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Georgia biscuit what a great username keith. Thank you very much for the 4.99 to help pay for keiths drone damage, yeah that hurt that had a comma in it and uh mlbb cyber pump, wow wow uh and a try. What uh? What is that, where what region of the world is that 34.99 in old tri bucks, uh, hey bro? What talking about you i dont understand. Well tell me what country youre from and ill speak your language, because i am multilingual, i i speak the language of all earth people, oh big latin anyway. Thank you very much everybody for the wonderful support, and now i guess its time to get into the news. Stop the music its time for news heading on into the drone newsosphere everything you ever want to know about the drone industry and drones in general. Ladies and gentlemen, jeffs hill, how are you guys doing? Hey bud whats new in the drone world got all sorts of cool stuff. Well i mean actually, unfortunately, the ukraine stuff is like completely blocked out most of the news, but i did find some good stuff. Okay, so first well start off with dji. They have a new drone, apparently potentially coming out um the m400 rtk or the mavic enterprise max im, not sure what theyre going to call it, but apparently its the folding version of matrices yeah. I dont know really the pictures right now, but it does kind of a skydio thing.

Its got two pushers and two pullers, as you can see there. As far as the props go thats interesting, this is uh yeah gon na be expensive. It looks expensive done. It looks expensive, yes, does anybody have any interest in this drone? Let me know in the chat some police departments, for it. Oh sure, yeah i mean it does look kind of military grade. You got any more information about this, no thats thats. All we have right now is just the photographs at this point. Okay um, hopefully well get some more information as we go forward, but uh like i said, the police departments are probably like that because its its compact yeah, so all right, uh. So next, in the news uh that its been confirmed that the anatov an225 mira was actually destroyed. This is so sad to see look at that in the hangar uh that it was stored in uh. It was a combat zone and the russians apparently attacked that area and the plane was hit and caught fire and was completely destroyed. Did they target it on purpose? Did they do that just to be douches? No, i think that it was because its an airfield and obviously they dont want airfields being used, and it just happened to be one of the targets, but you know anything thats a hanger theyre going to go after et cetera, right um. I you know, i mean its technically their plane. I mean its a russian.

It was originally for the bronze space shuttle, but anyway so uh. On the flip side, though, there is a glimmer of hope um that we might actually see the another 225 come back in the future, and this is a little bit iffy. There was a second body that was made. It was never finished, but it is also uh. Its been confirmed that this is still in one piece, unfortunately its also in ukraine um. So hopefully this does not get damaged and they know the parts that they need that come off of other another aircraft to be able to recreate the anatomy 225 um. So maybe well see a resurgence of that aircraft. I would love that would be great yeah. I would love to see that plane come back like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Let me, let me ask you this uh uh, and would it be, would it be bad luck or good luck to use some parts from the old one in the new one, just for grins from, from my perspective, its not bad luck, uh, you know if, if The plane had, you know, been part of like some sort of disaster, where it crashed et cetera, then yeah, but right in this case. No, i dont think it would be bad luck and there there did look to be some things that they could salvage off. The old frame the engines seem to be in one shape, etc, um so, and of course, we want that plane back, because if we dont get that plane back the worlds largest aircraft is the airbus a380, which is french, and we dont want the french.

How does the, how does the spruce goose uh stack up to these? The spruce goose is not anywhere near as big as these are. It is a large plane yeah, but the the these. So these planes are are larger in many aspects to the spruce coast, but the spruce goose, of course, is uh historically, the largest wooden aircraft. Yes, so, okay, there, you go all right. So next we have footage. This is out of the ukraine. The first one is a drone video that was taken by the ukrainians uh, showing an attack which happened to destroy some russian military vehicles in the city of maripo, its amazing. How immediate all this footage is ive been watching clips from ukraine of just amazing destruction. That was posted, like you know two minutes ago, five minutes ago, that kind of thing so theyre, you know at least their uh internet infrastructure is still usable and then we get to see whats going on yeah. This is a very strange situation, because weve never really had a a war where we had these type. You know drones of this nature, available to people and and being used so widely to capture footage of whats going on. It gives us a very unique perspective that weve never had before, because this is not this isnt, the news agency, this isnt, you know, uh, you know something that came from from. You know something like that. This is. This is a a guy that has access to the drone.

