Welcome to thursday night live whos, this guy whos that handsome devil. My goodness, its jake, the snake, slow, hey whats new with you youre, not even frozen its so nice. Well i mean you are in alaska, so you go outside if you want to be frozen, thats true yeah, although were were thawing out now in any day. That might be above freezing okay yeah, so um people in alaska in uh, the northeast, like vermont, new hampshire area. You are about to enjoy mud season, thats right, oh thats, when all the snow melts and creates mud its an extra little season. You you people get so uh jake! Thank you for making time for us tonight. You, you are busy busy busy being a a man about the country. Well, talk all about that here. In a minute um tonight we got a very special guest. His name is tucker wooding and he is a surfer. Slash photographer drone guy and uh weve got some spectacular video from him and some awesome video from jake here as well its the kind of video from these two guys thatll make you go wow. I wish i could do that itll make you jealous uh. Also we got the news from jeff sills, the ailing jeff sills, who uh just had to plunk down almost 500 for uh a prescription and uh. If you want to help him, you can do that through my super chat, ill, give him a portion because we all want jeff to be healthy.

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What do you mean? What do you mean? Drone work. Do okay, so youre working for for people. Dont know what you do. Um tell them a little bit about what you. What youre doing and why youre in these places, and so i get hired to uh, go and film, you know for like arizona, i was working for caterpillar. A lot of the other places. Ive been working for television shows that are being shot in those locations and pretty much you know, 99 of what im doing is drone work for those uh productions or those people and filming. You know whatever they need for a promotional video or something like that. So its been fun. Okay, its been interesting. How jealous are you of van over in the movie ambulance, Laughter right, a little jealous a little bit and you saw the movie right. I would like two things. I would like the budget van over house to just go ahead and destroy every drone. Hes got and not care right right. That would be really nice right, because you know you know theyre like uh. Well, all right, you smashed, we got another one. Try again, you know yeah yeah, exactly like one of the shoots i was on, they were like hey. We want you to fly at this thing and get as close as you can and then just go off to one side or the other, and then you know make it close, and i was like okay.

So what happens if i, like you, know, dont get out of the way fast enough, youre gon na pay for this theyre like dont hit it. You cant, get this its like, oh, but do i mean, of course you factor into the cost of your time. The cost of the the drone, or is it like youre, the plumber and youre, bringing your own tools Laughter, its uh, yes and theres insurance, okay and stuff, and then uh. Anything thats super risky like that, especially like, if im doing the big fpv drones with a cinema camera on there right uh. You know we negotiate ahead of time with the production going like if you want to risk it really hard like production insurance has to cover this stuff, otherwise, uh im not going to risk it that much because i dont want to put 15 grand out of my Pocket right: well, i mean you got to risk it for the biscuit, but if you have a whole shelf full of new biscuits, then youll risk it a little bit more right, yeah yeah, of course absolutely oh, oh, is that a super chat train. I see happening up here, you guys are too kind, you guys are too kind. Thank you so much. I see already a bunch of uh funds being poured into jeffs prescription fund, no its, not fentanyl um. But let me thank uh. The uh. The early people came in under the velvet rope for the pre show.

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I guess some really good stories to share with you guys so a little bit less quantity, but lots of good quality, okay, good thats. What we need so the first one out the bat is djis mini 3 pro yet again stumbles toward its eventual release, and in this case they accidentally listed it for sale again, whoopsie and in this time when they listed it for sale. It listed it with all these nice wonderful photographs, as well as drone specs and everything else that we need to know about this drone, so theres very little left to guess. Did anyone buy one of these? Were they able to buy one before they found out what they did? Yeah? I dont have any indication through the information they had on the leak that anybody was actually able to make a purchase um, but the i guess the big thing was is that all of the leaked images uh, we probably dont – need those anymore because there it is Right there thats the drone right very simple: you can see it, and so the some of the specs here um maximum speed, 16 meters per second maximum flying height, now thats new 4 000 meters. What is that? What is that in real measurement hold on i? I apologize everyone else, but the united states um alexa. How many feet is four thousand meters. Four thousand meters is about thirteen thousand one hundred feet. No theres gon na be trouble theres going to be trouble kidding me thats insane.

