Take this guy up and do a test flight here in the basement, because this is relatively small. I was told it’s more of an indoor flyer, but i have no uh reasons. Why are concerns why you couldn’t fly this outside, but i thought i’d go ahead and slide indoors, because it’ll be easier to see these led lights when there’s a little bit less light, unless, of course you flew it outside at night time, so let’s just pull out The foam insert and here’s the instruction manual you guys can see it goes by the name of the flying pig. I don’t know what that name is chosen and what that has to do with. You know led lights, but it is what it is. Many of these products do come from. China do tend to have some rather bizarre english names. So here is the drone and we’ll go over some things here and then uh with it and then we’ll go over the controller and then whatever accessories it comes with this now this is a two battery version. Here are the batteries i may have the other one. Might be in the other room, i was charging up both of them, but you get two of these. I think they were 710 milliamps, probably not going to show up 1s lipo battery it charges off of a usbc cable, which they give you one right here to charge this guy up, it’s not going to take too long, probably somewhere around an hour or so to Charge one of these up let’s go look at the drone now and then we’ll.

Look at the controller. Now a few things you may notice with this drone is, it looks like it has optical flow and they do advertise a version in the manual, but this one is just hollow. Actually i have the battery inside here so i said i thought i left another room. It’S, just that i have it inserted and then there’s the other one. So like i said there is two batteries and you may not be able to see it here, but this is just a hollow hole. There’S no optical flow in this particular model leds light up. All over so i’ll show that in a second, but before i get to that, i want to point out that it looks like it has a camera on the front. There’S no mention anywhere. You can see it. Swivels of this being a camera and i’ve actually contacted tom’s on and there actually isn’t a functional camera. It may be that they plan on doing a version of the camera and just part of the design process. It was easier to manufacture several versions, so this may be a camera in there sure looks like one but it’s there’s, no wi fi broadcasted from this and there’s no app. So you cannot use the camera very, very unusual um there. I don’t really know what to tell you, i in nearly five years of reviewing mostly drones over the years. Up until recently, i never seen a drone come with the camera that wasn’t functional, but that is the case.

So neither there’s this camera here, doesn’t work but, like i said it, doesn’t look like there’s at least a lens in there and there’s no optical flow on the bottom of this guy. So if you would pop the battery in there, i could show you guys the lights now, it’s not going to be bound to the controller, so it’s going to want to continue to flash because it’s, not whenever you bind it up that’s. Whenever it’s going to um go solid, so let’s go ahead and press that power button you guys can see. It’S got those flashing leds, which i said those should go solid, they’re all around the base of the propellers. These are tri blade props. So you got to get good lift so that may reduce the flight time a bit. I’Ve not had a chance to test this once and just came in the mail yesterday. So i don’t know exactly what the flight time will be on that, but lots of times try props more there’s more friction, so it tends to uh cause a little bit less flight time, but you get better lift and then you’ve got these. You know you can see some lights flashing in here on the eyes and then there’s a red light here in the rear which helps for orientation when you’re flying this drone. So yeah pretty neat, led lights, we’ll see what those look like once we get it up here and fly it around i’ll, probably uh, maybe turn the lights down for just a moment.

So you guys can see the lights better, but obviously it’ll be difficult to see the drone very well. If i have not enough light here in the basement – and then here is this little uh, peanut kind of controller, they lots of times call these little small little controller. Here are some extra props in case you would bust them. They give you a full set of extra tri blade, props, and here is the controller pretty basic little guy, but rather decently feel in this construction. It does have altitude hold so it’ll make it easier to fly. You can always tell drones altitude hold whenever the left stick self centers, so you’re, throwing your throttle up and down your yaw, your pitch forward and back and your roll. This is an auto, take off and landing button. You do both sticks down and out to start the props, and you probably have to do that and then press the button and it will take off both sticks down and in we’ll. Do your gyro calibration, which will set the level for the drone, so it doesn’t have any tilt in it. Here’S your on and off switch. This button, as far as i can tell, is not functional uh. The instruction manual does allude to being the video button again that probably because they may have plans down the road to make this a camera version over here. You’Ve got your rates, your your three rates. I believe that was on.