That is just filming activity that goes on and then posting it right, and you know these people that are doing this. They are targets not just their drone. They are personally targets if they can triangulate their signal or find out where they are then yeah. You know heres a serious question if, if this war was going on after remote id was implemented because supposedly private citizens would be able to find you know thats here in the united states, but of course remote id technology would be available. That would that would suck yeah, so at least theres a little bit of anonymity for these. These uh drone heroes that are bringing us the actual footage well, and we also have this other footage this again from maripole, which is where a lot of the activity has been. This is drone footage that shows some of the destruction thats going on in the area. Uh to some of the like the civilian areas and things like that, you get sort of a an idea of the amount of damage thats being caused to the city itself, uh and, of course, again its a viewpoint that we would never have seen or never have Had if it werent for these people, putting these drones up and filming this stuff yeah, if i had to fly a drone in ukraine, i want it to be like this, like an fpv quad, where i can zip out of the way of, if im being strafed Or something you know what i mean yeah, because thats thats, what this is looks like some kind of spv quad, but uh yeah its? Definitely not your your normal camera drone all right.

So next, in the news we have uh a video that comes to us uh from the time and where fire and rescue service they released. This video footage of dramatic phone footage of a fire in berkeley. It happened at the beginning of february 2022 during the response. More than 60 fire fighters, nine appliances and aerial ladder platform and thermal imaging equipment were used at the scene. The emergency services are increasingly utilizing drone technology in a variety of different ways. This footage shows just how effective drones can be at large incidents where a birds eye view gives emergency services personnel a vital perspective as events unfold drones very useful yep drones are very useful um. The next story is, i guess, a unique method of them. Using a drone, this story comes out of australia. There is a group down there that they chase meteorites. The meteorite hunters and a team from curtin university in australia came up with this new use case of a drone because they knew that a meteorite had fallen in a specific area and they needed to be able to track it down, and so they used a drone To scour the area to find where the potential impact of the drone was or the impact of the of the meteorite was and were able to locate it using the drone, which i thought was really cool a little bit of story to share with everybody. So again, drones doing weird and fantastic things out there in a way all right uh.

Next we have yes, this one is for ken. Oh, what do you think would happen if you took a long range drone and decided to use the mapping capability of a bugs brain then i would either be a college professor, with too much grant money or completely stoned out of my mind. Well, luckily, you would be a researcher from australia, reverse engineers, the visual systems of hover flies to help assist in long range driving. We can build a system that can spot targets in complicated environments, for example, drones that are flying very far away in areas that theyre not supposed to be in. We can look at how to process sounds, and so we can extract more information from different, sounds and look at speech patterns and the sounds of objects that were looking for within noisy environments, much better than what regular systems can. It was. The hover fly that russell used to essentially develop the neurological model for their capacity to track their prey, so their early vision system is a very acutely honed system for identifying motion and that allows us to considerably enhance the detectability of signatures. We can detect these out to ranges of three to four kilometers and those are very small drones, huh. What what yeah wow explain? They detect the acoustic nutrient of drones as far as four kilometers away uh, even in noisy environments using the i guess, the detection capabilities of the hover flight theres too much grant money floating around.

How do we get grant money? We could just make something up, because you know the people that are issuing these grants. Dont understand necessarily the science theyre like what its got bugs sound, something bug, something bugs drones, all right that you know like lets make something up. I want to do an experiment with uh uh lamborghinis. I want to see uh how the sun glints off the hood of certain lamborghinis, uh and uh. There will be there will be bugs uh on the windshield and uh, so uh give me grant money. Thank you very much. Music im surprised you havent come up with that. Already man, oh man, im working on it working on it. You know every scam all right so last in the news, uh, a farmington hills police have used a drone recently to catch a man lurking in windows. I dont think this is last in the news. I think maybe you switched a couple of them. Did i switch something i think so something about halo or something? Oh yes, i forgot about that rehearsal. Im. Sorry, no thats! All right! No! I dont know thats what happened all right if i havent had enough of these thats. Okay, yeah so whats this about so recently as part of the halo presentation uh they have, they did a marketing campaign in austin, where they put a qr code up in the sky using uh. The the drone you know displays – and they didnt tell anybody that they were gon na, do this, and so all of a sudden you know 600 drones go flying up into the sky with this huge qr code and freaked out half of austin, because they had no Idea what the heck was going on uh people were a bit concerned and confused as to why this was happening, but it was all part of a marketing campaign for the new halo series.