Why i i dont know why but um lets go on here. 64 minutes charging time for 34 minutes of flying time. Now, youre trading, a lot of extra weight and sensors for the minutes, but um did do wait. Whoa whats this wi fi enabled its not wi. Fi is it it apparently is wi fi enabled so you can. You can use your drone as a hot spot. Im youre, not controlling it with wi fi right, not that im aware of okay. No, but i think i think it has the option to control it with your phone directly via wi fi. If you dont want to use the remote, because it has the 03 hockey sync 3 transmission, okay, good and and jake knows that, because dji has sent him one already. I wish i talked to someone recently who was sent one. Actually, i did too, and i dont wish that they sent me one because it sounds like its been interesting, a nightmare, a nightmare, exactly uh. In what way was it a nightmare? Uh jake. Can you share without sharing the persons name uh from what i understood? It was mostly like almost none of the features worked like it would fly, and that was about it. Oh no, oh no. I mean that was that was a while ago. So i you know, i look better now yeah im sure im sure its better now but uh dont get into the updates. Yeah right, well, uh, im gon na have to let me know in the chat.

Are you gon na get one? I mean im gon na have to get one. I guess im im gon na get one well. The expectation date right now is that it will launch on may 10th may 10th, and, and so until they have five days yeah until they push that back now. Did everyone get the email from dji that says we got something cool coming up? Did you see that? Did you see this a twist in the plot? What could it be vertical? Video vertical video, no no yeah, so this and it shoots vertically wait what no no yeah, what what? What does? What is this thats, what it does it rotates the gimbal 90 degrees and itll shoot vertically seriously. Yes, they make this youre so excited about vertical video. Ken its the wave of the future, are you, are you messing with me? Are you trying to trigger me? I hate vertical video. Oh, i do too. I think, because our eyes go this way. Not that way. Yeah ive said it. How many times it does it will shoot vertical video they they redesigned the gimbal so that itll rotate 90 degrees and then shoot vertical video. What will a camera a drone? What is this thing? The the uh mini three, oh, is that what that is? Yeah, oh? Well, then, im definitely not getting one im, definitely not getting one just just on principle or no ill get one and ill light it on fire.

No, i cant. No, i dont want to do that. Cant get my hat. Can you get dji refresh? If you light it on fire yourself, probably not all right seriously, youre, not you lit it on fire. Youre not are youre, not kidding me. It really does vertical video. Yes, there was another drone that does that uh. Was it one of the autels or something where it had the camera that would the french, the french drama? Oh the parrot, the parrot yeah, the uh yeah yeah well, and remember the original mavic 2. The original mavic pro had a it. Wouldnt do video, but it would flip the the gimbal horizontal for photos, so you could take a walk. A tall photo yep. I do remember that one so hell be back. Why its? What all the kids are doing these days, ken that vertical video, okay? Well, i cant wait for my review. Okay – okay, all right! Next in the news, france uh is a set for hosting the olympics next, as well as the rugby world cup, so they got two heavy hitting events coming up and so recently theyve ordered an anti drone system. So the french defense ministry uh has purchased uh, i guess they. They went to a bunch of different companies um and they got the cs. Group contracted for an anti drone platform uh, which is designed to detect, identify and neutralize small non military aircraft for a whopping, 377 million dollars, whoa um.

What is it you does it does it use? Does it use lasers? Okay? If it does, if you pay almost half a million dollars for something like this, you dont want to have lasers on it. The big, the biggest things for the french apparently, was that it needed to be modular and easily transportable so um it its something that can easily move around and be redirected into different areas, um, so im not getting scale on that. What is how big is it? Do we is that actual like the drone? Is that far away from it or probably be the scale for for the device, its its? Not its? Not a small system but uh its its big? If it doesnt have visible star wars, red and blue layers flying out of it, then its not worth it, because even if i was the interloping drone and i got shot down, i would want to get shot down by an actual beam of star wars. Laser light. Then it would be worth it then. At least you have a cool story to tell right, hey guys. That was sorry about that. My bad with that um you shot me down. Fair is fair uh. Can i get the sd card yeah? I need the footage. I got ta, have it all right, so next we have uh, they recently had an auvsi excellence award and a drone called the life seeker. Mini search and rescue drone won the award this year.

