The rc master was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was the shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of another neat drone. This is now the toms on d40. What is a d40? Well, as you can see, it is another one of these folding drones, micro, folding, drones, um, tiny little thing and what’s special about it. Folks is, it weighs only 244 grams, the idea of being at 244 grams. This does not require registration in most countries, however, it does have a camera on it. So for those countries that do require registration because of cameras, you know that still can be an issue in some countries. Now it does come with a very nice carrying case, making it highly portable nicely portable for the drone and its accessories you can put inside the carrying case with it now um. It does have brushless motors in this size. This tiny little drone has brushless motors, so um that’s for improved power and durability of the motors and longevity of the use of the motors, and additionally, it has gps glonass system installed within it for a high accuracy, gps system um it also it gives it the Capability of automatic return to home and landing on command on losses signal or on low voltage from the battery. Finally or additionally, it does have an optical flow sensor in the belly. So you can fly this indoors or outdoors using the optical flow sensor to maintain automatically maintain the drone’s position without gps.

However, you lose capability return to home when you’re flying an optical flow, but you could would use uh the optical flow system without gps. If you encounter problems with a gps while you’re flying outdoors and if you’re entering into toilet bowl effect – and you want to prevent a crash turn off the gps and the optical flow system should take over and you should be able to bring it back manually, it Does have a rather large battery 7.4 volt 2200 milliamp hour battery that’s the battery for this little drone uh that provides it up to uh 27 minutes of flight time now. I just flew this today and i haven’t calculated the time, but it was pretty darn long. So that might actually be right, we’ll find out when i actually calculate the time included in the final video editing. Now it i mentioned it does have a camera. However, unfortunately, if you look on this drone around this drum, there is no sd card slot, and what does that mean folks? That means it has no on board recording capability. Instead, video is sent to your phone via wi, fi and record it to your phone on on board your phone again, no on board recording capability with this. The disadvantages of that is that comes with an inherent wi fi issue, such as potential frame dropping and skipping. However, this does have a very powerful wi fi transmitter in it. I verified that today, when i flew – and i was getting ranges out to about 180 meters without any interference on the wi fi.

So it is a good wi fi system, um it’s good for uh close in flying, but you know again um. This is advertised with ranges uh. I forgot what the range was, but some astronomical range keep in mind that you’re not able to get fpv video after you reach about 200 meters, 300 meters. In that area there um you’re, going to start getting broken. Fpv, video and loss of signal to your phone of the fpv feed and you’ll be flying blind. So you know these uh advertisements of extended range out to kilometers are kind of useless. If you don’t have an sd card installed is what i’m trying to say. Folks, okay, okay and i’ve said it on the sd card. Now it does have up down lens control. Okay, you can tilt this lens up or down uh remotely using the controller sensor button. I got ta apologize outdoor there’s, some guys cutting concrete out there, but let’s continue up uh. You can remotely power this camera up or down using the remote control. However, there is no stabilization system. This is not a stabilized gimbal on this, so what does that mean? It means shaky video folks expect some shaky video. Now the app has the capability of some minor electronic image. Stabilization i’ve tested it flying around my neighborhood here and it doesn’t really cushion out the bouncing of the drone as much as cushioning out um. I see i see a lot of jello with this particular drone.

You’Ll see that too in the video, so it cushions some of that out. It stabilizes some of that, and but with that you get somewhat blurry video now this could have benefited from an onboard processor, but it does not have onboard electronic image stabilization. So i want to make that clear. The image stabilization is advertised. The eis that’s advertised is through your phone, using the drones tom’s on g app, okay, that’s being set now um the video let’s talk about the video you know again. These are one of those ones that are advertised 4k, well, that’s, 4k, interpolated folks. The actual sensor on this is 1080p. It records video 1080p video to your phone at 25 frames per second, it is capable of taking a still photos but, and those are interpolated. Those are interpolated flows, they’re enlarged electronically, enlarged up to 4096 by 3072 pixels there’s, no real advantage in interpolation, but that’s how they advertise 4k enter 4k for this particular drone again, not 4k video it’s, 1080p video at 25 frames per second now i mentioned the toms On g app, you know that this video uh, the fpv video, is very strong and it does transmit very well up to you know i was around around 200 meters, so it worked very well at that at that type of range. But to do that this uses 802.11 ac wi fi 5 gigahertz wi fi ac. Now not everybody has 802.11 ac wi fi on their phone.

