I fly for t motor and this is the ft5. This is pretty much a 60 drone, so it comes with everything but the rx and the vtx, so we’re gon na get those installed and try to test this thing out. I want to start this off by letting you guys know. I am sponsored by t motors. So take that how you want it. I was not paid to make this review, but this was provided for free for the review. If you fly a dji air unit, you’ll be able to plug and play with this right here but meaning i fly. A vista i’ll have to do some soldering, so let’s get into it. As you see, i’ve never even opened this thing, so it’s going to be a surprise for both of us and i think that’ll be better because you’ll have an actual, genuine um response. For me. Opening it up it’s packaged pretty smooth so far, see what happens when you open it up dang, they toss some props. On top for you, they give you two pairs of props, which is nice. This thing actually looks sick. This thing’s sick for plug and play it’s clean, the geometry, looks cool right off the bat i’d say: tpu is a little thin, but you can’t complain because that’s less weight for sure um. I definitely run thicker tpu, though i will say that, but if that’s, the only thing that lacks on here that’s definitely a good thing to lack.

It looks cool right here, because you can take the top plate off to get to the stack easier. So that looks like a cool feature. I don’t know how it works on strength, wise, but flex wise. It feels pretty good try to flex everything a little bit of flex in the legs, but that’s normal, nothing, crazy, not side to side, nothing side to side, so that’s nice. So, as you see it’s a pretty clean open base, we pretty much just have to get the vista back here. I’Ll, probably toss it right under here and just zip tie it on, because i don’t plan on keeping it in here. But as you see, there are mounting points, so, if you’re going to professionally do it, you could nicely get it in there um and then my vtx i’m, probably just gon na toss up in the or not my vtx, my rx i’m just gon na toss somewhere In the front, let’s go back to here see what else it comes with. We got a nice, strap and it’s. Actually, a nice strap, oh it’s t motor brand too. I need to actually get some from them t motor. If you’re watching this. Can you guys send me some of these? I would love to run these they’re just like the ones i run, but it would be nice to have some actual t motor ones um. We got some lipo pads for the top, so it doesn’t skid around.

We got the wire if you were using the air unit which i’m not, but this is always good to have extra wires and we got all the nuts for the props so before we touch any of this we’re gon na come back over here i have to Use my computer um we’re gon na get betaflight installed because i’ve never even used betaflight. You guys, know i’m a kiss. You guys know i’m, a kiss user, so i’ve never even used betaflight we’re gon na have to get that installed. Get the vista on here mount the antennas mount the camera which i’m hoping the camera could fit there. It looks like i almost need spacers which, as in bolts here, let’s no any extra bolts, they give you it’s, always nice when they give you extra screws and stuff. Oh right, here perfect, this is what i’m looking for. So this is a spacer right here that are going to go in the front right here to make the camera work so, hopefully they’re big enough. I think they are, and if not, you could of course make it work with other objects, but it’d be nice to have everything in the box included, be what you need it sucks when you buy something that’s supposed to be plug and play, and then you need To add stuff, that is from your house, because then it obviously wasn’t plug and play right here. As you see, i’m, not gon na be able to run um these four bolts, because they’re not gon na run up line up, but i’ll at least be able to put the front two bolts in and then i’ll just put like the electrical tape or i’ll.

Just put a zip tie or something to hold it back down just to make it work just to show you guys some um, some hd footage on it, because it’s not even about just running the hd footage it’s about having the weight there too, because you don’t A five inch drone is pointless if you can’t run a gopro on it um smoothly, at least so before we even mess with the gopro. I say: let’s get the vista in this wire that came with it. I don’t know what i just did with it. Oh right here, this wire right here would plug in underneath the usb down here down there, and this would plug into your air unit and work for your air unit and your receiver. So it really is plug and play if that’s what you fly but meaning. I don’t like the air units because they’re too big and i fly the vista. These don’t come with quick plug and play so technically i could technically i could take this wire cut. The clip off one side do it here and then follow the pin out and plug it in like that, but i don’t really want to wire it that way: i’d rather just route, it the way, i’m doing because i’m, all about soldering, i think it’s, easier, it’s Quicker you don’t have to rely on a plug, so we’re not going to go that route but, like i said, if you’re just a beginner you’re looking for a quad that you could just buy dji toss that in here that’s what you’re gon na be your best Option you plug that in you have your receiver plugged in with the plug it’s easy to go.