Um. This is from a company called centum research and technology, and this particular drone is designed for search and rescue um. It has an immense amount of uh, like locating devices on it. You know for different types of cameras: um it you can locate people via their cell phones, even without network coverage um it can. It can be used by sar teams to find missing persons based on their. You know for their exact location, um and it this one is an interesting drone. I look forward to seeing this one used in some life saving events. Oh absolutely get a chance to document thats great news: uh hold on whats up im being told by my producer that doesnt exist it. Yes, it does have lager, okay, good okay. So next we have some really interesting footage. Weve talked in the past about the mars helicopter, the the drone that they took with them, and we havent had a lot of feedback as to how nasas been using this recently. There was some footage. The the mars helicopter flew over wreckage of its own spacecraft. In other words, you know when, when they come into the atmosphere, theyre theyre dropped from a platform and that platform is attached to the parachute and that platform floats off well. In this particular case uh, the helicopter gave us footage of the platform afterwards. This is fantastic and uh. I want to thank uh the channel um mars guy. Yes, i think for this uh, so yeah check this out.

This is amazing. In the history of mars exploration, theres never been the opportunity to get this kind of birds, eye view of spacecraft, hardware, heres, mars, guy for scale ingenuity, flew at eight meters or about 26 feet in altitude. The objective was to provide images that might be useful to engineers planning the mars sample return mission, but for the rest of us, these images clearly show one of the realities of landing on mars, a parachute alone, even the biggest one, ever used cant safely land, a Spacecraft, this back shell impacted at about 78 miles per hour or 126 kph thats, because the atmosphere of mars is so thin less than one percent the density of earths atmosphere. Even so, every landed mission to mars has used a parachute to help slow things down before the final descent stage takes over a jetpack in the case of perseverance, but also airbags in the case of three previous missions. Although these artifacts of the perseverance mission may never be displayed in the smithsonian museum, they likely will become revered monuments of the quest to explore mars. How, amazingly awesome is that this is the kind of stuff that reminds me were living in the future, its so incredible, and that shell thing the debris it looks like something out of lost in space. You know yeah its. It boggles the mind we flew to mars. Parachuted in and then later on, flew a little drone around to to see our our junkyard that were forming up there.

Whats amazing is the in the in the in that particular video. If you, if you ever get a chance to look up the whole video hes, got some a lot of information, he shows the actual flight path where they programmed the drone to fly and he gave to scale the distances that the thing was flying. That drone is not flying short flights. That thing was flying. You know flights that were almost a football field in length or even longer right. I mean thats thats, some impressive work to have that drone out there still almost what uh, almost a year later right out there flying around doing that. But now you know the more flights we have, the more wreckage up there that we do um future flights are gon na have to avoid it, because its critical infrastructure also did they get their uh beyond visual line of sight waiver, because i think they did. I think theyre covered on that yeah. Okay, what regulatory body manages the airspace on mars nasa does what they want, but i you know you have to remember also that from instruction to carry out the instructions, something like eight minutes, just yeah its like make a left and then eight minutes later makes a Left so its incredible the stuff that is happening, its its uh, that blows my mind, yep yeah, all right. So next we have a german based company called nocturne drones. They specialize in putting together large dazzling drone light shows for customers such as eon, xbox uh.

