Lowering all of this hoo ha and bringing up this hoo ha in the meantime, and to be able to tell you all that, yes, my cuadro synoptico is almost done should be no. I think i am yeah now we will restore our chat, restore it into here and perhaps bring this over here and this over here. And if we pull out the chat here pop out the chat, then we should be able to see you as you’re coming on with this, with the sincere interest of being able to actually review some footage tonight or this evening. And yes, folks. The good news is, the good news is that i have finished my cuadro synoptico as they call it. My overall beautiful, fully finished and fully fledged. Can you see it even better there? It doesn’t show at all. No, so i have to bring it up to fit. This is the complete, absolutely complete bar a few little bits of tips and tricks that i’m putting in here, but we have the complete dji fly up in its totality just for you from what you do whenever you turn on the app connect your aircraft – and it Goes into the app and absolutely every aspect of it is explained boom just for you, and you will be able to get a hold of this, and this will help you in every scenario, from the overflow menu the three dots up on the top on how it Goes through the safety and the control aspects where you can recalibrate and advance your gimbal settings adjust that famous yaw that we talked about.

You can see what the camera can do. The video settings, the transmission, the abilities and then we go down to all of the camera settings, whether it be the camera, the video, the quick shot modes, the hyperlapse modes, the panning modes and all of the different bits that happen there that’s what you can do With this app welcome, if there is anybody who has come online, i haven’t even chatted check the chat. Yet yes, joe lucan is here. Thank you and welcome, and tonight it’s all about it, is all about reviewing footage and making sure that we are getting tips and tricks that we need. So if you are i’m very well, i hope you’re very well too joe, and i hope that everyone who may watch this may get some value from it. In the world of your live streams, i was going through so that’s that’s. What i’ve been working on that complete um? How would you say infographic where we have every aspect of the dji fly up explained in totality no bits missing and it allows you to set up in every way you want through the app and what it can do and how i can help you, and that Will be able to be downloaded and printed or i may even post them out. Is that something that you would like? Let me know john toner. Welcome to this is what we’re talking about? How is the color correction going that’s? What i want to know let’s, take a look and see who’s been on providing some, we hope to be on here for about half an hour to 45 minutes, and, oh, my goodness there.

I am, in my own view, folks what what sort of footage do we have? Is there anybody who has done any extra video editing over the last while and is there anything that we can look at and check out and make sure that we’re all learning have you done anything yourselves, let’s have a look at what comes up on mine. Oh, look at that jolohan is this. The one we’ve also looked at before from the 19th of december. Oh, this must be a new one. Oh my god, yeah we haven’t looked at this. One okay starts right into it. Nice colors and at least it’s not too far away we’re right into it here and lost girls hikes good evening. And if anybody has done any videos over the last week or two and they want me to look at them and they’re open to a little bit of positive critique and feedback positive, because we all want to learn, will then shout out and say: yes: i’d, like You to look at mine, otherwise you’re, going to end up looking at my own stuff, which you’ve seen it before you’ve all seen it and the it it’s not the most exciting. There are other people out there who have done some extra footage. I’Ve done it better than me. Please do tell me how my volume is, should be fine. I’Ve been working on it, so the colors are nice, nice slow, smooth shots, music’s, quite motown ish.

I know that someone famous from motown died this evening came past disconce. So, theoretically, that could be a little shout out to them. Now we mentioned the last air, but the moving of the camera, while we’re flying so we’re, not mentioning that again. But it is still showing us some lovely views. And you are, of course, going to put more of a description into your uh into your titles and thumbnails, and that way you’ll get some organic reach. Just with that, those are the basics that we all want to look at. Whenever lol feel free to look at mine enjoy everyone’s stuff, my music has purchased audio well. Let me listen. My live streams anyway. Don’T stay on here for long. I generally take them off. After a few days – and i don’t mind if someone else gets, the credit for the music, so let’s see lost girl hikes. Welcome. Welcome please do like this live stream, don’t be afraid to like it and share it. Let’S look at the north east texas trail. Four minutes let’s take a good look guys don’t forget to like and subscribe to everyone else’s channel so that we can support each other. If you cannot hear me properly, please do say so. I hope mike. Is there too? I hope that everyone as well and let’s see what we’re looking at here. So we will take a look and we’ll stop as the tips come in at least we’re saying where we are good start.

