrounded by south Park citizens taking her picture and soon after a news anchor reports that miley cyrus, who was just 15 when this episode aired and still starring in hannah montana, will become the next big thing: allah britney hannah, montanas, miley cyrus, though only 15 years old is already on Her way to being a major superstar looks like next harvest will be even better, considering miley cyruss controversial phase in the early 2010s.

It seems that the folks in the south park writers room got it right again: Music number 7. jared fogle jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five year criminal scheme in 2015, subway guy jared fogle, was convicted of several sex related crimes And sent to prison, however, his ruining subways public image was first predicted in 2002 by south park. In the episode in question, he tells everybody his weight loss. Success is actually due to his having aids spelled a i d e s, which everyone mistakes is him saying he has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. I got aids about two years ago and ive been losing weight ever since its amazing. How slim you can get with aids for his promise to give everyone aids he is fired from subway, though he makes a reappearance in the 2017 video game south park, the fractured butthole as a boss, hell bent on mistreating the boys its for everyone, get him number Six chipotle contamination, hi billy mays here for mega scrub cleanser. The main plot of this episode centers around ike, broflovsky being tormented by dead celebrities, but a subplot involves billy mays advertising a product called chipotle away, which is able to remove the bloodstains people get in their pants after eating food from chipotle. Well, now, theres a product that can clean, even bloodstains, caused by chipotle right off your underwear chipotle away six years after it aired e coli in chipotle products caused more than 50 people to get sick.

The 2015 outbreak meant the chain was forced to close 43 restaurants. In oregon and washington alone, unfortunately, for the customers affected by the outbreak, no such chipotle type quick fix exists in the real world. I know were never going to eat there again after this. This was just a horrible experience, number five elon musk and mars hello. Everyone and welcome to the tour im elon musk, seeking to escape a world of internet trolls and social media cartman and his girlfriend heidi turner seek refuge at the spacex building in the hopes that they can get on a rocket and go to mars. Because it has quote shitty wi, fi, elon musk shows up and tells them they still havent solved. All the science problems involved with going to mars, but cartman along with butters and musical icons, share stay waiting Music. This episode is from 2016, but it was just a year later that musk began to publicly outline his plan to send a rocket to mars. As early as 2019. says, his mars rocket will be ready to fly next year and hes, not interested in people saying hes too optimistic number. Four mel gibson goes insane how an episode from season 8 details the various responses to mel gibsons movie, the passion of the christ, while kyles jewish faith is shaken and cartman opts to go a neo nazi route with his mel gibson fan, club, stan and kenny simply Think the movie sucked and go to get their money back hey.

We want our money back when they get to gibsons mansion, they find hes a religious extremist and that he is obsessed with forcing people to torture. Him look dude, we came a long way were not leaving until you give us our money. Oh yeah, well, youre gon na have to find it first, but i wont tell you where i keep my money. You can torture me all you want. I still wont tell you eerily two years later: in 2006, when gibson was arrested for a dui, he told the police, that quote the jews, are responsible for all the wars in the world. Echoing the ideas parodied in this episode and good evening, a friend number three: the death of osama bin laden, hello, mr bin laden, my name is randy and im a geologist in america when the popularity of reality show jersey shore threatens to take over america. Randy marsh knows, there is only one course of action: sending a videotape to osama bin laden and begging al qaeda for help. Al qaeda obliges and kills the jerseyites by crashing hijacked planes into them at the end of the episode, while bin laden is being honored for his work, a special forces commando descends from the ceiling and shoots him in the head sure enough seals actually killed bin laden On may 2, 2011, just about seven months after this episode aired tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda number, two trumps presidency.

You see there. This is why its happening, many people didnt, believe trump would win the 2016 election, including parker and stone, who had to hastily rewrite the end of season 20 to accommodate for the fact that he, and therefore garrison was the victor, just as jj abrams did with star Wars, i will make this country great again, but they already predicted this outcome an entire year earlier in an episode that aired in september 2015.. South park is awash with canadian immigrants in this season, who have all moved down south to escape from canadas own donald trump. In the great white north, who has even built a wall to separate the country from the us yeah, though they already covered trumps potential victory 14 months prior, even they didnt realize hed actually win before. We continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos. You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them. If youre on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one racist flags, as ive said before, i find that flag to be racist and insensitive. The premise of the 2000 episode chef goes nanners centered on a debate about changing the south park town flag, which depicted four white. Stick people standing around a black stick person hanging from a noose chef says the flag is clearly racist and must be changed while jimbo says the flag is traditional and must stay the same to preserve their heritage.

This has been the south park flag since some of our ancestors, like my great grandfather, founded this land. Although conversations surrounding the controversy behind the confederate flag have been going on for ages, 15 years after this episode aired, a major dialogue began in real life about its place in modern america. Many major retailers began banning confederate flags from being sold in their stores, while various states chose to remove the flag from any official government property or product south park, its always a step ahead. I have to admit it. That is a lot nicer, phew im sure glad thats overwhelmed.