Hey sean welcome back! Thank you very much. All right its going to be um, hopefully an abridged show tonight a short show, because ive got to go to chicago sorry, a what show an abridged Music, because the shorter the show the more sleep i can get before. I have to leave at 3am with keith. Thank you, keith uh hes, taking me up to chicago to get my car hes, always up for an adventure that guy uh so tonight its its gon na be a lot of fun. I got ta jam pack. All these viewer videos in right. Ive got something to share with you thats new. In my life i have a new, a new love in my life and something from the drone museum of history, all that plus the news and our guest who is up late in germany right now. Her name is christina kufka and she is an fpv pilot and particle physicist. Yes, so i have a specially designed game to pit her against this guy. It might be a little sorry. Sorry, yeah sorry can i just. Can i just clarify okay, yeah kelly green comes on here, and he plays one second song and cool things like that against random people. I come on and im going to be against a particle physicist, yes, and i may have designed the contest to kind of help. Her out and not you well see, well see what happens, but you know seems more than fast shes our guest, so we have to accommodate her right and and not to mention the fact that shes staying up very late either that or getting up early at alexa.

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My preview to that is that i i i liked it a lot up until the very recent final photos. The final retail photos were out and now im starting to be a bit. Why why why why? What what why why? What does that do oh right, more stuff to break but uh? Well, well, talk about that and theres! A very special um weekly beau chart uh that that well find out, but but first it looks like it looks like the train might be leaving without its conductor, Music, Laughter and – and i thank you very, very much everyone. Let me first thank the people in the pre show chit chat. You know i lift up the velvet rope hours before the show is on, and people stop by, while im editing things and getting the show ready and those people id like to thank right now. For the super early super chats, thank you drone rob. As always, he seems to be the first one: 20 bucks from him and uh philip koshat theres coshat all over the place, thanks for the five bucks and uh gmc sport. Thank you very much for the 25 bucks man so awesome and uh the moja with a 449 poundage. Thank you very, very, very much and now it looks like were off to the races. If i can get this Music uh and – and i will need this – because i am heading up to chicago and ill – be driving – that gas guzzling rx 8 back uh lets see.

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Why did the irish make their chili with only 2′ beans? Well, one more would be too hearty that note yeah and bye, ah thats fantastic. That is fantastic. He does it again. I tell you, i did see that uh once before and i laughed so hard. I was not expecting that i was not expecting. I was not expecting that and neither were you where are you anyway uh now before we get into the news? I do have to mention the the addition to my family everybodys been making fun of my rx 8 and the the wankel rotary engine and how non dependable it is, but thats, why its in the shop to get it to be dependable. But still something could go wrong and i need transportation. So i was looking at an old lebaron. Just something like you know, like a 200 car, i could get groceries in or whatever and we were out going. This is in kentucky. We were going down the road in kentucky to go check this car out. When i passed a cop and i was going pretty fast and so i slowed down and then when i slowed down, i noticed that there was a for sale sign in the window. So i bought a cop car thats, my car, that is it its uh, its being tuned right now and uh. This is this is what it looks like its got. The you know cop interceptor motor package for those who know about the the ford crown victorias.

Apparently, these are really reliable vehicles. I guess they had to be. You know for the cops you know, theyre just going to sit around write reports and everything but thats my car. Do you have any crown victorias over there in the uk driving around? No? No? No. We well, we do have some that have been imported. You know thats sort of one off sort of thing, but it isnt a model thats over here it probably wouldnt fit on most of our streets. It is a boat, its a boat. Remember that little fiat. I was driving from the radio station. You could park that in the trunk of this thing seriously. I was about to see it in the trunk on the toddler scale you could. You could put two dozen toddlers in the trunk. Of that i mean youd have to really push down on. I mean you probably have to slam the trunk just to get their little hands in there, but uh. You could fit that many in there. I bet anyway, so uh, oh and ill just ill. Just let you know i ordered a custom plate through tennessee cant believe it was available. Ah, i got p o p o po po Music. I got po po, they let me have it. Thats crazy, thats nuts, anyway lets get into the news. Stop the music its time for news heading over into the drone newsroom industry, drone news with jeff sills whats happening buddy, Music still, cant believe what i have to go through to follow.

