Welcome to thursday night live off to an auspicious start. Uh you there russ im here: oh okay, you were looking off in the distance. Like sorry im trying to organize my windows. Oh you got to organize your windows. He is ready. He is ready to co host tonight hes coming with the jokes with the information there was a new drone just released moments ago, that our news department is scrambling to get information about and uh the beginning of the stream. I think i played like 20 songs at the same time, but uh thanks, wirecast, im blaming wirecast, not blaming the fact that not blaming the fact that i get up at 4am every day to do a morning show on the radio. No! No! No because i take a nap so im ready for you guys its gon na be a very interesting show tonight, because tonight is the first time ive ever had a puppet as a guest. Well i mean i have had kelly green on before so, but uh. So uh mud ball, creative don and his buddy uh fisheye should i say the other way around fisheye and his buddy don, also uh tonight, of course, uh the news the weekly beau chart that will leave you emotionally scarred. Hes got a new character. I want to say i dont know how many are in there, but this guy needs to beauchart needs to be medicated for sure for sure he needs therapy and i think you get free healthcare up there in canada yeah.

You should take advantage of that. So this one will leave you mentally scarred today or slightly aroused depends. I mean you do you, you know, but uh also got prizes to give away lots of great viewer videos, and a few surprises you wont, expect Music, hey my friends ever present im frozen now. Youre doing it dont you freeze up too whats whats whats new with you uh russ, from 51 drones. Well, i was able to go outside without a coat on today for the first time in six months: oh thats, right now, uh hes in north dakota and its still winter there, its still winter and where theres a slight chance of snow uh saturday whats the high Temperature, what was the high temperature today in your today was 48 degrees. It was beautiful, oh so shorts, a lot of people had choked seriously oh yeah yeah. My kid was playing outside without a t shirt. He had no shirt on. He was playing outside. He thought it was wonderful, but then but then, but then the snows coming back suppose yeah. Maybe i think its just going to be rain. It looks like its going to be warm enough, but uh right, yeah its been a very rough interesting spring. Well, in honor of uh, its still being winter in north dakota lets go ahead and play the snowy edition of the cadillac of processed meat. Our best sponsor, ladies and gentlemen, im talking, of course, about a pigeon jerky Music youll enjoy pigeon jerky pigeon turkey, the cadillac of processed meats, youll, enjoy pigeon jerky, pigeon, jerky and youll give your family a treat his balance, nutrition, Music, yeah awesome.

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I really need this show tonight. You bet you got it and the grumpy vlogger flexing his member muscles. Thank you very much for that and uh my god. Uh mark sullivan 422 appreciate it ambrose cramer. Two bucks hey now wow and the caboose is in the woods with a 499.. Thank you very much everyone for that. How much of the trip was on the actual route? 66. We had an app that gave us a little blue line that took us down route 66 on the actual route. 66. I think some of it was uh towns that paid the app to bring them through to bring all the tourists through the town because theres no way that route 66 does this around your tourist district. You know what i mean like well, one of them might buy a t shirt. You know yeah, but uh anyway, oh and leonard oglesby, with five bucks at the last minute. 420 is just half of 840. and uh that is hold on. That is from someone who clearly has glaucoma Music uh. Now the the weekly bow shot, we will play right after the news, so uh you can enjoy the news without being mentally scarred. Okay, because this one, this beau chart youre gon na, have to hide the kids. All right, but right now lets go ahead and get into the news. Stop the music its time for news. Oh here we go into the drone newsosphere, so much news with jeff sills whats happening well.