So this is the pecan gap to ben franklin, uh picking captain franklin 2.7 miles. So this is the north east, texas trail. I would definitely put in the title what you’re flying with? Did you say what drone please tell us lost girl hikes. What drone you’re using and the color is really nice? Yes and the rule of thirds is being observed as long as you’re speaking at the mic. Your audio is okay, five multiplied by five. I take it. That’S means it’s fine, it’s part of a 125 mic tr about mile trail. I thought you got to say that it’s perfect, for i suppose, you’re saying it down there, which isn’t so bad, okay. Well, there you go yeah. Sometimes you can put it in the text. If it’s just drone footage and you’re not going to appear – which i don’t see you here, so it is okay to put it like appearing and disappearing on the screen, but automatically i love the color. It seems it’s a mavic 2 mavic, 2 mavic pro 2 zoom. Well, you can already shoot it with any type of speech: andy hello, you’re, just making your coffee or you’re up nice and early um, so the mavic 2 pro zoom. Did you use any filters? And what did you did you shoot it in any type of d? Log but the the colors are coming out nicely, albeit just the tree definition. Doesn’T seem as crisp as it could be, but you may have worked on this in post.

Still beautiful nice smooth shots very important to be smooth very important that it’s not up at the height of a google earth that you can’t see anything, and this is really good. The music matches the speed of the shots, no need to go absolutely bananas with fancy transitions when it comes to this type of footage. It’S nice that it’s, smooth and just a simple cross. Is this a railway track down here, or is this a motor motorbike track? What’S going on there, i, like the reverse carousel, shot, always good. Look at you with your fancy terms. Don joyce, yes, may just be flying backwards and then forward always good, not to repeat the same shot twice in a row now this. I can already see that this is a good shot, that’s happening here, we’re moving forward and we’re moving the camera down. At the same time again, the colors are beautiful. So a little bit of correction has obviously been done, and is this part of the train track that you were starting on there interesting and nice and smooth now i’ve got the music going into this here. Nice, okay, so brought us down, which i really like it’s going forward and down at the same time and now we’re going to get it above the head again, a totally different shot funny about an abandoned railway tracks. Look exactly the same in canada. There you go! This is lovely idea too, if you are showing a shot which is directly looking down gimbal facing 90 degrees down, if you actually rotate the drone.

At the same time, it looks spectacular. This can also be done in post um by just taking hold of the two points and doing that lovely swirl, so nonetheless, nonetheless it’s looking very very nice and we’re back out to the main road, again rule of thirds being a being being observed here and it’s. Nice that this, that the sky is not taking up the whole frame but we’re still getting a chance to see it. No, this is where it gets interesting uh. This is where i start to lose interest if, if it doesn’t keep going very fast now that is no disrespect to you at all lost girl hikes, because the footage is amazing. I can already see as i’m as i’m, going through the footage here as i’m scrubbing through that there’s going to be some lovely clips. But after about seven seconds of this, if we just go back, i would cut that a little so 54. It starts at that that shot lasted 19 seconds 19 seconds no it’s too long, it’s too long just for a field i’m. Sorry – and i don’t mean to be rude, but if you’re open to me, looking at your video, you got ta, be thinking it’s, not my! No dawn joyce that’s, not my short attention span. I know i’ve got a short attention span, but you got ta. Put some put some text overlay put some text overlay even to explain if that failed.

Is that your own field, because you will have an affinity to it, that no one else does look 4, 5, 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12, 13 14, 15 duh five seconds per clip unless it is spectacular, don joyce, yes, david welcome, welcome, bienvenido even that shot there. Now we did see that one before, but i like the fact that you’re going to go down here and show us this no harm in, inter and doing it with a little bit of b roll, also to mix it up. Mix up the drone footage, because you’re telling us about the north east texas trail, we are going to have to better our storytelling within drone footage if at all possible. Now this is a lovely reverse shot lovely. What about adding some sound effects? That’S, the next step that you have to take lost girls, it’s a boring trail. No, i disagree it’s up to you to make that boring trail. Interesting to us. There has to be a history behind the ben franklin to roxton trail, and i bet you you could make it super interesting, it’s already interesting. If it’s got the word ben franklin in the title, it has to be good, it has to be good and yes, you’ve got a great shot coming there going backwards, absolutely lovely look nice, but you could definitely get a bit more story in there, even if it’s About you losing your dog tripping over going fishing jumping off the bridge when you were younger, there has to be taking your motorcycle over this now.