Mr beauchamp, i dont understand how ive morphed in this show to first following the pigeon jerky and then now beauchart well, hes hes, just the opener for you hes the opening act youre the main draw here, jeff. So lets hear that news all right. So back in june we talked about the lake county, sheriffs office. They had a drone that got shot down by a gentleman uh and his name was mr goney. Mr goney was then confronted by the police department admitted to shooting down the drone and also admitted that he was legally not allowed to possess a gun because he was a convicted felon. He had 29 prior felony convictions in the state and he was indicted recently for shooting down the drone. He is now facing 30 years in federal prison if convicted on both counts. In this particular case good, this is he just. He just looks like the type that would shoot down a drone doesnt. He look like the type be like i dont care. What the law is, if its over my problem will shoot it down well and once again, it is a reminder to those individuals out there that feel that shooting down a drone is within their rights. It is a federal crime. He is going to a federal prison. Yeah so dont shoot at drums dont. Do it all right? Speaking of federal? Next, in the news we have the uh head of the fcc brendan carr, who decided recently that, after review of the chinese drone maker, dji hes, calling it a potential huawei on wings, yeah heres, the guy right here there he is thats uh, mr carr and uh.

What what do you call it huawei on wings, yeah huawei on wings? Does he know that uh quadcopters dont have wings? Does he know that? Does anyone told him i went ahead and i took the liberty of making a few memes about this guy uh heres one. You like that one, so what else is he upset about there jeff well, so, based on the fact that they say the surveillance technology on board? Dji drones is capturing vast amounts of sensitive data. They have decided that they want to add dji to the covered list, monitored by the fcc um and as to what or how this will affect the drones that we currently fly or that we currently have access to um im, not a hundred percent certain. What i? What being on the covered list does to us um? Well, they tried that before they tried that before i could answer that question. Actually, if youd like me to yeah, go ahead, the the covered list basically stops federal dollars being spent on on on that manufacturer. However, theyre actually updating the covered list to now include um. Youll no longer be able to get fcc approval for products either, so you wont be able to sell those products in the united states that update – and this is nothing to do with dji, specifically at all. So this isnt a vote on dji or anything like that, but the update of the covered um, the sec covered policy actually just went through congress two days ago, 404 in favor, so thats now going to the senate so thats more than likely going to happen, but That is a separate conversation to the to the dji thing, so im not saying dji going to get on the covered list, etc, but thats whats happening to that list.

But one of the things this guy was worried about was facial, recognition, right, yeah, right yeah, and he was also concerned about the fact that, because people are using their their smartphones theyre connecting their smartphones to this, that data from their smartphones, uh potential, personal information, etc. Can be taken from the phone and transmitted which they feel that they have uh evidence of it doing that so uh i mean itll be interesting to see how this plays out but uh. The simple fact that uh, as you mentioned before he doesnt, realize that drones have yeah, so so i made this one and uh. I hope that goes viral. I also made. I also made this one and then uh, and then this one just for fun, Laughter, youre gon na youre gon na get me in trouble with youtube just in the news. So next to the news we have a dutch railway recently spent about 10 million euros, removing graffiti from trains. Vandalism is a very serious issue and in recent years that that vandalism has increased last year, 142 000 square meters of trains were tr were sprayed thats about 20 football fields um. So what theyre doing now is theyre setting up new security to start monitoring the trains? One of which is a drone system that if the sensors detect that people are uh hanging around the the trains and trying to to paint them, it will set up a sensor and the drone will then be launched and it will go out and film.