They did the state of saxony and halt on the day of the german unity and they recently got a broken guinness world record for the most consecutive formations of drones. The company is also investing heavily into anti drone technology to protect the the the systems that, when they put on these displays, they dont want someone else flying their drone into what theyre doing right, um and so theyve. They have a de drone cloud based system that can adapt, detect and identify and locate 300 different types of drones. Even home made drones um. It works with clients in 35 different countries to be able to help, stop to detect and stop these drones from entering into where theyre putting on these these performances um. If you look on this, it looks like theyre using some sort of lidar, maybe on there right. Jeff, maybe possibly yes, which would be lasers you, you got a new laser button, didnt thats thats. The reason why i just like lasers, all right now, thats cool, because when youre flying a couple hundred drums, you dont want one drone messing up the show. Oh yeah, theres gon na, be that one show you know theres gon na, be that one show a thousand drones pulling off the most spectacular display, youve ever seen, and then some guy with his little fpv drone, is going to come, ripping through there right and destroy The whole thing right right right: 14 year old, with their mavic mavic mini.

You know right. I want to get close and check it out. Vertical video, you know, were laughing, but that will happen right all the things that we thought wouldnt happen flying into airports, landing on the white house, lawn uh, flying it over stadiums, yeah yeah. All that stuffs happening all right, so uh also whats happening is the police in lamp? Is port lambton ontario recently recovered a drone that had flown from the united states into canadian territory um. This particular drone crashed into the side of a tree, as drones tend to do yeah so when the police went out and found this drone and recovered it – and this was not a small drone by any means – a large commercial drone. They realized that the drone, wasnt actually performing, say film. You know work or wasnt a, i guess: commercial activity. It had a bucket truck on the bottom of it with a plastic shopping bag that was attached with metal carabiners and electrical tape with 11 handguns, most of which were prohibited in canada. Well, now hold on a second and the serial numbers of all of these handguns. Miraculously have been sanded off in the crash, so these handguns were going to canada to canada, but canadians are so nice theyre not going to shoot anybody and if they did, they would say. Oh were sorry about that. Sorry didnt mean to shoot you. The police suspect that the drone took off in michigan and flew across the st claire river, which marks the border between canada and the united states and then somehow, while whoever was piloting the drone, they crashed into the side of a tree as part of their flight.

So somewhere in canada is somebody whos still waiting for 11 slightly sanded handguns, okay. Well, now theres no question uh. Where they got, i mean you know. We got plenty of guns to ship right as a country, but um listen. I guess the takeaway from this is: if youre going to illegally smuggle guns via drone into another country, make sure you have obstacle avoidance on sorry. Wait. You hit a tree, i mean you dont ever hit trees, trees just come out of nowhere and grab your drone. Thats right they jump up every time, yep they jump up and they grab your drone. Trees will do well known phenomena yeah, because trees are dicks Laughter, all right um. So next, in the news the there was, we talked about this uh, i think about a year ago, where they were talking about propulsion drones, that didnt use uh blades. They used an electrostatic technology, um and so theres a company called undefined technologies that unveil the next generation, silent commercial drone that uses ionic propulsion instead of propellers um. This particular drone has literally no moving parts it. It basically uses accelerated, ion ion ionized, air and thrusters. It downwards and then allows it to fly now, obviously, its still something thats under development uh. They have a 22 or two million dollar seed funding that theyve been able to do two successful flights uh with this system – and i mean its its – not a small drone.

Its a big drone um, but the the one problem that they have is that the ionic air or the ionized air that they need to create you cant, do it altitude higher. It gets the thinner the air gets and then the less thrust that you get so its not a drone that is going to fly at excessively high altitudes um, but it is relatively quiet. The new prototype uh flew for about two and a half minutes and measured 85 decibels. Oh okay and and uh 25. 85. 85 decibels. The target about what theyre shooting for is 70 decibels about the same as the dji mavic, okay, um – and this like. I said this is not a small drone. This thing is a monster so having a huge drone that large, with the same decibel level as say, a dji mavic thats, not thats, not thats, not too shabby thats, impressive yeah. I actually have the audio from from that. Uh ill just put this back up here. I have that uh yeah thats it its going by now. The important thing is: can it carry guns? No, no. The important thing is: can it not hit things while carrying true good point? Sir good point? Yes, yes, yes and the other the other deep, and you know probing question that is existentially needs to be asked, is, can it carry tube socks, yeah and, and you know had they have they toddler tested it? Because if it cant lift, you know three toddlers.