So before purchasing this, i strongly recommend that you first verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 ac wi fi and a way to do that is simply google. Your phone’s name, along with the terms 802.11 and specifications, and see if 802.11 ac, shows up in the search results. If you don’t have 802.11 ac wi fi do not recommend you get this or you’ll, be very disappointed, as your phone will not work with this drum. So that you know now, with that app, we get the ability with the timezone g app. You get the ability to view the fpv video along with uh advanced flight control. Me features of circle me follow me and waypoints and we’ll demonstrate those when we go flying today, let’s go over what you get in the box. You get that controller or the carrying case that i mentioned. You get a very good instruction manual, it’s, actually well written in english, covering the drone and how to get it into the air. I’Ll go over how to get into the air when we go out in the field. So, watch that too you get the drone and it’s battery you get a spare set of propellers for the drone. In case you ding up some of these propellers, along with a charging capable the charging cable for the the drone’s battery. Let me show you that real quick this battery is charged through a micro, usb port right there. On the back side of the battery, i recommend that you use a wall charger, a 2 amp wall charger to charge this battery as uh trying to charge this through.

Your computer port will be very long. One could take days because computer ports are only about 500 milliamps. I believe you want a two amp wall charger to charge that battery okay. Enough set of that and again you get the cable to charge the battery and you get a screwdriver in in here a micro screwdriver to uh change the propellers, if needed, as they use these little micro screws. So let’s go over the controller, real quick. This is the controller. Finally, we’ll go over the controller. The antennas on this one of them is actually a real antenna. I believe i think i thought i saw a uh a wire going up in it, but i i you can’t. I can’t confirm that right now. I can’t see the wire anymore, but i thought i saw it earlier, but to turn this on, you bring both of these control handles down, and these are for installing your phone um and held my big white phone, so that’s good, although it did bump the volume Button on the phone um let’s go over the buttons on this. This is your throttle. This is your yaw. This is your pitch. This is your roll um. This button here is for changing the rates or in other words, the speed of the drone. This button here is for activating the compass calibration of the drone. You can do a manual compass calibration using the controller you press that button there and that starts it.

You can turn the gps off by pressing this button. Why would you want to turn the gps off? Well, either you want to fly indoors, you can turn your gps off or outdoors. If you encounter problems with a gps system, while flying outdoors, you can turn it off and take over manual control of the drone using the optical flow sensor. It will automatically enter into optical flow flight automatic takeoff and automatic landing are activated by this button. Here you have to first start the motors by bringing both sticks down and outward like this, and then press the automatic take off to do that. Use that button um. This button here is for taking a photo with a quick press or, if you hold it down for two seconds, that starts video and you stop video before turning off the drone. Make sure you do that or you lose your video. This button here is for automatic return to home and landing press that and that activates automatic return to home, and these two buttons here for this one is for uh lowering the gimbal, and this one is for raising the uh lens i’m. Sorry, the camera lens lower. The camera lens and raise the camera lens, it can be tilted downward 135 degrees and up up level. So that is the controller that is the tomson d40 let’s. Take this drone out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a flight of the tom’s on d40 here at pleasant ridge park on a beautiful day, we do have a bit of a breeze today About five to seven miles per hour, but uh this should be able to handle it.

