You can see it there. It also comes with the extra propellers there has your remote control. There is also, as you can see, im gon na go ahead and get it on package and get started. Lets see how it does alright. So there you can see the tizzy toy drone really nice size. Look, there is the camera. There love the fact that it is very easy to be able to use im excited to go ahead and try to fly it. Alright, it comes with two batteries. I just inserted one there: there is your extra battery there theres your remote control, all right there, you can see it with the propellers extended there again, really nice width on it all right. The remote control takes three double a batteries. Lets get those in all right. We got our three batteries in lets, close it up and start flying alright. So your power button is here on the top. As you can see, i have it turned on its lit up. There also have our remote control on there. There is a power button. There.