This is this little under 250 grand that’s really important a lot of people. Brushless gps drone features a it says. You know some things say: 4k it’s a bit deceiving it’s a 1080p video camera that films at 25 frames per. Second, it does have the ability to upscale using your phone to 4k photos that’s, why it says hdr they’re. Talking about you know, uh upscale photo on your phone. Everything on this drone is saved to your phone via the wi fi, so unfortunately, there’s no sd card slot in here, so you are going to deal with drop frames and all that stuff we’ll have to see how well it works on this drone. So that’s a bit unfortunate, i did mention that in the table review it does also have optical flow. So if you disable the gps, you’ll use that or if you’re indoors or somewhere, where you’re flying but there’s, not a good gps lock on this little guy. But for what i’ve heard this drone flies pretty nice? I just don’t expect a ton from the camera at this price point, but we’ll see how it works. It also advertises eis which electronic image stabilization. I don’t think that works from what i’ve heard um that’s again. Unfortunately, not uncommon, sometimes these you know the eis, you know they advertise it and it doesn’t work or it doesn’t work enough to even be noticeable so um it just has. The eis is what they say again.

Your phone would be doing that yeah yeah. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na i’ll power. This guy on i’ll, put him on my helipad and we’ll. Take him out here, get it connected to the wi fi, get the app open and i’ll use a screen recording because since it’s the same as the gallery, it’s the only going to be the only difference will be the icons for the app and it’s a lot. You guys like to see the app and the features and all that stuff in this drone, so we’ll take it up and we’ll fly it around. Here now um we had a ton of rain. If i try to fly in front of my, i can’t leave the house today, unfortunately, and if i go to the front of the house, i’ve got basketballs bouncing and cars going by it’s very difficult to talk. So i want to film here in the backyard but it’s very muddy, so i’m not going to be able to test to follow me. You know that feature usually works decent on these drones. I’Ll try to do a circle mode, since i should be able to do that sand here, and i got the tarmac down here on this area of the rock where i can stand and we’ll see on return to home, how accurate it is, if it’s off by A lot i may have to correct it, because obviously i don’t want it to slam into the house so i’m going to stop the video get this guy powered up and get it connected to the wi fi.

I don’t always show that if you’re interested you just go into your phone settings, find the drill in the list. It’Ll say tom’s on something, or it may only may have a different name drone or something just press that if your phone says that there’s no internet, that’s, fine, just say, okay go past that then open up the app and you shake your video feed and away. You go it’s that simple it’s, really not something necessary. Just gon na make this video that much longer. If i show all those steps, i do show it sometimes, but you have issues with the screen recorder and rotating the phone from portrait to landscape and all that. So i’m gon na stop the video get all that connected and we’ll get up in the air and see how this guy does so i’ll, be right, back, okay, guys so i’m going to cut into the video right here, because one thing that i mentioned in this Video that this drone has, i also mentioned in the table review – was the advertisers had it having eis or electronic image stabilization now, as you will see coming up, it doesn’t appear like that works, and the reason why is there is an option that’s hidden with an App that you have to go into to turn it on. I don’t i’ve heard it doesn’t work that great, but it does improve on the quality. So in the fight video you’re going to see coming up from the screen, recording that’s going to be completely unstabilized it’s, like 40 mile per hour winds today and there’s no way.

I can get this drone back up in the air fairly and test that out. But i want to show you guys how you do turn this on in the app now you may need to make sure you’re. The latest version of the app which i do have and you’ll go into it and we’ll turn this on. I want to give a big thank you to jay drone and jason boyle j drone and david weichel, who are both in my facebook group, who pointed this out, and i think jay also made he did what he did make a short video on how to uh. Do the same thing i’m, showing you guys right now, so if you get this drone make sure you do turn this on and your smartphone will actually do. The eis which i mentioned is what should happen but it’s in a weird spot at the beginning of the app i’ve seen this before i just missed it, so it happens. So i want to show you guys how you do that, so what you’re going to do is you’re going to select the d40 here in the menu and then the next screen before you enter into the fpv feed. You go up to the upper right hand corner. It shows you that my app version is 1.0.78 there’s, a firmware version 2.0.2. So you need that newest, app, i’m, pretty sure for it to work, click, the gear and then you’re going to see that language record app, update and stabilization.

