This one here is the m6dac and uh, as the name implies it’s based off of the very popular m6d here. I still use this pretty much as my daily battery charger, but of course this is dc only you need to get the um ac dc power supply to use it indoors at home, or you can obviously plug it into a dc power source, a dc power supply Or battery to charge up other batteries, i did a review on this one already um there’s, not a lot of differences i’m going to cover them here in this video. But if you want to see all the settings and everything you do i’m going to for free to this original video and i’ll, just going to point out the differences between this one and the new model, so here’s everything that comes in the box, you get the Charger, of course, you get this uh usb c to a cable. This is for firmware updates, which occasionally come out when you may need to check the website. If you want to do firmware, updates, um and uh there’s, a usb c port in the back, you get an ac power, cable, of course, because this one has a built in ac power supply, which is the main difference between this one and the m6d that i Showed you previously it’s a slow, quick, quick start manual, there’s a full manual that’s also on the website. You should probably refer to that if you have any um questions, that’s downloadable, of course this is just a very brief sort of get getting started guide and it shows you like what all the parts are and stuff like that, and also your specs we’ll cover that Here very quickly, so, okay let’s look at the charger first.

So you get your you know a nice big screen, scroll wheel and button here everything is pretty nice. You have fan there for cooling uh different shaper, because the ac power supply is built in yeah there’s. A fan over there, i think it exhausts it out through this vent over here and then the back here. You have your usb type c, it does output up to 65 watts and it does you know all the fancy, usb usbc stuff power, delivery, etc. And then you have your um xd60 input here: 7 to 28 volts, i think up to 30 amps max, and then here is your ac input 100 to 240 volts, of course yeah. So spec wise, you know this. One does uh dc up to 700 watts or 350 watts per channel. Ac is only up to 200 watts that’s, pretty typical um uh ac is usually less and, as i mentioned usb c 65 watt output, three and a half inch ips display, so they get definitely bigger than on the original m60. I think that was a three inches. Now three and a half inch, obviously dimension wise it’s all way bigger because of the ac power supply that’s built in, and i believe the uh discharge. Um stuff is a little bit more advanced than this newer version and mainly uh. I think it’s 15 watts per channel if you’re just doing the normal discharge, if using the recycle mode, which i think is a new one, this one is not on the old one.

You can get to 350 watts of discharge per channel in the recycle mode. Basically, what it does it uh, whatever you’re wanting to discharge, you plug it in here, and it will actually recycle into some sort of a battery that you’re going to plug in in the back end that’s how that works. They basically turn on the recycle mode, and, if you, if you want to um, put the battery back into a battery another battery, you’ll just charge it out of the smaller batteries into the bigger one that it’s actually acting as an input. It’Ll actually reverse it and send the power the other way and that’s. Why it’s a lot faster because it’s, basically just instead of the power coming in this direction, from the input to the output it’s going in the reverse direction? That’S why you can get the maximum 350 watts if you want to do really fast, discharging use that recycle mode. That will work, but obviously you want to use it with a battery some sort of thing that can accept power uh. You don’t want to use that with a power supply. I think that, with a power supply, you’ll get an error. It doesn’t actually work at all all right, let’s, go and power. This up typical dual channel screen here, of course, and let’s just do a little sample charge now it’s interesting there’s, a little light here. That’S new looks like this when something’s plugged in i think that might change when it’s actually fully charged, it might turn green.

I think – and that is all you can see, that here as well, that is not on any of the older chargers. That’S, actually something that’s new the charge is very basically, you want to choose a channel. It lights up the channel 2. If you don’t want over here, then press your scroll wheel, select your battery type. I usually leave everything auto here charge current um let’s see this is a 1550, so that’s a little bit more than one c that’s fine. But if you want to do 1c, then you change it to one and a half amps, and then you go down here and scroll to hit start charge to 16.8. Okay – and you can see here, this battery is almost full already anyway, but um. You can see the internal resistance numbers there, as well as the other stats uh. You can see the input voltage of this. This is a just a forced, lithium ion battery here and that’s, getting drained down to 14.68 volts now, but yeah that’s, uh. Obviously, it’ll go to 4.2 volts and i’ll stop go ahead and stop this here. It works yeah pretty much the same. I don’t see any differences here between this and the m6d. If you want to go into the charger settings, i think you long press the scroll button and then here you can change your input settings if you want. These are all adjustable, of course, security settings. This is free for safety.

Um. This, i think, is a new synchronous mode is off on default, but if it’s on you can actually um combine both channels and charge like a really big battery. If you need to do that at a higher rate, um that’s, if you want to get the full 700 watts, you can do that if you um want to combine both channels, you have to turn that on, but uh i’ve actually never used that i don’t have Anything that big, where it needs that much power plus, if you use it, if you use that mode on a smaller battery, you’re, probably going to cause a fire so that wouldn’t test it on a smaller battery. You know all the other settings. Look the same. You can change your theme style here from light to dark yeah i like dark, and that is it here and not not really um other than the the fact that they had the ac. They actually upped the uh the dc power from 700 watts. Here it was previously 500 watts, so obviously the spec wise it’s a little bit better and they added the built in ac as well as better Music discharge and rate and the recycle mode, if you’re, using the reverse, recycle mode on the discharging. That is new and that’s, pretty much it. Otherwise, as you know, it’s pretty much the same as the m6d just has the ac function and it’s a little bit bigger, but otherwise it seems like it’s working the same as before anyway.