A tv series thats coming out. Oh cool that looks cool halo is that is that hey louis hold on hold on hang on halo is that is that a video game is that, like your pac man is, that is, is that, where it, it is like the pong like the pong, yeah yeah, Exactly like, okay, so halo is a tv show. Quick aside, i have a friend named doris and shes 104 years old and i talked to her on the rag because shes still with us, you know what i mean and uh every once in a while. I have to record this next time i go visit her, which will be in about a month. Next time i go visit her. I have to record myself trying to explain youtube to her because she does exactly that shes like, but its. What channel is youtube want on my tv? She doesnt understand the difference she doesnt know so its streaming. She doesnt know what streaming is, and i tried to explain it to her like okay, well ones and zeros. How do you explain? She has no point of reference. I hope i live long enough since its on a boat. I hope i i god bless her. I hope i live long enough that some 55 year old schmuck has to explain something like that to me. So so you you, transport from this planet to mars is and then all of you and then you youre the same person but you disintegrated, and then i hope that i hope i live long enough for that.

That would be fun anyway, halo, yeah, all right. So now we have the last story of the news that i didnt completely forget: yeah uh. This was the farmington hills police department. They used a drone recently to catch a man lurking in backyards and peeking in windows: oh creepers, uh. In 2021. We arrested this individual for prowling in our community. That incident was adjudicated and he was out free, fast forward to 2022 and police start getting reports that would lead them back to the same man they arrested last year. Over the past five or six weeks, weve received multiple complaints matching his mo on the initial approach to him. He was on a bicycle and he fled from some of our officers who were trying to identify him. We sent up our drone and using our flear. We were able to locate where he was hiding uh, coordinate the officers to move in and take custody of them without incident. Wow. Look at this look at this dude winner, yeah wow, yeah yeah, so yeah hes, uh, hes, hes gon na gon na face a pretty serious bond and and be charged, so yeah hell be smart, put in that uh section of the prison where they put all the People that all the other prisoners wan na hurt, i love the idea that he decided he wanted to flee on a bicycle. I always love it when they think that they can get away from police officers on a bike.

I would love to see that that uh dash cam footage youll, never get me youll. Never get me youll. Never get me, copper! You never get me cop. I look. I got. I got a 10 speed anyway, uh jeff. Thank you so much uh. What are you drinking tonight by the way? Oh, this is still the zombie stuff, yeah windex, still working at night. Yes, windex all right jeff! Thank you. So much youre almost welcome sir thanks for stopping by now get out. Ah, that jeff got ta love. That guy here is kelly with a joke. You got one right, oh force, okay, uh. What do you call a criminal landing, an airplane? What condescending? Ah i like that, its pretty good thats, pretty pretty good uh just very quickly. We got uh some more a couple more super chats coming in and then in mere moments. Uh, take this time to prepare yourself for the weekly beau chart kelly im kind of glad youre here, um beauchart had the cops called on them for this one and its all on video in the chat he said, i need to apologize in advance for tonights uh Weekly beau sharks, yes and again you you, you wont, be able to unsee this. Oh dear okay, so let me just i know its just a matter of time before he landed behind bars. Oh, it would be a true crime podcast about him. He he he went a bit far this time.