Um let’s go over the startup procedures. First off. We need to turn on the drone by pressing and holding the on off switch in the back here and then place it on a flat level surface like so next thing. We’Re going to do is turn on the transmitter, like so by bringing both sticks down and not like that. These things here, okay and uh we’re, going to activate the uh compass calibration by pressing this button here, holding it down to heal your beat then pick up the drum and check its lights are flashing it’s, either flash the green flashing rapidly one two three four one: Two three: four: so we go rotate it until we hear a beep and then we go downward. We heard that beep, so we rotate nose downward. This is important for all gps drones, folks to do your compass calibration before flight. I strongly recommend you do it. Some people avoid it, but i wouldn’t okay and now i’m going to connect my phone, the the drone’s emitting a wi fi signal on five gigahertz i’m, going to connect my phone to that wi fi signal and then open the app so hold on folks. While i do that, okay, this is the toms on g app available. Google play and itunes make sure you select d40. Since this is the d40 drone, then we hit submit and wait a few seconds here and it says preparation we’re, going to skip some of those preparations because we did them already so i’m just going to hit next start.

You can use the app to do that, but i’m going to do. You know, skip it. Then we’re going to hit submit okay. We are ready to fly right now and first thing i’m going to do make sure we’re in gps mode. We have gps and 16 signal or 16 satellites, so we are receiving so first thing i want to do is start the video recording by pressing this button here and then we’re going to start the motors by down and out then we’re going to press automatic takeoff And check the stability of the airplane of the drone and get in front of the camera and say how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, i do have a tight eye on under under my sweater, let’s sync up the cameras here. Okay, it looks very stable, so we should be good to go, so i am going to send it up on up and up on upward and outbound. Okay, keeping in mind this is recording to wi fi. So you are going to see some issues and also i’m. Seeing a lot of uh right now, i can tell you i’m, seeing a lot of uh jello there’s jello on the drone drone’s camera it’s vibrating a bit. Now there is an option in the app that you can use to um stabilize the video using the app on your phone using your phone’s processor i’m, going to stop it right there. Folks, however, i’ve tried that already, when you do such i’m gon na rotate too, when you do such you lose a lot of image quality, it becomes very blurry.

Okay, i’m still getting really good, wi, fi or fpv from this drone, even at this range i’m surprised. How far are we here i’m trying to look for the uh data 120 meters away about so we’ll? Go a little farther out. We’Ll go to the edge of the road, which is about 150 meters. I believe 130, 140 and we’re going to hit the return to home and landing button to test it out. Okay, so right there about 150 meters, i expected i’m seeing a little bit of chop in the wi fi fpv video that’s to be expected. Let me do a full rotate, while we’re over there showing the showing the camera from that position rotating some more trying to slowly rotate. So you can see the area. Okay, it’s pointed back toward me let’s point it back toward me: let’s hit that return to home button turn to home is activated and i’m going to step away from the landing pad. So we’re going to see how close the return to home is now i’m. Not going to let it go all the way to the ground folks i’m, going to stop it uh, because i want to continue doing other things, but we’ll see how close its return to home and landing is it’s coming overhead we’re in altitude about 30 meters does Return to home at 30. let’s see if it’s end from up. There should be coming down Music, okay, it’s overhead.

Now it turns back in the direction it was pointed and then starts descending we’ll see how close it is. I’M gon na again, i’m gon na hit the return to home button just before it lands, and we are off i’d say by a good three meters. So let’s come down lower and show you that okay we’re off by about three meters, it’s close enough for government work. As my dad would once almost said. Let me get in front of the picture we’re going to stop the video recording by pressing this button here, because i want to take some photos down so let’s take a. I think i photo a photo. Yeah take another one: okay and one more. Okay, now let’s! Try follow me for follow me i’m, going to walk over here and uh let’s. See here. Follow position is that second, one down on the right right below return to home on the app i’m going to press that button and we’re going to follow on the bottom. One which is follow the phone gps follow. Okay, gps start follow failed. Why is that that’s? True? Oh you got to be three meters or higher okay we’ll. Do that then we’re going to lower the gimbal pressing the button to lower the gimbal let’s. Try that again submit a little more let’s. Try that fall position follow me as i walk away from it and while we’re doing that, why don’t i start the video recording again Music, video recording, started and we’ll try to walk the follow me.