I would have just cut it off there, one second beforehand. Just before you stop look there, you stop. I would have taken a second off that and just brought it right in as it’s slowing down and just do that nice do that nice that’s what i’m trying with here, yes, that’s! What i am trying yes keep going! This is what it’s all about want to cut that off slightly and now we bring it in. This is a lovely shot above the head different to the other part where you had where you had shown us the bridge that had collapsed. Wonder when that happened was that due to a storm, tell me more now: is this shoe here underneath it i always try to stay out of the shot, if at all possible, but again, very very nice. I like these types of shots, especially in winter, because instead of just seeing the bar branches of the trees you’re getting to see other aspects you could have. Actually, you could have even have scrolled in or cropped that a little to one side so that you’re not appearing there. If you wanted to make it really cinematic got ta run patrick i hit the like button and we’ll try to catch the next video take care. Everyone that is okay, thank you for popping in and thank you for giving us an old like and a share. We appreciate that a lot george galvin, welcome new to your channel love your videos.

How do i send you? My clips, just just just just tell us where they are, i take it they’re on youtube and if they are that’s, the answer just say: yeah have a look at my stuff, don’t forget to like and subscribe to everyone here and likewise show your love show the Support – and here we go again – the music is amazing in this video amazing, the the perhaps the best shot for me is the one going backwards and also the ones that are vertically over and it’s doing a twirl. At the same time, again, rule of thirds is being observed, so we like that we don’t want it to be too high ever otherwise, it becomes like google earth and now you’ve done a lovely shot with people walking across the bridge. Perfect it’s just hovering there nicely, which is nice, of course, you’re, probably holding the remote controller as you’re walking across. So you got to be careful again, nice and brisk. You did keep it within the five seconds that was 10 seconds. That was 10 seconds all right. It’S lovely but tighten it up, tighten up your edit, tighten up that add it and you will find it will become very oh here we go here’s the shot. Are we going underneath the bridge? Oh, that was going to be russ k. Yes, it was, did you do it? Why did you stop? Oh, you got the hippie jeebies. You got the heebie jeebies.

I don’t see it, you didn’t, do it god, damn it were you going to go under it onward to boston, is in the end, or is it just the beginning, okay, walking along all right, there’s, always a bit of b roll there at the end, i knew You were walking along with the controller in your hands now, which phone are you using towards the end that’s jumping up and down i enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of it. We enjoyed all of it it’s, not about that. Why am i not subscribed right subscribe? Like? I want to see more, we did really like it. Is there anything here in the about us? Yes, angela is right, it’s angela, so, yes, thank you for coming. Send me your channel diggers. Yes, okay, that was really really good love. The way your thumbnails are you’ve got a huge amount of potential here to make these even better the north east texas trail but, as i said, iphone xr, there should be better stabilization on that, but uh might not be anyway. The adjust the titles also, i would say the north east texas trail – shot with the mavic zoom pro, because that actually gives a little bit more of natural, organic growth and seo optimization within youtube, because a lot of people are searching for drone footage. So you could do that uh farmers, uh you’ve, got that which is all interesting and nice yeah yeah over the busted bridge, see some people are even sad that footage over the busted bridge was awesome.

So you got to take that into your next video too, and you need to be saying: yeah yeah, not only that let’s do a bit more tell this story, guys. I’M. Sorry, if you’re listening to me i’m all about story – i i get too bored of it. After a while, i just uh and – and you know even yeah – i maybe i may have a low attention span but welcome to 2020.. If i, it needs to be engaging so that’s the takeaway for that absolutely lovely, and i really really want to if you want people to continue watching your drone videos and to get the most leverage, even your friends and family, your friends, friends say yes, lovely, yes, But unless there’s some sort of story attached to it, even if it’s the story of you taking out your drone, i remember you patrick attempting to fly under a bridge, but it breaks yeah, but the bridge structure got in the way. You’Re right, i have often tried it, but that one was the aqueduct down in cork. I remember that it’s still on my channel and because i was afraid i was going to hit the darn thing. I flew it off to the side and i still hit it. God, damn it anyway anyway, that is it yes right. Anyone else done anything anything good. Recently, um. Let me see we had a another fella who just joined in there. Let’S go back and see.

Is he around? Where was he hey, kip popped in there for a second, too missed his and who else has done anything recently that they would like their footage, reviewed don joyce? Have you done anything recently? Have you have you have you have you? Have you done anything? Look at the way you just come up the big smiley head on you. There we go let’s, see lol. That was the nine guys above the bridge. Oh, my, oh you’ve got your checklists you’re very good at doing all all of your. Oh all of your tutorials around canada, my goodness you’ve got very young, looking straightening your teeth. Sorry, that was an ad. Who was your teeth? There you go there. You go nice and upbeat good evening, everyone that has joined us in the last few minutes. Thank you for t angela es um, as they say in mexico, it’s a pleasure to be able to review your drone footage. Don’T forget to like and subscribe to everyone else’s channel show them some love. Let’S keep ourselves motivated before i go on to the last bit of footage by don joyce. Remember i have finished my lovely cuadro synoptico as they say in spain or my infographic, which is the dji dji fly up in all its completeness for the mavic air too. So if you have it it’s going to be there from the moment, you open your app red orange green red orange green update everything, and then we have absolutely every button explained every feature: safety control, camera transmissions, the quick shots, the hyper lapses.

