This is the timezone d28, as you can tell it, has that classic phantom 3 phantom 4 even phantom 2. Really all the phantom style look to. It looks a little more like the phantom fours with the body, the smoother body design of this. But of course this is just a toy. This is just one of those wi fi fp fpv flying drones with a 720p fixed camera. Here it wobbles a little, but it doesnt actually look like you can even tilt it. It has a wi, fi, fpv camera here in the back, uh thats, just im, pretty sure its a 2.4 gigahertz should be compatible just about any phone. It um it doesnt have anything real fancy, its not a gps drone, its got little blue and red leds here. On the bottom of the arms to help with orientation, you can do 360 flips with this drone, so its more of a throwback, in my opinion, a bit retro. This reminds me of the drones we saw several years ago. It doesnt have as many gimmicks per se but lots of times. These are really just better flyers and i have a good feeling. This ones gon na be the same way. Just has brushed motors and it doesnt have an sd card slot. So unfortunately, you do just have to record the video over the wi fi connection to the app on your phone. The app on the phone is called the toms on v, app ill put a screenshot of the app up here from the google play store.

So you guys know which app you need to get for this drone and when you do connect it to like my google pixel and all these newer phones, you just have to make sure that it may come up and tell you theres no internet access, and it Warns you click ok on that and once that warning goes away, then youll get the video for you to work. If you do it too soon lots of times these drones, they dont want to give you the video feed until you acknowledge, hey, theres, no internet access on this, you can see where a micro sd card slot might have been designed to go in here, but its Just a hole in the plastic, if you put a card in there, its just going to fall inside the body of the camera, you do have to attach the camera just slide it in and snap it and then plug the little tiny two pin connector in there. Your on off switch is next to that um yeah. So you have you also put the legs on the drone thats. What i was trying to think of you get to snap those into place, so it comes partially unassembled, but its very, very simple snap. The legs on the instructions shows you how to do that. Attach the camera and uh youre pretty much ready to go, lets, look and see what else comes in the box. For this you get prop guards and i wouldnt recommend you recommend using those outside if youre brand new to drones.

Maybe you want to if youre afraid you might fly into your house, but these just make additional weight and it makes really good tree hangers and you end up, as you can see on my thumb, you fly into a tree youre, much more likely its going to Get caught up in the tree with those prop guards attached, so i wouldnt put those on now they advertise. This has a 10 to 12 minute flight time. You might, you probably be on the higher end closer to 12, if thats accurate without the prop guards thats. Just adding weight so it will reduce your flight time just a little bit bitty bit now it comes with two batteries and i already have the one thats charged up in the in the the drone. This is a 1 000 milliamp, 1s lipo. Let me pull the one out of the drone, so you guys can see it better: its a 1000 milliamp, a 3.7 volt 1s lipo and thankfully this uses a little red jst. They call these plugs and these are nice because theyre again a classic connection. If you have a hobby grade charger, you probably have a red, jst connection in that and thats. Why i use the charges. I didnt have to use the supplied usb one. You can charge it at two amps, you know which would be a 2c on this, and you are able to charge it pretty quickly and youll get a truer charge than using some cheap little usb connector.

So you can see you line it up here with the red jst and just plug it in, of course, you have to power it on the bottom. So again the charger is supplied inside here they dont, unfortunately give you one. So you can only charge up one battery at a time but its nice that they give you two batteries. So if you charge both of you can get well over 20 minutes of flight time, you get a phillips screwdriver for taking the battery off the back of the controller and you get a full set of prop guards. This drone doesnt have a whole lot about it. Thats, why im just doing it all in one review? I call this where i dont. I typically do table reviews on these drones, but this is not a gps drone or something theres a ton to cover so lets. Just do it all in one, because you guys you want to see the flight review, i mean the table review. People tend to skip over it, and this way we can kind of get all done in a classic quadcopter 101 style, where you just kind of go over it all outside um. But ideally, i would use a table for a lot of the stuff, but for this i think were just fine doing it all in one like this, so the controller has these four trim buttons. This is the trim. If the drone is drifting it all on, you can trim it up.

This is your auto takeoff in your auto landing. You have to long press. I think the instructions mentioned short pressed, but i kept doing it and it didnt want to go. But if you just long press it, the props will start in the drone wall to take off. You can also start up the props by both sticks down and in they will unlock and then once you land, you can stop the props with both sticks down and out. You have an emergency stop button. If its going to fly into something or take off, you can press some to hold that thatll kill the motors and it will fall to the ground. This is your video recording button and your photo button, so they are on separate buttons and i already confirmed with the app it does start recording and the app icon will start flashing and it starts recording that feed just to your gallery on your camera on your Phone, i should say so: it just records to the gallery on your phone again its just a wi fi based feed, so you will see some drop frames most likely and if you do it too far away and the feed froze up, it would also freeze up Your video feed so keep that in mind thats why sd cards are always better but for on a cheap toy drone like this, if youre just learning how to fly the video is not so important.