These individuals uh to get the get the information that they need to be able to prosecute these people that are spraying these trains thats great but werent. They kind of filming themselves, isnt that isnt that them filming themselves. I dont know i mean i dont know if youre gon na do the crime, i love how they doing doing wrong its like. How do they dress? They all put these large coats on and have balaclavas on right. We need hoodies yeah. We need to look the part yeah all right, all right, so uh next in the news ill. Let you guys judge for this, but recently uh the minnesota timberwolves decided that they were gon na, have some fun with one of their players and an fpv drum. Oh lets see what we got: man yeah its poor resolution, but you can tell hes not flying it, but its still. This is a this is a bit unusual because usually these fly throughs. You tell everybody to ignore the drone, but the drone is terrorizing them. This is an issue and theyre all reacting to it, so its a good switch up knocked over the light, its a little bit more creative. This is a no fly zone, theres a guy on the stage that almost hits the drone with some papers. He got pretty close. I think he was actually trying to knock it out of the air. Is that the same mascot running around the whole building doing all this or is it three different mascots? Oh, you better get out of there.

Okay! So your thoughts on that that was that was pretty clever. It was clever, i mean, obviously he wasnt flying the drone, but it was. It was a very clever fun way to show off the minnesota timberwolves in their facility, absolutely yeah, yeah and again. You know it shows that drones can be used in all sorts of different ways for marketing to just in this case, uh drawing attention. So i thought that was really well done. Yep. I agree all right. So next to the news brook park, ohio, the city council is considering legislation to regulate the use of flying model, aircraft, unmodeled, unmanned aerial vehicles and drones inside the city limits. Good luck! The proposed ordinance was discussed to the councils october 12th caucus uh, the quote from councilman tom troyer said. I think weve needed this for a long time. Its simple – and this gives us a start to a simple start to regulating drones, yep, which apparently tom troyer doesnt, realize that theyre not allowed yeah thats thats the thing about these little municipalities. Theyre, like you, know what we dont like drones. All right lets lets make uh an ordinance. Okay, we need science too. All right well, head down to kinkos, well put up signs it doesnt matter. You can hang your! You can hang your goggles on the sign and fly the drone. They have no power to do so. They have no control over their aerospace. So a nice trust.

This is part of the the established reasonable and uniform regulations that they want to put in. The operator must receive express written consent from the mayor or police chief, a 1 000 foot restriction would be enforced to keep unmanned flying vehicles away from public or private school properties. All city owned buildings, utility power, substations, active crime, scenes cell towers, active fire or accident scenes users would also be prohibited from sustained operation above roadways, where the aerial vehicle could pose a distraction to drivers they just they just took all of the the rules that we Should know as drone pilots, all the people watching know that you cant have sustained in the united states a sustained flight over roads. You, you cant, you shouldnt, you cant, go uh to active crime, scenes and and fire scenes and everything. So what would they? Then? They get a little bit on the crazier side by uh legislation that restricts the infringement of peoples, privacy through unauthorized photographs. Good luck with that i dont know these people have an a distorted expectation of privacy. You see were living in in something i like to call 2021 soon to be 2022 and uh. Every time you go out of your house, even when youre in your house, you know your your echo dots listening to you, your atm is filming you as you drive by the camera, the gas station. You know i mean just, is it right? Probably not? Does it need legislation, probably, but these little municipalities arent going to do it because theyre overstepping and that pisses me off it almost makes me want to go there on purpose and fly around the mayors head.

Do an orbit just around the maker ship? Where is this again, this would be uh located in brook park. Ohio hey brook park, ohio, the name well, the gentleman by the name of tom troyer is the councilman in charge of this, and his final statement was that he indicated he does not anticipate any problems. Enforcing the restrictions by the city he doesnt does he doesnt anticipate any problems? No, he doesnt anticipate any problems. So if, if we have any attorneys in the audience that are looking for making a quick buck yeah the uh brook park, uh ohio city council is ready to be sued for violations of the rules of the faa, yeah whats. This troyer guys name again say it again. His name is councilman tom troyer. In what city brook park, ohio, okay, people who are watching put his his number put his office number in the chat, and then i will copy that later and i will put it in the description and then everybody watches this just call that guy leave him a Message on his phone because he doesnt expect any trouble, but hell get it. Oh hell get it yeah. Oh hell, get it! Okay! Yes, yes all right! So next to the news, we have covered the la palma volcano and we have shown video footage from the la palma volcano. But an interesting follow up. Thats happened since that uh lava has has made its way through the city.

