So a lot of quads and a lot of planes. I don't have a lot of batteries. They are increasingly hard to get hold of a New Zealand and when you can, they cost a fortune, which is why I use the China hobby line batteries which have proven to be pretty damn good. But even then I don't have a lot of and I'm getting a lot of smaller quads now and so I've got batteries for five inch. Quads 1304 sells and I got battery supplies that I've only got a few of these little batteries. For many couple. For the tiny quads, the 3 inch quads and a bit of a problem. Well, it was a problem because I've got something that'll help. Now let me move these out of the way for a moment. Talk at our sea they've been doing a lot of cool stuff. Recently and I've seen me use, this is one of the little pocket charges. I use one of these in my flight pack all the time – and you know I've already reviewed the little fast charges here. This is the 400 watt one fantastic Fondren what's in exercise. Brilliant absolutely fantastic, they've also done a whole lot of other stuff, like the the toolkit stuff with the servo testers and what sort of stuff there's so many good products and they're all reasonably priced as well, and today then I'm gon na be looking at this it's. A new product and it's upside down because we live in the southern hemisphere.

Let me fix that for you, northern hemisphere, viewers. This is the m6d and it's another charger. Oh man, I won't unbox it but we'll. Take it out the box. Oh nice pages for the ear to get past month. Alright get going get going there we go there, it is it's another one of these charges or the Edison plug down again. Here we go. No are these little fast fuel charges, so why am I so excited about this one what's so different about between that and that? Well, this one is a 500 watt version, but, more importantly, more importantly, is it's a dual charge, see it's, got two XT 60s and to balance port connectors one xt60 on the back for connecting up your power source, whether it be a simple lead like this, with Some crocodile clips to throw across your car battery this doesn't come by the way. This is an extra you got ta buy this yourself, you don't. The only leads you get with. This is a USB lead, for, I think, for maybe reprogramming I'm, not sure, but you don't get any leads with this, so you have to provide your own leads now. The beauty of this thing is that if I've only got a few batteries on I've got four of these batteries. Here at the moment I go out, I got four fully charged batteries. I have four flights. Why have three flights or I have one flight and then I start recharging the the battery that I've just flattened, but it takes you know even on a high C charge.

Was this handled quite well, even if I charge it at five C, it still takes about 20 minutes to charge a battery because they pretty quickly get up to the top in and they start the charge rate tails off, no matter what you set it to so It means I still spend a lot of time sit on the ground waiting for batteries to charge. Now this will change everything. This changes, everything. Let me let me demonstrate this for you, so you can see what I'm talking about for the purposes of this test. I'M. Gon na power, this from my 4s 5200 milliamp battery pack it'll take anything up to 30, something volts, maybe more. I can't remember it's all only a link in the description to the speech sheet for this because that's, where you'll find it all or details, no point in me telling you stuff, you can look at yourself, so this simply plugs in the back and there we go And you can hear it's got a fan, so let's take a closer look at the screen or show you how it works. Here we go so, as you can see, it is dual channel. We'Ve got two channels. This little button here changes the active Channel. You can see the little colour surround there and now, as you select the channel you're working on so let's work on this channel, and you can see at the moment it's not got any voltage, no current there's, nothing on the cell voltages.

It tells us that the moment point for five volts in with no current draw and it's from our four cell battery pack I'm gon na I'm gon na play a battery in I've got no these EV NXT 30. So I've had to put an adapter on to go to xt60 it's, the only downside of not having things but again you'll have to do that and we have these little balance port connectors. Here you can remember which way they go and it's negative to the left. So I plug it in like so it pays to plug the balance port adapter in before you plug in the main lead in my experience now see automatically our cell voltages have appeared here, so this one does need a charge. Three point: seven, six volts roughly so I now plug in the the main charge lead like so, and we get our fifteen point. Oh six, volts appearing up here now. One thing I noticed when I was I'm did a first take of this video the other day. This ldia this this definitely this you very likewise, and it goes through a jst, connector and there's. Quite a bit of voltage drop in this lead. So this, if you'll see they fix their voltage drop when we do the charging yeah I've got another battery here, here's. Another one of these pecs let's put this on the other channel and likewise see if we can get that to charge at the same time and which way is negative which place positive.