First of all, im gon na give credit. I gave credit where credits due so uh 51 drones. Thank you very much for pointing out the snapdragon, and this will be the first time you guys get a chance to see me doing. News live um, so ive got information here as well as over here, because this is like today, yeah um, so snap or what used to be snapchat, has purchased or is uh working with a company called pixie to release a camera drone that can take selfies its The first hardware product that pixis made since spectacles, which apparently were some glasses, that they made for augmented reality back in 2016. um, the pic the snap itself is selling for 229, with an additional battery for 19.99 and a dual battery charger for 49.99 and the company Plans to sell the camera while supplies last in the united states and france. It comes at 101 grams with a swappable battery. The full charge will get you five to eight flights, which can range roughly from 10 to 20 seconds, a short flight even by a tiny drone standard. The additional batteries cost about, like i said, 20 dollars, its a 12 megapixel sensor, shoots up to 100 videos or 1 000 photographs, all of which are stored locally. On a 16 gigabyte drive in the in the drone yeah. The footage is synced wirelessly to the memory section of your snapchat as the drone works, so, as is taking photographs its automatically, sending them to your snapchat memories.

So then you can pull from them and do as with them with what you wish. Okay, now do you have to design just do you have to allow it to send your pin to china, or does it just take it yeah, no, no, its its thats. You youd still need to fill that little section. Okay, all right yeah, um but uh in any case its designed to take off from your hand and land in your hand, as we see with like the mavics um, so uh theyve got that lined up and its designed to be roughly set at eye level. So it will take off and at eye level it will detect where you are and then at that point it will follow you for 10 to 20 seconds taking photographs of whatever youre doing, and then you can put your hand back out and land and itll store. The stuff so theyve seen a lot of companies in the past attempt to do this and weve talked weve talked and had news stories about. Companies that that were you know like were gon na do this, but this is the first one, ive actually seen thats actually gone a production that you can actually purchase and its not a small drone, its its a good size, little wafer, drone, okay, yeah, all right. Excellent that that that looks pretty cool thats thats new, as of today april 28th, excellent, all right so enough of the on the fly mess lets get to the real news: mm, hmm um, all right, so dji recently released a statement condemning its use.

Uh condemning the use of any of its drones in the ukraine conflict. The statement is basically that they continue condemn the use by the military of its drones, and the full statement from dji is, of course, available on the web. The basic gist of it is the fact that they say that for more than 15 years, dji was founded to explore the astonishing new politic possibilities of drone technology and they build tiny helicopters at their latest cutting edge drones for professionals uh. You know technical challenges of robotic innovation, uh technology, to help people and improve and advance drones and make the world better um, and they dont feel that essentially using it in wartime is right: uh do whatever they wan na do. Do we believe them? Are they just trying to save face? No, they they have. They have really reiterated, and its in several sections of this uh statement, that the product is made for civilian use: theyre not designed for military applications, okay um, so theyre gon na what theyre gon na do is theyre gon na disable all the aeroscopes in russia good For them all right, very good, good, good job right there. Oh wait whats that my producers saying nope no theyre, not okay, but theres; a theres, a theres, a fine line to this yeah. Okay, because they specifically say they dont market or sell their products for military use, they do not provide after sales services for products that have been identified or being used for military purposes.

They are opposed to attempts to attach weapons to their products and refuse to customize or enable modifications that would enable their products for military use. But on the flip side, they sell their products to police agencies all over the world um and its not necessarily military use. But its still technically not uh civilian use right and so theres theres that i dont know theres a gray area theres that gray area between selling their drones or not selling their jobs, thats a great area there where they want people to feel good about buying their Drones, yeah yeah i mean, and, and you know their drones are – are providing a window into the ukraine war that we dont see at all. Oh sure, yeah i mean we get to see the footage from all that and thats thats good, but yeah, but theyre also using the drones as spotters for artillery theyre, using the drones to track where military convoys are uh and they have weaponized the drones. In so far as recently, there was a video where a bunch of russian soldiers stole a truck and the ukrainians took a drone with a bomb on it and dropped the bomb on the truck that the russians had stolen. You know a lot of this stuffs been going on at the gaza strip. For years i mean this is nothing new um, but its getting a lot of press so thats. Why were hearing dji make a statement now, of course, tj is just never gon na.

