So, basically to start you do down and in and then take off. Is this button? Oh sorry, let me get my finger out of there. Oh there. We go and then this is return to home and that’s calibration that’s the power button so we’re about to take off and film on my phone and then yeah there. We go guys alrighty, so we’re filming i’m gon na try to line these up as best as i possibly can. I don’t even um, with that drone um, but i’m filming me right now: uh pretty decent camera, so this will be 1080p there’s, no gimbal uh yeah. The unboxing at the end of the video um yeah, i really appreciate you guys like and subscribe and comment any video ideas down below i’ll heart, um, i’ll, heart them and reply. So here we go flying it on down there um. You know i thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to review this drone, because all the reviews i saw were super long and they weren’t really helpful um, at least for me, but uh they’re, supposed to be 350 meter range on this thing. Uh at 100 meter altitude i’ve had trouble hooking up to the gps. Actually i don’t know if you guys have a fix for that. I don’t know. If you do leave in the comments down below please i don’t know it. You know it’s very still without gps um, but i don’t know i don’t know i like it it’s supposed to be 4k camera.

I don’t i’m saying i think i’d be upscaled 4k uh, but you know i don’t know uh from the looks of it, maybe 1080p. So right now, i’m, just flying my drone i’m going to do the review well, while i’m flying it, you guys can. Basically you know you don’t have to stay on this page. If you guys just want to listen um, but you know it’s a pretty good overall drone, i got it for christmas. I really like it it’s a good budget drone. I think it’s really good for the price. Like i said, i haven’t been able to get the gps hooked up. Well, it is really still, but the gps mode has like the circle me and all that kind of stuff uh. So i believe the modes are circle me uh waypoint, i um there’s a little other one return to home. You know you don’t, need a return home it’s way more, accurate, obviously via the gps um, but i don’t know i wouldn’t recommend using it return to home, with at least without the gps, um yeah. If you guys, like these kind of videos, you know i can get more drones and review them. If you guys have any like to see me review, uh leave them in the comments down below um or, if you guys, like some other videos, i have some good fishing videos that i’m probably gon na. You know at least some good things i want to film for fishing.

I should say um i would like to film uh. Well, child scene is almost over it’s january 4th the lakes aren’t frozen over, yet so there’s really no ice fishing, not much hunting. So i don’t know if you guys, like i said any video ideas just tell me and i’ll try to do them, trying to grow the channel here you guys are wondering the time is 4. 30 right now, like i said the lighting’s not great right now, so the camera’s not going to be it’s at its peak let’s get the drone away from here. The battery life i’d say is 15 to 18 minutes. It says that advertises just 20, but you know close enough and that’s a really good battery time. At least i think it comes with about two batteries which you guys will see in the unboxing nice controller too it’s a folding controller, all right there we go we’re getting some range on it now guys. I would like to try it um at its full range, but i don’t really trust the return to home too much um. I don’t know i like the drone. I can leave a link for it in the description uh. Basically, all you have to do to set it up is go on your phone. Uh connect, the wi, fi and um. You know you’re ready to fly. You can calibrate it too, which helps sorry about the dark dog barking with the drone dogs.

You know over there not much more talking about. I will show you guys how to set it up in the unboxing um. I don’t have time to unbox it, at least in the daylight, so i’ll do that uh when i get home, so i don’t know i’m trying to get better at flying some drugs. So if you guys dips i’m, not bad, though at least i don’t think i am, i don’t know if you guys have recommendations for drones to get there. You go, but i i really like this. I drone know the reviews i’ve seen they. They talk really bad about it, but i’ve had i don’t know i’ve had good luck with it. I think it’s a decent drone for the price. So there i am like i said: i’ll try to uh try to line this up as best as i possibly can. I don’t have an sd card in the drone right now um, but it does work. You slide it right in the back again. I’Ll show you that in the unboxing uh should there’s vr mode on here should work there’s, also emergency, stop which you show, which is a stop button. You press that red button um, but i really i really like the drone i’m thinking about doing some drone fishing with it, which i think will be a cool idea. You know i’ve seen him in salt water for like sharks, but we don’t live near salt water.

So that’s really cool. I got to put my hood up. Oh all, right i mean that drone is just rock solid right now so probably been flying for about eight minutes, which is uh. You know not bad, but if you’re flying just kind of fpv like this don’t look don’t look kind of like where the drone is i’d recommend just kind of looking at your screen. That’S one thing i am trying to get better about just kind of looking at your screen and focusing on that, or else everything will kind of be backwards, trying to make sure we’re good here um. So when you’re flying there will be green lights flashing and when you have low battery it will return to home it’s hard to override it. But what i’d recommend is kind of grabbing the bottom like that and then kind of turning it over and the blades will stop that’s what i found to be the best i’m, making sure i’m not too low all right guys not much more to talk about. But if you guys would just like some footage of me flying it yeah here, you go so i’m, not gon na talk too much, but you know i basically went over all the features there. We go i’m just trying to go around some of them trees down there over here. The only thing i i wish this drone had was a gimbal okay, it’s, not bad. I just i’m trying to find out some techniques i’m flying this with the fpv.