Let me double check the instruction manual. One of them is the rates on this right, there’s three rates, a high, a middle and a low. Let me just grab the instruction manual, and that is the top button. Your three rates and this bottom one is your led switch, which i believe that’s going to turn the leds on and off for the drone you can calibrate the uh trim, i should say, or adjust the trim by holding this button in on the top, and then You can go which way you want. I think you have to press in on that right. Stick also, but usually you don’t have to mess with trimming these drones. As long as you get the gyro calibrated good, but yeah it says hold in that button. Don’T. Let go and then control the right stick and dial the direction you want to trim. So you just hold this in and in the direction that you want the trim. It also does have 360 flips that’s going to be pressing in on the stick here and then the direction you want to flip, pretty common for these small controllers to have that the left side here, a quick press is going to put you into headless mode. So if you don’t, if you’re a beginner – and you want to use that feature that’s where you don’t have to know your orientation it’s, just whichever way you push the stick but that’s not a good way to learn to fly, i don’t ever test headless mode.

In my reviews, and then a long press will enter into one key return, that’s just simply using the headless mode feature. The drone will fly back the opposite direction it was facing at take off, so that can become that’s, not a very reliable feature. But a lot of these drones use that, if you’re flying out in front of you and you lose orientation, you can hit that and it will fly back to you. But remember if you fly it over your head behind you it’s just going to keep flying away from you, so you have to keep it in front of you for that feature to work. So you know again a nice little controller. I think it takes three triple a batteries so we’ll get in there. I don’t have any batteries in it at the moment moment and yeah you get these nice. These two batteries, like i said, and uh, pretty cool. Looking little uh. This is more i’ll call it a mini, led drone, but you know some people might prefer this as a whoop or a whoop, because it’s got the ducted fans and the tri blade props, so it’s going to have good lift and of course these are going to Make very nice these deducted fans are going to the ducks are going to protect the props when i’m. Getting that. So you hit walls and stuff you’re, not too likely to break a prop you’re, more likely to throw a prop and lose it and then have to replace it with one of the spare ones in the package.

So that should cover everything again. I don’t know the flight time because i just got this in so i usually do get flight times, but if we fly it long enough in the review to where it does go, dead, i’ll try to include the flight time that we get during that, and i Don’T know exactly again the charging time on the batteries. Those are harder to gauge lots of times. If i don’t get it when i’m doing it i’ll just kind of give you an estimate how the manual or just from my previous experience charging batteries of similar size. All right guys so that wraps up the table, review portion of this drone for the toms on flying pig a31 be right back and we’ll. Take it up for a flight review here in my basement, so i’ll be right back all right guys. So i have the 831 flying pig out here, ready to do a test flight here in my basement, as you guys can see once you have it bound up and it’s connected to the controller it does cycle through the lights, which i thought it probably did. But i wasn’t for certain whenever i was showing you it in the table review but yeah. It does all kinds of neat led patterns, flashing and then it cycles through the colors. I have my light out here, so you guys can see that a little bit better and i’ll probably turn the light back on.

So we have better light to actually do the flying down here, but yeah that’s, pretty darn cool that is rather unique. I’Ve had led drones in the past that usually had just rings around and i’ve never actually had when they had lights right around the actual propellers. So let’s go ahead and we’ll. Take it up and fly it and see how well this guy flies so set this down and move back, and hopefully this shows up in my head cam to do the gyro calibration with both sticks down in you can see the lights flash there. Hopefully, let’s go ahead now and um let’s see if we press the auto take off. Oh, it does take off okay instruction manual kind of alluded to the fact you may have to uh unlock the props first but that’s. Just if you want to do a manual takeoff, okay, so that’s that’s, really stable, very nice that’s lowest rate let’s go in the middle rate and highest rate. So actually, i think it started out in middle, so the yaw does increase, as you guys can see, that’s lowest rate there’s middle rate and there’s highest rate. This this flies really really nice. Sometimes these drones can get a bit skittish indoors with all that lift and they tend to want to drift and wow this one really i mean soon it took off it didn’t drift on me. I knew this was probably going to be a winner really nice for flying indoors.

Make sure i get it up high enough to see – and i don’t see a reason why you couldn’t fly this outdoors as long as it’s relatively calm. They probably want the highest rate. Let’S uh let’s do some 360 flips. While we got plenty of battery, so let’s see how it flips let’s get it down a little. So we don’t hit the ceiling let’s see. If i can try that again, oh that’s right, it’s right, stick pressed in. I was doing the uh rates let’s. Try that again, let’s see if the leds turn off. First yeah. Do you want to save a little battery power? It does keep the rear one on and the eyes on for orientation, but it turns off the colorful lights. Let’S turn those back on. I like the look of them now let’s go ahead and try the flip now press in on the yeah nice. I figured it would flip good let’s just go down a little more because all these drones will raise up and you don’t want to hit the ceiling. Let’S. Do a back flip, really good let’s. Do a left, flip and let’s do a right flip again and a forward flip yeah, flips nice, so yeah it’s, just pressing it on the right stick for some reason. I was hitting the rates button to try to do my flips Music. All those leds, i’m sure will flash once it gets to a low battery and then at that point you’ll be in a low voltage and the drones always disable the ability to flip, because with the voltage sag on the battery you’re not going to have the oomph From the battery to recover from that flip yeah, this fly is great.