Send me a drone theyre, just never gon na. Do it ive already uh ive already come to terms with that fact. But uh i do love their their their their stuff is quality but theres a whole thing. If you guys keep wrecking your drones thats. How i get them, you know, so just uh keep crashing the drones thats oh yeah yeah, and then they end up in the in the jeff museum of drones of days gone by yeah all right. Yes, frank: frankenstein, museum, yeah, whats that the beloved heron bird is right there there. It is all right so uh next in the news. Avss is a group that has been contracted to do autonomous, precision, payload delivery and when i say, precision, payload delivery. I dont mean that these guys are flying drones out and landing them precisely at a location. What these guys do is they use drones to drop items with parachutes, and the parachutes are steerable, oh and land, the the packages with precision where they want them to so their idea of critical delivery, and obviously this is not something youre going to see in you Know in your neighborhood right, but in areas where they need to be able to deliver something in an area that normally the drone couldnt land in these steerable parachutes can uh fly the product where the drone cant go, and i think its, i think its ingenious. It is what a great idea yeah they have completed the i guess: the contract delivery, uh portion of this, its a 1.

1 million dollar contract that was rewarded to them in january of 2022 uh and the demonstrations that they did in ontario uh all were exactly perfect. What they wanted so uh, hopefully we will see this technology get pushed out into commercialization. Now, where you have stereo steerable products, dropping medical supplies. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, you know, and and other things again, this is not going to be something that is not not going to happen. Theyre not going to steer my tube socks right on your feet. Uh 15 minutes from your house uh get out of the forge, put your feet up in the air two socks coming down: yeah. No, the the ideas for this is delivering medical kits for search and rescue operations, uh meals, ready to eat field rations for firefighters and wildfires. You know things where you need to get critical components to a place and and essentially drop it with precision. Yes and so um, and that is the future of drones right. That is the future of drone delivery in our lifetime. We will see this stuff. I know im always poo pooing on delivery jones, but you know the defibrillators all the stuff, the medicine, the blood between hospitals, all thats, going to happen. Of course, its going to happen but and its it already is happening. So i mean its its good stuff, but youre not gon na order. It well be long dead before amazon is delivering to our house from from their drone, and i tell everybody in the audience the minute that you discovered that there is any walmart or amazon delivery in ken herrons neighborhood.

Please send him a lifetime supply of tube socks. Please i beg of you. No, you know what you know. What ill tell you this ill, if that happens, and its a viable option, not some dippy thing on a string, some experiment, you know something thats thats tried and true and is as dependable as your toaster. If that happens and im not dead, i will eat a tube sock. There you go, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it mark it down: thats thats, the thats, the six and a half foot tube socks with the really dark stripes on the top. No, no! No! No! No, no, okay, all right! So next in the news, the us is fast tracking, the uh delivery of phoenix ghost drones to ukraine to fight uh in the the russian conflict. There um whats interesting about this, and obviously this is a very new technology in the sense that we have it weve never used it. Our military has never tested it. Weve never applied it tactically and i dont even think from the standpoint of testing weve done an awful lot. This isnt a straight off the shelf brand new technology that they have earmarked immediately for use in the ukraine. Well, what a great way to test it, though in somebody elses, warts right, so the this. This is the phoenix ghost drone now this is uh similar to the switchblade drones that we have sent to them before the switchblades obviously are designed to take out larger vehicles.

This one is smaller and designed to take out lighter vehicles, so but again its this compact thing that they can just stick out in a field someplace and launch – and you know in these in these trying times over there, any advantage that they can have is great. The the ukrainians, i mean they really need to take the force and multiply it because clearly, switchblade drones are a force multiplier to be dealt with fierce worker. All right well hold on to the force multiplier. Just yet because i have the next story, which i think will go along with that uh aleski zai zayte, i might have messed his name up. Zaitsevsky is so he created a drone that is a combination of a racing drone, an fpv drone and a net gun. So, instead of the drones that weve seen in the past, where its this, you know, like camera, drone with a net thing. Oh this, this is a high five speed drone. Oh man, oh wow, so the propellers shoot off of it. Thats neat! Okay. What at the moment of attack the rotors, accelerate and detach from the frame neat? At the same time, the net fastening straps are released. Music, the kevlar net blocks the targets rotors and disrupts the glider control. The innovation was first bench tested see. Now i saw that happen to my fpv quite a bit: oh no yeah, well and so, and see the other. The deployment systems that we had that use nets were essentially just camera drones that would chase after other camera drones they werent exceptionally fast.