Now you click on update, like it tells me that i already have the latest version of the app. So if you might want to, if you don’t, have that try that and see now i had it the latest version, but i didn’t have the stabilization. So you know i’ve tried it with the drone on and off right now i am connected to the drone. I don’t think that should matter because your phone’s doing the work just try, killing the app out or restart your phone load, the app back up and then hopefully that stabilization will appear like it did for me. So i’m just going to click on on and then click on the back here. If you want to confirm it’s on click the gear again and you can see it’s there now your phone when you go in – and i do have it connected now. So if i click on let’s, say preparations it’s going to want me to calibrate and all that stuff and it’ll probably make me do the compass calibration, which it will let’s see. If i can skip that yeah now, we are in the actual um video feed and there should be some stabilization and it does look to me like it may be working somewhat here. Just about hold it in my hand, it’s gon na still tilt you’ll probably have a little more lag because your phone has to process that uh eis. You know it crops it and and tries to stabilize it, and in doing so you know it’s going to probably introduce a little bit more lag into your video feed, because it’s got to do that.

First, you know it’s my understanding. It could be doing it in the background and then saving that version to the gallery and your fpv feed might not be stabilized, so that’s a possibility as well all right guys. So that shows you how to get the eis going on the drone let’s get back. Now to the video all right guys, i got the drone finally ready to go. I am having a heck of a time getting my cell phone to stay into this clip i’ve, never really seen a drone that uses those rubber pieces. You got to make sure you really get up underneath it. I’Ve dropped it like five times and now. I’Ve shattered the corner of my phone and got a crack right here. So i’m gon na not be in the best of mood i’m, pretty uptight about how i keep my phone and i’ve never had a phone which i’ve cracked my screen – and this is my good cell phone – i’ve tracked it. So you can see the life of a reviewer, the things we go through just to try to help you guys uh i’ve, cracked, my screen on my phone, because it just flies out i’ve, had other drones over the years where they don’t want to hold the phone. Sometimes the curved backs, like the old lg g3 i had or four had a curved back. I didn’t fly out of clips all the time, but kind of disappointed that i cracked this from a rather short fall, but it just hit it just right to do that.

So i’ve got a screen recording going here now. I believe i make sure i do actually i’m going to start it right now, so we got a screen recording going now. So now we can record the video, as you guys see when you start up the app i’ve already connected to the wi fi, just called tom’s on something. Rather, you go into the app and it says calibrate it there now, if you don’t, want to calibrate it through the app let’s say you’re, just flying with the controller. Only it’s both sticks, um, actually it’s. The compass button right on top of here both sticks down and in does your gyro calibration, which we’ll try to do here in a moment if it doesn’t ask us to, but the app does. The instruction manual suggests that do it from the app just to be safe, so that’s. What we’re going to do now so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to press the calibrate button, it says, calibrate it may be doing a gyro right. There let’s see now it’s gon na that’s. What that was the first one is the gyro calibration again. If you want to do it, do it manually, it both sticks down and in now it wants to do the compass calibration. So it says to pick it up and turn it so we’re gon na turn it and then it should beep and we have power on the drone still sometimes these now.