Is that uh theyre, starting to see uh through drone footage, uh dogs that are trapped in areas uh, surrounded by where the lava had come through yeah? This is pretty sad. They cant get to theyre trapped on roofs and everything this. This is really. This is heartbreaking, yet um awesome what theyre doing so. The spanish drone company is attempting to rescue these four dogs that are trapped and what theyre doing currently is using drones to take them food and water on a regular basis to make sure that the dogs are cared for as best they can until they can successfully Get the drugs rescued from where theyre at look, how skinny those poor muffins are. Oh, oh, my god, i love doggies, all those poor little doggies. Were the owners odd. No telling no telling they just said forget it. I mean these particular dogs are actually in a a rescue center. Yeah look. I think these are rescue dogs, yeah um. The the plan from what i understand is to get one of the heavier lift drones and using a net with food in the center. They will lower the the the device down and, as the dogs go for the food, the the net will pull the dogs up and fly them to safety. So hopefully i will have a follow up for you guys on this story uh to cover how well that particular rescue effort goes more power to him more power to him uh.

Next, in the news we have a company called cyclotech and cyclotech recently demonstrated their new technology, demonstrator uh called the cyclo rotor propulsion system, yeah, and i got people sending me this, like a lot like a lot of people sent me this going look at this. I mean its its neat, but its super inefficient. This is more um energy, inefficient than my mazda rotary engine yeah, so its its actually more of a um, a celebration of the ai and the coding yeah anything to do with efficient flight right. I mean the im. Sorry, this isnt a propeller replacement. It is its its neat voice, snyder propeller design, which has been used in maritime applications for decades yeah. So it is not new technology, but the application to quote unquote air taxi would be. It is neato and im glad that they were able to to do that, but now propellers are here to stay until until we get uh the anti gravity technology going whos working on that is that elon elons on that im being told elons on that. Okay, i call him elon cause. You know were tight like that. Well and rumor has it that your guest this evening has a an affinity for fpv flight, so i would be remiss if i did not provide a more uh. I guess experienced fpv video. So recent, recently northwestern university decided to showcase their student life through first person, video cool, all right Applause, so they told everybody ignore the drone yeah.

That would be one where they say to ignore the drone right, because you know people i mean there are some people. Some newbies may be watching this stream that are thinking hey. This is a great idea, ill just go to my school and ill fly it around. Well, this is not the reaction that you would get an entirely different reaction. If you just did this without lots of planning yeah, this one was shot by a minneapolis company called sky candy, studios um, and so they uh. They worked in conjunction with the university to do this, yeah that that is a lot of planning yeah. They they definitely covered quite a bit and its a its a great promo for the for the for the university yeah thats, really cool, okay uh. So i think uh next or last in the news we have a video that has come out of peru um. This is a video that has gone around the the the internet in baranka, peru in a neighborhood uh. Some people noticed that a drone or a pigeon had gotten caught in a telephone line and was hanging upside down above the street. Ah, so a couple of uh police officers that happened to be part of the the drone group decided that they were going to free this pigeon and they came up with the idea of attaching a very sharp blade to the front of the drone and then flying Up and cutting the bird free using the drone awesome, but it still had some string on its little pigeon feet, and then i guess somebody caught it and they cut the the string off of it and set it free.