Um lets see. Where did we leave off uh? Oh ken torbeck uh, two bucks, hey thanks ken appreciate that uh ken just remember: 800. 222. 1134. I dont know what what i dont know, what that is call it right now live on the show. Really i cant dairy. You got a real man if you dont do double dog. Dare me i triple dog, dare you oh hell all right lets, call it 800 yeah eh this better, not be a sex line like all those other ones. You call right because i budget for that all right were calling lets, see what happens. Thank you for choosing aaa, oh all, right, all right, knucklehead, all right! Kenya keep that number on standby, yeah yeah. All right now lets go ahead and get into the weekly beau chart that wouldnt play last week for some reason, but well play definitely this week, theres! Nothing that can go wrong with the weekly beau shark this week. I dare something to happen. All right lets just play it. Enjoy everyone avert the childrens eyes, though hi everybody, jim beaucher. Back again, with another episode of the weekly beau chart, i thought id try something different this week and see how much fun and trouble i can get into with a mask a hat and a cane. So lets go back to basics, no, its actually been pretty busy. I guess everyone wants to get out and enjoy the weather right, yeah for sure so for the channel today uh.

What do i do today? Yeah whats, your normal, i recorded my editor. Oh wow youve got 170 000 subscribers thats a jimp off the old block. Thats. Pretty good, legally youre not doing anything wrong. People are going to keep calling us and when were done, yeah how much longer until youre done one more joke. One more joke, theres an alien baby like stephen, i dont know what speaking to your reader thats pretty good. I, like these jokes, guys well im a funny guy. Well, thank goodness that turned out on a positive note. I will be having the extended version on my channel tomorrow, so feel free to stop by and have a peek at that were way over time. No time for an end joke so on that note but and bye, is this a cry for help yeah im going to go ahead and say what everybody else is thinking yeah? Do it please? Yes, im going to be the one to say it. Yeah, jim beaucharts got a nice ass. I know right. I didnt want to say anything, but i mean why hide those groceries they need to get out there shake those things. Man, when a cop says legally comma youre not doing anything wrong yeah, you might be doing something wrong, but it was so wrong. It was hilarious and i thank you very much. Mr beauchart, but um cant wait to see next week anyway. So um now were gon na ive got some great viewer videos, but before we bring in our guest by the way we have uh uh jamar williams from the drone advertising company and its uh.

Here it is its primal. Drone were going to talk to him in just a moment, but before i do that this is like a public service that i have to. I have to share with everyone. Okay, this is a warrant. Is it about jim beauchart? No, no! No, if you need more information, just look on the wall of the post office, all right, um, a lot of people send me their videos to be on this show, and you can do that by sending it here can hear and upload gmail.com. If you havent sent a video, please do if youre thinking about it, you think maybe thats, maybe its not good enough. It doesnt have to be necessarily great. It just has to be something interesting. Okay, so send it here. If you need music epidemic sound theres, a link in the description, okay, now a lot of the times, i i get links to their youtube channels and i will see the sign of death channel death on their on their youtube channel. Do you know what the sign of death is the sign of death sign of channel death? Anyone in the chat know what know what im talking about? No, that is channel death right there. If it says this on your channel, you you cant, have comments. You wont be recommended um, you know its copa. Okay, coppa in case you dont know is uh is an acronym for uh childrens online privacy protection act.

So you have to choose whether or not your your channel or your videos individually, are meant for kids. Now, normally somebody would say: oh well, yeah, i didnt do anything wrong sure its meant for kids, but no. That means its specifically made for children right its a weird little gray area and not everybody knows about it. So, unless youre reviewing fisher price things or making balloon animals or whatever the hell, kids channels do, even if your channel is completely 100 family friendly innocent, do not choose four kids, because your channel will wither and die and blow away theres a message from your pal. Can thank you very much. I hope that helps what, if you want to see what happens when you put on a mask a hat and a cane, is that okay for kids, apparently legally youre, not doing anything wrong right. So i got an email from lenny and this this this this email says very simply: hey ken found this karma drone on facebook marketplace. Kelly might want it. So here it is kelly. I know youre into karma drones. I got one. Why do i need another? One? Look at this thing right how much, how much do they want for that thing? How much lets see here? How much is that? How much is that thing? How much would you charge for to sell your your oh here we go there, we go was 350 now its just 325., its about 300 too much.