I think it wants us to go face down until we get another beep and we’re all done so that’s. The one thing you got to do you got to calibrate the compass on these drones. Okay. Now first thing i always like to check on these drones is to make sure there’s not any kind of restrictions in terms of any kind of beginners mode, and we are in beginners mode, so i’m going to turn that off and we’re going to set the max Height uh i’m, going to i always like to set it all the way up, so let’s delete let’s, delete that and put a hundred next and a hundred for the distance done. They’Re both set click save all right. We shouldn’t have any restrictions on the drone. If this all works correctly, you want to do that first thing: when you get it, if you’re new to drones, keep it in beginners mode, so you don’t get it too far away i’m familiar enough with these after five years, reviewing them that i feel pretty comfortable To fly this drone outside of beginners mode, so i don’t want to be capped on the height and distance here as i’m. Reviewing the drone so we’re recording again um. We should see this should look identical to what we see in the gallery. It’S, just you’re going to have the icons and such on here, as i said i’m, not going to be able to test follow me today.

There is a called human tracking when you look at the only thing: human trafficking and that’s like the active or dynamic track. When you draw a box around a person that works only if you are an optical flow mode and you have to be using just the app you can’t be connected to the controller, so it’s just over the wi fi i’m, not going to test that mostly won’t Use that, because you want to use the controller, i mean who wants to fly with the phone, so be aware that some of those other smart features are finicky. They only work in optical flow mode and they only work if you’re connected to just the phone. Only so let’s go ahead and we’ll take it up now, we’re going to do both sticks down and out, and then we can go ahead and do the auto takeoff. Okay, it may be a little close to you guys. So if you didn’t see it take off it’s because i’m standing so close and there’s a decent breeze today, but the next few days supposed to be 30 mile per hour wind. So i can’t fly this drone in that condition so that’s why i’m settling flying it here at the house, despite the fact that i can’t get it out, i can’t walk out in that mud very easily, so i mean the camera quality looks good to me. I see nice colors in the green of the grass, but it is wobbling a lot, so you know obviously there’s not really, if there’s any eis it’s only working marginally.

Now there are three speed rates on this drone. This should be the lowest one, just tap this that’s, the middle one and then here’s uh. That should be the highest one, looks like the yaw doesn’t change, much so it’s gon na be just in the pitch and the speed of the drone. Since the wind’s. Picking up i’m going to fly in the highest rate or the middle right and it looks oh, it looks like we lost the video fee from oh. It looks like it’s back now. I want to make sure that we don’t lose that because then you wouldn’t have anything to see. Now. If you want to record the video the gallery, you can press the long presses video button or you can also start it within the app as well since you’re. Just recording a wi, fi feed let’s move it over here i’m going to do like a uh, a manual drony. If we can do that and go ahead, and do that now see it’s kind of it’s it really without a gimbal it’s tough to do a droney on these because let’s go ahead and let’s tilt the uh, the gimbal down a little bit let’s see. Is this going to go down? Okay, i want to make sure this phone doesn’t fly out of the case again let’s go ahead and try it again. Yeah there we go, i got ta say it flies really really nice. I like how this drone flies flies great, but yeah i mean we’re, just we’re, just using a a fixed camera that has a 90 degree tilt guys so i’m gon na go ahead and we’ll we’ll raise the gimbal uh the camera tilt back up.

I think they advertise to have like 800 meter range again. You’Ll, probably get that with the controller but you’re not about to get that on the wi. Fi feed fly it up on this little farm house. I believe this lady that lives there. I think that this house probably owned all this property at one time, let’s, just uh we’ll call it back now. I’Ll fly it over this way. A little bit. The camera looks pretty good to me. It’S, getting a little bit choppy there and we’re out um let’s, see, looks like 65 meters i’m, not very far: it’s it’s, still fine i’m gon na tilt it down a little bit. These drones tend to cap out about 150 meters or so yeah. The camera looks pretty darn good to me and i think photos may look pretty good it’s just going to be you’re not going to have great quality on the video, but in terms of stability because of all the wobbling and stuff let’s go ahead and see. If we can do a return to home, i believe it’s this. It should fly back here and again. I will move over here and i’m going to if it makes any it’s off by any decent amount, it’s going up in its height, and you can’t change that some drones give you an ability to change that height. I will correct it if there’s any issues with the uh. You know if it’d be an awful lot, usually they’re off by a few feet, sometimes six feet.