Yes, thats great its a feel, good story. It is lets see him lets see him take off here. Youre free buddy go ahead and fly fly away, just stay away from tennessee because well make jerky out of you Laughter, uh, so uh. Thank you very much for that story. Oh whats that oh my producer that doesnt exist wanted me to ask you jeff um what the animal, because he cant see the screen hes just listening. What was the animal right, thats yeah? He wants to know what the animal was in that uh story. We just did he doesnt exist right. Do you exist im being told he doesnt, okay, fantastic in that case, then it was a lion. It was. It was a lion. Oh no jeff is lying. Okay, he says youre lying. So what was it jeff? Hmm. I almost made it through the damn news: why was it jeff? It was a bird. It was a bird, oh well, everybodys heard about the birds, Music dont. You know about the bird well everybodys talking about bird or whatever yeah daddy, jeff jeff, you all right, buddy, buddy, buddy lets just just say: jeff. You can go now: okay, jeff thanks. We appreciate it. Love you buddy! Okay, thanks for stopping by now get out. Oh got ta love that jeff man got ta, love that jeff uh. Okay, now were gon na call our guest christina, but first here is sean with a fantastic joke.

What is a physicists favorite food? What is a physicists, favorite food? What fish and chips? Music? Fishing? Oh fissions fission, oh oh fission chips, fishing so that it no fission fission chips, thats great thats. Great you mind. If i use that on the radio, no, no, that is funny all right, um yeah! I i was going to show a video. Now we got, i got some mail. I got a thing from someone that im gon na share and and a piece of archaic technology ill. Just give you a hint. Let me know in the chat if you know what this goes to. Oh theres, a story behind. Why i have that and ill share that with you, but uh right now lets go ahead and bring our guest in all the way from germany go ahead and call her tell me another joke there sean. Why was the math teacher late to work? Why was the math teacher late to work? She took the rhombus Music, all right rhombus, oh the rhombus youre, not telling these jokes correctly, the rhombus? Okay, sorry, why did the? Why was the math teacher lately it worked. Oh its an accent thing. Is it yeah you cant, say you cant say fishing in in england: hey there, she is hey. Welcome to the show its actually happening good morning good morning good morning to you, um, uh, christina pufka right did i get it. This is the getting better and better each time ive been practicing the hell.

Out of that. I see. Youve been practicing german with polish accent. I have yes thats right, thatll come in handy um, so now youre youre an fpv pilot and you live in germany, but thats. Not all you do your your real job are. Am i saying youre youre a particle physicist? Is that right, well, im im, not technically a particle physicist. I i work at a art at a im, an accelerator at a particle accelerator, but were not those guys who um well the particle physicists they break stuff, they accelerate the particles and then they crash smash. Each other yeah to see what comes out we dont do that. We actually use these things over and over again um to generate a specific kind of radiation. Okay, um well particle accelerator, where i, where i work, is basically just a very, very expensive light source. Okay. Well, you still youre youre, probably the smartest guest ive ever had on and uh welcome to our dumb show seriously about that yeah. Well, thank you for staying up late to be on with us. Ive been watching some videos on your channel and uh ill play ill play. I think this is your. This is from your channel here here we go yeah, so maybe you can uh take us through what what got you into fpv? What uh, when you werent busy at your real job? What got you into the hobby so um? Well, i used to be um very reluctant to get into model uh flying in general, i im a pilot like a private pilot, so um my best friend used to try to get me into flying model airplanes for many years, and i would always say, like you Know why would i want to apply? Why would i want to fly these toys i fly? I can fly real planes whats the whats the deal with this right and then she finally got me into that and um.

It was like a revelation because, for the first time that i was flying, i actually had the the uh the chance to relax. You know, oh right when you fly, because when youre flying a real airplane um, when you go through the when you go through the training um and in flight school youre, youre learning to kind of be um spring loaded to to expect the engine to fail. Yeah thats, like the first thing on your mind, right and theres consequences any time and you always have to be prepared. Or what do you do when, when it fails right, yeah and so thats, thats kind of always in the back of your head and then for the first time when i was flying fpv with with this uh model? Cessna uh? I realized well that that doesnt happen here and if it does happen, i will not die. This is yeah its cool yeah, theres, no consequences by the way are we seeing is this your accelerator is that where you work that place that you were flying through, yeah thats thats, one part of the place where i work, um theres a huge research center um, Where there are um, there are multiple kilometers of tunnels. Uh below hamburg. Hamburg is a big, is a major city in germany, um and um. This is what what was shown in this video is actually one part that is decommissioned because its no longer in use – and they are keeping it in service because its cheaper to maintain this whole structure.