If its that big and it cant lift at least three toddlers, you know stacked like cord wood, then its no good, but if but if its quiet enough to lift a sleeping toddler, oh without waking it up yeah there you go. That could be useful all right. So last in the news – and this is the one that im surprised if any of you in the world have you seen this? This is not last in the news. Yet we did this in rehearsal, but uh i have okay. I have a news story and its a silly. You do have an industry, its a silly news story, but um – and i dont know where this is. Somebody sent this to me, and i just thought id share this in the news, because um, if this happened to you, it would certainly be news – and this is a short little clip ill play it a couple times. This means that someone was flying where they shouldnt. So yeah, this is just from a concert i dont know where it is, but this poor girl got a drone stuck in her hair. Somebody was flying it at a concert and it got out of control and of course it got stuck in her hair. So, who is flying an fpv quad at a concert? Maybe was it the concert for promoters, maybe whos, who is flying an open, prop fpv quad at a concert right right? Yes, thats another thing: an open, props five inch at a concert, yeah uh, the same knuckleheads that would fly guns into canada, i imagine, but probably so well.

Clearly, they cannot hit things so right, um, you know, but even even a drone that has the props guarded on it can get stuck in your hair, as i will now prove from one of my videos from a couple years ago. Uh just enjoy this. Yes, this is the h823h from snaptane and its so easy that even someone with no experience can fly it person with no experience. This is brandi. Shes gon na fly this for the first time with no practice arent you, yes, ah magic. That is the little snap chain now this isnt an fpv drone, its just a little non gps toy, but its a great little beginner drone youre a beginner right. Yes, okay, oh yeah, oh yeah, shes, a pro shes got this shes got this yeah. You got it good well, if you would like to win this really fun drone. All you have to do is uh put this word in the comments that exact word and i will choose from those who commented. Did you get this out of my hair? Its stuck in her hair thanks for watching thanks for subscribing whats wrong brandi, you got a drone stuck in your hair. Do you? Oh you are in there im gon na have to im gon na have to cut. Oh, you cant go right here. I have to its all knotted look at that: zippity dip, dippity dip, youre free, look what you did. I think i just peed a little oh man that was so funny that was so funny poor yeah.

You got to win that drone and get a little dna. At the same time sure yeah, yeah, yeah yeah all right, jeff, all right, so the last one is uh. Obviously the best one uh reed trimmer is the gentleman that deserves the credit for this, because he caught by far the most incredible drone footage of a tornado. I have ever seen oh yeah ever yeah this, and this is zoomed in a little bit uh in a moment, youll see how far back he was, but you might think well, you cant fly a drone in a tornado but yeah, because the the air is kind Of isolated up there doing its windy stuff to those poor peoples, homes so yeah well, and he actually, if im not mistaken, they had to he they, the drone got pushed away by the wind and they had to go and recover it right eventually, so they had. They had some photographs. I think i saw on his uh facebook site where they had gone and had to recover the drone uh on the corner of the street someplace yeah ree reed timmers got some great uh storm chasing videos. Hes been doing this for years. Hes got amazing, video um, so do check out his channel, but yeah um, and he he even went and color corrected the the video. The first one was like really really dark and he came back and color corrected it so that it uh.

It gave you more of a of an idea as to what was actually happening, but uh in this shot. Youll see how far back he is. I think, if itll pull back, because that is uh zoomed in a little bit god and you can see how a tornado will just destroy a house and then right across the street, its fine yeah, its crazy but see this is how far away it was. So you can find some stable air. I mean dont, try it dont, do it because you dont want to get close to do you know any storm chasers jake, i dont. Oh no! Actually i did i. I was up in a glacier ice cave photographing, the aurora and this guy walks in uh. You know because its like im two miles from the road and this guy walks up at two in the morning, because thats when the auroras out uh from colorado, we were like, oh hi. What are you doing? You know not many people walk out to a glacier ice cave in the middle of the night and he was colorado and he actually does storm chasing during the summer down there, so its like wow. That explains why youre hiking to a glacier ice cave in the middle of the night in the dead of winter right, because your adrenaline ran out and you need to risk your life again until yeah tornado season, but uh thats crazy. I got invited to storm chase a few times from some people and just never did make it out there yeah.

