He says that my props arent good enough race on. Ah, ah, oh my word, i might have to do a bit of cheating here, the intensity, the street cred thats about to be lost. Dont talk dont, dont dont mention that bit that that was a its meant to happen and that ah dont panic, dont panic im panicking. Where is he hes around here somewhere? What happened man down? You know i got the turtle mode in the net im going to call that a win ill call that a win and you call it a goal today, im going to be taking a look at the all new emacs, tiny, hawk 3 ready to fly bundle. It comes in this blue hard carry case with a handle and at the making of this video i dont know how much this is going to cost. So youll have to check the link in the video description or the pinned comment and just like previous tiny, hawk rtf bundles. The idea is to have everything you need in this kit to fly fpv and its aimed at beginners. They have made some improvements over the previous ready to fly bundles, so the transmitter has got proper gimbals. The goggles have a dvr, but more on that later, because i want to start off looking at the quadcopter which you can buy as a bind and fly on its own. So this is the tiny hawk 3. It looks very similar to the previous tiny hawks.

Only this time we have got a true x frame, its 76 millimeters, the previous tiny hawks, were stretched. They say that they have improved the durability of this guy. We dont have any lights on it. This time and theyve also made it easier to access the component. So its an f4 flight controller in there with a forum, one escs, five amp and just some screws to get at it from there we have got a ph 2 connector. They are solid pins. This did surprise me. I thought they would have gone with like a gmb 27 or something like that. But emacs always gives me the answer. Well, in the tiny hawk series, people will have loads of these batteries so thats the reason uh that they stick with this connector um. It weighs 31 grams, the camera is the runcam nano 4 and they say that they have improved it in a crash so that the camera doesnt fling forward um. However, i have had that happen just once. The vtx is locked when you get it so to unlock its just a button on the top there when you plug in and then its unlocked indefinitely. So you dont have to do that. Every time got a linear antenna out the back there. The motors are a zero, eight, oh to 15 000 kv, and this time it is just a 1s model. So the tiny hawk 2 was a 2s model, but really i never flew that model 2s.

I found it too powerful and the frame would bend. So i usually fly that model with 1s anyway, so i see why they have done that. I just wish they would have switched the connector up, because at some point youre gon na have to switch the connector. But you know you can do that yourself. If you like, only comes with the one battery, which is surprising for a ready to fly kit so im guessing that its going to be really tight on their budget and margins, if theyre only including uh a single battery unless thats just what ive received as a A pre released version here, yep so 31.3 grams and then with a battery that is 44.2 grams theres. A big capacitor on the connector to filter out any noise does look like the motors are still on a jst connector. You are given a spare set of these avant propellers, as well as like a little screwdriver, some spare rubber bands and then youre, given this charger here, um, which can charge two batteries and looks like it can charge a 2s as well um. We just have a couple of switches there so from hv to lipo, but you can also do 2s, so thats included in the package youre. Also given a usb connector. Why is it not usbc but anyways and an allen key for any maintenance onto the transmitter which is made out of this sort of cheap grey plastic material but, more importantly, we have got proper gimbals rather than the little xbox pots uh that you got in previous Rtf, bundles of the tiny, hawk ive converted this to mode one which is easily done.

You have to take all of these screws out of the back here and then theres a little switch on the circuit board ill and oh, you have to flick that that was easily done. But if youre a beginner dont worry about modes, it comes as a mode to model stick with that. It comes with a 18650 battery inside which does charge from the usb port. Unfortunately, it is not usbc. It also works as a joystick on a computer. The instructions say that this is for an audio interface, but then in brackets it says, wired coach, so i think what they mean is its a mono cable and it can be used as a body box. Trainer port now weve got these trims on here. So this is a d8 and d16 transmitter. The instructions tell you how to bind with the model, but it comes pre bound anyways in d8 mode. These trims here they actually reset every time you turn the transmitter off so thats, not the best its been better. If it saved it, um ive got a problem with this transmitter. It isnt centering, properly and ive, sent everything over to emacs and they say oh its, an anomaly, because no one else is reporting that but yeah you can calibrate the sticks through a button sequence and whatever i do. They do not end up. In the center im told thats a quality control issue with this pre production unit that ive got here, everything is set up already, so youve got like arming your modes lost model, alarm and also flip over after crash, which actually works really well with this new tiny Hawk 3: we have got a lanyard clip there as well uh, but youre, not given one of those in the package so uh.

If you need that, then you have to get your own one of that on the back. There is a hole for some gopro mounts and you might be thinking. Why would you need gopro mounts on the back of here? Well, that brings me neatly onto the goggles. You see. The goggles have got a removable screen which turns it into a monitor and you cant use glasses with these goggles. Unfortunately, however, you can use it as a monitor or screen. You can see there that weve got the uh jack underneath and uh. You can use it as a monitor, along with the transmitter, if you cant use it as a goggle, so they are a box goggle, but something that they have done, which i like is it folds down? Now i found that you need to have these clips right in at the end here. Otherwise i get eye strain from the monitor, but you see it moves out its quite a big nose gap. However, my nose ive got a very big nose. It does unfortunately catch on there. Weve got a three point: harness and uh the face plate. It kind of fits me nice, its just this bit here that rubs on my nose. So, as you can see, weve got two sma antennas up here with the tiny hawk 3 having a linear antenna um. It might be best to have one sticking up and one across like that um, but you can replace the antennas, get like a bandicoot patch antenna and an invader antenna from menace or something like that.