This tunnel is, i think, like five kilometers long uh in total, its a its a circular tunnel and its cheaper to maintain this whole thing rather than uh take out all those parts that have been you know exposed to like hard radiation and there thereby have become Ionizing um well radiate um radioactive themselves and so yeah. They are now actually building something new in that tunnel, which is why im why i was flying um. This is a. This is really cool. They are. They are now building an experiment which is supposed to um. Prove the existence of dark matter. Oh so i got to be the first well and so far the only fpv pilot who was able to fly to this new experiment, and so i dont know in a year or two, maybe that they will be able to like prove the existing of this yeah. No was your: was your quad radioactive after the flight, nah nah do what you werent in there long enough. I mean, i guess its like flying in chernobyl. You can go there and fly for a little bit and not be too radioactive, but um that is so cool. How did you broach the subject with them? Howd you say: hey. Can i fly my little quad through this place? I mean, did you even ask me, you just did it well, i okay. I i think i i made a video once for for the research center that was um for an open lab day.

It was like a laboratory, a teaser, video and then one of those one of the engineers who is working on this new experiment saw it and then he approached me and thats thats. How this whole deal started and now ive been recording videos every year. For three years so theres, even the progress documented in these videos, thats awesome um. I will put out a new video, i think next week or the week after next week, where there will be another um yeah recording of this in this tunnel. Well, we look forward to it and theres a link to your channel. I urge everybody to check out your channel and subscribe. I think youve got close to 700. Subscribers now lets see if we can get you over 700 tonight from our lovely audience, if theres uh moderators well put the link in in the chat as well. That would encourage her to make more content and uh. Speaking of your content, oh, if theres anybody that has any questions for christina uh sean keep an eye out for that and sean. If you have any questions as well, do you have any questions for it yeah? But what do you im always interested as a camera? Drone flyer myself: i i only fly the dji fpv drone, so i cant really call myself an fpv. But what do you find the most frustrating part of fpv? Do you do you find the build or the setup or you know? Is there a particular part of it that you find frustrating no building is actually really uh.

One of my favorite parts, um, obviously im a geek right, otherwise yeah um so well its its a short battery, its a short battery life im really looking forward to like the first nuclear fuel cell power. Drone yeah stay up here, for i dont know a week. Indeed, yeah that would be awesome. Yeah now youve uh filmed in some other locations too. Im just going to share some more to your video here uh. Where is this whats this about? Do you live on a farm or buy a farmer? I live in a farming area here in west tennessee and i see cows and stuff all over the place. I i dare not go up to a farmer and say: hey: can i fly around your cows youre getting access to some interesting places? This is the beautiful thing about the uh about the northern part of germany. Where i live um. We have, of course, uh where cities, but then only a few minutes out of the city youre in really youre in a really green rural area, and this is the stable where our horses are so um. Oh, this is a particular place. You have horses yourself yeah. My partner, okay, okay, im, not riding, i tried once yeah and then um and then the horse took a sudden turn and i didnt follow so okay, you know i i flew it. I i flew a drone from a horse once and uh horses when they hear drones.