What type of follow me do we got here? It appears to be dji style like you’re pulling it on the string. So follow me works on this let’s see. If i walk toward it, is it gon na recognize me walking toward it and back away eventually, eventually there you go now it’s fault or recognize that i’m walking toward it let’s lower it a little more so sees me walking toward it so yeah that works too. So with that mine let’s come out and follow me pressing the button there follow me to stop and that’s reduced the altitude and raised up that camera and putting it back toward me again. Actually, it’s let’s go over to the other side of me here, because the next thing i want to try is actually go right. Over top of me, let me get under it we’re going to do a circle position, which is the third one done so getting under it um. That button is being pressed on my phone okay circle position. Third, one down and activate let’s see what it does submit. So it’s, okay, this is where it was i’m standing here it’s going over there. Let me lower the gimbal, so you can see me from where it’s going and there i am. Can i lower the altitude raise up the gimbal yeah one thing about this phone holder? It keeps bumping into my volume control on my phone. So excuse me for that folks voice is not bumping in okay.

Is it going to start turning turn off shortcut? Okay, this is going to start and it’s rotating, but boy is it slow? Can i just? Can i increase the speed of that rotation yeah, you can pull on the stick, put or move the stick to the right and there you go let’s raise up the gimbal there’s its circle position, so that works too. So you got to activate it by moving this, the pitch roll stick to the right or left to get it started. So circle position works, let’s, stop it there and finally, let’s try the waypoints for the waypoints let’s go up higher and the lower okay in the lower uh right corner the fourth one down with this dots and lines: that’s our waypoint uh bottle and right now, i’m. Not seeing anything showing the maps so uh, i guess you know. I tried to download the maps before coming here before i actually flew, but it didn’t seem to work but let’s see if i can throw a few waypoints out nearby me let’s zoom in a bit here, there’s my position, there’s the drone’s position. So we’ll go here. I’M, trying to tap there, one we’ll do a couple waypoints two three and one coming back to me: four: okay and then i hit submit and first off it climbs. It seems to climb to a predetermined altitude and there goes its first waypoint over there that’s going to turn weak points of work, except the maps are not working, and i you know i’m, not sure why sorry about that folks, but the maps aren’t so we’ll keep An eye on it up there as it heads to waypoint number two and after two okay let’s stop wait points there.

I’M gon na, i feel brave i’m gon na increase the distances. Let’S try over here trying to select another waypoint now do it: okay, let’s let’s! Stop wait for it’s entirely i’m coming out of it. Oh there we go. I got ta hit it again. Let’S try tap to fly tap to fly no fixed mode. No trajectory flight, okay, let’s, try position! There position there and position there and submit so when the waypoint 2.1 it’s taking its time it’s going to turn, and it should turn here shortly. Okay, it’s a wave way point one now heading to waypoint two and then it’ll turn from white 1.2 and see how fast it goes to 1.3. So you know this is working in effect the wi fi fpv video. It seems to be very strong and i guess it’s recording to my phone, the issues i that i’m, seeing with it right now again we have no stabilization um, you don’t have a three axis or two axis gimbal. You don’t have any stabilization and the electronic stabilization and uses your app okay we’re at the third waveform i’m gon na stop that now uses your app and because of that um you know not. Everybody’S phone is up to the task of doing real time. Electronic image stabilization okay, i’m, just flying around now, coming up going back to fpv mode i’m, going to bring it down closer. So let me give you some initial thoughts here, while it’s coming down and after this we’re going to try something else, yeah reducing throttle.