You can undo that whole unit just with one plug it’s for sure a way to go. If you want simplicity, but once you learn how to solder you kind of enjoy soldering where you don’t want to use plugs, we got ground all right, so i just went ahead and got rid of all those extra clips on the end. Now we’re gon na open up this computer um, i don’t even have betaflight. So i have to turn on my hotspot and download that real, quick and then we’ll start getting that configured um. Does it come with a usbc okay cool? Now it has usbc we’re getting modern, now um, which i brought because i was charging my gopro right here so cool. We have that wire should be a data cable because it’s gopros, so i’m gon na get that downloaded. It just finished downloading and we’re on the spot, where it says, run it. I wan na see. How simple is it? Is it gon na start up right when i start up, is it gon na connect, or am i gon na have to mess around so let’s? See got the usb in, as you saw, i’ve, never even ran it because it just updated plugging it in we’ve got lights, it’s setting up the device; hopefully it sets up the york i’m. Just gon na click connect. Oh right here, the following problems. With your configuration, the accelerator is enabled, but is not calibrated, so we got ta, calibrate it cool.

So at least it went straight in move it around yeah. It looks accurate, so we just got this soldered up. We still kind of got a mess going on. I kind of have to clean up all this but, like i said, if this was your real build, you’d be doing it a little smoother i’m at a spot building it so it’s going to be rust a little bit a little less organized, but you’ll get the Point um i’m, going to toss the vista in the back i’m still debating. Where i want to put this, i might throw it in the back too and just toss this in the mount they gave us, maybe just to make it easier, but usually on my drones, i toss one up front and the other one will get like back on An arm so that’s this um. I also want to fly my first pack on the race that they send it, as i want to see how it feels, just as is out the box, but after that i’m going to change to my buddy brickwall’s rates, because i kind of like his beta flight Rates and see how i could fly it, then, just to kind of see out the box how it performs. Look, how sick these motors look. I wish it would focus more but like it has like this reflected like sparkle, on the top that’s really sick and with like the white contrast, it’s a cool color, all right, guys so it’s.

Finally, the exciting part time to flyer um it’s been about an hour and a half of setting her up while soldering, so it really wasn’t too bad to for all the stuff. I had to do at the spot on this little ledge with limited amounts of tools. So i’d say it’s a pretty easy, build right off the bat it looks. Clean let’s see how it flies. I’M really excited to see how it flies, because when you, when you mess around when you’re at a spot, watching other people fly while you’re building a drone that you’ve never flown it’s, nice and clean the whole time you’re like can. I please just fly so i’ve. Had that mentality the whole time and i’m? Finally, here so let’s get it all right, guys, it’s the moment, we’ve all been waiting for it time to fly her. She looks clean, but that doesn’t mean she’s gon na fly again so let’s see how she a little goes in, got that nice beta flight sound sure my mic is going yet let’s. Try it first, genuine pack see how she feels. I didn’t change no rates. I didn’t change no pids stock out the box. This is how she’s gon na fly Music, all right figure out the arm switch, got it sorry, go crazy, gon na feel it for a second feels good for. Oh you sure, comfortable going in here. Yeah rates are for sure, a little slower, but not like not too slow that it’s deadly.

I could for sure handle it that’s fine. I got my audio so that other camera died, but i got audio going. You guys just have to watch first person. You don’t really need to see me anyway. Dude i’m liking it out the box a little wallpap there or a floor. Not a wall. Applause feels smooth out the box. You feel smooth, i feel like the throttle. Control feels nice by the way anyone who knows about my throttle cut. I took that off for this, so this is oh there’s, a holder um. This is literally how it would come out. The box at 100 throttle exactly how tough, unless you have some big heavy battery, i got a little 1300 on it. I’M sure. If you have a bigger battery, it might have a little more shakes or just a little more weight with it. I don’t know if my vtx is on a low power outage, because it feels weird when i go the laggy, not the drone. It feels good, though look i’m already pretty comfortable in this little area, it’s. My first time ever flying this drone and i’m already just breaking out and of course, i’m pretty experienced so i’m comfortable with a lot of things i fly but i’d say i’m doing pretty good for a first time. Flying this thing did a little weird movement right. There but nothing crazy i’m sure the gopro didn’t even show it that’s how minor it was this battery’s getting low i’m gon na take her in Applause.

All right, first crash on her let’s see how she takes just a little scraggle i hit. I know how to armor i want to get caught in another bush we’re going to try to shoot under these. This is where kiss would come in handy with the ground. Oh we got. It, though, fought her back up on the first crash, so i wasn’t really bad crash. I just kind of the struggle might say: first pack that’s just a sec i’d say for a first pack that was pretty successful um. It felt very smooth. It had a couple weird movements, but um that’s, not something you should worry about, like even my drone, when you’re seeing me fly smooth there’s times that it has weird movements that i just learned how to hide by adding a certain amount of throttle. That’S. One of the biggest things is, if you think someone has a perfect tune and their drone just looks like it flies perfect, it’s, probably not completely perfect. They probably have some shakes, but they just understand how to throttle ease into their throttle and kind of hide. A lot of that um, i definitely don’t, think you should waste your whole career flying trying to tune your quad. I think you should learn the tune and get it to a level and then kind of call it quits, because you’re crashing these things. Every time you hit something in a prop bends, it’s going to have different oscillations, it’s going to have different movements, and you can’t tune it perfect for every situation.