Three to six feet is pretty common on these toy drones. Now we we’ve the apps, kicked back to the calibrate screen, so let’s go ahead and we’ll we’ll bring it down and we’ll kick back into the app and see if we can get reconnected to the uh. The video feed, but i lost the uh. The video feed let’s see if it comes back yeah it did. I may have hit something i may have hit the back arrow. With my palm of my hand too. It looks like it’s going to be a little off so i’m, going to bring it over we’ll land right there. So it was going to let’s see if it stops beeping. If not we’ll cancel it. It stopped. It was gon na land about on the edge of my pool being constructed here, so that was gon na be off by about six feet, which is usually about what i see within six feet. Three to six is usually common. It doesn’t, if they land on the tarmac or the helipad i’m super excited, but that’s pretty uncommon on these toy drones that don’t have any other assistance besides the gps’s they’re using gps alone, so this is fly is great and it’s really lightweight. So i think, if someone’s a beginner, you want to look just for a drone to buy amazon so far, i’m really impressed with the way this drone flies it’s. Just again, you have to be okay with the video not being super stable.

You know on this and also make sure you do extend the antennas, because this drone does have one active antenna. I don’t know which one it was because you can see the wire in there, so let’s go ahead and we’ll start up. The props let’s go ahead and manually take off yeah. This must fly super good now, i think brian over at tdr, true drone reviews and e bikes. I think he reviewed the orange version of this. I don’t remember with sjrc i can’t remember the name of the brand who actually makes this drone that tom’s on uh then re uh brands it he also. I think he really. I remember, watching him fly around a parking lot. He really liked it as well. In terms of the way it flew, you just have to be okay with that video, so we’ll get into these options. Let me take this off and back it out, so i can keep it in my camera. Now you’ve got some options in here. Here’S, a circle me mode inside of here is where you’re gon na get some of those like uh the dynamic or active tracking, which we cannot do now. The palm here is for start shooting video and photos using your hand, gestures. That again is one that i think that has to be only connected to your phone and then you’ve got uh. I believe, it’s, your um. The follow me gps, which is the one below it i can’t do that, like i said, i don’t have a place to walk i’m gon na be caked in mud.

So sorry about that, below that you got your circle me and then below that you’ve got, you can trace route draw a route for it to go and your waypoint missions. So we could do a waypoint but i’m. Not gon na usually have enough battery to do that in the review, but like a lot of other features, you have to be connected to just the phone, so let’s go ahead and try to circle me and see if we can get it to go. Looks like circle right there. It doesn’t mention that in instruction i mean it mentions just setting it with the sticks and the speed let’s see if i can get it to go here and circle use a circle, a circle use to find the circling. Okay, i think it means we go over here and we set this as our center and then submit and there it should go. And then you can adjust the speed with the right and left of the stick and then you can adjust the radius. I believe by pressing it, but sometimes these can be there it’s going. I think. Well, i may have done just a super small one let’s now is it going now yeah, i think so it’s hard to set, i like to set the radius of these using your um, the phone in the app setting it with the stick. I find to be pretty goofy let’s go ahead and cancel that and bring it forward here and try it again.

I don’t like that i’ve always been had, as you can see a little bit confused because you don’t know when it’s doing what um let’s press that let’s fly over here and set this at the middle it’s so hard to read that i can’t. Please make sure the flight height is higher than the surrounding buildings. Yeah sending data it’s spinning around it’s going to fly out, but i don’t know if it’s actually going to go. Sometimes it takes these drones, but now it’s rotating and what i may have done. There is, i may have it set to rotate like one foot, because i didn’t i didn’t, give it any inputs, so let’s try it one more time. I know i look kind of silly here not getting that, but because it kind of flies out let’s, take it out away, see if we can set that. So you want to set it about right there and let’s say that way. Will it go now? It seems like it just wants to spin on its yaw axis. I don’t know i don’t know guys. These can be goofy like i said, because they won’t use the sticks. It says, use the right. Stick. I’M doing it. It flies out a little ways that could be i’m missing something i cannot read that little fine print. I read the instruction manual from cover to cover so it’s, not like i didn’t read it. I made it extra special, careful it mentioned setting it with the stick, but i didn’t mention anything about setting that center point that i noticed so anyway, guys i don’t know i mean again that’s a feature.

