This one just came out a week or two ago, and this ones called the q4ac. It is an ac adapter version of a lipo charger that has four ports on here, so were going to go ahead and put this on, the bench were going to take a look at it. A little bit closer up were going to talk about some specs and if this one might be a good choice for you for a bench charger or a portable on the road charger lets go ahead and unbox it real, quick and well take a look at the Q4, here all right guys lets go ahead and take a look at the q4ac version. Now this one you can take out in the field with a lipo, if you use a larger say like a 4s like 16 000 milliamp battery, something like a 10 000 milliamp. You can charge pretty much all day, long on an fpv session or, if youre out for a weekend take a big battery like that. You can also charge it using a battery bank is an external power source. So if you already have like some kind of big 10 000 milliamp power bank, you can do that as well. So we have four channels on this one. It has dc up to 200 watt ac 100 watt. It has an ips screen on here, a 3.5 inch lcd, so also four ports across there and four balance ports as well.

So it is also a smart charger. They say it does one to four s battery charging, and this is the unit right here. It has a channel selection here, so it has a four port channel selection, so once we plug it in ill show you how that works, you just press it once once once once and it goes across and goes all the way to each channel and it shows It full screen on the channel or you can view all four of them at the same time, but it also has this jog wheel for navigating the menus and going up and down making selections. Weve got an xt60 port times, four across the front 2 to 4s. Right here for the balance ports, you can also use like a 1s breakout board if you wanted to charge like 1s batteries on here. So i have one thats like a 6 up breakout board and that way itll. Let me charge like six 1s little batteries at the same time, so this one also has a physical fan, which i really like its not just a heat sink in the back, but this ones going to continuously move air through. You got some venting up here in the front and that way airflow is going to keep this board cool inside. It has vents on the side here as well. Weve got four rubber feet on the bottom, for when you set it on the bench and in the very back back here, we also have input three versions of input.

Actually, we have a micro usb right there thats for your power banks to power. This thing you have an input for an xt60 and thats its going to be a voltage range from 10 to 18 volts. So you could definitely do a 4s battery on this. If you wanted to i wouldnt charge, i wouldnt put something like a 6s battery in here. You might fry this unit im, not sure that it has over voltage protection over here. On this side, you can use the ac adapter and its ready internally ready for ac 100 and 240 volt, so thats cool for europe or american standard 110. So thats no problem there. You also get a usb cable, and this is in a usb micro, android style. Cable that will do your firmware updates and you get a us plug in here as well, for plugging in the charger lets, go ahead and put it on the ac adapter right here and lets plug it in and lets check out the menus. All right guys. I just wanted to show you the price on that real, quick, its 79 for this, and it does come with the ac adapter. So you dont have to buy an extra power adapter with this one. So that makes this one kind of a good deal if youre. Looking for a charger that is say, 1 to 4s, this ones not too bad. If you want to charge 6s batteries, i recommend the toolkit rc m6d charger, that ones probably about five to ten dollars cheaper than this one, but it also has two ports.

Instead of four so um four is a nice benefit. If you have a whole bunch of batteries to charge, you can charge up to five amp per terminal here so up to about 20 amp charge on a max charge on this charger. So i think thats kind of nice. Now you have a four up display here, meaning it shows all four terminals here and you have them labeled one two, three and four here and it shows the status as right. Now, its in standby status. We have the operating temperature over here. You can change that to fahrenheit. We also have the current operating amps that its outputting and again on the back here, we have a few different ways that we can put input to this particular charger. You can also change the current inside the system menu for the minimum amount of voltage to power this unit, which is a kind of a nice thing. Ive done that before, where i went to plug in and like say like a battery bank and some of the battery banks are only set to 12 volt. So you got to make sure that the minimum voltage is set to 12 volt um. So thats kind of important, but so far its super easy to navigate with these these chargers. It really is pretty simple: you have one two three four here channel and an exit button here. Weve got the rotary button here and the selection button.

If i want to select a channel say, i want to charge a battery. Ive got a 3s 3000 milliamp battery here from turner g, and i can just plug that into the xt60 port right here, and the negative side of the balance port is going to go. All the way over to the left switch that around to that black wire there and then to positive that direction. And right now it shows me my voltage is at 12.4 volts, so this ones almost at a full charge, but im just going to show you for an example how these menus work so im going to go ahead and select that channel itll. Take me into the charge menu and to make that selection ive got a press on the jog wheel there once im into this menu. It shows me battery type cells mode in voltage and current charge. Right now. I have it set to 2 amp, which is a pretty safe charge on this battery. If youre brand new to charging lipos, i recommend you beginners start out if youre charging say a 4s 1300, which is the most popular battery, i usually charge it at an amp to say 1 amp to 1.5 amp to be safe. It helps the battery last longer for its lifespan and it also safer to charge if youre charging inside the house. If youre charging at like 5 amp, you risk kind of puffing that battery or causing a fire, so the higher rate you charge the more dangerous.

