This is also said to have a 4k camera just as well as uh eis, electric image stabilization, let’s unbox. It bam look at that. We ready, we are ready uh, so they give us case. Obviously you’re drawing your battery. Your control is here your goodies up there, but let’s go ahead and get this out a bit further right so again, drone battery controller. We will take a little bit further. Look at that uh in this one. We have uh our charger and screwdriver, and this one we have extra blades. The battery itself does have a push button indicator to let you know what’s on there, three, so it’s pretty much charged. Uh we’ll go ahead and unfold that in a second i’ve already looked at this controller, the control is pretty cool um after you move the right side down to 90 degrees. The controller will turn on. This is a rechargeable controller and we’ll also take a little bit better. Look at this when i go ahead and open it up and pop everything up, we’ll open this at the same time, take a little look at the controller with it open again when you swing this arm out, your controller will turn on your charging point. Port is right down there standard micro, usb and you can see it has an indicator as far as your uh battery on it and every button. Every button is well labeled. So there’s no mystery here, uh your right antenna is wired.

We could go ahead and show you that bam see in there it’s wired, your left antenna is not wired, so there’s no real need to put that antenna. The left one up the right one. However, you do definitely want up let’s go ahead and take a look at the drone itself. So looks like we have a decent camera. This is going to be a brush servoed up and down camera just for tilt, but again said to have electric image stabilization. The bebop drones have electric image stabilization when it’s done right, it works flawlessly and great, where you don’t need a gimbal right. There is your optical flow sensor. Take a look at the little motors. This is just a lightweight drone, a lightweight gps, brushless drone, which is pretty awesome. A little look at a profile here, a little look at a profile. It looks good. Obviously it looks like a clone and whatnot, but if that camera performs well, if they actually did the electric image stabilization well, this is going to be a go to taker look small case, small battery small foldable controller foldable drone. This is going to be a travel drone if that camera works, good we’re going to be in the money guys. I’M j john. If you haven’t, subscribed click the subscribe button. A link for this will be down below uh questions. Comments.