With two batteries i mean i’m super impressed. I mean these toys can be real hit and miss, but tom’s on you know, i i’ve had a few times on things in the past are pretty decent and uh real impressed with this one. I really leds are really popular. Now. My computer behind me has got the uh, those kind of leds that change colors and that’s a nice little touch because it’s becoming difficult for these drone manufacturers. Now to come up with new ideas. You know we’ve got altitude hold, you know the more expensive ones have gps optical flow, which they’re gon na have a version of that on this one it’s nice to help hold position, but on these leds it’s a nice little touch. Someone might like that. I think it’s pretty darn cool again. I can’t really open it up in here, because i’m sort of confined an area so outdoors might be a little more ideal but it’s. You know it’s kind of windy today and these little loops don’t do great in the wind and it’s a little it’s a little chilly out here today. Nothing like it was a week ago. Well, actually, a week and a half ago, probably we were actually. I guess it was last. It was a week ago. Whenever it was, we were yes, it was maybe it was two i could use track. We’Re like a zero. We were below freezing for like two weeks straight, which is pretty incredible: Music yeah.

This flies really nice again. If you buy this and you you open it up, and you say well what the heck is this camera on the front yeah i don’t know it’s just really strange that they’ve i all i can think of – is they’re going to include a camera version with a Wi fi chip, which would let you record the video to an app, but this one does not have that so don’t freak out. If you get this and then you wonder how i get the camera to work, what app i use, how do i make it? How do i connect to it? This doesn’t have any of that they’ve just included a camera. It does seem like an odd extra choice whenever all those every little bit like that costs more money to manufacture so it’s a little strange, but it doesn’t have it. I kind of thought for a moment that it might just be they might put a bulb up here and you have a led in the front that kind of allude to that in in the box. But of course, you’d see a bulb there and that’s just a lens, but that is so stable, there’s no air flow down here. But look at that. I mean look at that that that looks like it’s got optical flow at the very least, but that that hole on the bottom is just an empty hole. In fact, i even mentioned it, because this will be going, never get a low voltage.

This will be going on sale in a few days here on amazon and um. The listing had optical flow listed, but uh they’re going to correct that, because this one does not have optical flow Music, so you guys will see i shouldn’t be able to flip now see i press it and it doesn’t do anything because it’s saying hey, you don’t Have enough battery power now now, if you flew this outdoors or someplace a little bit more aggressive flying you’re, probably getting a little shorter flight time than this again i’ll try to remember to include the flight time here just going by the video Applause. Sometimes these drones can fly for quite a long time off the low voltage like they tripped the low voltage a little earlier than they should have so sometimes you can get i’ve had drums, go two minutes or more on low voltage, which is kind of crazy. This one’s going pretty good and now we’re losing power. Okay, so there is the low voltage cut off completely. The drone is completely cut off to save the lipo, because the lipo battery you don’t, want to run those too low, so that’s. The reason why the manufacturers cut the power completely, so you don’t damage that lipo battery all right, guys, pretty cool really really really, and i can’t trust a nice flyer really smooth it’s, not skittish it doesn’t want us. You know float off on me really smooth yaw controls, even in the highest rate.

A beginner would be fine with the lowest rate indoors, because if you bump the wall you’re not going to break anything just if it holds altitude well, as you guys saw there towards the end, i was hovering in front of me almost like i had optical or Gps hold because it worked really really well so highly recommend this drone, especially if you don’t, need a camera, even though this one has that on non functional one. This is a nice little drone i’ll include a purchase. Link to this. The purchase link may not be active when this is first published. This video, because i was told it wouldn’t, be active on amazon until monday. Today is friday, the 26th of february. So if i post this today or tomorrow and you’re interested in this, i don’t know if it’ll go to the product it made. It’Ll, probably take you to it and just say currently unavailable. If you’re interested just check back on march 1st around there and see if it is available to purchase on amazon all right guys that wraps up the review of the toms on a31 flying pig, hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure. If you’re new to the channel that you click subscribe, click the bell as well, so you know whenever i do upload new videos be sure to give this video a thumbs up any kind of likes.