Let me get back in the picture, so you know the. It is a good drone in terms of flyability, okay in terms of flyability good drone um. It just does not have that stabilized uh capability, nor does it record to an sd card, so we’re still going to see some issues with um wi fi chopping it out. Although the wi fi fpv video seems to be very strong with this drone let’s sync that up very strong. Indeed, with this drone, i was able to get about 150 meters no chop until i got the bot the edge of that road, which is 150 meters away. Um the other issue i’m, seeing with the camera it’s, not the best camera i’m, seeing a lot of jell o vibration, jello that’s, caused by vibration of propellers folks, if you didn’t know that um so that that’s an issue with it and again, the electronic image stabilization Uses the app um it would have been nice to have an onboard electronic image. Stabilization processor would do a better job very much better job than depending on people’s phones. Well, uh flight time seems to be good on this i’m. I still got a lot of flight time. Let’S try some of the buttons well. Actually i wanted to do something here um. This is where’s the headless mode on this i forgot now golly, maybe in the app yeah i just fly it normally. Then i’ll simulate headless mode, pressing the down on the gimbal lowering the gimbal, and let me show you that as i’m doing that, okay gimbal’s been lowered and i’m going to pull back on the stick, while increasing the throttle, doing a manual up and away and then Coming back down again, i like to do up in a ways and we’ll put it down all the way.

Next time and let’s see. If we can do a rocket shot, can it go down all the way? I think it only goes down to 135 degrees. Tell you the truth: let’s try it see how far down we can set this camera the wrong way. Of course that’s it there. Let me get in the picture and throttle up there. You go rocket shot and how high are we? Let me raise it back up. Wow that went up to 40 meters fast. I don’t want to go that high coming back down i’m trying to raise the gimbal back up, but ain’t doing it it’s not having anything to do with raising gibbles up at that altitude. I don’t know why but i’m reducing the throttle to bring it back down. Okay, i went full up or well. Maybe there we go. I was pressing the wrong button too high too high yeah, a stabilized gibble would have made this. You know 250 gram range or whatever the weight of this was. I forgot would have made this an awesome drone along with sd card recording capability um. We still got lots of time on this thing. Still recording uh let’s, try and see how sporty it is. Okay, we’re gon na go to higher rates third rate let’s see how sporty it is. Let me get a little altitude too, before i do this and zipping it around well, it is. It is pretty fast before i hit myself here, going up a bit higher too.

I hear doggy barking, i hope that’s not barking at me. I don’t want to upset the locals here because i don’t want to lose this flying field, but there it is it’s zippy. It can move yeah. I think move it’s very fast drone, okay, that’s aggressive flying let’s go back to normal flying let’s conserve the battery a little bit there, because we want to see what type of flight time we get out of the d40 so coming down. Um appears every 10 minutes. The video cuts out and restarts again, so you get 10 minute clips out of this video um. The fpv is still looking great with that in mind. Let’S see if i can fly over to those trees using fpv only i’m going to fly over to those trees, not all the way just toward them flying fpv. There is some lag about a half second or so so you want to fly slowly when you’re doing this still heading out fine, but i am flying fbv. Okay from there let’s see if i can turn and fly over the uh first base or not first base uh home plate going up a bit higher too, because i don’t want to hit the backstop there getting above the altitude of the backstop and then heading toward Home plate flying fpv alone folks, so it is possible. You want to be in low rate again. If you’re doing this because of the lag there is a slight amount of lag and general bump turns let’s go over to the pitcher’s mound flying fpv alone, so yeah fpv does work on this.

With your phone see. If i can fly to the edge of the the road there again was testing the distance 125 meters still got good fpv so that real good fpv, okay it’s starting to get a little okay it’s starting to get a little bouncy there. Turning to the left, the lag is and there we go at that altitude of six meters. We got out to 182 meters, that’s, not bad. I guess it is farther than weighing 150. I thought it was uh. Let me go a little farther up there. We go. We lost it again. Let me go a bit higher see if i can regain it there we go, got it back and we’re getting low battery, so we’re gon na do uh return to home from there so pressing the return to home button, and it should bring it back home from Out there 182 meters coming back Music. So we know the range is close to 200 meters with us about 180 at six meters altitude. If we would have gone up higher we’d, probably gone farther, so you know they advertise great control ranges on these drones. You know like in the in the order of kilometers but keep in mind folks you’re flying the fpv video ranges of these five gigahertz flyers it’s only about up to about uh 300 meters maximum at altitude. Unless you have a repeater built into your transmitter and this one does not have a repeater built into it, there are some that do have repeaters that amplify the signals, so you can fly out to those kilometer ranges, but again this one does not we’re going to Stop right there and again we’re still off by about two to three meters.