Is it oh? How much is it? How much is it 92 for 300. yeah thats? What im saying thats? What im saying um, but you did make a couple of videos with your karma and we havent seen these in a while, so ill go ahead and share uh this one that i put together for you. I think youll like it. I know you did this one. You did this one. This is karma footage. Look at those greens, Music, oh gopro, camera tell us about that day. Kelly john dean in the chat says karma. Drones are 50 more reliable than no drone at all. That was the second time i ever flew it. That was only i bought it. Oh i didnt buy it the company i worked for, bought it. The real estate company i worked, for that was only the second time. I flew it and man it. It fell out of the sky, and then you know a week or two later, gopro recalled all the karmas and they replaced them free of charge. And and what was that was it that battery loose issue was that it or was it? I never had a problem with the loose battery. I i think it was something more than that. I i dont. I dont think they had any idea what was causing that, and they said. Oh, it must be a loose battery because even when mine hit the ground its, it still had power interesting, okay.

Well, there was another one that you did and i um i fixed it up a little bit for you enjoy this its starting to rain. Again, the rain had uh cracked up a little bit. The back motors of the ship are just holding it uh just enough to keep it from it bursts into flight, get it started, get this car its right and its crazy, its rising all the humanity and all the failures speaking around it. I dont do it. I cant talk to people. I listen folks. Im gon na have to stop for a minute because they have lots of voices. The worst thing ive ever witnessed gopro karma. That was 100 on me. That was my oh, oh, okay, all right, uh all right well lets lets play its not its almost time to bring our guests lets, play one viewer, video, okay and then, and then bring in our guest huh its amazing. How far drones have come. That drone was released about five years ago and now theyre, just so rock steady. I dont know if you saw the latest video on my channel, but i flew my mini too through my car window and out the other window and theyre that steady now did you did you really do that? Hey its kellyanne yall, so ive been the proud owner of the dji mini 2. For about two months now, and one of the coolest things about the mini 2, is that its so small, even though it doesnt have obstacle avoidance its easy to fly through tight spaces and, at its widest point, its just a little over a foot wide.

So what do you say? We take the mini two and see how many tight spaces we can fly it through today and hopefully we dont crash it here we go lets. Do it yeah this? Is your channel theres a link in the description, i think so? Gopro karma this summer, its personal, so um, im thinking just from watching this. Okay, that you have an fpv itch. You need to scratch if youre flying it like this through tight spaces. No was this fun or or nerve racking for you thats fine! I mean it. It didnt make me nervous at all: no okay. No now did you fly it backwards, or did you reverse the footage? Uh flew it backwards? Did you okay, uh, except for the car, the car part except yeah? You went through the car yeah. Here we go and then reverse the footage, yeah wow and back through. That is look how steady it is when it gets inside the car thats, pretty good man now uh kelly, you have no interest in fpv, even even flying a a camera drone like that. I think you would, i think it would change your life fpv, but dont start that argument all right, your choice and then were going to bring in our guest jamar williams. One video: do you want to go to hamburg germany, or do you want to see old, tammy g? Oh ill go tammy, gene all right, ladies and gentlemen, its tim and jane emma gene, everybody shes from new york, timmy gene all right, so this wasnt, even sent in by tammy jean herself.

This was sent in by tammy jean fan, says: hey ken tammy jean shot. A beautiful video that she posted yesterday she might have sent it to you herself, but if she didnt the tnl audience deserves to see it tom henderson tammy, jean super fan, tammy jean. You might check your front bushes for tom henderson all right, but here it is. This is old, tammy, jean hi, everyone tammy jean here and im outside on a really dreary day here in the northeast. We get all the seasons and i think its beautiful, but my creative friends are always complaining. Oh, we need some snow or you know springtime and the leaves havent popped yet its just so ugly. I cant wait to get out there and fly well might as well turn off the rest of this video because i fly even when its too ugly to fly. I love her yankee accent. I love it. It makes me homesick im getting you out there to fly its beautiful right there, yeah Music. I remember when tammy jean just had a couple hundred subscribers and then when she became a legend on tnl shes, now bumped up to 549. shes a legend, oh outtakes, of those ugly times of year too, like ugh hair. In my face, oh yeah, i just lost my train of thought: god, damn it new video im going to get out there and fly and ah freaking truck uh car just run by just i try to start and im outside on a really dreary day.