So you need to like hit a certain point and then just go straight to flying. I definitely say for beginner quad out the box performance wise. This thing flies really good and it flies like my quad of course feels a little different. But if you started on this, you wouldn’t be held back in any way. I should say that um durability. I won’t know that for a while, i haven’t really crashed it. I hit that straggle fell down brought it back up. I got a bent prop. It looks like, but overall it’s pretty good, but that doesn’t really show a long term crash. We really don’t know how this is going to happen when we go into a concrete wall, i’m kind of debating on crashing into a concrete wall right now, but i also don’t want to destroy it, because i want to give this drone away so i’m, like which Way should i go because part of me wants to take it and fly it where i click one arm like this and try to take one motor out, but they didn’t send me any spare motor so once once it’s done, it’s done um, so i just switched The rates over to something i like better, actually i’m hoping it feels a little better this time, as you saw, that was my first time ever flying so for me to go as ballsy as i already was, that shows it slides pretty good.

Oh, this is way better. I just the other one i felt so restricted like. If i had to make a quick movement, i felt, and this one look at that it’s, like i’m flying my drone Music i’ll, barely touch the ground. I think my antenna is bad on the dji. I picked a random antenna. I had in my bag. I think it’s one i took off that was bad, so i’m kind of staying in the same area dude. It feels great now that’s, definitely the secret. If you, if you do get this thing, just put some faster well, i guess, if you like slow rates, you probably like it out the box, but if you like faster rates just copy the ones i got or put the ones you like, and this thing’s solid. Now nice wall rides i’m not used to the full throttle resolution that you see i’m touching the ground, but like it’s, just barely with me, trying to be smooth and not over catch myself, so i’m, just trying to learn that that point still. That comes with time, though, when you fly something you’re not just going to fly it the second time and know everything um what’s. The battery on that gopro is about to die. Oh we’re, good i’ll just say turn it off, so it doesn’t corrupt. But actually i think it low power modes and shuts off anyway, but seven’s fine dude. This thing feels great we’re gon na.

Do a we’re gon na do a crash test right here. At that i have to get one crash test. I feel like if you don’t crash the drone you’re not showing nothing, because most drones nowadays should fly great out the box if they don’t something wrong. You know like some will for sure fly smoother, like i feel like t motor does make good components, so i feel like it’s playing a good part here, but most drones out the box should be pretty decent and this one’s definitely showing that let’s see the strength Test right now, um, can you go stand right here there by the wall or set the gopro up on it here? Actually, i’m gon na help you, okay, i don’t want you to have to stand there. I don’t want to hurt you just in case it ricochets. I’M gon na set this right here and i’m gon na purposely clip this pole with my left motor and see if i can get a bell to break i’m. Gon na try to intentionally hit this motor on the pole, direct impact and see if it takes it out or just a prop uh. If i’m worried about anything on this build i’d say it’s, the motors, the components are all great: the motors are just their lower end ones and they seem very thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re, not strong i’m, not gon na be friendly. So one thing you’ll see about my reviews: i’m.

Not gon na try to play it friendly i’m, going in all right. That was a good hit right. There see if i could just take off dude we’re still good. I messed up prop. That was a good impact right. There, i’m gon na do another one, barely missed it, it’s hard Applause, Music, barely flipped it. We got it right here, i’m at 12 volts. This has to be it. My battery’s too dead, it’s at 8 volts all right, guys. I’M gon na end the video there i’m. Really amazed with that crash. There really wasn’t any damage that doesn’t mean these motors are the strongest motors in the world. Every crash is gon na be different. There’S times you barely hit something and everything explodes it all just depends on like the way it hits it and the angle and everything the prop could always um hit first and make it where the motor doesn’t clip same with the arm so i’m, not saying these Are the strongest motors, but for an out of the box just taking it out and ripping it? It flew good durability seemed pretty good and a lot of the components on there are pretty nice. So i definitely would recommend this for anyone that’s newer and not looking to mess around with soldering or, if you, even if you are it’s good. But i think it was definitely nice for someone that has a dji that just wants to put that plug in and call it good.

So that being said, i’m gon na end it there um this drone. I actually want to do a giveaway for my patreons, so i think i’m, a i’m gon na announce it on my story on youtube, but i’m, pretty much gon na do some type of giveaway for new patreons, even if you’re a patreon right now, you’re already in There but um i’m gon na give like two weeks for people to join and then i’m gon na do a random patreon giveaway for the whole drone, of course, not including my visto or my receiver. So it’s going to be the way it came in the box. Yes, i did crash it into the wall um, but, looking at it there’s no damage the tpu got dirty that’s it.