We still have battery power, so we’re going to continue flying. So maybe this does get. What is it 25 minutes they predicted? Maybe it does so let’s. Do some more follow me then? Go back up to three three meter altitude, selecting uh follow, which was the second one done now. Those other ones optical, follow me only works when you’re in optical flow mode. Folks, it doesn’t work when submit and follow me is activated lowering the gimbal one more we’ll walk around the area and see what it does when it reaches a low battery part. Is it return home, so we’re, just gon na do follow me with the d40 seems to actually do a good job. So if um you’re going off on a walk, a nature walk, and you want to show off the area you can do such with this drone and just have it follow. You went up a little bit with a gimbal and a little bit of blip there on the fpv. The fall position is working. Yeah we’re getting low on batteries, starting to turn yellow, see i’m, not controlling it, it’s doing it all it’s on on its own folks. Well, let’s follow me now all these um items on the left side here, the on the on the fpv screen, those are for controlling it using the app alone you can do such, but i would not recommend it folks. You have much better control using a um.

The controller when it comes with this, but it does have that capability and those are wondering about the squiggly lines in the upper right let’s press that real, quick, those are settings, flight parameter settings and i’m just going to hit save that’s gives you the maximum distance That you can fly with this oh low battery. Now that gives you the maximum distance that you can fly with the drone. You can adjust that um. It does have geofence capability, in other words, okay, for the remainder. With that in mind, a little battery the remainder of the flight we’re going to fly low battery, see if it has a geo fence. Apparently it does what’s the geofence range 20 meters about from takeoff, so let’s demonstrate that again, we’ll fly to the other end of the field Music until we bump into the geofence wall and turn it toward me. Applause, Music, let’s, let’s, bump into the other geofence well. In the other direction, 23 meters until it stops and then hits the wall so again you can’t fly it any further than 20 meters now, since we’re on a low battery, so we’re gon na stay close to the pad for the remainder of the flight. So final thoughts, um Music let’s, get final thoughts, while we’re here syncing it up i’ve seen a lot of lag right now, a lot of lag final thoughts. Everything works on this: it does uh it’s. Just you know the camera’s not the best on this particular drum um, but again this is under 250 grams, so in most countries this does not require registration, um other than those countries that do because of the camera and um.

Oh, no, you know it’s a good platform, a good drone platform, good controller. I wish you know it had a little more space under here, so it doesn’t bump into my uh volume control on my phone but it’s holding my phone i’m happy with that. A lot of a lot of these controllers, aren’t big enough to hold my phone. This one is and uh yeah everything seems to work except um, the camera not the best, so uh that’s about it folks, so we’re waiting until this battery goes down to uh, where it returns to home and lands and there it goes right now. That’S, the that’s, the final return to home and land let’s see what it does. How high does this climb? First, it is going to climb first to avoid obstacles on its way home, it’s, climbing to me altitude i’m, going to guess about 20 meters. It’Ll stop yeah. 20 meters, most of them stop at 20.. There are a few that go to 30.. This one is 20. and then it’ll go to the landing pad and land itself this time, i’ll, let it touch the ground unless it gets in the way of something. Let me get my airplane out of there. I was just flying an airplane here, it’ll be landing here shortly, just in case it wants to land on my airplane. Let me get out of the way. Let me get that out of the way too my bag yep good good thing.

I got that out of the way there. Finally, adding on low battery cutting the grass now so that’s the toms on d40 from tom’s on amazon, um nice aerial platform, let’s get my picture, so i hope you enjoyed this flight it’s quadcopter101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey if you want to get your Own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.