Oh shoot. I dont know what else to say: i am outside on a real. I messed up. You know its snow, i have a pet peeve. I have a complaint. Besides that car driving by tammy gene here and im outside on over timmy gene. I appreciate the fact that youre a potty mouth love it. Thank you awesome. Thank you tommy for sending that in yeah we need. We need more uh, ladies in this hobby, uh all right, so it is time to bring in our guest from promo drone all the way from california, Music, jamar williams were calling him now and now here is kelly with a joke, as i bring in jamar Music Whats the difference between boogers and broccoli, whats, the difference between boogers and broccoli. What kids dont eat broccoli, yeah, thats, good thats, a good one – that is a good one, Music yep all right stand by here. He is, ladies and gentlemen. Lets fix my camera here, hey jamar, welcome to the show, hey you hear me, can you hear me okay there? I can hear you a little bit. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, okay cool, let me uh, i thought i had a little bit brighter in here. There we go there, we go yeah, we try to turn up the brightness here, but were still stupid. You guys are funny. I love your show, the format and kelly dont. Let him beat you up too much about flying that karma man thanks man, i appreciate it.

Theyve been beating me down about that drone for over two years now, gopro karma yeah, yeah, so uh have uh. Have you flown a karma yourself? I have not good youre. Lucky you got the good drones, so tell us a little bit about yourself and where are you and everything give us the scoop? Yeah thanks for having me um, my name is jamar. Obviously, promo drone ceo were in uh san, diego sunny southern california, so we are making our way to the rest of the world from uh somewhere pretty cool. It is pretty cool and im going to share your uh your sizzle reel here in a minute. I know kelly enjoyed it. I did too because it has so many beautiful drones in it. Colorful beautiful drones, uh as youll, see here in a minute but uh. What is it that your company does and how long have you been doing it? As i show your website yeah, we are doing something a little bit different in a nutshell, were humanizing the drone experience by offering uh two way: communications, uh, initially as an advertising vehicle right having the ability to have fans connected to brands, consumer opportunities in a more Engaging a more effective, a more head, turning exciting way. You know what brands and sponsors are looking for in this. You know world of iphones and instagram, and a million different ways to get your attention theyre all fighting for. How do we have the next cool thing? How do we make something thats going to have a splash and get people excited to focus on what were doing so? Our initial premise was, you know, after all, the threats of getting our drone shot down, and you know for all like that.

We all get right. Good bad or indifferent people were taking notice to these robots in the sky and um. I wonder what would happen if we capitalized on that attention, if you, if you have so many people with attention, split in so many directions and theyre willing to lift their head up to look at my drone to yell at it, then that means i have them. If not for a split second, i have their attention and thats valuable in the world of marketing, where a split second impression can lead to a multi million dollar. You know potential deal. You know right depending on the level of engagement, so you dont want you dont want a quiet drone. You want to look at me drone, no, not necessarily right. We want a drone because, because we are in an air lets, say an air space thats, not uh. Cluttered, you know were not on the ground, with the sign spinners, with the stepping repeats the logos and were not in the air, with the airplanes that are kind of background. Noise were in this in between zone, where our drones are loud enough for you to know. Theyre there but theyre, not a nuisance, theyre, not going theyre not going to disturb from your event experience because thats important as well. So while we are creating a site and sound experience and platform, we dont want it to be disruptive its complementary to the experience versus a disruptive.