A lot of people are not going to use a whole lot because the camera you want to video record an object when you’re circling and you want to be stable, but yeah i mean this thing flies super. You want just a great flyer. Look how sporty! That is, you want a really nice flyer, really nice flyer it’s, very stable. It handles pretty good wind. It has a good flight time. I mean we got half a battery still that holds the gps position. Well, so if you get it out of ways – and you can call it home, we saw it work really well that’s. What you want gps should be a fail safe. It should be a way for you to call the drone back if you get out. If you lose your wi fi signal you get too far, you lose your orientation and something like that and to be able to park it like this, but otherwise you just fly this around like for fun. You don’t need to uh don’t. What i’m saying is don’t rely on the gps, as your only means use it as a crutch, maybe in case you need it, but just fly let’s go ahead and let’s try kicking it out of gps mode. Now it should be an optical flow. I want to see sometimes the drones get sportier. I can’t really tell if it is but let’s see it shouldn’t if it kicks to optical flow, which it may it usually doesn’t hold as well, but right now the gps should be off, which means, if you want to return to home it’s, not going to because It’S no longer knows it’s, gps coordinates yeah.

This is awesome flyer. If you’re interested in this drone i’ve got i’ll, have a purchase link at amazon through tomson. These always have two day shipping. Usually they provide you guys with a coupon. You can clip so don’t make sure you just just check mark it and you get that discount. If i get any codes, i’ll include it. Sometimes they give me a code that i can include that gives you an additional savings. So if i have one i’ll include that, if you have any problems, you know you can return it. You don’t have to worry about fighting crappy customer service or something like you do from china. You’Ll get. If you have any problems, if you just buy it, you don’t like it, you can return it. So i have a purchase link to it. If you do decide to purchase anything through a link on my channel, it helps support my channel it’s, a very minuscule amount that i get of a cut out of that it’s very, very little on something like this. It would probably be like a dollar or two amazon pays very little on that. I only do it just to help support the channel just to be front up front, but you do not pay an extra cent. So if you like the channel – and you want to help support the channel, then use the links on any of my videos. It will not uh if anything, it’ll save you money because a lot of times i have a coupon like uh from potenzic or tomzon or snaptan that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

So even if you support the channel, you ended up um saving yourself, some money. A lot of instances let’s make sure i don’t hit that pipe i’m just going to manually land it land it see and just keep holding the throttle down until it turns itself off. Okay, guys, i mean that’s good enough for me. Like i said, i know i wasn’t able to test every feature and for some reason i had some issues with the circling mode, but again that’s a little bit of a goofy process that sometimes confuses me a little bit anyway, but anyway. Overall, it turned out to be a pretty nice test. I do really like the drone and the process i cracked at my cell phone. So you know you got that out of it, but hopefully i can get a new cell phone sometime this year when my contract’s up, because it’s about time to get a new one anyway, all right guys that wraps up the review. The flight review for the toms on d40 – if you want to know what comes with this drone, all the accessories and stuff like that in the app name which i put in so i think it was a tom’s on g app check out the table review. It would be the previous video on my channel if i remember i’ll, put a card to the uh to that video, if not just check back one video on my channel and you’ll see that video again, if you’re new to the channel, consider clicking the subscribe button, You got a lot of stuff coming up, hopefully here, if the weather, improving and click the bell that’ll, let you know when there’s new videos, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up if you didn’t, give it a thumbs down, just give it something that Helps amazon up it helps you too much to say know that people are interacting with my videos.