You know they had a couple of the hexacopters hexacopters that could move pretty quick, but this thing holy crap, yeah, thats, yes, yeah, thats, cool, very cool, so uh theres, your forced multiplier, oh yeah, that is a uh, a force multiplier, because if you have a force, Youre gon na want more of that force. How do you get more of that force? Will you multiply it soldier stand in the ditch where im talking through Music all right, so last week we showcased of a footage uh from the usfl that was sort of controversial. It was the use of fpv drones in an actual football game where they had the drone actually like down on the field. This week, the usfl has released even more footage of how theyre using these drones and they they combine. The use of these drones with helmet cams, so not only do you get the sensation of chasing the guys around this is this is an fpv drone chasing the players down the field yeah, but you can also tie into helmet cams that, let you see it from The players perspective: how do i get that job? I want that job yeah, oh man, thats cool that is, i dont, think ive ever seen anything like this and you know well: okay, heres heres, the thing. Okay, let me back this up a little bit uh. Let me replay this here. Let me replay this okay, so you may notice uh in the stands: theres nobody, nobody so youre going to want to bring people in like you know, for anything yeah yeah, the usfl is is different from the nfl, and so i i think that from this perspective, Its okay, i got it, you want to call it a gimmick.

I got it, i got it. I got an idea for usfl. If youre listening, we need hooters girls, fpv, pilots thats. What we need were going to fill the stands with horny drone fans thats. What were going to do bikini, clad buddhist girl with the controller? You know what i mean, oh, is she yawning? Oh, yes, she is Music Laughter, jeff yeah. I want to go to the next store. Okay, all right, all right. So next in the news, hawaii is uh near uh, con consideration of legally prohibiting the use of drones for fishing the states legislation hawaii is moving closer to passing a law that would prohibit the use of drones for fishing, which supporters call both unfair and a threat To traditional methods of manually casting from the shore um, obviously you know they. The traditionalists, want you to cast from the shore and use your physical strength to get it out there right. These guys like to use drones too. So why not look weve got weve got sonar thats specifically made to find fish called fish finder right its already an unfair advantage? Why why not a drone? Why not? Why not or are we trying to appease the fish whats? Why? Why are they doing this yeah right um? Well, i mean the department of land and natural resources uh proposed this um and the measures were introduced in january. There was considerable debate uh for and against this, but it finally passed the lower house earlier this month.

The state senate is currently hearing testimony on the bill from interested parties. So, if youre an interested party – and you want to get your get your two cents in contact your legislator and let them know because right now, its likely to get approved at its current status by the way i have to go by. This is an important question. In the chat, its uh, its from alexis hello, alexis good to see you there she is asking the question is: uh: are the hooters girls, pinchers or thumbers, and uh im gon na guess that they are interesting, more control, wouldnt, you agree, alexis its cold in here. All right back to you, jeff, hey, i know my audience come on this is the news come on man come on, hey its all installed its a sausage fest. Here i could see it now. Im gon na get a google message. Yeah turn down that ac. Stop! Go ahead all right, so the white house recently uh, actually divide administration, has asked congress to dramatically expand the number of government and public agencies from federal to local administrations that are legally permitted to identify, track and disable, potentially malicious drones flying in u.s airspace. So the actual domestic actual sound counter yeah the domestic counter unmanned aircraft system national action plan, which of course, doesnt have even a remotely good acronym uh, was released monday. The administration appeals to congress to renew the existing legislation legalizing counter uav action by the departments of homeland security, justice, defense state, as well as the cia and nasa.