I don’t know if you guys like to see any film with this in the videos. Let me know i think i will but it’s not going to be professional. I don’t have any dji drones or anything. My channel won’t be all drone reviews, it’ll be outdoor videos and that kind of stuff there’s someone in the past there. Let me get out right: Music, okay, guys so right now, he’s doing return to home and get out of his way. So you can’t override it. If you kind of like move it around uh, but this this battery is not fully charged, i kind of messed around with it a little bit a couple days ago, i’m gon na go over here and rap real, quick Music. All right guys. Let me turn up control, real, quick and show you guys, so i don’t like to return to home. I don’t really trust it. Basically, um i’d rather fly back myself here’s the drum uh. It looks like a mavic mini it’s under 250 grams folds up your eyes. Let me unfold it real, quick, no particular way you need to unfold it upside down, nice, bright, green lights. Here, uh it’s, a nice drone. As you can see, that’s the battery. I have one left, uh one dot. So all right, i’m gon na turn this off real, quick here’s, the sensors camera. It can go fully 90 degrees under or probably 90 degrees straight that way, uh you just hold it to turn on and off nice batteries comes.

You know, two of these. So all right, guys, i’m gon na show you guys the unboxing right now. I hope you guys enjoyed the flying part but see you at home all right, guys, we’re back here about to do the unboxing, as you guys can tell um. So before we get off very very nice case yeah, i got a nice handle here, always zoom out a little bit if you guys hear a buzzing noise that’s, just my fish tanks, but nice handle nice, zippers uh, so let’s get into this thing. Okay, first thing: you see very well packaged um. This is basically how i got it there. Everything was in little baggies, except for these things, but so first thing we’ll start off with is the cords um. So it comes with a micro, usb com, samsung chargers, but you know or whatever, so you also have this thing, which is the main charger for the battery i’ll, get into what this charges in in a second here um. So you have this battery right here, and so you plug it in through here. So you get you clip it on here and then you just pops off there. You go slide it right in so it’ll be a red light, solid red light with a flashing green light and then, when it’s charged it’ll be a solid red light and a solid green light a little weird, but nothing so you can’t tell just two of them: Let’S look right up here in these cases it’s kind of straight up here, okay, so next thing you have your micro usb um.

It goes in here right, right right here, as you can see. So this does not take batteries so it’s a nice controller flips up uh, take off uh calibration return to home, as i said earlier, uh the little arms very smooth, joysticks the on button and then basically to connect the ego up down, which i’ll show you guys Right after the unboxing, how i set this up, but anyway, this just plugs in here nothing just like a phone charger would or whatever kind of fun you have. But i like the charging, i think it’s unique um. So then we have some drop guards very light. Now you get four of them, obviously, and then so here they are real. Quick i’ll show you how to put those on whenever i pull out the drone um. So the next thing we have here is some extra props, um it’s a brushed motor drone, but don’t. Let that, like scary away from buying it’s for me, it acts like a brushless motor. You know little props. Obviously the folding props it’s, affordable drone um. I haven’t tried to take any off yet kind of saving them unless they get really damaged and they’re all scratched. But so right up here we have the drone without the battery let’s zoom out a little bit it’s pretty easy has drawn probably something that’s, a mavic mini um, but basically no specific way to fold it out. Now these these propellers have fit a bunch of things.

Uh i say the worst damage is probably i don’t know if you can even see its little nick yeah kind of right there, a little nick that came out. The worst damage has happened to these things very durable, um yeah. The worst thing that’s happened on here is this piece popped out a little bit, nothing too bad, so i’m, going to show you guys how to put the propeller or the prop guards on so there’s this little opening new. This i like to do is pop it in you’re done just like that, and you get it out. You just pull it easy as that super easy to get out um. So basically, the unboxing guys uh now on to uh how to set it up all right guys now, we’re gon na show you uh how to hook it up so you’ve drawn you unfold. It here right just like that, you hold that in until those lights come on right there, this one’s not fully charged it’s half charged. As you can see, then you unfold these pop it open. Okay, just turn that on that’ll start flashing um, you can you’re going to go up down now, it’s ready to go, take it off you’re, going to hold them down and in and then press the takeoff button i’m. Not going to do it because we’re inside here um and then this is the camera, these two i’ll buttons. You guys this one pretty good movement and you can take your photo or video from your phone or you can take it from you.

You actually put an sd card micro, sd right uh, here, i’m gon na turn this off just so i don’t fly it um. So, basically all you do with your phones. Once you get that hooked up, they’re going to your wi fi and they’ll, be a tom’s on d65 network you’re, just gon na press on that go into the app and if you would like to calibrate it, you know you go through the steps that has it Right there, if you don’t, want to calibrate it like i did, um or just didn’t really work for me. You just fly and like you saw it was rock solid. So if you guys enjoyed this video i’d really appreciate, if you guys like and consider subscribing um, if you guys comment, i’ll respond and um, you know give it a heart, any comments and if you guys have any video ideas, comment um and if you guys subscribe, You know you can comment subscribe.