They think its a bunch of bees and theyll um theyll, get upset and so yeah that wasnt a good idea on my part, but i did it by the way i dont know its. I i think its um, i find them intimidating. You know its there is this huge animal which well has about one horsepower after all, right right, yeah and uh, and when youre its not like a drone, i mean when im when im controlling a drone or a plane, whatever whatever stick input. I i i do. The thing will follow, but the horse isnt like that yeah it has its own mind right now, every time yeah, your your uh control inputs are merely suggestions indeed yeah they can choose to not agree um. By the way, i thought i just thought of a joke. A quick joke um, where do they keep crazy horses, christina in in an unstable, come on thats funny, oh, that is funny thats, really good stuff on your channel. You dont have that many videos but uh. How often can you post stuff uh? How often are you, how active are you on your channel? As a matter of fact, i i deleted half of the videos that i had um about what like three months ago, because i thought gee, i i have too many videos and people are just not seeing the wood for the trees and i was really brutal. Actually, i deleted one a few of my best performing videos when the best performing video had like 30 000 views, but uh.

I had to take it down because it wasnt on the subject of well fpv or drone footage. Yes, and so i thought that people were watching this, and i mean it gave me a lot of viewer time but uh. I thought that people were disappointed because then they subscribed for this particular subject was what was about a car that i used to own and then they would realize. Well, there is nothing about cars on this channel, so uh ill, give it a thumbs down or whatever yeah yeah ive got over a thousand videos on my channel, and i i probably need to go through them and see theres some older videos theyre like what wait. A minute why what i thought he was a drone guy yeah, so thats thats, smart, yeah, sean, yes yeah, chris, christina brad olston in the chat, is, is wondering what type of drone you were flying in that last video in the stable. I was flying a four inch, um orange quad, i mean i, i only have self self built, quads and um. This was particularly light because you know if, if one of these animals freak out – and i didnt want any anybody – get hurt right um. So i can actually show it to you. Oh yeah lets see it yeah. It was okay, this little fella, and what did you have like a naked gopro on there or something? What were you filming? The oh? You did okay, yeah, yeah, awesome, uh and also, of course, i also fly slightly bigger ones.

Five inch uh quads are actually my favorite, because there is more hang time it its. You can fly more ballistically with them. This is what i really like when you you know when you go into into this punch out and then just yeah just use the energy and then um do you fly uh? Do you fly 6s im still stuck at 5s: okay, okay, its a sweet spot because um they my my old quads, which oh well all of my quads, i originally built for 4s, and they still theyre. They are working fine at 5s, but with 6s. I would probably risk damaging the motors or or the esc or whatever um, and i dont see the point now to uh switching to to success, because i need the uh. I dont need that that much punch out thats too much power smoothness too much power, yeah, yeah um, so whats it like to fly in germany. Uh. Do you you uh are: are people generally the public? Are they open to seeing these things fly around? Are you restricted uh? Can you fly like, for instance, close to buildings? I know in the uk recently youre able to do that. Is that right, sean or yeah? We weve actually got very similar rules now um the yasa rules, although were not part of the eu. We we miss you christina um, although were not part of the eu. At the moment we we adopted the eu essa drone regulations, so theyre theyre fairly similar, but theyre still kind of settling down at the moment.

So in in germany we we used to be very advanced very early where there was quite low regulation in general um. So it was almost like wild west about drone flying. I remember those days until until what was it i dont know two years ago, when this whole eisa um regulation uh came through, but still i feel that the uh, the german agency of aviation, is really trying to not like kill off this this technology. So, even though there are limitations, of course, you cannot fly over people when you have something that is over a specific weight and of course you have to stay away from like sensitive infrastructure, autobahn and, of course, or government buildings, and things like that. But its fairly easy to stay away from these things. You know from the things that are illegal and you can still have a lot of fun. So, even in in this town, where i live, which is kiel in in the north of germany, i mean its a its a big big city by german standards, its the capital of the state of philly holstein um. I can fly my quad even in urban areas. I mean the 250 gram quads right and i can even fly the bigger ones in urban areas. Um, because im fully certified um im fully certified drone pilot so its not that big of a deal to do this certificate, its its a fairly easy um test and once youre through this um you can.