I can never remember which way it goes must go this way there we go plug in the sorry I'm doing this a bit cockeyed but it's hard to do plug in the balance connector and then plug in the main battery port. Here here we go so now. We'Ve got two channels operative. These batteries are a similar state of charge. What I'm gon na do first of all is going to go through and it's. If I cycle through the current channel, you can see where it's standby got our selves out, atures that's. All we give standby cell voltages let's go to standby, let's press the button, and here we go. This is where we set it up. It'S really simple: we've got better, you can set a whole lot of defaults and here I've just got one at the moment. So you might have you might use this for charging your 500 quad batteries and your 3 inch quad batteries and some aircraft batteries and pre program will, let us say, have to fart around doing what I'm going to do now. So I'm, just gon na slick their enemy, a battery type at the top here, which is lipo, obviously cell, count. What I seems to be very reliable, I'd leave it on auto. Unless you have a battery that is really over discharged donor, you know, might get the wrong cell cap, but you can set it to any of your like then we've got mode as charged as 3 modes, there's charge discharge and storage.

So that's, all you need charge is always a balance charge, of course, in voltage. If you've got some four point, three or four point four to five packs, you know the high voltage packs you can adjust the end voltage most the time just wan na leave that for point two and then you get your charge current and I'm gon na charge. These at one amp because I'm, not in a hurry and they'll, give me more time to talk about it. Here we go one amp. So now I just go down here to start and it'll say: yep charge it. Sixteen point, eight volts and away we go here. We go charging, you can see the current there. I set it to one amps, that's it's close enough to one out there's the terminal voltage, and while this is happening, we've got all the parameters here. We'Ve got charging for cell lithium, polymer and 4.2 volts per cell. At 1 amp, but we can still step through you can see. These are individual cell voltages, and you can see this is switching around. Basically, I don't know, maybe I think, it's balancing then what's doing they are showing the high cells haven't read the manual it's. So easy I didn't need to read the manual that's fantastic. I think. If you go again, it gives you the internal resistance of the cells, but not straightaway. It seems to take some time before it. There we go here.

We go so that's the internal resistance of the battery 17 milliamps to 1550 17 millions it's, not too bad for a little tiny battery like that. So now we can do the other channel we just step over there. We go through the process again press the button and it's remembered from that channel. So I've got one amp charge just go through here we go everything. Is there auto charge, one amp and start? Yes? Okay, and now we got both channels: charging brilliant I'm charging. Two batteries at once, it means I'll, get more flying and I'd have to wait so long it up. The top here is telling us that our supply voltages drop down to 16 points free because we've got a load on it and it's, drawing about two amps out of the 4s battery, which is about right. We just point three watt hours and there's a temperature here. Nineteen point nine degrees. Now the fan it's got a fan in it. The fan kicks in at about 45 degrees, which is good. It doesn't kick in too early because otherwise just makes noise, but once the fan kicks – and it really does keep it at that or below 45 degrees C, which is excellent, so I'll just check and see what the internal resistance of this battery here is. There we go cells coming up and again – and probably here we go so this one is a little bit better condition than the other one.

This is 16 milli ohms. This is 14 milliamps. I think I've probably Thresh this one a little bit too hard, but there we go simple as that sit your charger two batteries at once at the field, while you're flying your other batteries, it's brilliant, I love it. This is gon na mean I get so much more flight time with a limited number of batteries and what's not to like yeah excellent. If there was anything that I'd like, maybe it would be having an OLED display rather than an LCD because I'm not sure how this is gon na perform in bright, sunlight, LCDs tend to color LCDs don't tend to perform that well and bright sunlight at the moment. It'S a winter here we don't have any bright, sunlight it's all been sent over to Australia for the winter. We don't get it here, some version all supplied quarantined. So there you go that's it. What more can I say is nothing else to say it just charges until the battery full in the know where you go and, of course you can use it to put your batteries on storage yeah. It comes with a very comprehensive manual which you can spindle winter reading if your sudden here's the manual for those, if you want to read it it's it honestly, I said just a sheet of paper, but, as you can see, I haven't actually read the manual, but It was easy enough to work out how to drive it, and the key fact is that it's 500 Watts total sets 250 watts per channel up to 15 amps per channel.

So as long as you got a big enough battery to drive it, you can charge your cows come home and it really does seem quite efficient. It doesn't get warm and sending out Chinese little batteries, and I just love it it's fantastic. I can spend more time flying which is really the whole goal of any piece of kit for you for your flight box. You want it to be helping. You fly as safely and as long as you can here we go that's it. I think this is definitely a big thumbs up products, it's excellent product for people like me, who are lipo poor and model rich and just want to get more flying time and so yeah. I think you took it. I see let's talk. Audacity, yes took it. I see another excellent, not a fine product from this range of little charges and accessory items that every model should have because they're just invaluable there you go thanks for watching comments to the usual place. They get about patreon supporters. You make this all possible.