It man i mean i haven’t – been able to really fly too much because it’s been so windy around. Here i mean geez every day, especially for little toys like this it’s really hard to get these things to do anything in the wind. Okay. I just did the level calibration that’s down in the end now. I’M. Not believe me, i’m, not thinking this is going to work at all Music. I got it at the third rate, so you can fight at least fight some of the wind off it’s. Actually pretty snappy, to be honest, now the wind is coming at me that’s. Why it’s pushing it back to me so i’m not going to try to trim out anything but it’s, actually flying pretty good i’m flying pretty good way better than i thought it was going to be let’s put it that way now i’m, not going to push the Range on this thing, because you know we know what the deal is with that right, it’ll lose the bind and see you later got these lights on here, let’s see how you can turn them off. Okay, no that changes them Music. Oh, i think that was a return to home here. No, it wasn’t, okay, yeah it’s, it’s, holding steady. The wind just died out for a second, so it’s holding pretty steady right. There see it’s, not moving at all, hardly because i you know, did the level calibration. So i just haven’t been able to figure out how to turn them lights off.

I thought there was a way, but maybe i’m wrong – i’m, not worried about it. It’S a couple flashing lights, ain’t gon na hurt too much of the flight time. Actually, this thing flies pretty good that’s me changing the rates and the speeds and stuff actually i’m very surprised at how this thing’s flying i got ta, be perfectly honest: yeah it’s, starting to get a little bit of a little gust, is coming up. So i almost lost it in that tree, which it would have just hit it and fell, but still it was almost a crash yeah this thing’s flying way better than i thought it was gon na it scoots real good. This is the third rate yeah good tom’s. On Music, oh air did at that time i didn’t. Oh okay, i saved it. I saved it. I saved it been dying to get into that tree right there and it did it. Finally, is that light nope? Not yet i don’t know if that threw the trim off or what no, the wind is. No it didn’t it’s just that wind it’s gusting around you know now, i’ll put the flight time in there. I’Ll put the little clock in so we’ll see how much flight time we’re getting but it’s flying great, so i’m, not good i’m, not complaining! I think the battery’s starting to get a little weak when they start doing things like that, because i didn’t bring it all the way down there like that.

That did that on its own. Let me check the flips real, quick see if i can get a flip. Oh yeah, so battery’s still good just dropped like that. All of a sudden it does have optical flow on there it’s right there yeah, i think it’s uh really working out good man, i’m real happy with it. I think i’m gon na send it to my grandson. Music, yeah it’s. Definitely the batteries dying here, yeah the light’s flashing. I can see it from here yep, so it just doesn’t have enough oomph in it to keep it going. So yeah flew great man, blue great tom’s, on a31 it’s, a legend it’s, a legend, all right guys. There you go the a31.