You know i was like hey. Send me the video you got hey if you guys live, send me the video all right, yeah thanks but uh anyway. Jeff, how are you feeling buddy you feeling? Okay? Well, i uh i am, i guess, on the mend so to speak. Um we had a couple of weeks back uh, one of those i guess 24 hour, flu bugs go through the house and it started with the kids and then moved on through the adults um and unfortunately, everybody else was able to recover from it. Except for me – and i was having a lot of difficulty – breathing a lot of difficulty, uh getting enough oxygen, and so they put me on some medications for the first week to see if it would improve things and it it really didnt. It didnt help at all, and so they changed the medication um and, as ken has mentioned, i i tend to worry about everybody else before i worry about myself and i dont go to the doctor an awful lot. So when uh, when i didnt, have to go to the doctor id never heard of copay before that was something new and so, needless to say, all of a sudden things got real expensive, real fast, and so they gave me new prescriptions and i go over to The the pharmacy and turn them in and they said, oh no problem – theyll – be ready in 45 minutes.

You know so we go and kind of dilly dally around get a something to drink and just sit and chat for a bit and go back over there and pull up to the thing and im like all right. So you know because ive been to the pharmacy before my prescriptions, normally 40 bucks right right, yeah sure yeah. So i tell okay, no problem. Yeah pull my card out and im like all right: 40 bucks. Okay! So do i owe you and hes like 479 Music yeah, so um thats thats a shock, but let me tell you uh, jeff theres, a lot of people here that have been helping you with the with the super chats tonight and uh im gon na get some Of this to you, okay – and i do appreciate it – i really do because um i was not prepared for one single medication to cost 460, something dollars that was uh insane yeah. So, needless to say, hopefully i dont have to use that a lot, but, as you can tell obviously i i will get winded and uh and start having issues with breathing. So i take this stuff fairly, often now uh, to help uh alleviate this and hopefully well see it. Uh fade out. Okay, good well were all uh, sending you positive, vibes and uh. What im gon na do is im gon na have my producer. That doesnt exist. Send you a big old bucket of razz just for yourself im gon na have it shipped to your house yeah yep.

Yes, we dont usually like to pull out the raz from the razz chamber, but well do it for you because we love you so much jeff! No, i i i have. I have a spot right there that i can put the bucket and im fine if you, if you mix a little in with whatever you drink at night, thatll help and then, if you put a little in a vapor, vaporizer nebulizer thing. Yep thatll help and then, if you put a little on yourself right before you go to bed, just under your nose, thats right and then, if you get grandma to put a little vicks vapor rub on your chest. Oh sure, its a little creepy because theres your naked chest with grandma and everything but its the love, its the love im good ive, checked the government warning because the government is very beneficial and, according to the surgeon, general uh, i should not drink this alcoholic beverage. During pregnancy, because of the risk of birth attack, birth defects, consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery that may cause health problems, so it doesnt say anything on here about ras, oh, oh good, you can mix it with razz were Good, fantastic, all right, jeff! Thank you for the news. We love you. Okay, bye, bye! Thanks for stopping by now get out all right. I hope jeff will be okay. We depend on that guy dont, we yeah, i dont know if i would trust the news coming from anybody else.