It also calls for new measures to be enacted to allow local officials to take defensive measures against drones. That they fear, are up to no good thats bad doesnt. This look like something darpa would come up with those nerds down there with their slide rules. Hey. I got an idea. Lets get like a big laser gun and we shoot him out of the sky. Will you shoot them? We shoot laser guns down theyre, giving scholars money lets go ahead and make a laser gun. I think that i have a real big problem with them. Saying local officials could take defensive measures against drones that they fear right right. Weve already seen many stories where they didnt understand the use right, its very subjective, very subjective right. So this this is a white house proposed plan that i hope dies and if you have a congressman or senator or anybody call them and tell them to kill this thing. But how are we going to convince them to lay here you arent fun and cool, come on man? We got a few extra bucks for the league well when they can prove to me that the the local officials have the know how to be able to properly administer the drone rules then ill, consider it, but until that time, no okay, all right your your thoughts, Sir same all, right good back to you in the newsroom more government Laughter, all right, so uh ken im gon na need you to queue up, uh the jets and soundtrack yeah.

So air one is the first vertaport opening in coventry and this will be a hub for drones and jetson style flying taxis. It is. It is the first of more than 200 sites planned worldwide by 2027.. Oh oh someones at the door so yeah we covered this uh. I want to say about a year ago when they were when they started construction on this um and didnt, really think that anything was going to happen with it, but theyre actually pretty serious about trying to develop these vertiports. And if this is a sign of how serious they are about, it, theyve actually built one so by the way um its, not the first verteboard i built one this morning when i woke up theres the comedy folks thats what you come for thats, what you come For become a member right now, dont miss out all right Music. Let me go ahead and get this. What are you drinking jeff? What are you drinking buddy? It doesnt matter what im drinking just as long as it has a lot of this added to it? Oh okay, by the way thats the word im using from now on man, im sporting, a vertaport theres, not enough alcohol in the world. For this, what are you drinking? Russ russ? What are you drinking there? I just got myself a little bit of diet. Coke today diet, coke got ta work in the mornings say say it say it again.

In your north, dakota uh actually were gon na go and drink. Some diet, coke at the fish, all right well have some all right. So next we have marine biology. Researchers have been working with dji um as part of the ocean alliance conservation group and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noaa to enhance their methods of using dji inspired drones to gather health data on whales, and this is neat because this system, you know, we First, had the whale snot drone right right, this system actually drops tags and tags the animals while theyre swimming in the water. Oh look at that thats cool wouldnt that be better suited for an fpv drone. Oh oh, they dropped the okay. They just drop it. So it doesnt you dont, want to get the blades near the animals thats cool its got a its got, a device that attaches to the side of the of the whale. Its suction cups, i believe, is, is the basic design, its a harmless, uh, painless method to uh tag, the whales and then the the the top part of the of the of the device that has the fence to help steer. It falls off by the way just a quick aside. I did tag a few whales in college. Come on folks. There you go thats why you watch come on. Our riders were busy all day on that one thats got way too much coca cola in it. Yeah all right all right is that it is that all the news you have no no ive got more.

Oh good sky grid has recently been named. The winner of the 2022 edison awards. Okay sky grid is a boeing spark ignition company um and they have an app called sky grid. That is a flight control system, thats now available worldwide for all iphone and ipad users um, and it is a top of the line end to end airspace management system built on ai and blockchain uh, and this is available to you guys for free from sky grid. Excellent, all right so definitely check that out. It enables drone up now it allows you to explore airspace and automate your airspace, authorization and mission planning, um and also flight execution, all from one single unified solution. So when you want to fly, you can set up and pre program your flight get authorization for your flight as part of that mission planning and then just launch it that is cool, so very, very cool, stuff, yeah, okay, uh well yeah. I need a more coke. Okay, are you okay, jeff yeah? No, no. I need more um, so toyota recently launched uh the medical delivery system, which weve really weve become very familiar with zipline in japan, so uh toyota group members uh and i guess the instant logistics leader zipline, initiated a launch of an automated on demand delivery service for The distribution of medical supplies across japans goto islands um – and this is using the ziplines logistics system, which is already well defined. I mean it works exceptionally well um and its for commercial, long, distance, drone deliveries, uh specifically for medical purposes, so uh this is another.