In fact, you could just take that camera off and you could really increase your flight time. You know and just fly it without the camera. You do not need to have this camera attached. If you just want to fly it around line of sight, you dont need to see the video feed, because the fpv feed youre, going to be able to see where you fly relatively therell, be some lag and you obviously get to record what youre looking at. But you cant like remotely tilt the camera. Anything fancy like that, so you could take that off. Dont worry about the app or even the phone clip you have to attach this phone clip to the controller. Just fly it line of sight, youll get even a better flight time, because youre not youre, reducing the weight and youre, also not having to power that camera in there. So keep that in mind and on the controller youve got a three speed rates well see. This will be the maiden flight today i didnt get a chance to testify this so well see if the like, the yaw and stuff, they usually will increase with the rates, but not always – and this is your headless mode, if you want to be able to fly Where you dont have to worry about orientation, you would do headless mode im, not a fan of that, because that doesnt actually teach you how to really fly. So i wouldnt use that unless you just absolutely want to go out and fly and youve never flown a drone before then, you might want to try headless mode.

This is what they call auto return to home, but what it really is is one key return. What it does is it uses sort of like so its like its sort of like a compass. What it does is whatever direction youre facing to take off. If you fly out from you and you press that button itll fly back the opposite direction. If you get behind you its going to confuse you and just keep flying away, so you got to keep the drone in front of you and it will fly back towards you. It doesnt land, its, not a gps, return to home its more of a gimmick, and i would not rely on that because it can get confused, and this does your 360 flips, where youll press the button and then flip the direction you want to go by giving The stick the proper input on this. So again, the app is the tomson thomas tomzon v app and that one will give us the fpv feed and the video is supposed to be 720p, so ill include the recorded video here in a picture in picture with the flight im not going to screen record The the app you could do that, because the video feed will be identical to what youre saving, but by doing this, well eliminate some of the icons and uh the graphics within the app. So you get a better idea of the video feed its. The app is not that important on a drone like this, since its not a gps drone.

So what im going to do now is im going to pause. The video go out back where i have a little less noise and a little farther away from the house and well fly it back there and see how this guy flies and give an overall impression of that so ill be right back all right guys. So i have the d28 connected with the controller and we are bound to the wi fi connection in the app and you can see. Hopefully i have a video feed there, thats up on the uh on my phone and ill show you guys here. As i move it, you can see its a little bit lagging a little choppy, so you thats what you expect with these drones. There are blue lights on the front and red on the rear and theyre solid. Now that we are bound to the controller, if you need to do a gyro calibration on this drone, i didnt mention that i dont believe a while ago. Thats both sticks down and out, and you hear it beep and the lights would flash there, but youre not going to be able to see it in the daytime. Those those leds are rather dim not exactly sure what that little beep was maybe telling us that were completed. So what were going to do is were going to start recording some video and just get it up in the air lets see how this guy flies.

I think its going to fly nice now theres a bit of a cross breeze today from right to left its not a lot. This drone is very lightweight. I havent weighed it, but its very, very lightweight. You know a very cheap plastic, so its going to drift around on that breeze at times, so this controller is pretty nicely uh made. I dont know what that beeping is im wondering if we have huh. I was wondering if maybe i had low battery low batteries in the controller. Well, maybe lets just take it up and see um these batteries. I do reuse, my batteries quite a bit, but they should be okay, lets see if it takes off and lets start recording. Video and lets press the video record button here and see if it starts, and it does so. We got this. We should be recording video to the phone and lets go ahead and long for us to do that. Auto take off yeah thats fine and were in the lowest rate, so i dont have much pitch you can see. You know i thought. Sometimes you get a low battery warning, but it stopped that beeping im, not sure what that is. I thought you would get a consistent low battery beeping if its batteries in the controller. I want to show you guys, the yall but boy as soon as i let off thats going to drift on us, so theres, the yall thats, not too bad lets go up in the rate.

