But it has a couple good uh advanced features. It has gps, it has an optical flow camera, which is um kind of neat, well, be testing it and well be seeing if its any good Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, heres, the drone looks pretty cool. I think um, you know, looks like a lot of the other ones, its foldable, the arms feel pretty sturdy. The cameras got a bit of a gimbal to it its i its not going to really smooth out the video too much, but itll itll help a tiny bit and the camera does move up and down. You can control it with the controller battery slides right in here in the bottom. There you can see the camera well set it right here, so we know where its landing heres the controller. It looks. Okay, its got a power button, the auto takeoff landing button, um gps change it to gps to adding mode circle mean follow me high low rates on the back. You got, you can move the gimbal and then here you can take pictures or videos um. The joysticks feel pretty good, i think um this ones a little low just because i dropped it so thats, my bad, but before it was perfectly fine, although after dropping it, i tested it and it seems okay, so the app you want to install its not easy To see out here, but its called tums on you, uh lets get it connected to wi fi and get this thing on there.

So lets wants to calibrate it lets calibrate it pick it up. Rotate it like this and then like this Music. Okay, so well set it on this little spot here. Well, see how close it gets when we have it land, okay, move the camera up, make sure were recording okay lets. Have it uh take off, have to hold it all right manual takeoff, it is yeah! Well, just see how well it hangs there see if it holds its position. Applause seems: okay Applause seems to be fighting the wind, a little, which is good its a little breezy. You can see it in the trees. All right lets turn it around. Send it up see if itll hold up there if well hold up there, we can send it forward. A little bit seems to be doing. Okay, dont want to get too crazy with it or fly too high or too far before we realize how well it flies and how well itll hold its position. Okay, lets angle: the camera down a little and fly forward mostly forward check out the camera quality. Well, what do you think camera, or any good all right so lets test the return to home button and see if it works Music, one push turning around controller beeps like crazy, its coming in okay, so its close, not too bad Applause Music. It stops why i dont know maybe give people some time to get out of the way i dont know.

Are you gon na land here it goes funk? Okay, so maybe two and a half three feet away, probably three feet away its all right for the price, its okay. All right lets see how well it flies all right lets see how it flies to me thats, the most important part i like to fly these things, i think its fun Applause. So is it on this lowest setting Applause now its on its fastest speed whoa? It does like to move around a lot, see thats just forward and it wow darts off the left. When i left off the joystick, when i let off the joystick yeah it just likes to dart off to the left. Applause lets go around the tree down. Applause not a lot of punch to it, Applause yeah. It takes off to the left. Every time i let go. Oh the wind is blowing that way, so thats, probably why so, ah, you know fly wise its i its not the best flyer ive flown. I mean if you try to get it to go up full throttle its, not super punchy. Uh the speeds. Okay, see thats full throttle into the wind. Of course. Go up. Go up likes the tank towards the ground if youre really pushing it, see thats full speed forward and full speed up. Oh up, oh okay, maybe it just doesnt like the wind i dont know lets. Try it again see if i can get it to take off from my hand, all right, so youve made it.

This far lets kind of wrap this up. This drone will set you back around 135 dollars. The controller does feel nice, but the controls are sloppy at best and i spent far too much time trying to correct the drone and prevent it from diving towards the ground or at a tree. The wind does seem to affect it and when you step on the gas it really struggled to keep its altitude, they say its a 4k drone and you – and i know that everyone will be thinking of the video. It will shoot pictures at that resolution. But the video is 11 52. Its misleading that resolution would be plenty, but the video and this video was straight from the card – is very compressed. The sky is very washed out and theres, just so much jitter, because this drone is so squirrely. As far as the flight. Again, i mean youre pushing forward on the joystick ill show you youre pushing forward on the joystick a certain degree, and you get a little a little bit of space where it just doesnt do anything and then at some point it finally kicks in and it just Its a lot i mean you dont, have a lot of fine control. Your window of control is really narrow and then, like the last little bit, doesnt really do anything. So, even though the joysticks feel good, just you really cant get fine control with it. So i got kind of close to it kind of running into things and when you let go of the joystick, its obviously really susceptible to the wind, not the smoothest, flyer honestly and its tough to get real fine flight with it.

Earlier, though, i did get to test the follow me and the circle me modes, the follow me mode, just kind of followed: the um, the gps on the phone. We couldnt test that, because my phone is acting silly, it did okay, but it never really followed. Me super precisely it cant when its using the gps and it wouldnt keep me in the center of the frame real well, so its more gimmicky than anything really usable and then the other one. The circle me mode, it kind of just, i think, records where it is when you push the button itll back up and then just start to circle that spot, so you kind of have to make sure you have enough space press. The circle me button and then you find its center that it picked and you have to adjust to it, but that worked okay as long as youre willing to give a little and let it choose. Despite the issues i pointed out, i can still sort of recommend a drone when it at least flies well, if a drone at least flies well, then it could be a good option for younger kids or for people just learning to fly this doesnt do that very Well, either whoa tanking towards the ground again, i wonder why it does some things well, but there are enough negatives that it can be kind of hard to recommend the stafftain drone. I reviewed a few weeks back is in the same class as this one, but flies so much better.

Sorry, tomzon this one just needs some more polish.