I guess example of where there is success in the use of drones for delivery. Uh zipline has been one of the major major manufacturers uh in this environment, so all right im glad to see them expanding out to japan, thats really cool, that is cool yep. All right and last in the news, this is courtesy of that man right there, what ken herron? What who who who shared this story from one of his viewers? Oh yes, this is a free online database that helps pilots, locate, stolen drones. So there is a stolen drone website run by a company called dronesec and its designed to help pilots get their drones back if they lose track of them and perhaps more importantly, if theyve been stolen. So drone companies like dji, have done a lot of to to improve the navigation and prevent flyways, but we know that they still happen, and so this company allows you to go in and essentially provide the information about your drone where it was lost. Uh and information about it, and then it will show you a database of recovered drones that are stored in there and you can hopefully be able to match or find uh your drones that were stolen um. Unfortunately, drone sex says that uh, the most stolen drones are used in criminal activities, including drug deliveries, invasion of privacy, stalking and other crimes. So they do have some drones that theyve recovered that people may not necessarily want to recover, but in in regards to us as users weve seen way too many videos of people on youtube watching their drone fly off in the distance, and hopefully something like this.

If it becomes more popular and well known, aka share the information, well be able to recover drones that we lose ill put a link in the description um after the stream is over. I do have a couple of news stories uh, the first of which and now jeff are you coming to minefield. I dont know i dont know thats a no okay, so jeffs not coming, but i hope you come um, especially if youre a fan of joshua bardwell, because he has just confirmed that he will be there august 20th. Minefield 3.0 open to all flyers, not just fbv uh, fixed wing uh. Anything its gon na be a big old party. Im gon na have a fire engine there. Its gon na be a big old time, of course russ uh. It only takes you what 30 hours to drive there so well see you there right all right and um theres a link in the description or just go to minefieldmeet.com, okay and the other. The other news story is that um one of our viewers named jenna was on vacation. I think in hawaii, and she brought a couple things with her. She brought one her bathing suit and two the sexy newsman t shirt. This is from jenna to eternity there. She is right there that is genesee not from tennessee. She is on the beach with the sexiest news man alive, thats right, you can get one of these on a shirt, be the cool kid on the block and order now theres a link in the description where you can get.

I mean this comes in all kinds of sizes. Do you want to be like jenna and be cool and sexy? Well, you need to get one of these shirts all right, jeff your thoughts, best news of the day, theres theres, the news: do you feel sexy jeff? I was because you are on a beach with a woman. I did not know thats right, you were, you know what i want to know. How did he get a hold of that photo? Oh god, we have told this story so many times i havent heard it. I okay all right. I have a swimming pool in my backyard that is constantly getting dirty. I spent a good portion of the summer cleaning it out empty all the water out of it got it absolutely spotless and clean, and i sent a photograph to ken saying: hey check it out man. I finally got the pool clean and hes like great. You know whatd be really funny is to have a photograph of you in the pool with no water just floating there yeah and i was like yeah. That would be really funny, and so he told me to go in the backyard. Take a photograph myself on a float so that i could then superimpose me over my empty pool, yeah right, yeah yeah. He goes into photoshop. He makes the photograph right. I think its great. It comes out. Looking really realistic – and i put it on facebook and everybodys laughing about the fact that here i am floating hovering over an empty pool, yeah and and then yeah, and then, of course, when i was done with it, i never deleted it.

Yeah ever of course, ever sent him a photograph, yeah dont, do it and dont ever photograph. That said, i also have the sexy clown t shirt from jimbo shark. Oh ladies hes trying to one up jeff. This is a sexy uncle medium available in 4xl thats right. Oh boy, because youre going to need a big shirt to fit all that sexy on it all right, jeff. Thank you! So much for all the news and the fun my friend, you are most welcome all right, thanks for stopping by now get out. Okay! Now now youre gon na shine russ give us one of those jokes. I dont have a joke for you, you dont. I do have a story. Oh still, i went and filled up my gas tank the other day. Yeah. Are you there? What happened? What happened russ? He gone ah hold on. Did he hang up? He hung up ill blame him. Now. Lets blame wirecast good lord thats loud. Are you there did you do that because i didnt have a joke? No, no! I i meant to hang up on jeff and not you all right. So please continue. You went to the gas station. I got gas today and i went to get a little air. My tire was low. It showed me that my tire needed a little bit of air in it and you know i used to get air at the gas station. It says free air right, it was a dollar, it cost a dollar to get air.

