Talking about this, the dji fpv quad and i’m, going to give you 10 reasons why you should rush out now and buy this quad 10 good reasons to spend thirteen hundred dollars on a quad like this. So let’s get started: okay, you’ll notice, i’m wearing a cap and i’m wearing it. The right way around that’s, very important for me to read out this list of reasons why you want to buy this drone and i’ve written them down because there’s 10, and i can only count to three without writing so in no particular order, no particular order. You want to buy this drone because it comes as a turnkey package. You get everything you need in the box. Apart from your smartphone and some sd cards, everything else you get the drone, you get the radio control transmitter, you get the goggles, you get the leads. The cables you get a charger, you get a battery, you get a battery for goggles everything you need apart from two sd cards, and your smartphone are in that box. That makes it fantastic. If you’re getting into drones, you don’t have to go out and search for other things and and find learn how to solder or anything it’s, just a real turnkey experience. That is the number one reason why you would buy this drone. If you want to spend your thirteen hundred bucks number, one reason is it’s turnkey, and it makes it simple. The number two reason why you wan na buy this drone is because it comes with goggles and not just ordinary goggles it’s got the dji occusync 3, which is gibrish 4, really really flash goggles that give you the best picture available by none.

There is nothing better. I have to say completely factual, there’s, nothing better on the consumer market today for fpv than the dji digital system. If you want quality, if you want the the the the immersiveness of wide field of view, this delivers it in spades and, if you’ve never flown with goggles on before, if you’ve never flown a drone, this will blow your mind. This will change the way you look at the world because normally when people fly drones, they have a transmitter. It has a little you put your smartphone on and you look down. You can see what the camera sees: that’s, peanuts, it’s, nothing compared to fpv when you put those goggles on. You are transported right up here to the front of the drone. You are it’s, as if you’re sitting in this drone you’re looking out it’s like you, are up there at 100 feet or whatever it is, and that is just so dramatically different that you will probably want to sit down, because the other problem you’ll have is a Bit of vertigo, because, if you’re afraid of heights it could frighten you so take a chair first time you fly this thing with the goggles on you’ll, probably need it that’s. The number two reason you want to buy this drone because nothing else offers you that immersive high resolution digital experience now. The third reason you want to buy this drone is because you get two now you don’t get two drones, but this is two drones in one.

It is a sheep and it is a wolf. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This drone will fly just like every other dji drone and makes it super super simple to fly. So you get a camera drone that will give you really good, not perfect, but really good quality. Video at 4k resolution 60 frames a second and you can position it anywhere. You want you move it around, let go the sticks and it just stays there. If there’s wind, it doesn’t matter, it stays there. It compensates for the wind and even if it’s, turbulent and rough, it smooths out a lot of that stuff. So it’s, just like a camera on a tripod, an invisible tripod. You can position this anywhere that’s. What dji drones have traditionally done in the past, and that is one of the drones you get. But the second drone you get is like a grand tour it’s like a bentley. It goes fast. Doesn’T necessarily go around corners too well, not as agile as a sports car, but it goes fast. It’S very comfortable it’s got every feature you could wish for heated ash trays. The whole lot sound system. Everything you want is built into this thing. It is the rolls royce, the bentley of drones, so you’re getting two drones for the price of one that’s, the. What do i write down? That is the third reason you want to spend your money on this and now. The fourth reason is, as i mentioned, it’s easy to fly.

It is so easy to fly, you push a stick up and the drone goes up. You push a stick down and the drone goes down push the stick left. The drone goes left right, goes right, it’s, just that simple, and as soon as you stop pushing on a stick, it just stays there anchored in the sky, regardless of wind or whatever. It is it is that simple to fly in the normal mode, but that’s the mode you’re going to start with if you haven’t flown a drone before or you’re used to flying other drones. This drone behaves just like that it’s just so super simple to fly now reason: number five: you want to part with your thirteen hundred dollars is the dji care package it’s the insurance it’s, the thing that says: if you smash this beyond all repair, they will sell. You a new one at a really good discount, so if you’re new to drones or if you plan to start using this as a gt cruiser, you probably want to take out that care package, because that care package would just mean that if you stuff up, if You make a mistake: if something goes wrong, then you’re not going to have to pay the full price to replace this drone. You pay the insurance premium and then you pay a price when they replace it, but it’s much less than the cost of a new drone. So that’s something i don’t know many other manufacturers offer and that’s a really really good feature in the dji ecosystem.