Now we got more pitch over in the middle rate, its still fighting that breeze lets see. What that yall looks like here lets go up again: yeah the yall. It definitely increases theres, the lowest rate middle rate, highest rate im going to fly the highest rate because its going to be able to fight that breeze, a lot better lowest rate is only going to be best on a super calm day because the less pitch you Have the less you have to worry about um whats that beeping again, the less you have to worry about the tilt, the more tilt you have, the more youre going to be filming the ground with one of these drones, because theres no camera tilt so keep that In mind, and since i cant raise the camera, we are going to be filming down at the ground quite a bit now i would recommend doing that gyro calibration before you take off, because once you do that, you shouldnt need to trim the drone. Obviously, today i cant really trim this anyway, because id be trimming into the breeze. This crosswind is blowing this drone to the left. So if i try to trim it into the breeze – and i flew it on a day where its calm, it would be wanting to go off to the right because i trimmed it into the breeze. So keep that in mind, if you want to trim this, take off in your garage and then trim it up if you need to, but once you calibrate the gyro, it shouldnt be a problem when i was inside with it earlier.

I took off in my basement and it flew back and crashed. I then set it down and did the gyro calibration took off again and it was it hovered perfect, so it just needed a gyro calibration thats pretty sporty when he gets to witness back its not fast, but its, not bad thats, pretty good in the highest rate. You can do some funnels there, like this yeah theres, that silly beep again im not sure i dont think theres a low battery thats. What i would think that is lets try doing a 360 flip if it doesnt. Let us do that. We know the battery is already low yeah. Now it flipped im not sure whats up im wondering if it thinks that the controller batteries are a little low thats. What im? Thinking that its doing because when i turned the drone off inside the controller, started beeping as well, thats weird that beeping they see it stopped it again lets try that lets. Try that flip again see with 10 to 12 minute flight time. This battery should still be good yeah that flips really nice, guys yeah. This is a nice little flyer, exactly what i expected this drone would be like. This is a throwback to three to five years ago, when we had more of these wi fi fpv flyers, they werent full of bunch of gimmicks and they always flew great. So anything throwing me off was i dont know what this beeping is that randomly happens on my controller, i think its probably just double a batteries, but i have no issues right now.

Theres no range issues. I have full control so there there did it again. This isnt gps, its not going to know its not like a range issue. I guess it could be telling me signal strength, but otherwise im not sure what that beeping is typically youll, get a controller that will start beeping and then the lights will start flashing on the drone telling you that the batterys low, but this battery just was fully Charged an hour ago on my charger – and it looks like the flashing lights – is because were recording video. So that is another reason why they may tell you on the controller by beeping, because if youre recording video um its going to look just like the low voltage flashing, looks like the video is freezing up occasionally, but its back now yeah, i dont know we got About five minutes of video in now yeah its a nice little flyer, obviously its not going to handle much wind. What i want to do is see if i can try an auto landing here and then we can just stop the video and just end it with uh out any video, because if you forget to stop the video on these wi fi recorded video and power, the Drone off youll, most likely corrupt, the video and you end up with nothing, save your phone, so lets go ahead and land this guy do a long press and now its going to come down, you can still control it, while its landing lets see if we can Land without falling over now thats because of the wind on a calm day, it should land no problem, just a silly wind which isnt bad today, but for a drones, brush motors of this size, it is lets, go ahead and stop the video lets see.

Did it stop? Yes, it did and lets see if the lights went solid on the drone and they are so now if the lights start flashing and were not recording well know that is low battery and i suspect this controller will start beeping too. I just dont know why its randomly doing that lets. Do a manual take off now, so both sticks in and just give it throttle. So hopefully you guys were able to see the onboard video. I dont expect its going to be much. It didnt look bad in my basement, but its probably going to have some wobble to it, but, most more importantly, its going to have a lot of uh. I imagine its going to have some drop frames, thats not uncommon. It happens on these drones. You get some drop frames over the wi, fi and 2.4 is a lot of interference on that band, so thats going to cause more issues, especially latency or lag issues, but you wont see lag in your video feed, but youll certainly see it when youre flying. When i turn here see theres about a half second of maybe a half second of lag, the farther away you fly the more that lag tends to increase, so keep that in mind as well, but this things a nice little fly and id absolutely gon na recommend This as long as the price is really good because its a great little drone for a beginner, you learn how to fly that way.

If you get a gps drone or an expensive drone, you have the skill to take over in case. Something weird would happen. Theres, a super little flyer theres that beeping on the controller. Again, i just did it once i dont know i guess it could be a warning. I didnt look at the instruction manual super thoroughly. It could be telling me something with the signal strength. I dont know there are some other controls inside the app which im not going to worry about too much. You could fly this drone just entirely over wi fi, using just the app, but i wouldnt recommend that its going to be a bit its going to be laggier controls. Now we got the beeping lets see now that its a regular beat do we have any flashing lights on the drone. I dont think so actually not stopped again. I cant really tell i got my sunglasses on here. No thats solid, i dont know i dont know not stop doing it again, its really not an issue. I have full control of the drone, its just a bit annoying when it starts beeping. I dont know im thinking these batteries in the controller are borderline low. So its occasionally, the voltage is dropping below that and its saying, hey low battery and then it and then it it gains a little more voltage and it goes back up thats. My only guess i have noticed a few times since, when, especially when the wi fi, we were well were still connected to the wi fi when youre connected to the wi fi on these drones.