In my tire, so i went inside im like why is air a dollar now and the clerk says well its inflation. I like it. I like it thats a good one, thats a good one yeah. I was not expecting such a funny joke. Thank you. What do you mean? Well, i mean i mean i was. I expect so much from you yeah anyway, uh so weve got uh mud ball. Creative on with us tonight were gon na. Have yes, were gon na? Have a puppet uh hes, a very creative guy? He doesnt have a lot of subscribers. I hope we can change that tonight. His names don and his his buddy fisheye so were gon na have him on in just a moment, but first russ. We have to talk about the thing we cant talk about and, of course, im talking about the new dji mini four: do you have the four, the mini four mini four? I i havent heard about that. You dont, so you dont have the mini four. I dont have the mini, so you have the mini two. I do have the mini two, but you dont have the four, no theres a mini four sure huh sure you know, youd think that the leakers would have that out. Youd think they would boom. Oh dear, is that what? What number is that i dont know what that? What is that? What was that? What was that? I dont know what that was.

What whats that controller, for i dont know what what are we doing whats happening, my producers are winning those things on twitter. What is that? Oh okay? I have no idea what that is what what? What is your opinion about? The new upcoming drones that are coming out non specific drones that are coming out. I dont i i dont my opinion is that drones are going to get better every year, yeah and – and i think that i think that innovation is driven by competition, and i think that people should not listen to anything that i say right now, this from an Influencer dont, listen to anything i say awesome well. Thank you very much. I think that the future is bright. Yes for people that are interested in drones. Okay, i think its going to be from this day going forward right its just going to how bright how bright will it be? What companies are able to do with the technology thats available will blow your mind, okay, while my minds being blown, if, if, if, if youre flying around uh, will my mind be blown from above or or will it avoid that hey, you lost me okay, anyway, im Trying to we cant anyway um, so how about how about, if i mentally scar, the audience? How about that good idea, ladies and gentlemen, its time to go up to the great white north and check out the weekly, a beau shark hi, everybody caitlin beauchart back again with another episode of the weekly beauchart.

What are the odds two weeks in a row with hot blondes on the show well lets get into it? Shall we i heard a man had an accident while playing peek a boo hes currently in the icu? What do you call two octopi that look exactly the same? What identical twins? I took a job as head of the old mcdonalds farm im, the c i e i o. I recently took a poll and found out that 100 of the people in the tent were upset when it collapsed. What kind of key opens a banana, a monkey ouch and now heres a quick one, because, as usual, we are running short on time and ive got some laundry to do no by the way ken thanks for the matching pair of thongs anyway, when is the best Time of year to jump on a trampoline in the springtime on that note and by wow, ah uh russ your thoughts, Applause right, so russ had no idea, one one that that he would be on. He had no idea beyond with a puppet. Second, he had an idea, hed be on with a bow shard. Oh there we go a buxom, bow shart and a puppet. You had no idea what youre walking it dude. Did you yuck jim? I need some of what what uh jeff has been drinking. Do we need some emergency ras yeah? Do we do an early emergency lets go ahead? We need to rinse off in the razz chamber.