Now the number six reason you want to buy this thing is: it is fast. It is blisteringly fast for a commercial or recreational drone um. It is way faster than anything else that dji has ever sold it’s way faster than its competitors in the gps, camera drone market. So if you want to follow things, if you want to film things that are fast like trains and cars and whatever this is the drone for you, you can chase drift cars with this thing, because it will fly up to 80 miles an hour. Some people have clocked at over 90 miles an hour. It is super super fast, so that’s another reason to park with your 1300, and the seventh reason is that, although i said it doesn’t corner as well as a sports car, it still corners way better than any other camera drone on the market. It is maneuverable, but it is heavy. So, like a bender, you can race a bentley on a track. It will be outclassed by sports cars, but you can still get rounder track in pretty good times. If you watch top gear and see the stick driving a bentley around the track, he does it pretty quick. If you get in the right hands, this can fly really really well. So it is fast if you need speed that’s, why you pay hundred dollars now the eighth reason to spend your money is: it has a tiltable camera. Now you can go out there.

Let’S be honest. You can get that you can buy a freestyle drone for a few hundred dollars. This is a lot more expensive, but this has something none of those freestyle drones have it has a tiltable camera while you’re flying you can tilt the camera up and down, and it means you can hover over something, and you can look almost straight down below you. You can’t do that with a regular freestyle drone. You can do it with the camera drone, but the camera drone won’t fly fast, so there’s. It covers both bases, you can fly fast and you can look down and up, and you can change that on the fly and that’s another reason to spend the money to buy this rather than a more traditional freestyle drone. Okay reason: number nine only applies if you live in the usa. If you live in the usa, this system that has an embeddable almost bulletproof link between your goggles, your transmitter and your drone. You can fly, they say up to 10 kilometers away and you’ll still have control. The reality is that you’ll be able to fly. You know several kilometers away and if you fly behind a tree, it probably won’t matter. If you fly behind a building, it probably won’t matter, in fact, you can stand outside a building and fly inside the building. The signal will penetrate the walls, it’s a pretty bulletproof radio, setup and that’s brilliant, because it gives you the confidence to do things, because your video isn’t going to fade out and your control link will still be.

There means you can fly in areas that you probably wouldn’t want to fly. Another drone makes it very, very good for that kind of application, but, as i said only if you’re in the usa, if you live outside the usa, it’s, not so good, and if you watch my 10 reasons why you don’t want to buy this drone, you might Find out why it is that this feature, or this this reason to buy, only exists in the usa, if you’re in australia, if you’re in new zealand, if you’re in canada, if you’re in i’m, not sure about canada, but if you’re in the usa, european union or Uk the radio link isn’t as bulletproof, i have to say, it’s not as bulletproof that could be a negative rather than a positive. But if you’re in the usa there’s reason number nine to spend your thirteen hundred dollars and finally reason number ten i’m, not sure this is the case, but someone people have told me this has an adsb in receiver. What does that mean? Well, it means it’s kind of smart if an airplane or a helicopter comes along that has an ads be out a transmitter. This will detect it and warn you that there’s, something coming, which is really really handy for safety means you can drop down lower or you can land until that craft has gone away. Now, as i say, people have told me it has it. I haven’t experienced it working here, maybe it’s only the u.

s one that has it. Maybe it doesn’t have it. I haven’t been able to get any confirmation, but if it has it that’s the tenth reason it’s. The final reason you need to buy this thing spend your money, so those are the 10 reasons why you want to go out right now and buy this go out and buy it, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy it from a link in my description Because i don’t chill for products i’m, not here, to sell you this thing – i’m, not here to sell you this or anything. My videos are not supported by affiliate links. So my opinions and the information i give you is completely untainted by commercial imperative. My money comes solely from advertising, the youtube ads that you see, and i don’t run mid – rolls no mid rolls in this, so i just have the ads at the beginning ads at the end that’s all i have and my patreon supporters who are my lifeline. They make it possible for me to remain completely unbiased, unprejudiced unaffected by commercial imperatives, that’s, why the hopefully you’ll find that the reviews on this channel are very high quality, so there you go that’s the 10 reasons you want to buy this drone now. So, if you’re looking for justification, rush out rush out now spend your money, but but before you go, you may want to look at the video but i’ll put a card up here.

The 10 reasons why you don’t want to buy this drone because, as i said, this drone has divided the fpv community. This is a this is a very divisive drone and for some people these 10 reasons to buy will be the reasons you need, but for other people, the 10 reasons not to buy will be the reasons you don’t buy and in my next video i will turn My cap around like this and tell you why you don’t, want to buy this thanks for watching thanks. My patreon supporters make it all possible, go to the comments section. Leave your comments, leave your questions. I’Ll do my best to read them and answer them.