To be honest, he he is the most trusted source of drone news, and now here is jake with the first fantastic joke of the night Music. How does a penguin build its house how it glues it together? It glues it together, thats pretty good. You do not disappoint, sir. I can pretty much guarantee theyre going downhill from there. So, oh you gave us the best one out of the gate. Oh man i figured by later on, you know: people will be too off of their own little world. Okay, okay! Well, look um still to come. Weve got tucker wooding. This guy is an amazing, videographer and photographer, and he hangs out with a bunch of surfer people and let me just go ahead and give you a little taste because were gon na. Should i wait till hes on. Do that? Okay, tell you what im gon na do i want to tell everybody that later on were gon na play some fun and games for prizes? I have this uh drone, skyhook uh this. This is for a phantom, i believe, yeah for a phantom four. I have this that you know drop stuff from your drone, so if you have a phantom 4, you have your choice of prizes. Tonight: okay and uh, one of the other prizes that i have i just went around looking for stuff. I have carbon fiber fiber propellers for a phantom three ooh yeah. So if you have phantom 3, you want carbon fiber props to cut your fingers all up by golly.

I have those and of course, freewell filters from freewellgear.com link in the description. Yep, do uh check those out so your choice of prizes tonight as we are going to play the slow ass modem game. Oh gosh, do you remember that i do remember slow ass, modems yeah? Oh man, yeah youre old enough to remember when hes, like 300 baud thats too fast. So but first i remember having a mental breakdown. When i went to a friends house with with uh, what do you have some fiber or something? And i i got so used to like clicking and then thinking and doing something and then clicking and then thinking and doing something right and when i was at his house i would click and it would be there and i would click it. I would be there and i was like i dont know how to process this, but its going too fast its going too fast, yeah, and you know i was around 13 14 when you know you could download pictures of naked. Ladies and i was like you know, you put the phone in the thing and its like Music and then my sister would pick up the phone right when it got to the nipples, like julie, get off the phone im downloading ancient porn, all right um now before We get into everything else. I want to share some amazing video from you, sir, that you sent from me from you.

Yes uh. By the way i got a bunch of mail from people. So if you recognize any of this, thank you very much. Gon na get to that plus all your incredible viewer videos, but first lets head up to alaska, and this is what you shot with the mavic 3 yeah. All this was shot with the mavic 3.. Okay, uh take us through this, because this is pretty much just every day for you. You know this yeah absolutely every day uh. So this was. I had been asked by this helicopter company and these ice climbers to come out and film them ice. Climbing this. This big giant iceberg that came off a glacier and frozen to the lake there, to which, of course, i said sure i will be right. There yeah and uh spent the day, filming them climbing different areas around there, the iceberg and some other places and uh also getting to film some air to air with the helicopter, because i knew the pilot really well and we had you know, trusted each other. That was a lot of fun. You should never do that unless you have a lot of coordination and a lot of experience and you you know. Yes, you have to coordinate you just cant just rush up on some helicopter person. Dont just go. Do it especially helicopters because they are uh, you know so many sensitive parts, any one little thing can bring it down: yeah, oh yeah, yeah and helicopter pilots.

Would you agree that helicopter pilots are a little theyre, a different breed, yeah yeah yeah? Every helicopter pilot that i know – and i know a bunch now uh they all have this little vein of just a little crazy and adrenaline junkie needs to fly which are crazy, are helicopter pilots or bush pilots, helicopter pilots, okay, 100, no hesitation. So, who are these dudes and what are they doing so these are so. These are some uh friends of a friend who are hiking up to the top of this mountain to ski down and uh. So i ran with my mavic 3 up there and something i started doing recently is using the the zoom, the telephoto camera, the zoom camera, because you just get these spectacular, parallax shots that you cant really get. This is like what you would get if you were flying in a helicopter with a shot over rig, but youre. You know im getting it out of a mavic right, so so the foreground kind of stays still almost while the background is moving wildly thats a great effect, and you you get this just dramatic movement in the shots which is really cool its like its almost like The the foreground and the background are like unfolding from each other, its its really really wild. So i ive got a video coming all about it, how to use it. Well, you get the best settings and stuff like that. Coming on my channel here pretty soon.