Lets go ahead and do that now because my goodness short of boiling my eyes out uh, that is, that is gon na thats gon na leave a mark that one yes thats, gon na haunt your dreams. So but everything is nice and calm and nice here in the in the res chamber thats all i can say be yourself and hey. If certain body parts float in here youd you be you you be you oh yeah, russ, i like what youre wearing you. Can you really fill out that banana hammock now listen, not a lot of rules in here, but there is one and one rule only. What is that rules there? Do you know i dont whats, the matter with me. There is no farting in the rash. Oh, my god sit back and enjoy the little guy, the little guy blew ass and what are you doing? Little guy thats his name, the little guy. That was a big fart for a little guy. I know its relaxing and everything, but please try to refrain from that gosh. I was very disappointed. We just said didnt, we just say russ. We just said no farting, no farting all right pretty soon, so were gon na play one video and then were gon na bring in the puppet. Oh yeah, so lets see how many people are watching. Oh 2, 000., all right, great Laughter, so um. Now this is this is kind of serious and i did want to share this uh with you and get your opinion russ.

You know these uh local municipalities that uh just decide that drones are terrible, yep yep and they they. You know, despite what the faa says in open air space and all this theyre like they go down to kinkos and they get a sign now you cant fly here because we dont, like you, thats, right, no drones. So this is from an anonymous viewer in florida. In the town of my birth cape canaveral, i was born in cape canaveral florida. He says: hey ken. I live over in the space coast region of florida and we have a port over there. That has made a drone law that goes against faa rules as they claim they have the right to control the airspace. They have a form on their web page where you can apply to fly, but all of us who film the ships coming and going have tried and have gotten nowhere. So long story short last night, the port held a monthly meeting and when it came time for public comments, a guy came up and called out the council on this unlawful law and how the law is not legally allowed. I just thought i would share this with you, as you have done these types of stories in the past on your weekly live stream and have gotten some major change done to these councils. Thank you. Anonymous viewer so im going to share this guys comment uh its about two minutes, long and theres uh at the end, youre gon na, like how the council reacts to to this so uh.

Listen to this guys very good point. I sent you a memo last night, uh reviewing what im gon na say today, so you have this in your email, but basically there was this great drone video that you got to see on the port and uh. The pilot of that drone video has the exact same licensing that i do yet. I have to go through uh hoops to fly in the port um, specifically theres, a florida statute – 330.41 that says political subdivisions and the port is a political subdivision. If you look at the tariff rule 105, you acknowledge your political subdivision. It says that only the state can regulate drone flights, not the port and im going to go ahead and read the regulation the authority to regulate this is from the florida statute. The authority to regulate the operation of unmanned aircraft systems is vested in the state, except as provided by the federal government. Pretty darn clear section b, except is otherwise expressly provided a political subdivision. The port is included, may not enact enforce an ordinance or resolution relating to the blah blah blah operation of the unmanned aircraft system. So its pretty clear that rule 577 in your tariff is invalid. Now ive heard that the port considers themselves private property and not subject to this very clearly written florida statute. But according to florida statute, 315.11, the all port property is public property and this particular statute was used. Mr weissland, you remember this in mid yeah in mid 1990s youre involved in a lawsuit with the department of revenue over brevard countys taxation of the port, and that was one of your main arguments that that particular statute was relevant to your taxation discussion.

But in that statute it says all ports are public, uh property, so im its beyond me uh why the port continues to have this rule and the ports shouldnt concern themselves with the other rules like what the faa would regulate, that drone flight was regulated by the Faa there were rules, your pilot had to follow. I know those rules, i had the same license, so i guess in summary id like to ask you to actually read my email confirm what ive told you, because i wouldnt expect you to take it at face value and and for the lawyers in the room theres. Something thats really interesting in the rules of professional conduct and theres five lawyers in the room that i count a lawyer should further the publics, understanding and of and confidence in, the rule of law and the justice system, because legal institutions in a constitutional democracy depend on The popular participation and support to maintain their authority and my time is up – thank you for listening. I appreciate your thank you action on this. Any questions. Next item perfect. No, we got no questions. How about that? That was pretty cool. He did his research yeah. He did yeah and they werent ready for that. These council meetings are always ready for, like you need to put a stop sign down in my street. My kids are going to get killed im watching my kids yeah. We need speed bumps, but not not this dude, who did his research wow good, very good.

Thank you for sending that. If you want to send me stuff, you can you can send it here. Ken herron upload at gmail.com ill get it to the right people, and hopefully we can get some precedent.