You can do even more with well right, provided that you take necessary precautions, um in fact, now im im even holding a special type of allowance. Well, no, its not allowance a special time of um. How do you call it? Uh authorization for provision, yeah authorization to fly within the 1.5 kilometer radius of airports or even over you know the minimum limit over the maximum altitude limit. Um i had to. I had to go through this process because im im running the small business, where i do do a lot of um footage in hamburg, where there is a control zone almost most of the city, and so you have to be certified to even be able to fly Over 50 meters, but i found it really easy to get through this whole process and get certified to even fly over the boundaries and uh yeah. So, overall, i think its its really well maintained in germany in in the population. Whenever im out flying, i have never experienced a negative um feedback from you know, bystanders or or people coming by some people are cautious. You know they they dont say anything. They just look some just come on and then ask yeah how how fast does this thing go and how high can you fly right right and there was never ever ever a negative situation to my recollection? Well, thats, good, oh no! Actually it was. I have to correct: there was one crazy person.

Oh tell me about the crazy person i was flying and uh close to the um to the fjord. We have a fjord in the in the city, so the city is built around a fjord and um. There is there was this: this huge empty space like theres a building now at this at this space, but back then there was just uh, it was just yeah deserted and then the woman came to me and argued that i am disturbing the doves. Oh right, so you have german carrots, you have german cairns. Do you know what a karen is? I think thats just a. I dont think germany, its karen, is uh what we call someone who wants to speak to the manager about something or other? Oh yeah, karen, of course yeah. That was that was the prototype yeah and then i told her like um. Where are where are the doves that im disturbing and she told me they are not here yet, but they will come because i im here every morning and i feel like okay, so she was pretty upset pretty upset nice. Well, let me let me ask you this uh whats, the name of the uh airspace governing agency, its lift something isnt it. What is it, what did you call it? The i cant pronounce it thats the thing bad there. It is now. Do they kind of follow the lead of our faa? I know australia and a couple of other uh countries do kind of follow our lead with things do are.

Is your governing agency influenced at all by what were doing or any other country i mean, because it seems seems to me, like all the rules around the world are pretty similar. It appears that um, whatever the faa does happens to us a couple of years later. So this whole 250 gram thing, i think, happened before in the u.s. Now i think you you are dealing with this weird, a remote id uh process right already or not – i dont know, but this work here and afterwards probably also happened to us in a year or two so youre gon na. Do that too yeah. I think so. Im afraid that it will happen we we are currently in so the german regulation is currently in a state of uh. Like a transitional, we have a transitional regulation for the for the drones uh, which is not fully um accommodating the iasa rules, well its actually its a little bit ext its its more extended than the asa rules. So, for example, we are still allowed to fly self built, quads uh, whatever whatever exists already can be flown or even, if you build it now, you can still fly it, but this is only until the end of next year. So by the beginning of 2023, there will be this well certification, number c1 through to c4, and so every manufacturer will have to put this label on their on their drones and only then youre allowed to fly them and its completely unclear.

Now what will happen to um? You know to the diy drones, yeah thats thats, what it does yeah sub sub 250 is, is still going to be. Okay, actually the with it with the new. Yes, rules um for self, build um, and then everything else will get a c4 label. So it will mean you, you have to be 150 meters from from any kind of congested area. Basically, which is you know, which is where all the fun stuff is. The abandoned buildings and things like that. Basically, but what happens? What happens with that and that ive noticed with the faa stuff is uh, theyll, regulate something and then itll itll be inconvenient for other people that theyre trying to accommodate. For instance, you know like flying at night used to have to get a 14 cfr. You know part 109.27, or something, and and now just any old schmoe can can fly at night because of the drones that are going to transport my tube socks, one day, theyre trying to accommodate all the jeff bezos and everything. So i think that the same thing will happen with remote id theyll put something into place: itll be too clunky theyll roll it back. Theyll make well okay. We dont have to install this thing. You could itll just be software or firmware update, but theyll whittle it down, itll, be an ongoing evolution and you know, and then you know, like people that follow what the faa is doing its like.

Oh well, they did this way it seems to work.