Even if youre not recording video, you cannotice some latency or lagging just the actual controls its not much but at times i can tell if im flowing hundreds of drones, theres that beeping again but its not like a uh enough to really cause an issue. But you can definitely feel it at times its very minor, though, if youre not connected to the wi fi it might, that might improve assuming thats not caused by just the wi fi interference thats in the air just from other peoples, wi, fi, internet access and stuff. Like that yeah just a little bit of lag at times, its very, very, very minor, if you were to fly this im full throttle into that wind and its fighting it because of that wind its just because of things so light. But if you were to fly this just using the app and the virtual sticks, then youre using just the wi fi and not your controller signal, its going to have less range and on top of it you will probably notice more laggy controls. So i always recommend using the controller to fly these drones Applause. We got some flips and lets see if we can do another way to tell if the battery is good is once you get the low voltage. These drones will always disable the the flipping 360 flips lets see if itll flip yep. So that means our batterys still good. Look now weve got beeping on the controller.

I dont know what that be from the controller. Is that annoys me? Its still beeping away now lets see if the lights are flashing on the drone. Now i think they are. I think so its theyre not very bright and with these sunglasses on im having trouble but the fact the controller is just yeah its the red light. I can see flashing, so we are in low voltage and thats why. The controller is just non stop beeping, which is annoying but hey at least. Let you know, hey keep it close. Youre gon na have to land it and look were gon na come on down and land, so yeah thats. What happens there this? This is a low voltage, beep im thinking that, if its not the controller batteries, it could be that this was just getting some bogus low battery readings from the drone and for a moment it would think the batterys low and then it would stop once the lipo Regained more voltage, but the lights werent flashing. So keep that in mind. If this does beep at you, while youre flying its just maybe has a bit of a too sensitive low voltage, um sensor inside or its set too high at times, yeah thats super annoying there. So what im going to do is if i wrap this up, we already got video saved im, just going to go ahead and turn the drone off and turn off the controller. That way we have to listen to that obnoxious beeping.

It really makes it hard to talk over that all right guys, so we hopefully get some video there. You guys can see. Dont expect a lot from this camera. This is just a toy, but it flies great. It just today is probably eight to ten mile per hour wind, and this would be the very limits of what i want to fly this drone in, because it really struggles at times that, whenever its flying into the strongest headwind, but it was never enough – i thought I was going to get blown away or lose it, but if youre a beginner, you probably want a calmer day, because you probably will get blown a little too far away. Youll lose your orientation with the in those lights. Are so dim that when it gets turned around, if you dont have a lot of experience, youll end up losing and itll fly away on you, because you cant see the lights in the front to distinguish the front and back, and it can be easy to get Confused when youre, just starting out so, if youre just new to this, keep it close to you dont, let it get too far away and fight on a calm day and keep it in the uh, keep it in the higher rates. I think just so. You do have that ability to fight a wind if a gust came up on you, but overall i love how this thing flies aside from what may be an overly sensitive low voltage sensor or possibly its my controller batteries, but i think the fact that its beeping, Like that, its just picking up low voltage at times when it really truly isnt, because the drone will still do 360 flips, it flies great – does really good.

Flips cant comment on the camera at this moment because i havent seen the video yet, but what i saw indoors that the few seconds i recorded the video looked okay im sure it had plenty of drop frozen frames, though so overall, i highly recommend this drone, assuming The price is good. Speaking of that ill include a purchase link down here in the video description. If i remember ill include one in the pin comments as well. Thatll link you to amazon, where, if you have prime, you can get this in two days, just be aware that this al those are affiliate links. I do include that help support the work and time that goes into my channel, but youre, certainly not paying anymore. In fact, lots of times these vendors will give me discount codes that will actually save you money that are not available on amazons website. I dont think i have one on this one but ill check my email from toms on and if i do ill include it and youre always youre helping to support the channel but youre not paying anymore. So always keep that in mind. Im not getting rich off. This, in fact, i make almost nothing, but it doesnt is nice to get a tiny, tiny bit back uh. Just when someone buys something – and i only want you buying it. If i like it, if its junk im not going to include a purchase, link or im, going to warn you ahead of time that its probably not very good, i can leave a purchase link to this with full confidence that this is a good drone.

Im not worried about it, so im not worried about someone buying this and regretting it as long as you keep your in your as long as you keep your expectations in check all right, guys that wraps up the review of the toms on d28 hope you enjoyed It if youre new to the channel please consider subscribing, and while you do that, click the bell, so youre notified by youtube.