All of the every single one of those and that will be available for you to be able to get in a few days on my website, which will be patrickconland.tv we’re, getting there and i’m working on a super interesting project. But i can’t tell you right don joyce. This snowman doesn’t have too much drone footage in it, mostly on the ground, all recorded in 30 minutes: okay, okay, okay, we’ll! Not look at that let’s see what will we go back to uh uh? Let me see. Let me see it’s a pity. I can’t, even i wonder, do i still have why well yeah i could. I could go back and just show you if i go into the one of the videos that i was working on, which was the uh little carrie bridge. One i did this the other night, but somebody was asking me about it recently, i’m, just going to show it to you, don’t know if you’ve seen it, i actually made this one, and i wonder i suppose i’ll not be able to do this. Unless i change this, if i go to my final cut at it and i go to a close up of the video, so i did this here, which was repurposed from a few years ago, and i only put one two three four five six clips together, but When you look at them, if we go into the transform tool, you will actually see that they’re all cropped.

Look, look at that that’s how much that was cropped from its original size in order to just get the best angle from it. I don’t know if you can appreciate that there, so even even at that now, why did i do that? I did that because there was a nile ugly farmhouse in this. Let me see if it comes up here. If i bring this down you’ll be able to see if i can see it here, i wonder, let me see go back to that footage. I could have swore that this was the piece that had uh an ugly farmhouse, but sometimes even cropping it even in this, because the footage is so big, it can be done and you can crop yeah that’s massive cropping. It was massive cropping, but i really only wanted to keep the point of interest because there’s nothing really happening over here, it’s all happening here with the road and the house and that’s. Why? I did that see and i wanted it to disappear after the house disappeared and then again this was the point of interest here and because i’m, only keeping it on for a few seconds, the guts of five seconds max so i’m gon na actually just show you. This yep the short’s a great way of picking out something nice right. So if i put it up to oh, you can’t see it like. I can’t put it to fit. Just have a look through it like.

I did crop an awful lot of them and they’re all crap differently. Even this one, you put it to 12. look. This was the one that had the the farmhouse the road i liked it because of the angle going across. So i moved the camera across. It was a different angle again, but i had this horrible sort of building here and that’s kind of why i did that if i controls that it goes back out um this one was in the middle because of the of the river and then here the same Thing i cropped out a bit of the a bit of the sky because i felt like it was a bit blown out, and this was done a couple of years ago, when i wasn’t using filters and the nicest scene. I put it in again for a bit longer just for those who stuck around in the end to the end, and again i just put it up now. I put this on instagram reels and it got 12 000 views. I was like what what, whenever the original footage went on to youtube sure it was a lot less an awful lot less. We only had a couple of hundred views anyway. I’Ll show you this one and because none of you know any is it non ears are getting out at the moment, but we will review more the next night today, we’re keeping it brief, because i’ve been on quite a lot and a lot of people have to Go so here is this one.

You can tell me what you think of it. Oh we’ll pop it over here and let’s see what the screen looks like folks, we’re going to leave it like that tonight. I do appreciate everyone coming on and saying hi don’t forget to like and subscribe and continue to create, it’s not easy to get out at the moment because of the where we’re all under lockdown. Well, at least we are here column lolly from awfully sorry uh. The kids are arrived, yes, but you’ll get in the next night, uh it’s, all part of it man, i hear you buddy, so let’s keep creating and if you can’t get out make sure that at least you get the chance to repurpose your content, that’s. What you want to be, of course, i was chatting to you earlier on today about your nice footage and sutton. Yes, okay, so it’s nice to see a few guys from ireland popping in too. Thank you for tuning in this evening. Please do remember to follow me. The stream deck you got it at the starting scenes like that. There you go anyway, so we land with that folks, thank you for joining in and we will catch you again the next day and don’t. Remember if you’re interested in the old cuadro, synoptico or the nice complete version of our drone dji fly map infographic, which i’ve been working on for the last month, then i will. I wish i could elaborate.

Why can you not hear me one two one, two one.