It is for indoor charging so be super careful charging lipos, because you can burn down your house. People have done it so be very, very careful when youre charging i like to charge in a battery bunker um, but this is cool, because this has uh multiple options. Here for battery types, we have lipo here la hv, la fe lion batteries, which is super cool, lto, nickel, metal and pb. So im just going to leave it on lipo. You can go all the way around there and go back to lipo cells. You can do auto, which is cool so once you plug in the balance port here, it will show you what type of battery it has plugged in. So it knows what battery is plugged in, which is super cool, so you can also do it manually all the way out to 4s there from 1s to 4s, so im going to leave it on auto because thats just super convenient for me, but please do pay Attention, if you have a bad cell, it might not see it and itll charge it at some other rate. So for the mode you can do charge or discharge, and you can do storage charge, which is cool. So if you want to storage charge it put away for a long time, you can do that. Discharge mode is internal and the end voltage 3.85. You can change that im going to change that lets see its. It probably wants to be on four point: uh four point: two volt there for the end charge and were not going to do storage charge when were gon na charge right there, so that got changed and see now its up to 4.

2. If you had say like an hv battery, itll be 4.35 for the end voltage, so pay attention to your voltage range here when youre charging your lipos before you click start by all means so charge current were going to leave it set to 2 amp, and i Can go all the way up to 5 if i want to for that terminal, but i dont im going to leave it at 2. Amp thats a pretty safe charge rate for this 3 000 milliamp battery. So i could go all the way up to you know three amp if i wanted to but im gon na leave it at two, because this is a pretty old battery so down here this is cool. It shows one two three four right here and this is nice, because if i had the same style battery same exact battery say on number three, i could scroll over to number three right here and i can activate that terminal and it will charge from the same Settings that i have here that i set up for one it basically clones it and moves it over to number three. So then, when i hit start, it would do one and three on these battery charge settings um, so i can unselect it by clicking it again and now only terminal number one is going to charge those rates for that battery. So since i dont have a battery on number, three were going to go ahead and start and itll say up to 12.

6 volt. You say: ok and now you can see that we have some information in here, for this particular terminal says charging the elapsed time. It shows me per cell what everything is balancing out at its also showing me the current amps thats being put and the current voltage of the battery, which is super cool and how many milliamps were putting back into the battery, so thats good to pay attention to You can see how many milliamps you fly out of a pack and then youll know what you need to put back into it later so thats kind of cool. You can also go in here and change on the fly. You can change the current voltage, which is kind of nice. You can speed it up or slow it down. You can stop one channel or you can stop all. So if you have multiple things going, you just want to stop everything. You have the option to do that with this charger, thats kind of an update that ive seen in the firmware recently, but its nice to be able to do multiple type of charges on here. You could charge a lion on this port and a lipo over here and a nickel metal in here all at the same time, so its its a nice bench charger. You can also take it out in the field and use it as a portable charger. With this dc input on this side, which i think is kind of nice, xt 60 there or the micro usb port there, but its defaulted to 16 volt for the minimum input voltage to power this charger.

So if you want to do a 12 volt, say battery bank youre going to have to turn it down for the minimum voltage to be 12 volt for a power bank to work. So keep that in mind. If you, if youre wanting to run this in the field, make sure your battery, whatever lipo, if youre using a lipo, make sure its above 16 volt to be able to to do that. So if you want to get into the system menu, you have to press. Stop here you cant make any system menu changes while youre making a charge so im going to say just for fun, im going to say, stop all long press on the jog wheel here and youll get into the system menu, and you can make changes in here. Like this, just go in here, input settings power, power, type, max power, max current lowest voltage for charging up. Turning this charger on is 16 volt, like i mentioned before, you can go down to security settings internal temperature safe time maximum time charging itll turn itself off. After 200 minutes of charging its a pretty long time continuous work on or off you can say on or off there, where completed, end or trickle im going to leave it on end, because i dont want it to sit there and trickle. We have balance start voltage. Always battery selection off backlight, you can change that up or down. You can also change the buzzer type.

You can change the tone of the buzzer, all the way down to a low tone or a high tone. So i kind of like it about on number six and language. You can have a bunch of different languages on here, like english, german, italian, portuguese, mandarin korean all kinds of languages here. So this is a nice like, like a world ready charger for any pretty much any country out there. So dark theme and light theme theres the light theme little harder to see. But i, like the dark theme, i i really. I think that one looks really cool and its easy to read. You can also you know, get rid of all your settings and take it back to the the factory settings so by clicking default and im not gon na. Do that and each one of these has a serial number and id on there as well to get out of this system menu. All you have to do is exit and then were back to the four up screen, but i think its a pretty versatile charger and if youre looking for kind of an updated, 4s 1s to 4s charger, this ones not a bad choice. But my favorite. For now guys, i always tell you my favorites on the channel and my most used charger is my toolkit, rc m6d, so ill leave some links down in the selection on the video description and use my code as always bg davis 2021.

When you pick up a charger, if you pick this one up, let me know how it does. If you have the m6d make some comments for the other guys, so they know what to get as well. So i appreciate all you guys in the community and check us out on facebook too guys, please do subscribe for some more rc reviews coming up on the channel more rc stuff, coming up on the drone, cams channel, im, justin davis guys take care and ill see.