You know, dont, look at the next home run. Look at the drone kind of deal. We want you to still enjoy the game, but also when you have time to engage, engage who are? Who are your customers right now, um? Is it uh, like i dont, know, uh bachelor parties wedding, i mean who who who calls you up and says. I want you to fly a drone with a sign on it to my event, its its the big events, its the its the events. Now that cove is over, we had a you know, a big challenge like most of the world, with the events and with things starting to shape up uh its looking good, but where, where our target is, is creating a service based experience for these venues, uh a La theme, parks, stadiums, uh, perennial events like the coachellas of the world and im using names. We havent worked with coachella im using them as a reference um, but theyre all having these branding opportunities. Weve flown for volleyball tournaments golf tournaments, gender reveals, but with with the digital display that were creating, we see a much more robust opportunity not only to monetize but to have variety in the type of content you can. You can display uh in addition to advertisements what we found valuable to our customers and their feedback is experiences. Kiss cams creating contests around the drone. Um share now celebrate things that create emotional uh responses from the audience in addition to these advertisements.

So we have an opportunity to not only turn heads and grab attention, but now get creative with the way you utilize content on a mobile device like a drone in a new way. So it gets. It gets the creators out there, like oh heres, a an ar version of this thing that we can do where you point your phone at it all of a sudden. It looks like a pokemon or something like that. Its one of the use cases you know weve got gaming, you know were thinking of how to integrate this into the likes of the drone racing leagues, where theres major title sponsors in this you know so thats. So, where what initially started, as how can we get signage at a party or an event, has become a licensable asset that gives drone pilots a connection to money right? You know drone pilots love to fly, we love to fly, but we dont necessarily always want to go out and uh do business real estate or stuff like that. You want to you, want to attach a t. Shirt can and do it and go out to a ball game. You want to have some fun right, yeah yeah, so the venues they dont want to be drone experts right. They dont they dont have to learn about what it takes to do this stuff. So what weve done is created a technology that the venues can utilize and we provide the pilot infrastructure, the network uh uh, or we can do an a la carte.

You just hire us well come out. There find a pilot in that area. Have the technology there and fla a la carte so theres, day or event, long experiences? They could be right, um season, long experiences or perennial experiences: okay owned. What kind of farm dollar did you have a question, kelly yeah? How big of a drawback or how big of a challenge is it for you to avoid flying over people, and how much does that hurt the idea so to speak? Yeah, no thats, a great question um so were 107 compliant at all times. Right so were flying these things in what we call drone zones so theyre areas over top of shrubbery over top of the vendor uh food areas, low low buildings, water spaces that allow you to still see the signage in an effective way, but not really have to Worry about being too complicated with your flight maneuvers example: youre were doing a uh, we did a golf tournament and, as the cars are lining up to get in, they do parking theres tons of tennis courts that are that are right there. Next to the actual uh parking area, with no one on them, we we cordoned off the tennis courts. We fly the drone above the fence line. All the people can see the drone coming in its turning heads, its getting all of that funnel of attention happening at once, and sponsors love that you know what uh and im sure you im sure you thought of this, but this would be great for like if Theres uh an amber alert or or a lost kid.

You put the kids picture on there in the area where uh it was last. The kid was last seen and you know, put amber alert on there or lost kid at a an event. You know that that would be great yeah and you hit the flip side of it. We talk a lot about marketing and content creation, but theres this safety and security feature that we dont want to overlook as well um amber alert, as you just said, active shooter, emergency exit instructions, uh two way, triaging in a remote area where it takes time for First responders to get there and what we havent really talked about a lot that weve experimented with and that weve already encountered an alpha with um is the ar facial capture, part of it right now, theres a difference between capture and recognition. Facial recognition is, i see your face. I recognize it because im comparing it to a database, thats fbi, surveillance, theyre, looking for a person in the audience facial capture. What were specializing in is demographics, outwardly observable features in order to get information back to the marketers. To understand the audience thats paying attention to their ad, so youre talking race, potentially age for sure gender and then emotional status scores as well. Are they having a good time? Are they upset and as the technology improves, as these machines get smarter well be able to tailor ads and experiences depending on the emotional iq, essentially that the drones responding to what? What are some of the uh drawbacks? That youre youre finding are the general public? Are more accepting of drones these days but youre talking about like these big octocopters that can carry like your digital platform? Um? They love it, especially.