The monitor the resolution is 400 by 800 and its very good. Sadly, just 16 by nine and the camera in the tiny hook, three is a four by three camera, but its not a problem because a stretch 4×3 camera is flyable through no problem its when the camera is actually 16×9 and its squished to 4×3 uh thats. The problem, but actually having it like this lets me show you the features very easily, so there is a screen protector over the top, which youll want to remove, of course, and the on button is just here got the emacs logo that shows up, and you can See that weve got a picture and it has a built in dvr its, not the best dvr um. The idea of this kit is that you move on from it. In fact, this thing here is so that you can use it when you know you upgrade to better goggles got a 32 gigabyte micro sd card in there, which you have to provide yourself um. It records in three minute segments which im not sure. If there is a gap between the recording, there usually is, but basically the dvr is there. You know if you lose your model or something like that, you can uh watch the dvr back through this screen, um to record um its interesting. You press this r button once and you get this uh red light up here and then you press it again.

It takes a while and then it starts flashing. You can change the band and channels here, but if youve got the rtf bundle, then its its already tuned weve got an auto scan which just just dont bother with the auto scan uh. You know its got your channel on it here, so you know just match it up to there. So race band one and you can see we are race band, one on there as well theres a menu button, a short press of the power button, and i had to put the brightness right up to 80 because it was very dark um it records in vga. You can do like d1 and higher definition, but i would not recommend doing that because you probably get some dropped frames doing that vga is gon na suit you and it wont, give you any problems see it says record time off. That just means that itll keep recording, but it will split the files into three minute segments, but you can change that like to three minutes or five minutes or ten minutes. I dont know why you want to do that. Just leave it as off thats. All of the settings on there its got a 1300 milliamp hour battery in it um. I took it to a flying session and by the time id gone through, probably 12 batteries. This was sort of flashing weve got the battery indicator there. So keep that in mind. It takes ages to charge again from this usb here.

This, unfortunately, is not video in video out. It is audio, so we got some magnets on here and inside here and yeah that fits nicely. Okay lets go for a line of sight flight with this guy see if you can try and ignore the chaos thats going on around me. Weve got all sorts going on here tonight. So im in acro mode here lets check out the power line of sight Music. Plenty of power for indoors – and probably you know a light breeze outdoors as well yeah its got plenty of power to uh recover from acro maneuvers a little bit of a delay on the throttle. But of course uh. You know we dont have a huge power to weight with this thing, its so tiny, Music uh. What i want to check is whether theres any drift in angle mode, because thats important, especially for a tiny look, thats hands off its drifting forwards just slightly, but uh thats acceptable. You know thats hands off, so no problems with like noise affecting the flight controller Music. So Applause see if i can flick it back into acro. I think the second one is horizon, though yeah its pretty nice, so uh, so lets go and fly it around this crazy place. So i went to fly fpv and straight away. I noticed i was getting quite a bit of multipathing breakup, which isnt unusual in this sports hall, because weve got lots of reflective surfaces.

However, when i look back at the dvr im, getting even more breakup than i was actually seeing through the goggles and ive had this with the tiny hawks before. But i got my fat shark dvr to record it at the same time and it wasnt present there. But as you can see, the dvr footage here, its not really usable for anything other than finding your lost model. Look at these crazy guys over here doing these car jumps breaking their expensive cars. Applause ive had to turn the brightness up on the goggles really quite dark compared to when i look through the fat sharks. Its really clear, though i cant pixel spot. What i am noticing, however, is it pressing down on my nose. I think im going to get a line on my nose and its not terrible because they are not a really heavy goggle. I have a feeling all this multipath thing is gon na uh dropped quite a few frames on the recording as well. Music. These gates are fun thanks to uh foobar film. For sticking these up for us to play around perfect for a whipping in the winter feels really smooth to fly in ammo. I think when i did a roll there theres a little bit of uh yeah a little bit of a wobble on the roll but uh you know for flying indoors. You arent really gon na notice that i had to put a huge amount of dead zone on this transmitter, which i thought would affect how it flies, but it it doesnt really smooth actually not as good as you know, something like a radio master but not bad Whats, a voltage doing 3.

5 be interesting to uh, see it what the flight time will be currently at three minutes. These are not brand new batteries yeah. You can all laugh at my skills or lack of through these gates. I am not a racer, but its certainly fun to fly through them. Applause lets see if we can follow him smashing up this ramp. That looks fun man. I havent brought my car today either. I wonder if we can get under a little tiny gaps in the uh in the bench here. Give that a try? Oh yes, i havent really got much camera angle on here. Voltage just dropped there, so uh yeah looks like dropping quick now, actually, not sure we got much flight time left out of this guy yeah its flashing.