So all right um but its its been a lot of fun and, of course you know the scenery doesnt hurt. I mean i got ta admit the backdrop is not uh, not too shabby. It is and theres a lot of uh ski marks on there already. So this is yeah, so, okay, like ive, done the whole backcountry ski thing, but people do that, like they spend most of a day hiking up to the top of that mountain for one rundown that is done in five minutes, whoa whoa, they hike up. They dont. Take the helicopter up, theres no helicopter up there, theres, no, like ski, lift or anything like that they walk up or they you know, snowshoe up or whatever uh to the top and then come down um one moment ill. Give you a moment here. I say again that, oh, my god, thats thats thats too much thats too much thats a lot yeah its a lot um. So do we call our guest or should we play one viewer, video or now were gon na get to this lets do lets? Do one one viewer, video, okay, one viewer, video, okay, all right! This is this is from maxair420, okay, oh nice, its a short video and he wrote. He wrote this and i i thought this cant be him. He says: hey ken. I bought a pos with the fly more kit for 550, which is a good deal. He says i like it now.

This is an fpv guy, oh no, and he bought a pos. How many people, let me know in the chat, do you just like? Do you just call it? The pos now were talking about the dji fpv, but its easier just to call it the dji pos, because thats what it is right does anybody else call it the pos just in your real life and youre just out and like hey man, im gon na bring The pos that you do, do you really yeah? Do you yeah yeah? Then i succeeded all that being said like i i so i switched the propellers out. I put on uh some some good fpv propellers right or theyre like the s4s or the s5s, or something like that and uh. And then i put the gopro mount on top right. You know, and i found one thing and i spent like a whole day – fixing the tune so its okay. I found one thing: it is good at what i can fly 88 miles an hour and keep up with my buddy and his airplane and chase him around for a mile or two uh and film him, okay, without breaking a sweat and that it is good at That it has long battery life and it will go really fast, yeah now. Well, let me ask you this, because i didnt use mine a lot until i unloaded it on a unsuspecting person jeff, if youre watching i didnt mean that another gem uh, but thanks for buying it from me, so i dont have to have it.

No is it true that the camera on the pos itself isnt that great because its a two axis gimbal? So if youre going to film that chasing your friend youre going to want to put like a 9 or a 10 on there, with with uh rocksteady yeah right yeah, because thats better than the camera thats on the pos itself right, oh yeah, yeah its way better Way way better and thats thats the only way i would do it, and that was the only way that i decided to keep mine was. I had gone out and done that with my buddy last year i had the gopro 10 on the top and was running around and i was like okay, i i can see a use case for this. I got it flying a little better and with the the other props i put on it, actually flew better its still, not a good drone for acrobatics. I dont think right, but i mean, but with a long like long ripping through areas or chasing something its, not bad, but you can, if you put a good camera on it with the with the the second camera on it i mean you can feel the weight Cant you its like: yes, yes and it messes up the gps and so its kind of a pain doing it, because it will occasionally itll like throw it in and out of manual and uh. The you know, like training, wheels mode and so like id, be coming along at 90 miles an hour and it would glitch with or 88 or whatever it goes, uh it would glitch the gps and all of a sudden it would snap back into like beginner mode Yeah – and so i rip it along with my buddy and his airplane, all of a sudden, my drone is like bump: stop dead, still air like nope.

You may no longer fly at that speed. We dont have gps by the way um im watching uh. How many concurrent viewers we have once i start talking about how its a pos we lost about 10 15 viewers im guessing its like hey man. I want to check out this this ken aaron stream. I just got my. I just got my new dji fpv and theyre sitting there, like, maybe not even out of the box yet and im like badmouthing like how the hell is this guy im out, you know thats what im imagining happened, but anyway max ayer got one and uh. He got some uh, pretty good uh, pretty good uh video with it and uh. I apologize in advance for any editing. I may have done to your uh short video here, but enjoy this so these arent people that he knows Music. What do they think of this Music and hes getting right in there too? Hey look! Oh Music. I got a thumbs up yeah thumbs up awesome. Very good. Thank you for that. I got ta say man max heir is a really talented pilot hes. He is you watch some of his videos, man, hes hes, a legit dude. He can fly. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah and uh tammy jean, is in the chat, hey tammy gene good.